Peerless Sword God Chapter 4224


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divine force The majestic divine force in the light group is more than ten times more condensed than before. The rays of light that bloom are also similar to the luster of a crystal stone.

This surface divine force is also evolving, evolving towards the power of God Emperor.

Lin Chen’s whole person is silent, concentrate attention completely, there is only a single thought in his heart, that is the breakthrough God Emperor realm.


One after another divine light lingers around Lin Chen, illuminating the entire Transmission Array, and even the dark cavern, in multi-colored, bizarre and motley.

Fortunately, the stone wall is engraved with rune to cover the breath. Otherwise, the breath emanating from Lin Chen has already passed out from the cave and was discovered.

Lin Chen is more and more like a huge energy body, blooming with divine light of various attributes, such as chaos, life, light and so on.

Time flies like arrows, the sun and the moon flies, the cultivation has no years, and more than twenty years have passed unconsciously.

Lin Chen, who was originally as stable as a rock, started to shake again, frowns, with a bitter expression on his face.

As the divine force light group becomes smaller and smaller, the spirit, soul, and heart become more and more painful, even if Lin Chen suppresses it with the will of Sword Dao, he can no longer bear it.

It hurts!

It hurts!

However, Lin Chen didn’t snorted. His heart opened brightly. He saw the divine force light ball that was the size of a baby’s fist. He knew that the impact to the God Emperor realm had reached the final stage.

Hold on!

At this time, the divine force light group can no longer be called the divine force light group. It already possesses some of the characteristics of the God Emperor crystal, and on the surface, it is no different from the crystal stone.

From the inside, all divine forces are like copper wires, entwined together, highly concentrated, shining, and more powerful than before.

In addition, the imposing manner emanating from Lin Chen has undergone tremendous changes. It is completely different from the imposing manner of the half-step God Emperor, and already possesses the power of the God Emperor.

To put it simply, Lin Chen is now evolving from the inside out toward the God Emperor, and the Heaven and Earth turning upside down is happening.

Of course, the pain Lin Chen endured was beyond imagination, heart-wrenching, unbearable, and he felt mentally broken.

It’s like a madman mad, hitting the wall with his head mad, wanting to get rid of it, asking for a happy life.

Lin Chen knows from the experience of the lightsaber God Emperor hitting the God Emperor realm that almost 99% of the half-step God Emperor falls at this level.


the soul flew away and scattered!

Dao disappeared!


All kinds of thoughts flooded Lin Chen’s heart, as if there were countless voices, telling him to give up.

Let go of the goal, let go of persistence, let go of faith, and then you can be free, and you will be free and happy.

Lin Chen’s will is shaking endlessly, and Sword Dao’s will is shaking, like a lone boat in the waves, it may capsize at any time.

Once overturned, he will die.

Every effort is in vain.

“no! ”

“I want to keep going!”

Lin Chen roared wildly in his heart, his teeth rattled, Divine Physique and his head trembled like chaff, his face pale as a piece of rice paper.

But his expression was firm, his pale face revealed a firm, tenacious, and reluctant attitude, as if he would not give up until he reached his goal.

dong! dong! dong!

At this time, the divine force light group that has shrunk to the size of a thumb, like a luminous crystal stone, is full of spirituality, and it keeps jumping.

Every jump brings unbearable pain to Lin Chen, but with every jump, the divine force light ball shrinks a little.

When the divine force light group shrank to the size of a soybean, a strong and unbelievable pain surged to Lin Chen’s heart, which directly caused him to faint with pain and fell on the Transmission Array, act recklessly.


Beast God teaches.

In a blazing Cave Mansion, the atmosphere is serious.

“Ten Thousand Arm Tiger Emperor, Thunder Horn Bull Emperor, you and other representatives of the old man will immediately visit the Great Influence, and ask them to send someone to find out the Heavenly Sword God King to the old man, and reward them all.”

The Fire Zen Dragon Emperor expression sits majesticly above the Cave Mansion, and orders a group of geniuses standing below.

He is fulfilling his promise and using all his power to send people to look for Lin Chen.


The Ten Thousand Arm Tiger Emperor and the Thunder Horn Bull Emperor and the others said yes, but they were very puzzled about one thing, who is the Heavenly Sword God King? Why did Huochen Dragon Emperor spend so much time searching for him?

However, the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor did not explain, and the Ten Thousand Arm Tiger Emperor and the others did not dare to ask more, and hurriedly followed his instructions.

The misty world city.

The majestic and majestic Inside the City Lord Mansion is solemn and solemn.

The misty City Lord sits on the throne of the City Lord. After the pain of losing his son, he is more majestic and indifferent than before.

All the newborn God Emperor and Vientiane God Emperor powerhouse in the hall, keep quiet out of fear, for fear of offending him.

“You wait for the order, from today, put down all the big and small affairs, look for the Heavenly Sword God King, be sure to find him, this City Lord has many rewards.” Wuyin City Lord expressionless said.


A crowd of God Emperors took their orders, and after leaning over to bow, they turned and left, looking for Lin Chen.

“Heavenly Sword God King, you can’t escape, this City Lord must kill you and avenge my son Taiyue.”

The misty City Lord said in a tranquil voice. But the killing intent in his eyes cannot be opened like an eternal glacier.

“Find, at all costs, also find that kid, to avenge the dead son of this sect.”

The same scene happened in the Beast Sect. Withered God Emperor vowed to find Lin Chen and avenge his dead son God King, but the most important reason was that he wanted Heaven Punishment Tripod.

As for the blood Buddha and monk, a lone family and widow who came out of the ruined Heavenly Punishment Palace was besieged by Zen Master Rongxiang and Baoyuan Pill Emperor.

In the end, he fought desperately, burning divine force blood, and even Soul Power to save his life.

He was hurt too badly. After he got out, he found a place to hide and heal his injuries.

But he still didn’t give up looking for Lin Chen, thinking about acting after the injury healed.

As long as there is a heavenly punishment tripod, he can hope to break through the chaotic God Emperor realm, and he will not be afraid of being chased by Zen Master Rongxiang.

“Am I dead?”

I don’t know how long it has been before, Lin Chen seemed to wake up from a nightmare, and also seemed to walk out of the darkness, opening his heavy eyes in a daze.

Looking at the ancient Transmission Array and the familiar caves, Lin Chen’s clear eyes instantly became bright and happy.

“I’m not dead.”

His gray face showed joy, Lin Chen barely supported his body, feeling a bit weak, and could not help saying with a bitter smile: “Didn’t expect I spent decades in retreat, but I still failed.”

Speaking bitter words, Lin Chen looked towards dantian, suddenly startled, and saw a crystal stone the size of a soybean suspended in his dantian.

“The crystal of the God Emperor? This is the crystal of the God Emperor?”

The words were a bit incoherent, Lin Chen was surprised at first, then to be wild with joy, his eyes burst out with a bright moon-like brightness, as if illuminating the entire dark cave.


“I succeeded.”

Lin Chen’s joyous voice echoed in the cave for a long time.

For a long time, Lin Chen calmed down, but there was still a hint of joy in his eyes.

Not easy!

In order to impact the God Emperor realm, he has been trying since he was in the Tianxing Cave. It took six 70 years, and now he finally succeeded.

The effort he put in, the pain he experienced, finally paid off.

Everything is worth it!

breathes deeply, Lin Chen drew away the joy in his heart, and completely restored his heart to stop water, not to be happy with things or sad for himself.

“I don’t know how strong I am now?”

Lin Chen’s eyes flashed brightly, the feeling of meditation, the changes he brought to himself after the breakthrough God Emperor realm.

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