Peerless Sword God Chapter 4223


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At that time, Lin Chen didn’t at all reacted immediately. Secondly, he didn’t block the attack of the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor, and finally fell into the light hole where the Tian Xing Cauldron was placed.

Although he was not injured, but a blessing in disguise, it made him recognize one thing, that is, the God Emperor is extremely threatening to him.

Of course, Lin Chen didn’t use the Divine Race bloodline at all at the time. If he uses it, he should have the power of a battle.

According to the situation at the time, even if Lin Chen could fight the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor, it was useless.

Because at that time, besides him, there were blood Buddha monk, withered God Emperor and Wuyin City Lord.

With one enemy four, hope is minimal!

This is one of the reasons why Lin Chen chose to take the Transmission Array instead of launching the jade platform after beheading the Azure Emperor.

Another reason is that Lin Chen doesn’t want to involve the father and daughter of Baoyuan Pill Emperor and the master and disciple of Rongxiang.

Considering the pressure brought by the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor four, Lin Chen thought to himself that if he could break through the God Emperor realm, facing them, he would have confidence.

However, it is not easy to want to breakthrough God Emperor realm.

Look at Lin Chen who spent more than ten years before, without condensing the divine force light group into the crystal of God Emperor.

In addition, look at other half-step God Emperor geniuses, such as the Buddha Sword Emperor and Tianji Young Master. They are all amazing talents, but they have not yet become God Emperor.

But the situation Lin Chen faces today is more dangerous and severe than before.

In the past, he only needed to face the blood Buddha and the withered God Emperor, but now he needs to add the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor and the Wuyin City Lord.

Faced with the four gods in one God Emperor, changing to any half-step God Emperor genius will feel more pressure.

If the temperament is not good, the half-step God Emperor genius who is not firm enough, the eight-nine of ten will choose to escape.

But Lin Chen would not do this. He chose to face the pressure and chose the challenge.

You must know that since his cultivation, he has faced countless pressures, and he has never chosen to escape or flinch.

For him, pressure is a step forward.

There is pressure to make progress!

In addition, Lin Chen also has a third reason to hit the God Emperor realm, that is, the Wuzhou Genius Tea Party.

We must know that the Five-State Genius Tea Party is a Martial Dao event for the entire God Emperor’s Half-Step God Emperor, Newborn God Emperor, Vientiane God Emperor, and Unity God Emperor.

Aside from the geniuses of the first three God Emperor realm, just talk about the God Emperor geniuses, they will all gather at the Wuzhou genius tea party.

The geniuses of the God Emperor in one are all extraordinary, possessing strengths far surpassing the same level.

Some monstrous talent level unified God Emperor geniuses can even compete with the Chaos God Emperor, which is extremely terrifying.

If Lin Chen has only half a step in the God Emperor realm, how can he compete with them?

Go for a cutscene?

Lin Chen is unwilling.

Since he decides to be invited by Tianji Young Master to participate in the Wuzhou Genius Tea Party, he has to compete with those God Emperor geniuses.

Competing against geniuses and fighting against powerful geniuses is one of the joys of Lin Chen cultivation.

Mindful of this, Lin Chen took another look at Tian Xing Ding, and finally made up his mind to attack the God Emperor realm.


The Tianxingding Ding was returned to the storage spirit ring, and Lin Chen sat in the Transmission Array.

Closed his eyes calmly, and when his mind was calm and things were unified, Lin Chen opened the storage ring and took out a piece of Divine Stone.


There is a majestic divine force radiating from him within the body, which surrounds the body like a river, wrapping the Divine Stones for refining.

Divine Stone pieces, as if butter meets a hot pan, melt quickly and become one after another divine force, which is as thin as rain, and is sucked into the divine force light by Lin Chen.

This process lasted for a long time. In the past five years, Lin Chen has refined 900 million Low Grade Divine Stones.

Originally, he owned 2.2 billion 70,000,000 Low Grade Divine Stone, but now it shrank suddenly, leaving 1.3 billion 70,000,000.

Price plummeted!

But Lin Chen didn’t feel a pity, as long as he could break through the God Emperor realm, not to mention consuming 900 million Divine Stones, even if all the Divine Stones were spent, it was worth it.

And refining 900 million Divine Stone, the effect is also very significant, Lin Chen within the body’s divine force, more than doubled than before.

He can clearly feel that the divine force within the body is as majestic and majestic as the vast ocean.

With a thought, Lin Chen runs the divine force light group to absorb all the divine force.


The divine force light group suddenly released the divine light, and a thunderous sound came out.

“refine for me!”

Lin Chen’s heart was shouted and began to temper divine force light group.

The divine force light group begins to rotate, and as Lin Chen keeps tempering, the faster it rotates.

If you look closely, you can find that the divine force light group is shrinking in little by little, and it is evolving toward the God Emperor crystal.

At the same time, in Lin Chen’s mind, the experience of the lightsaber God Emperor hitting the God Emperor realm emerged, like an ocean of knowledge, instilling deep in his soul.

Gradually, Lin Chen felt his spirit, soul, and heart start to tingle, as if he was hurt by an unknown force.

However, since Lin Chen cultivation, he has experienced countless injuries, so when he first started, he could still bear it.

But as the divine force light group continues to condense, the stinging sensation becomes stronger and stronger, as if entering the Eighteen Levels of Hell.

Lin Chen began to wrinkle frowned, his face was bitter, and his face became paler.

Too painful.

Lin Chen feels better than all the pain he has experienced before. No wonder many half-step God Emperors dare not easily attack the God Emperor realm.

Because this kind of pain originates from the spirit, soul, and soul, the normal half-step God Emperor cannot bear it at all.

A few more years passed in a blink of an eye.

Lin Chen’s brows were almost frowned, his look pale as paper, with no blood in sight, and his back as straight as a sword began to show signs of bending.

But he is still struggling to support, his heart is bright, even with a little joy, because the divine force light group has shrunk by nearly half compared to a few years ago.

This is a big improvement!

Although it is still far away to completely condense the divine force light group into the crystal of the God Emperor, it means that Lin Chen has taken a step towards success.


For the past three years, Lin Chen felt too painful, Divine Physique shivered uncontrollably, and even his head shook inadvertently, as if he had lost his mind.


Don’t give up!

Lin Chen began to show a strong Willpower amount.

Willpower like a holding hot springs, injecting Lin Chen’s mind, so that the spirit, soul, and soul bring less pain.

However, with the ebbing of time, the divine force light group has shrunk by half, only the size of a bucket, Lin Chen’s Willpower, began to be unable to suppress the pain.


A movement in Lin Chen’s heart stimulated Sword Dao’s will, and immediately within the body a thunderous sword chant sounded.

I have to say that Lin Chen’s Sword Dao has a strong will, and as soon as he is activated, he penetrates the entire heart and immediately reduces the pain.

There is even a little comfort, like taking a cold shower after a day of farm work, and the whole person is refreshed.


Lin Chen’s energy was lifted, his frowning brows loosened, the paleness on his face was reduced by half, and a little rosy rosy was restored.

What makes him most happy is that after more than ten years, the divine force light ball the size of a bucket has shrunk to the size of a fist, and the surface has a little crystal stone-like luster.

This means that the divine force light group has taken a big step towards the evolution of the God Emperor crystal.

Success is near Chichi!

With the experience of the lightsaber God Emperor breakthrough God Emperor realm, Lin Chen knew that the more this time comes, the more he cannot be taken lightly, and he must continue to persevere.

Absolutely don’t let go!

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