Peerless Sword God Chapter 4164


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After being counted, their net worth is less than that of the Flame Emperor, and there are only a handful of Low Grade heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

However, the Divine Stones they own are more than 100 million per capita, which adds up to 300 million.

So, the number of Divine Stones owned by Lin Chen increased to 1.5 billion.

1.5 billion Divine Stone!

A big sum!

When I changed to Lin Chen before, I didn’t dare to think that I could get so many Divine Stones.

After all, before coming to Qinzhou, he only owned more than 400 million Divine Stones, which is more than three times different from today.

Lin Chen is in a good mood. Even if he cultivates to the God Emperor realm, he doesn’t need to worry about Divine Stone.

“It’s time to go to Luohunyuan.”

Lin Chen’s eyes were light flashed, and he stood up and walked out of the cave. He took the two armored iron wing worms back into the Spirit Beast Bag and walked towards the soul-falling abyss.

Luohunyuan, located in the Northwest direction of the outer hall, is less than one million li away from the inner hall according to Yunyuan Pill King and the withered God Emperor.

Northwest is a large basin with a length of several million li from east to west. The Abyss of Fallen Soul is located near the center of the basin. Pieces of hills, like stars, are dotted around the Abyss of Fallen Soul.

The range of Falling Soul Abyss is extremely wide, exceeding one million li. From a distance, it looks like a black ocean, with black air surging above it, like a wave tumbling. The cold breath made the barren around Luohunyuan.

Luohunyuan Dongfang, besides hundred thousand li, on the pole of a towering tree, sitting cross-legged with a majestic silhouette, it is the withered God Emperor.

His eyes are deep, his eyes are clear, his complexion is thoughtful, secretly thought: “It’s been so long, why hasn’t that kid been here? There will be no accidents, right?”

Withered God Emperor frowned, if he knew where Lin Chen was, he would have already found it himself.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know, so he could only do it in a hurry.

There are ominous beasts near the mountain peaks, and a double-headed saber-toothed eagle flies over the withered God Emperor, drawing a black air wave shaped like a sword mark.

Withered Punishment God Emperor didn’t even look at it. His aura returned to the God Emperor’s crystal, and the whole person seemed to merge with the void and become one.

Unless it is a God Emperor whose realm is equivalent to him, or an ominous beast, he can’t be found at all.

“Come here.”

Suddenly, the withered God Emperor noticed a slight fluctuation in the void in the southeast. If it weren’t for him to be a unified God Emperor, his spirit strength was strong, otherwise he would not be able to find it.

He stared intently, his gaze was like red electricity, and he easily penetrated the void of several tens of thousands of li, and saw a nearly invisible silhouette, quickly shuttled through the space, and headed towards the direction of Luohunyuan.

Withered Punishment God Emperor saw that the person was Lin Chen at a glance, and a strange color passed through his pupils, secretly thought: “Good boy, the use of spatial divinity is so profound, it is no wonder that the God King realm can be broken. , It will comprehend Space Shinto to 2nd Layer.”

However, he didn’t know that Lin Chen had realized the 3rd Layer of Space Shinto, just to avoid people’s eyes and ears, and did not fully display it.

“Finally, I have arrived in the Soul of Fallen Abyss.”

As Lin Chen traveled through the space, he saw Luohunyuan like the black sea from a distance. He immediately felt a sharp chill, and the closer he was to Luohunyuan, the stronger the chill he felt.

Looking forward, Lin Chen first observed the environment around Luohunyuan, and suddenly felt a divine force fluctuation of the attribute. He fixed his eyes and saw God Emperor smashing void coming.

“Why is this Old Guy here?”

Lin Chen frowned secretly, this thought flashed through his mind, but on the surface it said with a smile: “Sect Master, I thought you went to the inner hall, didn’t expect waiting for me here? Want to help me obtain divine liquid?”

“Boy, this sect has no spare time to help you. It’s just an extraordinary place in the Falling Soul Abyss. For you, there is no small danger. The impact on the soul alone is enough to kill you. .”

Withered Punishment God Emperor turned over the palm, a dark orb appeared in the palm of his hand, and with a wave of his hand, he threw it in front of Lin Chen.

“Sect Master, what kind of treasure is this?” Lin Chen asked calmly, seeing this pearl out of the ordinary.

“This object is called the Dzi Bead, which has the function of Guardian Spirit. It protects you from the influence of the falling soul wind. You take it and then enter the falling soul abyss.” Withered God Emperor said.


Lin Chen hearing this unexpectedly glanced at this old fox, and immediately picked up the Dzi Bead, and thanked him, but his heart was slanderous. The Old Guy came here because he was worried about his death. Soul Yuan.

“This sect is not a blood buddha, he is false, and he only wants to use you. This sect is sincere to help you, so you must sincerely help this sect.” Withered God Emperor heartily Looks like.

“Withered Sect Master, don’t worry, if you help me so enthusiastically, I will naturally be grateful and seeking to repay the kindness.” Lin Chen also said sincerely.

“If you understand, go, Benzong is waiting for you outside.” Withered God Emperor nodded, said with his sleeves.

“Sect Master, if you are familiar with it, help people to the end accompanies Buddha all the way to the west. If you do it yourself, I have great hopes of getting the divine liquid, and I can save a lot. Time.” Lin Chen hearing this smiled and said casually.

“Luohunyuan is not as simple as you think. It is not that the higher the realm, the safer it is. There is the Rule Power of the entire Tianxing Palace inside, which has a lot of influence on the God Emperor.” Withered God Emperor said expressionless.

“This is how it works.”

Lin Chen hearing this looking thoughtful nodded, immediately flew towards the soul-falling abyss, in midair immediately appeared a beautiful divine rainbow.

“Boy, you want this sect to be a coolie for you, and you are a little tender.”

Withered Punishment God Emperor gave Lin Chen a cold look. If he hadn’t considered that Lin Chen could increase his chances of getting that great opportunity, he would have slapped Lin Chen to death.

“It’s cold!”

Felling hundreds of miles away from Luohunyuan, Lin Chen immediately felt a refreshing coldness, like falling in a ice hole, the hot blood is getting cold.

Lin Chen didn’t dare to be careless, and quickly ran the divine force to stimulate the Light God force. A golden-yellow defensive cover not only cuts off the coldness of all around, but also feels a warm feeling, like a hot spring.

“It seems that the old fox did not lie. The Heaven and Earth Rule around the Soul Falling Abyss is stronger than other places, and it has a significantly greater impact on me.”

Lin Chen’s eyes flashed with different colors, and he became more convinced that the owner of the Heavenly Penal Palace was an existence on top of the God Emperor.

Looking at the neighborhood again, Lin Chen didn’t find ominous beasts, not only that, but there were no insects and ants, all of which are all telling the danger of Luohunyuan.

“Someone is coming.”

Suddenly, Lin Chen heard a sharp burst of air from the south side of Luohunyuan.

The expression remained the same, and after looking at it, Lin Chen immediately saw three divine lights, one blue, one black, and one yellow, coming towards the Soul Falling Abyss at the speed of wind and thunder.

“Is it them?”

Shortly after, Lin Chen saw the people who came. They were the Azure Emperor, Tongbi Mandi, and Taiyue God Emperor.

Their arrival was beyond Lin Chen’s expectation. He frowned secretly, and looked back towards the withered God Emperor, but only saw a gray sky, without partial affection.

“This old fox actually hid.”

Lin Chen is slanderous.

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