Peerless Sword God Chapter 4219


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However, the formidable power of Kaitianyijian is huge, and Lin Chen used a half-step God Emperor realm to display it, and the formidable power is better than before.

The purple-golden sword marks spread out from Flame World, and soon after seeing Vermilion Bird Divine Bird beheaded, it turned into strands of silver azure rays of light and dispersed.

“The blood is the guide, kill!”

The Azure Emperor of Yunyi is full of killing intents, and the body suddenly appears. An extremely noble and atmospheric Vermilion Bird has evolved into an azure Heaven and Earth.

The 81 Vermilion Bird Divine Birds that disappeared reappeared, headed by him, and culled towards Lin Chen.

The bottom space of the entire Flame World was torn to shreds, and a path of flames and smoke rose up, as horrible as purgatory.

If there is a new born God Emperor here, they will be killed on the spot, the soul flew away and scattered.

Taeyue God Emperor standing at the corner of the light hole was shocked, and secretly thought: “The strength of the Cloud Wing Azure Emperor is stronger than before. It is no wonder that I have worked with me before, and I am confident.”

But when he said this, he looked towards Lin Chen, but he couldn’t help frowns saying: “This Heavenly Sword God King’s sword technique is really powerful, and it is assisted by Heavenly Sword God King. I am afraid the Azure Emperor wants to kill him. It takes a lot of effort.”

He was very jealous of Tian Xing Ding, thinking that if he changed to be himself, he would need to do his best to get all his cards out before he could kill Lin Chen.


The Azure Emperor, who turned into a Vermilion Bird, attacked and killed him, directly cracking the open sky sword, and he was extremely aggressive.

“Good Divine Law, Cloud Wing Azure Emperor, it seems that this is all your strength, if so, then I should kill you.”

Lin Chen was not surprised to see this, instead he shouted. Using his hand as a sword, he displayed the Second Style swordsman.

As soon as this move sword style came out, there was a sword pattern flashing in Heavenly Sword of Hunyuan Saint, and the condense created a delicate and magnificent sword heart, exploding with more powerful power.


Hunyuan Saint Heavenly Sword flew out under the service of Lin Chen, the sword is magnificent, like lightning tearing through the sky, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

The Vermilion Bird that surrounds the Azure Emperor of Yunyi, under the shroud of sword power, like Jing Zhongyue, is generally turned into nothing, and in the end only the Vermilion Bird transformed by the Azure Emperor of Yunyi is left.

However, the Azure Emperor of the Cloud Wing was not afraid, spraying the Vermilion Bird divine fire, and bombarding him with the Heavenly Sword of Hun Yuan Sheng, who was as beautiful as a dragon, and suppressed the Hun Yuan Sheng Heavenly Sword with one claw.

“Heavenly Sword God King, although your sword technique is strong, but in my eyes, it is impossible to withstand a single blow.”

The Azure Emperor, which turned into a Vermilion Bird, speaks human’s words, full of contempt and arrogance, quickly tore through the Raging Flames Space and grabbed Lin Chen.


Lin Chen chuckled softly, stimulating all the blood of Divine Race, the life within the body, and injecting it into the heavenly punishment cauldron.


Tian Xing Ding made a sound like a morning bell, bursting out with an immeasurable and immortal power, full of devastating aura.

The four-color divine light of purple, white, gold, and green rushed out wildly, and the grandiose impact hit Yunyi Azure Emperor, making his offensive stagnate.


Lin Chen took advantage of the situation and used the heavenly punishment tripod, fiercely suppressed the Azure Emperor, grand and magnificent.


The cloud wing Azure Emperor’s body screamed, making a sound like fried beans, and immediately he was curled up like a soft-footed shrimp, lying on the ground of crimson straight.

Amidst the flames, his face was still pale, his face was full of pain, and the blood and divine force continued to overflow from the cracks on the body surface.


The two Yun Yuan Pill King and Withered Brewer Monk, who have been worried about Lin Chen’s safety, saw the Yunyi Azure Emperor falling to the ground, and suddenly took a breath, showing an expression of disbelief.

“Amitabha, didn’t expect Heavenly Sword God King. The donor has this kind of strength. It is really commendable.” Zen Master Rongxiang put his hands together and said with a smile.

Baoyuan Pill Emperor nodded echoed, saying “the evildoer” in his mouth.

“How is it possible?”

The Lord of the Fog Hidden City lost his voice on the spot, and still didn’t believe it: “The Azure Emperor of the Cloud Wing is the powerhouse among the God Emperor geniuses in Vientiane, how could it be lost to him?”

Withered Punishment God Emperor stared at Lin Chen, his eyes were surprised, as if he suspected that he was wrong.

The blood buddha was also shocked and inexplicable, but he didn’t show it. He rolled his eyes and said with a sneer: “Hehe, Huo Zen Dragon Emperor, your Direct Disciple, even a half step God Emperor can’t solve it. It seems to be only this.”


This sentence, like a loud slap in the face, slapped Old Zhang on the face of the Huo Zen Dragon Emperor.

He was furious, but he couldn’t happen. After all, he was certain that the discipline Yunyi Azure Emperor could take Lin Chen, but he didn’t expect to be defeated by Lin Chen.

It’s so cheeky.

Seeing that there is a mortal danger in the discipline, the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor was too late to argue with the blood Buddha, and hurriedly shouted at Taiyue God Emperor, “What are you doing? Don’t hurry up, he borrowed the power of the Tianxingding Ding If you can hurt Yunyi, if you join hands, you will definitely be able to kill him.”

“How could this be?”

The scene when Taiyue God Emperor saw Yunyi Azure Emperor fall to the ground, he almost stayed in place, looking at Lin Chen like a ghost in the daytime.

The loud shout of Fire Zen Dragon Emperor resounded over the light hole. He just came back to his senses, hurriedly waved his fist, and blasted towards Lin Chen.

At the moment the fist smashed the space, a pair of bronze traps appeared on the front of the boxer. It was his Life Source Divine Weapon that greatly increased the formidable power of this fist.

“Tayue God Emperor, don’t worry, it will be your turn soon.”

Hearing the loud noise of fists breaking through the space, Lin Chen expressed his usual expression, and made the heavenly punishment tripod, condensing the four-color divine light of purple, white, gold and blue, blocking him.

At the same time, Lin Chen’s Heavenly Sword, a little Hunyuan Saint, from top to bottom, like a tiger’s head, beheaded towards the Azure Emperor.

The cloud-wing Azure Emperor on the ground was still in the midst of a major blow that was defeated by Lin Chen. His face was desperate, as if he had received an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

Looking at Hunyuan Saint Heavenly Sword beheaded, he just woke up, only to feel life hanging by a thread, staring at his eyes, and screaming:

“Heavenly Sword God King, you dare!”

Cloud Wing Azure Emperor is also a fierce person, and his divine force of burning blood and vitality makes his weak Divine Physique explode once again with powerful power.

His Life Source Divine Weapon Qingding, whizzing up, from bottom to top, like an Azure Mountain crossing the sea, facing the Hunyuan Saint Heavenly Sword.


Hunyuan Saint Heavenly Sword slashed on the blue cauldron. It is also coincidental that this sword actually smashed the crack left by the sword just now.


As an explosion sounded, Qingding split into two halves with the crack as the center. Most of the fragments hit the Azure Emperor Yunyi like an arrow rain.

He hadn’t reacted yet, and Divine Physique was beaten in all kinds of holes, and his body was broken, making him more painful.

What’s more, his Life Source Divine Weapon was destroyed, the Spiritual Imprint left on it collapsed, and even his own spirit was damaged.

Mental damage, even if it is normal, is a major event, which is even worse for the current Azure Emperor.

The Azure Emperor Yunyi couldn’t help feeling desperate, staring at Zhan Azure’s eyes, and shouting for help at the Huozen Dragon Emperor outside the light cave:

“Master, save me.”

When the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor heard this, his old face fiercely twitched. He didn’t expect that his Direct Disciple would be beaten by Lin Chen to the point of asking for help.

But until now, he can only admit it. After all, he can’t get in, and immediately said with a cold face: “Heavenly Sword God King, you won this competition. That’s it.”

“Fire Zen Dragon Emperor, it seems that you are always confused, this is not a competition, but a life and death duel.” Lin Chen shook the head said.

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