Peerless Sword God Chapter 4170


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hong long long!

Strongs of devouring strength raged out, forming an eight-nine black qi spin, swallowing all vegetation, sand and rocks, and rolling towards the arm-armed emperor.

“fuck off!”

The arm-armed emperor was born with a violent nature. Now with his red eyes, his expression is violent, he carries the Divine Physique power, which looks more like an ominous beast than the earthworm.

His noumenon approach lifts his father, with a whip-like black tail, swept out like a supporting heaven giant pillar, and whirled each and everyone black qi to an explosion.

While breathing, the palm of the arm-armed Man Emperor fell from the top, as if two towering copper mountains were pressed down, and the soil worms flew out.

One of the soil worms was even more grasped by him, fiercely torn in half, spurting blood and blood, like a rain of blood, falling on the arm barbaric emperor, making him look like a demon-like terrifying.


The hollow eyes of the earthworm king shrank as if they were in focus, and when the two hind legs kicked on the ground, as the sand was raging, it soared into the sky and rushed directly to the front door of the Emperor Barbarian.


The dark hair of the arm-armed emperor was dyed red with blood and blood, and he danced arbitrarily. His eyes were bright with blood and his mouth was roaring, which evoked God Emperor power and Myriad Elephant Divine Ability.

The invisible power of God Emperor is like the majestic Black Sacred Mountain, which hits aggressively; Myriad Elephant Divine Ability has evolved various natural phenomena, such as the blue Lei Yuan, the giant ape with thousands of arms, and Yifang Fang black meteorite and so on.

The two Magical Powers were played together, and quickly blocked the attack of the King of the Earth Cone, but the Armed Man Emperor not only did not stop, on the contrary, the shot was more brutal and brutal.

He aroused the God Emperor’s crystal, inspiring all divine forces, fusion of thunderbolt, flame, and earth three divine ways, violently shouted: “Ten Thousand Arms True Body.”

If the Azure Emperor of Cloud Wing is here, we know that the real body of Wan Armed Man is the most powerful initial Rank Divine Law of the Hong-level Initial Rank Divine Law that the Armed Man Emperor understands. It is extremely terrifying.

The overall appearance of the Tong-arm Mandi changed again, the hair dyed red with blood and blood fell off, the clothes on the back were torn apart, the glowing spine was like a dragon ups and downs, and a black arm was drilled out, plus his original Some two arms, exactly 10,000.

Each arm embodies the three divine ways of thunderbolt, flame, and earth, or fists, palms, or claws, attacking the earthworm king in various ways.

At this time, King Tujia had already been attacked by the Ontology Faxiangju Father of the Armed Man Emperor. It seemed that he hadn’t expected the power of Faxiangju Father, and he staggered back after being hit.

When God Emperor power and Myriad Elephant Divine Ability attacked, its body as strong as a buffalo was obviously bent a little, and the claws of its limbs trembled slightly.

When the Armed Man emperor launched his 10,000-arm real-body attack, the earthworm king was obviously not fully prepared and was attacked by hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Suddenly, the head, back, abdomen, and limbs of the earthworm king were injured. The four strange horns were interrupted three times, two hollow eyes were blown out, and the whole body was riddled with scars, bloody blood, terrible.

“All arms are one, the source of power is the sky, death!”

Through-arm Mandi deserves to be a fierce person, completely ignoring the consumption of divine force, and performing the strongest blow in the real body of Wan-arm.

The tens of thousands of dark arms merged into one arm, like a black pillar of the sky, the fingers pressed down like Five Fingers Mountain, and hit the head of the king of the earth sturdily.

The earthworm king is worthy of being the ominous beast of the newborn God Emperor realm. He received the strongest blow from the arm-armed barbarian emperor, and he didn’t die on the spot, but he fell to the ground and was dying.

Its fleshy body and soul have been devastated. If it weren’t for the Ancient Ominous Beast, it had a strong defense and replaced it with a normal ominous beast. Divine Physique had already been beaten by the arm barbarian to collapse, the soul flew away and scattered.

“You are so damn it, you made me consume no less than 30% of the divine force.”

The Armed Man Emperor dissipated his real body, let out a long spit of turbidity, then cast a fierce look at King Tujia, and raised his fist again.

He thought of completely killing the soil king’s life, but suddenly found a wave of fluctuations in the void near the spirit stream.

I saw the void, as if it was split by a Divine Sword, and a big shiny silver hand appeared, grabbing towards the spirit stream.

“You dare!”

Seeing the full-armed emperor raging to the sky, the killing intent was revealed. With a wave of his palm, he grabbed at the void and ingested a lightning flashing thunder hammer.

This thunder hammer is his Life Source Divine Weapon, a Low Grade Dao Divine Weapon, filled with terrifying Thunder, fiercely slammed into the big silver hand.

However, the full-armed emperor glared with blood, and saw that silver big hand actually shuttled through the space. The speed made him feel dazzled.

Only 1/10000th, the silver hand took the spiritual liquid in the spirit stream, clenched it into a fist, and burst out silver sword glow and strikes thunder hammer.


The silver fist collided with the thunder hammer, as if the silver mountain collided with the thunder mountain, there was a loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and the silver sword light and thunderbolt burst out, razing most of the sinkhole to the ground.

Except for the earthworm king, the earthworms of the half-step God Emperor realm were all affected, their souls were forcibly shattered, and Divine Physique turned into shattering blood light fragments.

“Despicable man, get out of me.”

The Armed Man Emperor doesn’t care about the life and death of those soil insects. In his eyes, he only has the divine liquid, flustered and exasperated roar, and his eyes are fixed on the big silver hand.

Who wants the silver big hand to disappear into the space suddenly, replaced by a black haired youth with empty hands but a straight body like a sword, and he knows that he is a Sword Dao genius.

“Heavenly Sword God King?”

The arm-armed emperor stared at Lin Chen, both shocked and angry. The shocked person turned out to be Lin Chen, and the angry that Lin Chen dared to snatch his divine liquid.

Damn it!

“Emperor Tong Arm Man, why are you so angry? Heavenly materials, earthly treasures, those who are predestined will get it. This divine liquid is predestined to me, so naturally it should belong to me.” Lin Chen said with a smile.


The full-arm Emperor Qi was swearing. With red eyes, flustered and exasperated, he said: “I understand, you have been hidden in the vicinity, waiting for me to deal with the king of earthworm, and then come to a sandpiper and clam war together .”

“You are not stupid.”

Lin Chen nodded, as the other party said, he had come to the tiankeng a long time ago, but he came a step later. Seeing him deal with the king of the earthworm, he did not rush to take action.

After all, there is the king of earthworms, Lin Chen still has to work a little bit if he wants to obtain the divine liquid.

Look at the Armed Man Emperor, in order to deal with the earthworm king, consume 30% of the divine force and understood.

So, if there is a full-arm emperor to solve it, why not Lin Chen?

Lin Chen looked towards the half-dead king of the earthworm, shook his head slightly, and said: “After all, it is just an ominous beast. Even if it is an Ancient Ominous Beast, it has no human nature and does not practice Divine Law. It is still not an opponent of the same level of genius.”

After saying this, Lin Chen took the dying earthworm king into the Spirit Beast Bag. It was enough to evolve an armored iron wing insect into a silver armored iron wing insect.

“Despicable man, stop me.”

The Armed Man Emperor didn’t expect Lin Chen to snatch the divine liquid that belonged to him, and he even wanted the corpse of the King of the Soil, and his lungs were about to explode with anger.

He suffers untold hardships to come here, and it took 30% of the divine force before he severely damaged the king of the earthworm, but in the end he let Lin Chen pick up the bargain. The hatred of Lin Chen in his heart was almost exhausted. It’s hard to wash.

The monstrous killing intent burst out from the eyes of the emperor through arms, tearing the void of pitch-black as ink in front of him into a violent red crack.

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