Peerless Sword Soul Chapter 4064

Many realm kings were stunned, because once the black egg was born, he was the realm king! This is undoubtedly too terrifying.

Ye Fei was taken aback and tried to call out, “Dark egg?”

Roar! This strange giant beast, which became smaller immediately, actually followed the shrugging poodle The same, rolled in front of Ye Fei and played a magical shot.

Dragon Tortoise was stupid on the spot.

The most unacceptable thing for Ye Fei is that this black egg still learns the look of Dragon Tortoise, rubs Ye Fei’s thigh, whoosh sound, Ye Fei’s pants are torn. Showing a white thigh, Ye Fei kicked the black egg with his heart.

It’s been too long for this black egg to be influenced by Dragon Tortoise and Kunpeng. When it gets bigger, the black egg is powerful and domineering.

The smaller black egg has actually gathered all the advantages that girl likes, beautiful, cute, and a little silly.

I just saw the black egg, not only Feng Huang Tiannu and Mo Qingwu, but also Zhao Yu, who suddenly couldn’t help but hugged the black egg in his arms and kept touching it. The black egg seems to enjoy it.

Ye Fei has the heart to kill Kunpeng, let’s see what egg this hatched! “Cough cough, Divine King Your Majesty, now the three world gods are dead, I don’t know what is your command to us, to God World?”

At this time, those world kings, boldly, go He came over and asked respectfully.

Ye Fei is said ill-humoredly: “What are you asking me to do?

I didn’t plan to stay in God World. For God World, you can ask Human Demon. Anyway, he It is the eternal God and the future Lord of God World.”

Bang! Ye Fei’s words not only made these world kings bewildered, but Human Demon and Wang Bai also looked towards Ye Fei in amazement, Tian Chi was even more surprised and said: “What, brother, you won’t stay in God World, what do you mean?”

Everyone looked towards Ye Fei in doubt.

Ye Fei knows that it won’t work if you don’t explain it, you can only say with a smile: “Do you know how I broke through the Divine King? At the critical moment, I leaned on the grass’s Divine Beating Whip, Consciousness has entered the former Great Desolate Era and gained the power of the wild!”

“Although the Great Desolate Era was destroyed, there have been millions and millions of years, but I found that after so long, the real Great Desolate World, in fact, is not at all completely destroyed, but is slowly recovering and even being reborn. It just so happens that Great Thousand Worlds is now broken, and it is no longer suitable for everyone to survive.”

“So I plan to follow with willingness My people, go to the newly born Great Desolate World and create a new world, and establish a new era!”

In this way, since it compensates for the destruction of Great Thousand Worlds.

It is also the best way to avoid conflicts with Human Demon.

After all, Human Demon is the once eternal god and the ruler of God World. If it weren’t for Human Demon, Ye Fei would not enter the eternal God Palace, let alone have the opportunity to peep into God King Realm and Great Desolate World.

So instead of staying here and conflicting with Human Demon’s rule for God World, Ye Fei might as well start a new stove and create a new world directly.

It is also the most suitable world for the growth of grass.

“Of course, I will not force everyone to go with me, so I will give you one year of preparation time. After one year, all those who are willing to follow me can come to the Primordial Realm to unite! The same is true. If anyone from God World is willing to follow me to create New World, I also welcome.”

Chapter 4063: Grand Finale

End Ye Fei and Zhao Yu walked into the Primordial Realm together with Xiaocao. Here is the last pure land of Great Thousand Worlds.

It is also protected by Wang Bai’s Gate of Eternal Life. When he was fighting just now, Wang Bai had no time to pay attention. At this time, looking at the broken Gate of Eternal Life, Wang Bai couldn’t help being in a daze, “It’s over. , Such a big gap, how can this be repaired?”

“Could it be that this is the catastrophe that a handsome guy must go through?”

Wang Bai asked the sky silently, Ling Zhao Yu, who came by, couldn’t help but feel the urge to beat Wang Bai.

Ye Fei is even more moved in his heart, Great Desolate World, is a strange world after all, although I opened a new world there, but I cannot cut off the connection with the eternal God World because of this.

“I don’t know if my prehistoric power can repair this gate of eternal life?”

Ye Fei walked over, suddenly endless predominant power poured into the eternal life Inside the door, together with Wang Bai, he repaired this special treasure that had been circulating for countless years.

And Xiaocao, naturally, together with Kunpeng and Dragon Tortoise, kept watching the black egg. The Flood Dragon, Xiaohei and the Void Snake, who hadn’t seen for a long time, also eagerly ran over.

Many years later, when I reunited with Great Thousand Worlds, especially Zhao’s deceased, Zhao Yu was also full of tears in his face.

Soon after, the entire Taichu realm was immersed in cheers.

At this time, there is no need to continue fighting. With an eternal Divine King like Ye Fei sitting in town, all the surviving Taoists, War God, realm masters and realm kings all quit Great with interest. Thousand Worlds.

Many world masters and world kings came to Human Demon trembling with fear. At this time, the identity of Human Demon has already been disclosed. Human Demon is the eternal god.

If Ye Fei wants to leave God World, Human Demon is the future Lord of Divine Realm, and as long as there is Ye Fei in one day, no one dares to object.

Thinking of this, Human Demon is also bitterly laughed, “Unexpectedly, the old man and the kid will eventually turn the enemy into a friend, but that’s all, from now on, God World, there are no more There are no other sects or families in the five palaces. God World has only one power, and that is the Human Sovereign Palace! The deity, as the Human Sovereign Palace, the first palace lord!”

Human Demon The sound resounded throughout the world.

All the world masters and world kings also knelt on the ground with interest, and said loudly: “We, meet the Devil Palace Master!”

I don’t know why, Human Demon originally wanted to build the Human Demon Palace, but he blurted out for a while and said it was the Human Sovereign Palace, which made Human Demon’s face a little stiff.

Wang Bai and the Devil King laughed, looked at each other, and suddenly walked towards Human Demon at the same time: “Human Demon, the God World will be handed over to you from now on.”

“Why, you are going with Ye Fei?”

Human Demon’s eyes are a bit complicated. He doesn’t know what he is feeling.

Wang Bai also felt awkward in his heart, but watching the celebrating Great Thousand Worlds, Wang Bai suddenly became relieved again, “Yes, Ye Fei is my brother, he If you want to create a new world, I naturally have to help, Human Demon, so be it, let’s say goodbye.”

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