Peerless Sword God Chapter 4165


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“Boy, is it you?”

The body is like an emperor with arms made of copper muscle and iron bone. His eyes are like copper bells with Metal Attribute lustre. At first glance, Lin Chen’s rough face shows a touch of contempt, saying:

“Boy, what are you doing in Luohunyuan? Do you want to go in for treasure hunting?”

The noble and noble Azure Emperor walked with his hand holding his hand, his gaze was stunned, like the Heaven’s Chosen Child of aloof and remote. He saw Lin Chen and did not speak. It seemed that Lin Chen was not worth his mouth.

Taiyue God Emperor stood beside him empty-handed, imposing manner as towering as a mountain, but obviously weakened Yunyi Azure Emperor.

Seeing Lin Chen here, Taiyue God Emperor’s eyes flashed with a different color, and he waved his hand and said: “Heavenly Sword God King, Fallen Soul Abyss is Danger Land for Half-Step God Emperor, not where you should be. , Leave quickly.”

“Even if this Falling Soul Abyss is dragon’s pool and tiger’s den, I will make a breakthrough today.” Lin Chen said calmly.

“Since you want to court death, then I will stop here.”

Tayue God Emperor’s eyes flashed with anger, he kindly reminded Lin Chen that he didn’t expect kindness but was treated as a donkey liver and lungs.

“Oh, then I will see how you brat courting death.”

The arm-armed emperor smiled contemptuously. Before entering the outer hall, he wanted to snatch Lin Chen’s position, but he was stopped by Zen Master Rongxiang without thinking. It made him feel very shameless, so he was happy to watch Lin Chen’s jokes.

Seeing Lin Chen standing still, the emperor with his arms not forgotten to urge, grinning with his thumb-sized front teeth, and said: “You brat, don’t go in soon.”

Lin Chen expression as usual, without even looking at him, he walked towards Luohunyuan, walking steadily, seemingly slow but fast, implying a Sword Dao rule.

“courting death! The soul-falling wind in the soul-falling abyss specifically attacks the soul, even half a step God Emperor can’t resist, let alone he is a broken world God King.” Frigid irony and scorching satire said .

“Heavenly Sword God King is not an ordinary God King. He has achieved an unprecedented hundred consecutive victories in the Colosseum of the Beast Sect, breaking records, and is famous as the world city of Wuyin.”

Taiyue God Emperor looked at Lin Chen’s straight sword-like silhouette, and said: “He can fight Fengyang Sword King, which is enough to prove his strength. Unfortunately, these achievements made him become arrogant. He has blindly thought that he can enter the Abyss of Fallen Soul.”

“When he achieved a little achievement like this, I just forgot about it. I thought I could move unhindered in the whole world. I have seen too many geniuses, but in the end the overwhelming majority fell and only a few people survived. , And everyone, is ordinary.”

The Cloud Wing Azure Emperor suddenly spoke, commenting on Lin Chen in a preaching tone, and immediately glanced at the Armed Man Emperor with warning, and warned: “A little character like this has caused some disturbances in your mood. I am disappointed.”

“Senior Brother criticized that Junior Brother knew it was wrong.”

The arm-armed emperor is hearing this, a shivered in his heart, hurriedly admits his mistakes in a proper manner, suppresses the contempt for Lin Chen on his face, and restores his calm expression.

“Well, remember, we are the God Emperor geniuses taught by Beast God. We shoulder the heavy responsibility of prospering the teaching of Beast God. We must not waste precious time on these little characters.” Azure Emperor nodded, expression Majesty said.


The Armed Man Emperor is even more honest when he sees this. In front of the Azure Emperor, he is like a rabbit.

“This Azure Emperor is worthy of being a giant amongst men. I was not wronged by him at the previous time Five States Tea Party, but this time, I will never admit defeat.”

Taiyue God Emperor regarded Yunyi Azure Emperor as his life’s greatest opponent, but he couldn’t help but admire him in awe when he heard him admonish the Armed Man Emperor.

Looking at Lin Chen’s silhouette again, Taiyue God Emperor was secretly nodded.

This Lin Chen is indeed 10,000 years rarely seen genius, with the battle strength of a half step God Emperor, but how can it be comparable to them?

Take him as an example. He is a genius of the God Emperor in Vientiane, the son of the Wuyin City Lord. He is the Young City Lord. He has a noble status. At the lowest point in the future, he will be able to inherit his father’s career and become the new Wuyin City Lord.

If he gets another great opportunity, the future will be immeasurable, so Lin Chen is destined to reach their heights as impossible, without any comparability with them.

However, when Taiyue God Emperor was thinking this way, he suddenly saw Lin Chen stepping into the darkness of the abyss of falling souls, happily and freely like a fish in the shallow bottom, without any influence.

“How is it possible?”

Taiyue God Emperor almost lost his voice, his eyes widened, he looked at Lin Chen in a daze, thinking of Lin Chen’s arrogance just now, he couldn’t help but feel his face flushed.

At this moment, he realized that he was wrong. Lin Chen was not arrogant, but confident.

“Damn it, although this kid has a good sword technique, but after all, only the God King cultivation base is broken. Where can Soul Power be so strong? How can it be possible to block the influence of the Falling Soul Wind on Divine Soul?” He stared out his eyes and said in disbelief. After speaking, he glanced at the Azure Emperor of Yunyi. Just now this Senior Brother didn’t think Lin Chen could enter the Abyss of Fallen Soul.

The complexion of the Azure Emperor of Yunyi is not good-looking, it feels as if he was picked up by Lin Chen and slapped hard. It was really slapped.

Noting the weird look in the arms of the Man Emperor, the Azure Emperor’s complexion was closed, pretending to say with a smile: “I can’t see it, this Heavenly Sword God King is a little bit more capable, it’s not right…” /p>

Speaking of this, his gaze suddenly condensed, and he saw a black light lacquered orb rising above Lin Chen’s head, forming an invisible black mask to protect Lin Chen’s Divine Soul.

“Soul Dzi Bead.”

Yunyi Azure Emperor is worthy of being the God Emperor genius taught by Beast God. He recognized this pearl at a glance, and he restored his gaze and used the preaching tone again:

“The soul-fixing dzi has the function of Guardian God’s soul protection. No wonder this kid dared to enter the soul-falling abyss. Fortunately, I recognize this treasure, otherwise he would really fool it.”

After this time, Yunyi Azure Emperor glanced at Lin Chen coldly, which was rather unhappy, because Lin Chen just made him lose face.

“hmph, let me just say, a small God King, Soul Power is weak, how could it not be affected by the falling soul wind, it turned out to be relying on treasure to be close to him.” Coldly snorted , To vent the unhappiness in my heart just now.

“so that’s how it is.”

Taiyue God Emperor expression suddenly took a deep look at Lin Chen, and said: “The soul dzi is a treasure comparable to the Supreme Treasure of the innate. It is very valuable, because the entire misty world city is few. Yes, this Heavenly Sword God King was able to get this thing, I am afraid it took a lot of effort and a lot of money.”

Yunyi Azure Emperor and Tongbi Mandi both nodded in agreement.

However, the Withered God Emperor hiding in the depths of the void heard this, but in the heart he muttered: “That was given to that brat by the sect. He didn’t spend a Low Grade Divine Stone.”

“This soul-fixing dzi is indeed powerful, completely isolating the influence of the falling soul wind on my soul.”

Lin Chen, who stepped into the Abyss of Soul Falling, felt the power of Soul Falling Wind. Indeed, as Yun Yuan Pill King and Withered God Emperor said, Soul Power that is not at the level of the newborn God Emperor will definitely be blown by Soul Falling Wind. Get the soul flew away and scattered.

Of course, Lin Chen’s Soul Power is comparable to the God Emperor in Vientiane, even if you don’t use the Dzi Bead, it will not be affected.

The reason why he used it was mainly to cover people’s eyes and ears, so as to avoid being detected by the withered God Emperor about his powerful Soul Power, and secondly, to reduce the cloud-wing Azure Emperor’s three people’s guard against him.

In the Abyss of Fallen Soul, all kinds of cold black air and cold air are raging, more powerful than space storm, sword-sharp, enough to tear the Divine Physique of the God Emperor by half a step.

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