Peerless Sword God Chapter 4225


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Divine Physique is more than twice as powerful as before;

Qi and blood are nearly three times stronger than before General;

dantian has expanded more than three times, like a small universe.

Sword Dao, Chaos, Life, Light, Space, Killing, Darkness, Death and other eight kinds of Shinto light clusters, centered on the God Emperor crystal, surround together, blooming like a star in a beautiful and mysterious light .

The crystal of God Emperor contains spirit, soul, and heart strength. Lin Chen’s peaceful feeling has been increased by about two to three times.

Another point is that all divine forces have undergone a qualitative change, evolving into the power of the God Emperor, filled with a faintly discernable energy.

This mighty energy is God Emperor mighty power!

The crystal of God Emperor and the power of God Emperor are both one of the notable signs of becoming God Emperor.

The God Emperor crystals are only the size of a soybean, which is much smaller than the God Emperor crystals of the Azure Emperor, Taiyue God Emperor and the others.

But as Lin Chen’s rise in the God Emperor realm, the crystal of God Emperor will gradually increase, and the power of God Emperor will be stronger.

It is worth mentioning that, despite the fact that the God Emperor crystal is small, Lin Chen feels that his God Emperor crystal is stronger than the Vientiane God Emperor by comparison, almost comparable to the One God Emperor.

Furthermore, the power of God Emperor contained in the crystal of God Emperor is not much inferior to the God Emperor of oneness.

In other words, Lin Chen is now enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Heyi God Emperor.

Of course, stronger and weaker are not yet known.

Each unity God Emperor is very powerful.

For example, the Fire Zen Dragon Emperor, the Blood Buddha Monk, the Withered God Emperor, and the Foggy City Lord, who have been in the unity of God Emperor realm for many years, are far stronger than the ordinary God Emperor of the same order.

In addition, Qinzhou is no better than Yun Prefecture and Qinzhou genius gathering. Among the top ten door-to-doors, there are peerless genius-level God Emperor geniuses in Vientiane, who can contend, defeat, and even slay the unified God Emperor.

If you encounter such evildoers, even Lin Chen would not be careless.

Therefore, after becoming the God Emperor, Lin Chen still dare not slack off, he must continue to work hard and persevere in cultivation.

Only in this way can he go further on the Marital Dao Path than other geniuses.

“Now that I breakthrough God Emperor realm, should I be able to open the Heaven Xing Ding?”

Lin Chen’s eyes were light flashed, and he took out the Tian Xing Ding from the storage ring.


Lin Chen took a sip from his mouth, waved the power of the God Emperor and poured it into the heavenly punishment cauldron.

I failed once before, this time Lin Chen in order to guard against the unexpected, he exhausted all the power of the God Emperor, should he be able to open it?

Lin Chen looked expectantly, but found that Tian Xing Ding was still motionless, and couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

“How is it possible?”

Lin Chen frowned, a little unbelievable.

Before, he only had a half-step God Emperor realm, and he couldn’t open the heavenly punishment cauldron, and it was justified.

However, now that he is a newborn God Emperor, why can’t he open it?

Is his guess wrong?

Opening the heavenly punishment tripod has nothing to do with realm?

What does that have to do with?

Lin Chen stared at Tian Xing Ding with both eyes, and remained silent for a long time.

Treasure is right in front of him, but he can’t get it, which really makes him feel uncomfortable.

But he is not a person who gives up lightly. Since it is a treasure, even if it is Middle Grade Dao Divine Weapon, there should be a way to open it.

Then what is the method to open the Heaven Xing Ding?

Lin Chen thinks hard.

In a blink of an eye, one hour passed.

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed in his eyes, as if thinking of something, he immediately took out a jade bottle from the storage spirit ring.

Opening the bottle stopper gently, I saw a beam of flame shining from the bottle, the breath was hot, and the bottle was a flame-colored bloodline.

This bloodline surprisingly comes from the young man with long flames.

At the beginning, he was besieged and killed by the Qing Jiao Emperor and the Ghost Spear Emperor. He asked Lin Chen to help Lin Chen on the condition of obtaining the Heavenly Punishment Tripod.

After Lin Chen killed the two Emperors, he obtained this bloodline from him.

Originally, this bloodline was used by Lin Chen to prevent the flame long-haired youth from regretting and staying behind to obtain the Tian Xing Ding.

As a result, he didn’t expect that the other party really regretted it, and wanted to kill him, so that he could only swallow him.

But what Lin Chen really didn’t expect was that his life, Divine Race bloodline, could actually drive the Heavenly Xingding Ding.

So, he has not used this copy of bloodline until now.

Now Lin Chen took it out, just want to try it, can you use it to open the Tian Xing Ding?

“I hope to succeed.”

A glimmer of expectation flashed in Lin Chen’s eyes, and soon the flame-colored bloodline in the jade bottle was poured on the heavenly punishment tripod.

After a while, the flame-colored bloodline covered the surface of the Tianxingding Cauldron, infecting it into flame-colored, and at the same time it made a crisp sound like painful spring water falling on the rock.

The dazzling firelight flickered, lighting Lin Chen’s face into a flame color, and he could smell a pungent blood energy.

But he didn’t care, looking at Tian Xingding intently, hoping to see the scene opened by this cauldron.

However, in the past a full cup of tea time, the Tianxingding Ding still has not been opened.

“Why or not?”

Lin Chen frowned.

In order to open this cauldron, he used that many method, but the result still failed. It is completely impossible to say that he is not disappointed.

Since there was a long silence, Lin Chen suddenly bit his teeth, holding the power of the God Emperor in both hands, placing them on both sides of the Heaven Xing Ding, and drank in his mouth: “refine for me!”

Yes, Lin Chen wants to use this bloodline to refining Tianxingding.

He is not sure, but in any case, he has to try, otherwise, wouldn’t his efforts be wasted?

What’s more, the long-haired flame-haired youth is the descendant of the lord of the Heavenly Punishment Palace. If you use his bloodline, you can’t refining this cauldron, then Lin Chen really can’t think of a better way.


The flame-colored bloodline on the Tianxing Cauldron suddenly made clear water splashing down the oil pan, making the Tzzzzzzz sound sharp and piercing.

When it was time for a cup of tea, Lin Chen was surprised to see that the flame-colored bloodline began to merge into the heavenly punishment pot at a slow speed.


Lin Chen’s spirits lifted, his eyes burst into light, and he worked harder immediately.

The power of God Emperor continuously gushes from the crystal of God Emperor, through Lin Chen’s palms, refining the flame-colored bloodline on the surface of the heavenly punishment pot.

The original fiery red Tian Xing Ding gradually returned to its original shape, and its surface shone with purple, white, gold and green divine light, exquisite and beautiful.

“Refining is really successful?”

Lin Chen is surprised.

Originally, he just tried it, didn’t expect unexpected success.

At this time, his spirit strength is in perfect harmony with the Tianxingding Ding, without any hindrance, just like the close connection between him and Swimming Dragon Sword.

“very good.”

Lin Chen’s eyebrows were overjoyed, and immediately with a thought, he saw the cauldron lid of the Tian Xing Ding flying lightly.

The Heaven Xing Ding opened.

“It’s not easy, the hard work pays off!”

Lin Chen couldn’t help but sigh, after spending so much effort, now finally succeeded.

Shen Ling a little, Lin Chen secretly thought: “In fact, I should have thought of this. The lord of the Tian Xing Palace pre-designed some. He originally left this Tian Xing Ding to his descendants, and wanted to refine this cauldron. , Of course, he must use the bloodline of his descendants.”

“Fortunately, I left a hand and asked him to give me a bloodline, and didn’t throw it away, otherwise there will be this treasure and it will not be opened.”

Lin Chen laughed, it seems he was right to be cautious in the first place.

There must be no harm to others, no defensiveness!

“Look at what treasures are inside.”

Lin Chen looked into the Tianxingding Ding expectantly.

This cauldron is worthy of Middle Grade Dao Divine Weapon. It is not large in appearance, but the internal space is huge, with a radius of ten thousand zhang.

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