Peerless Sword God Chapter 4221


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“Hmph, when this poor monk saw this son at first sight, he knew that he was not a good stubborn, unless he was not to be offended. Once he was offended, he would not know how to die.”

The blood buddha is coldly snorted and said: “So if you have a chance to kill him, you must not show mercy. Give him a chance to breathe, it will cause no end of trouble.”

“en. ”

The nodded God Emperor believed in, he was not decisive enough at the beginning and underestimated Lin Chen.

Otherwise, would the son God King, the beast-controlling beast, die in the hands of Lin Chen?

Everything is an underestimation of Lin Chen.

Now, Fire Zen Dragon Emperor and Wuyin City Lord made the same mistake as him, and as a result, one lost the discipline and the other lost his son.


The Zen Master Rongxiang puts his hands together, showing compassion and compassion.

“This kid has a personality.”

The treasure source Pill Emperor admires.

It’s good to be kind, but to be kind to the enemy is stupid,

Obviously, Lin Chen is not stupid.

Yun Yuan Pill King and Withered Wood Brewer were both dumbfounded, thinking that if they changed their words, they wouldn’t dare to do so.

“If you want to kill others, you have to pay the price.”

Lin Chen closed the Spirit Beast Bag as if he had done an insignificant thing, lightly saying: “City Lord of the Hidden Fog, if I fall into your hands, I am afraid there will be no end to it?”


The Lord of the Hidden Fog was choked to speechless.

The Fire Zen Dragon Emperor had nothing to say for a while. He was complexion ashen, staring at Lin Chen sternly, and said: “Boy, you are excellent, and the old man admires it, but you will never escape death. You are destined to be I am buried with my discipline Yunyi.”

“Yes, you will come out sooner or later, and you will definitely die.” Mist City Lord clenched his fists in both hands, shouted murderous-looking.

Blood Buddha and Monk and withered God Emperor both watched on the wall, thinking in their hearts to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits.

The four Zen Master Rongxiang were worried.

“Who said I want to come out?”

Lin Chen hearing this smiled, and immediately looked towards Tian Xing Ding, gently stroking the palm of his hand with gentle movements.

“What do you mean by this? Does he want to hide inside forever?” The Misty City Lord said angrily.

“Something’s wrong.”

Seeing this, the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor frowned secretly, with a bad feeling in his heart.


Lin Chen slapped the heavenly punishment tripod, put it in the storage spirit ring, and looked at the cracked crimson land below, steaming.


Lin Chen waved his sleeves, and the divine force was like the wind, flying the cracked ground up, and before it fell again, it was burned to ashes by the flame.

A magical scene appeared, there was no cracked ground, and there was a sudden hong long long sound, and an ancient stone platform was slowly raised.

“Transmission Array?”

The Fire Zen Dragon Emperor, who had been staring at Lin Chen, saw the stone platform, his old face changed suddenly, and his eyes were completely gloomy.

“Why is it like this? How can there be a Transmission Array inside? Is it the lord of the Heavenly Xing Palace left behind? Yes, yes, it must be like this.” The city lord of the mist was stunned and speculated randomly.

“Damn it!”

Blood Buddha and God Emperor are flustered and exasperated, staring at Lin Chen with gloomy eyes, and there is no more thought of sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits in their hearts.

Because of the Transmission Array, Lin Chen was able to leave the Tianxing Cave with the Tianxingding Ding, and they simply did not have their chance.

“Amitabha, maybe this is what the world often says that auspicious people have their own natural state.” Zen Master Rongxiang said with a slight smile.

“tsk tsk, this kid is really a wicked evildoer, so lucky, I am a little bit jealous.” Baoyuan Pill Emperor tsk tsk said endlessly.

Seeing Lin Chen’s death, Yun Yuan Pill King and Withered Wood Wine Monk were able to take the Transmission Array to leave the Tianxing Cavern. The worries on their faces disappeared without a trace, and they were sincerely happy for him.

“Sure enough.”

Looking at the Transmission Array that appeared, a ray of light flashed in Lin Chen’s eyes.

In fact, when he first collected Tian Xing Ding outside the jade platform, he found Transmission Array not at all.

When was it discovered?

It was when the flame long-haired youth servant Tian Xingding made his hand.

The aftermath of the power of the Heaven Xing Cauldron shook the ground below it into a crack.

At the time, Lin Chen was puzzled.

This place has been burned by various sacred fires, and it has long become as hard as Divine Weapon.

The most critical point is that the entire light hole is blessed by special laws. How can it be easily broken?

Look at the first time Lin Chen teamed up with the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor and the others more than ten years ago to collect the Tian Xing Ding. When there was such a big movement, the light hole was intact.

The cracking of the ground of the light hole is just an insignificant trivial matter. Everyone only sees the Heavenly Xingding Ding. How can you pay attention to this?

Even the flame-haired young man who entered here first did not notice this. If he knew it, he would have regretted it.

But Lin Chen is careful, keenly aware of this, and keeps it in mind.

Later, Lin Chen started with the Azure Emperor. He seemed to be trying to use the Heaven Punishment Ding, but in fact, he was further observing the crack on the ground under the Ding.

Sure enough, Lin Chen was surprised to find that the crack gradually expanded as he fought with the Azure Emperor, and the breath of Transmission Array overflowed.

With Transmission Array, Lin Chen knew that he would be able to leave the Tianxing Cavern.

So, from the beginning to the end, he didn’t care about the threat of the Huozen Dragon Emperor.

“Everyone, I will leave first, if fated will meet again.”

Lin Chen gave a long laugh, and immediately stepped into the Transmission Array, throwing the sacred stone into the groove, and the ancient Transmission Array opened, setting off a surging white light.

The white light is like mist, slowly dissipating, Lin Chen has been disappeared, Transmission Array is gone, only a piece of rubbish engraved with rune remains.

Obviously, this Transmission Array is a one-way Transmission Array. Once transmitted, the Transmission Array will destroy itself.

This is to prevent someone from using Transmission Array to chase and kill people who ride in Transmission Array.

“Heavenly Sword God King, you come back to me, come back!” The Hidden Fog City Lord glared at the empty flame light hole, shouting hoarsely.

“Boy, you can escape for a while, but you can’t escape for a lifetime. As long as you are still Qinzhou, you are destined to not escape the palm of the old man.” The killing intent flashed in the eyes of the Emperor Huo Chan Dragon.

Although the blood buddha and the withered God Emperor were in a terrible mood, they couldn’t help but shine when they heard the words of the Azure Emperor.


Although the kid escaped, as long as others are in Qinzhou, they have a chance to find and obtain the Heavenly Punishment Tripod.

The four Zen Master Rongxiang saw this, with mixed joys and sorrows. What is happy is that Lin Chen has temporarily escaped the catastrophe, and what is worried is that in the future, he will face the endless pursuit of the fire Zen Dragon Emperor.

hong long long!

Just when everyone’s thoughts were different, the whole Tianxing Cave suddenly rang, as if there was an earthquake, The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

The jade platform in the center of the stone hall, ka-cha cracked, and all split up and in pieces, the light hole in the jade platform collapsed with the earth, and the sacred fire inside, raging out like a torrent, spread to the entire sky punishment cave.

“Not good, Tianxing Cave is about to collapse, let’s go.”

Baoyuan Pill Emperor complexion changed and hurriedly flew outside with treasure daughter.

The Zen Master Rongxiang said Amitabha, with a Buddha’s radiance, he rolled up the dead wood wine monk and left.

The four people of the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor complexion changed, and immediately chose to flee.

When they escaped from the Tianxing Cave at the fastest speed, they turned around and saw that the entire Tianxing Cave had collapsed and turned into a wasteland.

The most terrifying thing is that the entire wasteland shook, deep cracks appeared on the ground, and the barren hills standing on the ground exploded one after another.

“Damn! Did that kid take the Heaven Xing Ding and destroy the entire Heaven Xing Palace?” said the blood buddha flustered and exasperated.

However, no one answered his question. Zen Master Rongxiang, Baoyuan Pill Emperor, Fire Zen Dragon Emperor and the others all rushed towards the Temple of Heavenly Punishment.

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