Peerless Sword Soul Chapter 4065

After finishing speaking, Wang Bai also left. In Human Demon’s heart, he suddenly cursed with extreme discomfort: “Go away, go away, anyway, the deity has regained everything it used to be, let’s go, Back to God World!”

The mighty army gradually disappeared into the void.

The entire Great Thousand Worlds has gradually become peaceful.

The evil deeds of the three realm gods were also announced to the public and spread throughout countless worlds.

Of course it spreads, and Ye Fei’s eternal Divine King’s reputation.

Ye Fei, who is helpless as Divine King, except for going on a scenic tour with Zhao Yu every day, he accompanies Xiaocao to play around. It is worth mentioning.

Because of worrying about playing with Ye Fei, he may not be able to take care of Xiaocao. Under Zhao Yu’s proposal, Feng Huang Tiannu was actually asked to be the maid of the Divine King to take care of Xiaocao.

Roko and other Demon Race in time and space continued to protect the grass with tears in his eyes, and waited for the moment when the grass grew up.

Surprisingly, Luo T and Luo Cheng are biological brothers. At that time, 100,000 years later, the two brothers met again. Instead of crying, they had a fight with each other.

Luo Cheng yelled at Luo T’s rice bucket, even if he pitted outsiders, even his own people were pitted, while Luo T yelled at Luo Cheng waste.

Who is not good at slaughtering? You just went to slaughter the famous Ye Demon head. You didn’t smash it to death. You are already considered lucky.

The King of Dragon Shark, Void Snake Spirit, and Flood Dragon Xiao Hei are inexplicably best friends, and they are encouraged by the three bad ominous beasts.

As the ancestor of blackmouths most admired by thousands of ominous beasts, Dragon Tortoise is thrilled and finally starts to talk about his own blackmouths.

This time not only the ominous beasts of Great Thousand Worlds are excited, but also countless ominous beasts from other worlds come here to listen to their teachings.

That’s it.

One year will soon pass.

This year, Ye Fei accompanied Zhao Yu, traveled all over the world, and saw countless scenery. Finally, it was time to go to the Great Desolate World.

On this day, the entire Great Thousand Worlds was packed with people, including mortals, martial artists, Human Races, ominous beasts, and various creatures.

Everyone looked at Ye Fei expectantly.

Mo Qingwu, Lu Qing, Shangluo, Bai Yanran, Difan, Fu Renjie, Lin Heaven’s Chosen, Jing Wushou, Zhao Qianjun, Dongfang Yu, these former friends and brothers.

Xia Jun, Luo Xie, Pompeii, these former deceased.

There are also Demon Sovereign, Madman of Chu, Asura Divine Emperor, Martial Ancestor, these Masters worshipped by Ye Fei, Great Thousand Worlds, and even countless martial artists in the eternal world, all with anticipation.

Tianchi, even the laughed one stood beside Ye Fei and said, “Brother, don’t leave me alone. My ancestor said that investing in you was the most correct decision I made. My ancestors no longer force me to go back and inherit hundreds of millions of families, but want me to create an era with my own hands!”

“Big Boss, and us, anyway, the world of puppets has been destroyed, we have nothing You can go everywhere, simply follow you, and go to the predominantly for a while, the master, don’t leave us.”

The Thousand Puppet World Lord also said.

Ye Fei just couldn’t help but smile, “Don’t worry, I will not leave anyone, any of my friends, elders, relatives, including certain enemies, as long as you are willing to trust me and follow me Let’s start a new world together, and I’ll take you all with you.”

Looking at the cowering, some embarrassing Dongriye, and Xianren Pavilion, Ye Fei slightly smiled, this smile means that the past follows the wind.

This smile is serene.

At the same time, as Ye Fei waved his hand, suddenly the gate of immortality burst out with endless power, and Ye Fei danced Divine Beating Whip again.

Suddenly the entire Divine Beating Whip was transformed into a bridge across time and space, and at the end of that bridge, a mysterious world appeared.

“Heavenly land, we are here!”

With Ye Fei’s magnificent voice, everyone walked into the gate of eternal life, and the entire Great Thousand Worlds became quiet Come down.

From then on, God World has no trace of Ye Fei.

But there are countless great legends about Ye Fei, Great Thousand Worlds, and it has become a place of pilgrimage for God World. Every year, there are many God World geniuses who come to remember eternity. The style of Divine King.

Many years later.

In the eternal God Palace.

With a shocking tremor, Human Demon finally broke through the realm of God again! The current Human Demon has completely restored the prestige of the eternal god.

“Congratulations to the Lord, congratulations to the Lord!”

“The Lord through the ages, unify God World!”

Countless world kings, countless Dao masters, War God, countless worlds, ancient cities, are all chanting the prestige of the eternal god, but when chanting, a name will first appear in everyone’s hearts, that is, the eternal Divine King.

Human Demon, who succeeded in the breakthrough, had no joy on his face, but a faint loneliness. Human Demon didn’t know what was wrong with him.

He looked at the creeping world masters, but there was no mood swing in his heart.

But whenever I think of Wang Bai, Human Demon suddenly wants to hit someone. When thinking of the devil, Human Demon even wants to run away.

“My deity, what is going on, the broken donkey and narcissism are gone, the deity should be happy, why does the deity feel lonely?”

Human Demon’s eyes were confused, and he ignored everyone. He walked out of the eternal God Palace alone, and came to Great Thousand Worlds subconsciously.

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