Peerless Sword Soul Chapter 4063

Boom ka! The world changes color, and the world trembles.

I saw Ye Fei behind, and the condense gossip method came. I saw this method, absorbing yin and yang, evolving Tai Chi, dividing the two instruments, deducing the four phases, condensing the Five Elements, creating six ways, illuminating the seven stars, and all directions! This is the true face of Ye Fei! It is the moment when the Ye Fei method phase is formed.

A terrifying coercion made the hearts of the three unintentional people tremble, “Impossible, this World, how can there be such a horrible state, a state, but it can have eight, eight, six, 4th layer?

Fake, it must be fake, die!”

With deep resentment, the unintentional three people, the Trinity, still kill Ye Fei, this Ye Fei was also sneered, and suddenly there was a horrible sword light in his hand, “This World, as long as you want, everything is possible! The power of the wild, the sword of the Divine King, kill me!”

“Today , This God King wants to use this sword to shake the world of troubled times and open up the peace of the prosperous world!”

bang! This sword, like the world opens up, resembles the prehistoric reappearance, and Ye Fei is the cross world The Divine King was cut out with one sword, the world was destroyed, the world collapsed, and any realm god, under such a sword light, seemed to be a floating cloud, cut out with a single sword, and the realm god died! Do not! Wuxin finally became scared, the Trinity, he was the subject, and he was the first to feel the horror of Ye Fei’s sword.

No intention to escape, but there is nowhere to escape! The entire world is the dazzling sword light, and under this sword light, whether it’s unintentional, swallowing the sky, or destroying the emperor, they all face fear, confusion, regret and unwillingness, and send out the last “Divine King, you are really Divine King!”

Touch! The Trinity, completely exploded, and the same exploded, as well as the three world gods Wuxin, Swallowing Heaven, and Miedi. They ruled the God World for 100,000 years, but they were killed by Ye Fei with a single sword, flying ash annihilation! This is the terrifying of God King Realm. Such power is no longer part of this World! When seeing the three realm gods die in battle, Human Demon also walked to Ye Fei’s face with majesty, and looked towards the countless Taoists and realm gods, “What are you still doing?

The three gods of the world are dead, and the new god of God World is right in front of you. You are not hurrying to meet the eternal Divine King!”

“The eternal Divine King?”

Ye Fei’s complexion is strange.

But after hearing what Human Demon said, and seeing Ye Fei’s incredible power with his own eyes, no realm master dared to hesitate, and even the remaining realm kings were terrified and terrified. Kneeling down, just so flying, kneeling in front of Ye Fei.

“We, meet the eternal Divine King!”

“Long live the Divine King, long live, absolutely years old!”

These world kings all shouted hoarsely They know that the heaven of God World has changed, from now on, this is no longer the world of the world gods, but the world of Divine King! “Divine King!”

“Leaf Divine King!”

“We have won, we have won! Long live Divine King, Great Thousand Worlds, long live!”

Suddenly, the entire Primordial Beginning Realm burst into extremely excited and crazy cheers, but in this cheers, there was a mournful scream.

Chapter 4062 New Era

The cheering people followed their voices and looked at the past, only to realize that this screaming was not someone else, but the three gods of the world. Scheming summon came out that blames God.

this is one extremely terrifying and evil spirit! Full of endless destruction and killing! The entire Great Thousand Worlds was almost destroyed because of this.

Later, when the three realm gods, the Trinity, besieged Ye Fei, this resentful god was not idle, but actually wanted to take the opportunity to completely break the gate of eternal life, enter the realm of the primordial beginning, and destroy it completely. Great Thousand Worlds, and this scene completely angered Wang Bai and even Xiaocao.

Especially grass.

Strictly speaking, Xiaocao has his own consciousness in Great Thousand Worlds. Great Thousand Worlds is also the hometown of Xiaocao.

Xiaocao was born here, grew up here, met Ye Fei here, and left many beautiful footprints and good memories.

And now, there is a monster who wants to destroy all of this. This undoubtedly makes Xiaocao feel angry. Just imagine that the consequences of making Xiaocao angry are very serious.

If Xiaocao gets angry, the consequences are beyond words. Almost before Wang Bai takes a shot, Xiaocao rides the Dragon Tortoise on the spot, inserts the wings of Kunpeng, and rolls. At the black egg, he slayed the resentful god, this time, he almost scared Wang Bai to death.

Zhao Yu rushed up so nervously and perished with the resentful god.

But in the next scene, Wang Bai was dumbfounded, Zhao Yu was stunned, and Luo Kou, who was responsible for protecting Xiaocao, was shocked speechless.

But when faced with the vicious God of Resentment, Xiaocao not only was not afraid, but also directly brandished Divine Beating Whip to fight the God of Resentment.

And this time, Xiaocao is still the illusory shadow of summon’s Divine Beating Whip, but the real Divine Beating Whip. This magic whip is like the nemesis of all Spirit Physique.

Seeing who beats whom, there is no reason at all. The poor grieving god, in Great Desolate Era, is known for his brutality and destruction.

But under Xiaocao’s Divine Beating Whip, they screamed and trembled. Kunpeng and Dragon Tortoise couldn’t help but cast infinite sympathy towards this resentful god.

There has never been a resentful god who was beaten so miserably. Not only was he beaten by mosquitoes and flies, but also by grass from the sky to the ground.

In the end, maybe Xiaocao is too young, Divine Beating Whip’s body is too heavy, and the tired grass is as simple as stepping on a cockroach, stepping on the head of resentment.

roar! This pair of Great Desolate Era, as far as the grieving god is known for his brutality, this shame is too great, and I deeply feel that the grieving god who resents the god’s dignity has been lost, and it is an explosion of humiliation on the spot. She would rather commit suicide than accept such a humiliating beating by a little girl.

And the scream just now was caused by this resentful god, dissipating on its own, and the grass was startled, but when he saw the dissipated resentment and evil light.

The whole eggshell that the black egg was suddenly excited was shining, and it left and rolled over, absorbing all the grievances and evil light that hadn’t dissipated.

“Black egg, what are you doing?”

Kunpeng Spirit can be frightened.

roar! But suddenly, inside the black egg, there was a majestic beast roar, and then the whole black egg suddenly split, and there was a group of black light rushing to the sky, making an excited roar.

“The black egg actually hatched?”

Ye Fei also looked up towards the sky in surprise, and found that the hatched black egg was actually clinging to the golden wings, but all over The peculiar giant beast covered with scales, this giant beast, has a terrifying Dragon Race atmosphere, but sharp claw is just like Dragon Tortoise as a digging expert.

“Gosh, what is this ominous beast?”

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