Peerless Sword God Chapter 4168


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Unfortunately, the grade is too low. It is only innate Middle Grade. Lin Chen took a look and continued searching.

Looking at the black arrow that stopped swinging on the supreme divine cauldron, Lin Chen expected that the divine medicine that supreme divine cauldron had sensed was in this gully.

Lin Chen’s eyes are closed, and his pupils are as bright as gems, intertwined with sword-like sharp spirit strength, and he scans the gully from the outside to the inside.

“Found it.”

After a few breaths, Lin Chen’s eyes flashed brightly, and he headed toward the gully Northwest.

In a short while, Lin Chen found a deep pool among thorns.

There is a cold black liquid rippling in the deep pool, braving a thick black mist, and there is a divine medicine with a dark color, like a chrysanthemum, and nine black leaves.

“Dark Yin Guiju?”

Lin Chen recognized this divine medicine at a glance, his face was happy, but he was a little bit lost in his heart.

He is pleased that this dark ghost chrysanthemum is a low-grade divine medicine of Lingtian, which is of great help in refining the divine pill with dark attributes, as well as the cultivation of dark divine Tao and Divine Law.

What he loses is that the dark ghost chrysanthemum is not the divine liquid, and his desire to find the divine liquid at once fell through.

Fortunately, Lin Chen was mentally prepared and knew that it was not so easy to find divine liquid, so he was just a little bit lost and quickly adjusted his mentality.

After all, the dark ghost chrysanthemum is also a good divine medicine, which is very helpful for him to understand the dark divine way.


Lin Chen grabbed the dark ghost chrysanthemum with a virtual hand in the air, but did not expect that this dark ghost chrysanthemum is like put down roots, it is difficult to pull out.

It is weird that the dark ghost chrysanthemum, which was difficult to pull out, suddenly floated up automatically, and moved closer to his front door, chilling.

“Not right.”

Lin Chen suddenly saw the left side of the root of the dark ghost chrysanthemum, and a black head with a fishy smell and two long fangs appeared, and he wanted to swallow him in one bite.

“Black Water Profound Snake?”

Lin Chen did not see the full picture of the ominous beast, but with his strong spirit strength, he recognized the beast at a glance.

This Black Water Profound Snake is like the three-headed Hellhound, and it is also cultivated to the newborn God Emperor realm. It has an inherent Dark Force and has the ability to overwhelm the river.

However, this Black Water Profound Snake is too close to the dark ghost chrysanthemum. If you don’t pay attention, it will swallow the dark ghost chrysanthemum in one bite, making Lin Chen all in vain.

Lin Chen was naturally unwilling to let this happen. At 1/10000th, he quickly condensed the will of Sword Dao and turned it into a sword of will.

The sword of will blooms with eight divine lights, each of which represents a divine way that Lin Chen has understood, and contains terrifying Sword Dao power.


The sword of will is invisible, but with a dazzling rainbow of brilliance, it directly penetrates the head of the Black Water Profound Snake and kills its Divine Soul.


The breathless Black Water Profound Snake rushed to Lin Chen’s eyes, less than a metre away, and fell softly under his feet. The forked snake and apricots fell like blood snakes on both sides of the fangs, leaving only the smelly smell. Fishy smell.


Lin Chen puts its corpse into the Spirit Beast Bag at will, and can also cultivate an armored iron wing insect into a silver armor iron wing insect.

“Dark Yin Guiju, this medicine is reserved to comprehend the dark divine way.”

Looking at the dark ghost chrysanthemum, Lin Chen’s eyes flashed brightly, took out a jade box from the storage spirit ring, and then gently put the dark ghost chrysanthemum in the box and placed it in the storage spirit ring .

“Go to the next place.”

Lin Chen runs the dark divine way, and is surrounded by cold black air, like a cloud of ghost fog, fuse together with the entire dark soul-falling abyss, not easy to be found by outsiders.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Just when Lin Chen went to the next place to look for the divine liquid, the three new-born God Emperor geniuses entered into the Abyss of Falling Soul with the divine light of three colors: one black, one blue and one red.

“Emperor Soul Heavenly Sword, are you sure you can find the divine liquid in this abyss of falling souls?”

One of them was a slender, white-skinned, delicate and pretty facial features, wearing a silky, blood-colored brocade robe, and a new-born God Emperor genius who looked like a woman suddenly spoke.

He is called the Emperor of Blood Moon Qin, from a third-rate Holy Land, majoring in Zither Dao. He has extremely high attainments in piano art, and he is more powerful than the blood gods and Taiyin gods he has otherwise understood.

The new-born God Emperor genius who walked side by side with him on the right. His height is over one foot tall, his back is broad like a tiger’s back, his waist is as thick as a bear’s waist, and he wears a black and black light god armor. An iron chain like a black python, bronze’s arms are thick and powerful, more than twice as thick as a girl’s waist.

The delicate and pretty Blood Moon Qin Emperor, who looked like a woman, walked by his side, completely compared to him, like a weak woman.

On his gleaming copper chest, embroidered with a dark Titan giant ape, looks hideous and roar towards the sky. If a child sees it, he must be scared to cry.

It comes from the ancient Divine Beast Titan giant ape family. Because Divine Physique is tyrannical, majored in boxing, and fist technique is amazing, it is called the Muay Thai King.

The Thai Ape Boxing Emperor has eyes as big as bull’s eyes, and his chin has a black beard like a steel needle. His voice is rough: “There is not only the soul-falling wind aimed at the soul, but also all kinds of weird energy. It has a more or less impact on Divine Physique and spirit. I heard that there are also God Emperors in Vientiane, and even ghosts and ominous beasts of the God Emperor level. We want to find the illusory divine liquid, I’m afraid It’s difficult.”

“Two, although there are various dangers in this Falling Soul Abyss, there are many heavenly materials and earthly treasures that have disappeared from the outside world. Just find one, and will not let us go through this in vain.”

The Emperor Soul Heavenly Sword on the left of Emperor Blood Moon Qin finally spoke. He has a black cloak tied around his neck. He is well-proportioned, his face is slightly pale, and his lips are thin, but his speech is sonorous and powerful:

“I am good at soul skills and mysterious skills, so this time, there is only one goal, which is divine liquid. If you find other heavenly materials and earthly treasures, you will not take them. Both will be divided equally.”

The King of Muay Thai Boxing heard that his pupils flickered and his chest banged with his big hands, said with a smile: “Emperor Soul Heavenly Sword, the three of us have been friends for many years, and we must try our best to help you find that spirit. divine liquid .”

“Not bad.”

Xueyue Qindi tapped his white chin slightly, Delicate and Pretty’s face appeared with a fascinating smile, not looking like a man, but like a cross-dresser beauty.

“Don’t worry, you two, I have made a lot of preparations for searching for the divine liquid this time. I know which places in the Fallen Soul Abyss may give birth to the divine liquid.” Soul Heavenly Sword said.

Emperor Thai Ape Boxing and Emperor Blood Moon Qin smiled more upon hearing these words.

After all, Soul Heavenly Sword is not within a radius of one million li, and it is not easy to find it aimlessly, and Soul Heavenly Sword knows where this thing was born, so it is easy to find it.


The two emperors of Thai Ape Boxing followed the emperor Soul Heavenly Sword, deep into the abyss of falling souls, and soon disappeared into the thick, rolling black air and cold air.

“These three Little Brat are also here to find the divine liquid. I hope there will be no mistakes. I hope that the guy Heavenly Sword God King can find them first.”

The Withered God Emperor hiding in the depths of the void has already discovered the Soul Heavenly Sword emperor three, but not at all, he is not Lin Chen’s thug.


To the Northwest of Luohunyuan, a cold and domineering killing sound sounded.

When he narrowed his eyes, he saw Tongbi Mandi standing in a tiankeng with a radius of ten thousand li. His palm leaf-like palms bloomed with Metal Attribute copper light, and spiral divine runes appeared in his palms, bursting out A devastating power.

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