Peerless Sword God Chapter 4220


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“Don’t make mistakes. Even if you get the Tianxingding Ding, you will come out later. Are you the opponent of the old man?” Huozen Dragon Emperor warned.

“Yes, Heavenly Sword God King, let me go. After you go out, my master will let you go.” Yunyi Azure Emperor nodded echoed.

“You are wrong.” Lin Chen lightly saying.

“What do you mean?”

Until Azure Emperor Yunyi asked, he heard a primordial, ancient sword chant. Even after seeing the God Emperor’s crystal, there was an identical Hunyuan Saint Heavenly Sword, slashing towards his spirit. ,soul.

“no! ”

The cloudwing Azure Emperor roared in despair, and the spirit and soul desperately wanted to escape the God Emperor crystal.

However, Hunyuan Saint Heavenly Sword’s speed was too fast, and his spirit and soul hadn’t moved before he was beheaded and disappeared.


The struggling Cloud Wing Azure Emperor fell feebly, his staring eyes gradually showed the color of a dead fish, without a trace of anger.

“This kid was so bold that he ignored the threat of the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor and killed the Azure Emperor Yunyi with a single sword.” Withered God Emperor secretly surprised.

“This child acted so decisively. He killed the Azure Emperor Yunyi, which is equivalent to a complete encounter with the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor and cut off his own retreat.” Baoyuan Pill Emperor shook his head and said.

“Amitabha, the original sword repair is that it would rather break but cannot be bend. Sword repairs like Heavenly Sword God King donors are even more so. Unfortunately, the fire zen dragon emperor donor ignored this.” He Shi, the expression said mournfully.

Yunyuan Pill King and God Emperor hearing this are silently nodded. They are among the first to know Lin Chen and understand Lin Chen’s behavior, so they are not surprised.

Unfortunately, in this way, he completely offended the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor. How should he come out later?

Thinking of this, both Yunyuan and Pill King are worried.

“Heavenly Sword God King, you are very good. From today on, no matter where you are, the old man will kill you.” The fire dragon emperor’s eyes were like cold eyes, broke out into laughter caused by anger.

“This kid is completely over.”

The Hidden City Lord sneered, looking at Lin Chen like a dead person.

Suddenly, he was taken aback for a moment and thought of one thing, that is, Lin Chen dared to kill even Yunyi Azure Emperor, so naturally he dared to kill his son Taiyue God Emperor.

Suddenly, the lord of the misty city was anxious, and shouted at Taiyue God Emperor in the cave: “Taiyue, come back soon.”

In fact, without the father’s reminder, Taiyue God Emperor realized this.

After cultivation to the God Emperor in Vientiane, Taiyue God Emperor didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of the Azure Emperor, but immediately turned into a yellow light and rushed upward.

hong long!

But as soon as he left, the space in front of him exploded, a path of flames burst out like a silver snake.

Tian Xing Ding rose from the flames, like a towering, ancient city, blocking the way of Taiyue God Emperor.

He trembled, and frightened rays of light flashed in his eyes, pretending to be calm: “Heavenly Sword God King, you and me, lacking hatred and enmity, why do you shoot me?”

“Taiyue God Emperor, you intentionally killed me in Luohunyuan. Just now I fought with the Azure Emperor Yunyi. You also have the plan to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits. How could it be a lacking hatred? and enmity?” Lin Chen said softly with a smile.

“Weeping blood, mysterious yellow, the earth Return to Origin, open for me!”

Hearing this, Taiyue God Emperor knew that Lin Chen would kill himself. He gritted his teeth and shouted, inspiring the gods of the earth and injecting it into the bronze glove.

hong long long!

next moment, Taiyue God Emperor drew the majestic fist, punch after punch to the heavenly punishment tripod.

The fist prints turned the sky, each fist print resembled a mountain, the grand and magnificent impact on the heavenly punishment cauldron, raging with the earthy yellow muddy breath.

At this moment, Taiyue God Emperor seems to be incarnation for Titan, imposing manner is majestic, stirring the entire Flame World.


Lin Chen sees this, and his expression calmly flexes his finger on the Tian Xing Ding.

Tian Xing Ding set off the four-color divine light of purple, white, gold and blue, and driven by the blood of Divine Race, it was crushed out.

bang bang bang! bang bang bang!

The mud-yellow fist mark was crushed on the spot by the Tian Xing Ding and pressed against Taiyue God Emperor unstoppably.

Taiyue God Emperor staggered his fists and stood in front of him. He was still knocked out by the fiercely, pressing the stone wall in the light hole into a humanoid mark.

He grunted bitterly and wanted to beg for mercy, but saw Lin Chen beheading Heavenly Sword again.


Hunyuan Saint Heavenly Sword pierced through the layers of Raging Flames Space, and the purple-golden sword pointed directly at the center of Taiyue God Emperor’s brows. The sword was so powerful that it was difficult for him to speak.


The Hidden Fog City Lord outside the jade platform yelled in shock when he saw this, but he could see that Heavenly Sword of Hunyuan Sheng penetrated his son’s forehead.

“Rao, Rao…”

Taiyue God Emperor felt cold on his eyebrows, his spiritual world was penetrated by Heavenly Sword, the spirit and soul were on the verge of collapse, and he begged for mercy.

However, before he finished speaking, he suddenly realized that his eyes went dark and he lost consciousness.

His spirit and soul were beheaded by Heavenly Sword.

“Tayue, Tayue…”

The misty city lord cried out sadly. He is a God Emperor with a heart like calm and composed, but his emotions are out of control at this time.

cultivated to his this realm, he had no tears, but at this time he could see a trace of tears in his eyes.

He is even sadder than the Huozen Dragon Emperor who lost Direct Disciple just now, and is not much different from the God Emperor who lost his son.

After all, Azure Emperor is just the Direct Disciple of Fire Zen Dragon Emperor. How can the love of master and disciple compare to the love of father and son?

“Slayer, you must be prepared to be killed first.” Lin Chen looked at the corpse of Taiyue God Emperor and said expression as usual.

“Heavenly Sword God King, I will kill you, I will kill you.”

Mist Hidden City Lord roared sharply, whether it was his gaze or expression, it was full of strong killing intents, like a ten thousand year iceberg.

“Boy, now the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor and the Hidden Fog City Lord are going to kill you, see how long you can live?” The Blood Buddha said gloomily.

“You die without regret.”

Withered Punishment God Emperor stared at Lin Chen indifferently, as if looking at a dying person.

Yun Yuan Pill King and Withered Wood Brew Monk both looked at him worriedly, after all, once he got out of it, he would be killed by the fire and Zen Dragon Emperor.

Zen Master Rongxiang and Baoyuan Pill Emperor glanced at each other and were ready to take over Lin Chen.

However, they absolutely didn’t expect, Lin Chen at the bottom of the light cave suddenly said with a smile: “Fire Zen Dragon Emperor, Fog Hidden City Lord, one of you wants to avenge the discipline, the other wants to avenge your son , Do you really think it’s taking me?”

“Heavenly Sword God King, can you still forever, can’t get out of hiding in it?” The Mist Hidden City Lord clenched his fist and said killing intent overflowing heaven.

“Boy, you are a bird in a cage now. You have no choice. Come out obediently and send it to the Xingding Ding, and the old man will leave your corpse.” The fire dragon emperor’s eyes burned with flames and said coldly.

“Oh, you dare to threaten me, yes, then I will feed your discipline and son to my Spirit Beast.”

Lin Chen hearing this smiled, and immediately in front of the Huochen Dragon Emperor, he put the dead Azure Emperor and Taiyue God Emperor into the Spirit Beast Bag.

The Divine Physique of the Cloud Wing Azure Emperor duo contains powerful energy, enough to make two silver armor iron wings enter the God Emperor realm in Vientiane.

“Heavenly Sword God King, you lunatic, how can you use my son’s corpse to feed your Spirit Beast?” Seeing this, the misty city lord had another mental breakdown, and shouted in pain.

“Damn it!”

A trace of sadness flashed in the eyes of Emperor Huozen.

Although he is not the father of the Azure Emperor of Yunyi, he is the master. In order to cultivate the Azure Emperor of Yunyi, he has spent a lot of hard work, but in the end he was fed Spirit Beast by Lin Chen.

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