Peerless Sword Soul Chapter 4062

“How is it possible?”

All the surviving realm masters and realm kings all stared in amazement . They couldn’t believe it, it was true! Tuntian and Miedi, even their pupils shrank violently.

how many years, they have never felt the taste of fear, but now, facing Ye Fei, they actually have fear.

“Could it be that he really broke through to the realm of that legend?”

Tun Tian looked scared.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible.

And even if he breaks through, he must die, even if we can’t kill him alone, it’s just like back then, we unite again and regroup Trinity, resent Divine Law!”

roar! Suddenly, the unintentional who never made a move, layers of Heavenly Palace appeared behind him. This is the Thirty Three Heavens destiny, but the Heavenly Palace is black. .

The Heavenly God sitting cross-legged in it is a resentment! Not only that, but seeing Tianxin bursting out of Dharma phenomena, Swallowing Heaven and Destroying Emperor, they also smirked at the same time, bursting out their own Dharma phenomena.

Their physiognomy is also the Thirty Three Heavens good fortune decision, and then, the physiognomy of these three people suddenly overlap! Swallowing the sky and the emperor were transformed into dharma images at the same time, entrenched in the unintentional Heavenly Palace, as if they had become the resentful gods sitting in the Heavenly Palace.

Seeing this scene, the Human Demon who rushed over later became nervous and frightened, “Ye Fei, be careful, the deity back then, the three evil creatures died under the Trinity Method!”

When mentioning this, it is Human Demon, and there is a bit of fear and shadow in the heart.

I have to say that these unintentional three people are indeed the entire God World, extremely rare geniuses. They did not have a breakthrough Realm God realm, and they were able to create a trinity fusion method. The sneak attack killed the eternal god. .

Nowadays, they not only breakthrough Realm God, they have also worked hard for 100,000 years. Then, how powerful is their integration?

Chapter 4061 Eternal Divine King

“Ye Fei, we are going to kill you!”

“Terror, tremble, let you see, Our Trinity complains about the horror of Divine Law!”

aaaaaah! Swallowing the sky, destroying the emperor, unintentionally, while roaring.

In the Heavenly Palace Phrases behind him, all of the Heavenly God suddenly roared.

Then fuse together.

roar! What appeared again was not Celestial Court’s image. It was a terrifying grievance, and it had a full 49, mysterious aura.

Also let Human Demon, suck in a breath of cold air, “49 Respect! These three evildoers have actually cultivated the Trinity to such a terrifying level!”

“God Lord, wouldn’t you say that Ye Fei might be defeated?”

shua! Demon Palace Lord and Donghuang all changed their faces, Roko and the others, also heartbeat , I have to say, Wuxin these three people are absolutely genius like Martial Ancestor.

They did not follow the old way of the world gods of the past to pursue the illusory God King Realm, but through the trinity fusion method, they deduced the determination of good fortune to another extreme.

“Unfortunately, your talents are amazing, but you are not right in your mind. Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth, but you have been trained into a world that is neither human nor ghost. You are not worthy of being called For the world gods, you should be world demons who cannot be tolerated by the world!”

Ye Fei coldly said.

“Noisy! What about gods and demons? As long as they can become stronger, everything can be sacrificed. What are deceiving masters extinguishing ancestors? One day, we will destroy the entire God World, above heaven under earth , Dominate for me! Therefore, you must die, and everyone who knows our past cannot live! Ye Fei, die, savor despair and fear!”

bang! 49 heavy Dharma, completely broke out.

The eternal God Palace couldn’t resist it, trembling violently, and even the coercion emitted by the Dhamma made the void of ten thousand li all collapse, as if it turned into hell. In the vacuum zone, I don’t know how many Dao masters, War God and even the realm masters, are all in this collapse, and their bodies burst.

More people are showing despair and fear. Who can stop such an attack?

“Could it be that God World, is it really over?”

Many realm kings show desperate expressions. They simply don’t like Ye Fei.

After all, Ye Fei’s breakthrough time is too short, and they don’t believe in the illusory God King Realm at all! Only the martial artists of Great Thousand Worlds looked towards Ye Fei with firm eyes, looked towards their own master.

Divine King everyone in mind! “Brother, come on!”

Ye Shanshan suddenly shouted loudly.

“Divine King! Divine King!”

Suddenly the entire Great Thousand Worlds, millions and millions of creatures, roared at the same time, they recited the name of Ye Fei, they called Divine King Slogan.

hong long! At this time, Ye Fei finally no longer hides.

Behind him, the law exploded! It’s not Heavenly Palace, but Tai Chi! Bright Tai Chi, like black and white, divides the world from yin and yang! It also illuminates the entire God World. At this time, all the people of God World seem to have seen an amazing scene.

That is in the sky, suddenly a strange black white light group was born, and then the light group suddenly separated, forming the sun and the moon.

Suddenly the sun and the moon separated again, and they turned into Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, Four Divine Beasts, and then Four Divine Beasts merged with each other.

In the whole world, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Five Elements have emerged! But this is not over yet, Ye Fei’s strength continues to improve, with his angry roar.

hong long! Five Elements disappeared, six ways appeared, namely Hell, Asura, Ghost God, Human Demon, and Fierce Demon! That’s amazingly Six Roads of Samsara! But just when everyone thought that this might be the limit of Ye Fei’s method, suddenly, behind Ye Fei, the six paths collapsed, seven stars appeared, Big Dipper was born, and Nan Dou was dead! Unfortunately, this is not the end of Ye Fei’s method.

Kill! With Ye Fei finally angry roar.

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