Peerless Sword Soul Chapter 4066

At this time, Great Thousand Worlds was already broken, without anything that Human Demon was familiar with, but suddenly, Human Demon discovered something.

However, I don’t know when many statues were erected in the clearing of the Primordial Realm. The most brilliant and conspicuous of them is undoubtedly the eternal Divine King.

Secondly, it was not Wang Bai, but Wang Bai, Human Demon, standing side by side, with a coquettish little demon beside him.

Behind the magic donkey, Wang Bai also not at all took away the body of his gate of eternal life, but just stood there casually.

Suddenly, Human Demon was stunned, with a majestic and stern look, and hundreds of years later, he rarely showed a happy smile, “My deity, finally understand.

Damn narcissistic demon, you look like the deity, and the deity will never allow you. In Great Desolate World, the wise man who corrupts the deity!”

With this decision in his heart, Human Demon is more and more The urge to hit someone.

Not long after breakthrough Realm God, Human Demon announced outrageously that he had left God World and entered the Great Desolate World. As for the position of God Lord, naturally, he fell in the last discipline of Human Demon, Dong The emperor’s body.

This made the Eastern Emperor both surprised and delighted. Once the three unintentional three people did not hesitate to receive masters extinguishing ancestors what they didn’t get, he Eastern Emperor, but after several decades, he got them all.

The eternal God Palace, the seat of the world god, is beckoning to the Eastern Emperor.

However, Donghuang did not disappoint Human Demon’s expectations; after the breakthrough Realm God, Donghuang tried his best to manage God World in an orderly manner.

The entire God World is praising Donghuang for his wiseness.

When the Donghuang is upset, countless worlds are still sending the Legendary of the eternal Divine King.

This makes Donghuang work harder, wanting to replace the eternal Divine King in people’s mind.

And just then.

The gate of eternal life that has been silent for hundreds of years suddenly burst into radiance. Someone unexpectedly opened this gate and returned to the eternal God World from Great Desolate World! It was a beautiful woman with simple hair, wearing white clothed and heavy sword. The woman walked out of the gate of eternal life and soon came to the eternal God Palace.

“Stop, who, dare to break into the God Palace!”

The world king who is guarded, shouted loudly.

The woman is just slightly smiled, her smile is pure and sincere: “I am the Divine King disciple, Ye Xiaochan, I have something to see Donghuang Your Majesty!”

“What, Divine King?

For so many years, Divine King, is it finally coming back?

Son, then Ye Fei, shouldn’t you get stuck in Great Desolate World and want to grab you The Lord of God, right?”

For so many years, the Demon Palace Lord has already broken through the half-step world god, and it is inevitable to worry about the Donghuang. Ye Xiaochan, who heard this, also smiled slightly, “rest assured, my Master is here Great Desolate World has been very good. Ms. Zhao Yu took good care of the Master. Xiaocao Junior Sister has finally grown up.

I am here purely for personal purposes.”

“Personal purpose?”

The Donghuang was taken aback.

“Yes, I’ve been stuck in the king realm for a long time. The Master is busy pointing out the Shangluo aunt, and Lu Qing and other aunts break through. I’m not going to bother, but I heard that, Donghuang Your Majesty is Master’s biggest opponent in God World, so I want to ask Donghuang Your Majesty to give me some pointers.”

Ye Xiaochan said very sincerely.

The Donghuang smiled with satisfaction, “hmph hum, the eternal Divine King, do you still know that Donghuang is his biggest opponent?

that’s all, look at the old man On the face of the emperor, I’ll point you to one or two, and you’ll make a move.” Boom ka! Before the words were finished, the world changed color, and the endless power of the prehistoric evolved an amazing Yin-Yang Symbol case, trembling God World, also The smile on Donghuang’s face instantly stiffened.

It is said that in this battle, the eternal God Palace has been cracked, and the Eastern Emperor Your Majesty has been in retreat for three months without seeing outsiders.

Until after March, Donghuang once again left customs.

This time, the gate of eternal life was opened again, and from inside, a woman in a cute animal clothing walked out again, came to the eternal God Palace again, and found the East Emperor, “Excuse me, you are the East The emperor Your Majesty?”

“Are you also the Ye Fei disciple?”

Donghuang’s face changed a little.

“Yes, I am the Divine King second disciple, my name is Ye Xiaojuan, and Xiaochan Senior Sister introduced me. She said that she had a great battle with you and gained a lot. I will break through when I go back. Breakthrough Realm God, I also fell into bottleneck, I beg Your Majesty to give me some advice.

But I’m rather stupid, I can’t learn the Master’s Tai Chi Tao, I only learn the Martial Scripture of the Sect Founder. Your Majesty, give me a little bit.”

Ye Xiaojuan said with shame.

“hahaha, it turns out that you don’t know the way of Tai Chi, that’s just right, my Donghuang, this time I will give you a serious advice!”

bang! I think of three months ago After a fiasco, the Eastern Emperor broke out completely, and the entire eternal God Palace soon broke out a terrifying battle.

Not long after, Ye Xiaojuan was also excited, and quickly left with the mountain range of swords hundreds of numbers larger than him. “Senior Sister said it is really true, as long as he fights this Donghuang, Sure enough, I will be able to break through! This time I am not afraid of Master calling me stupid.”

“The Emperor” Demon Palace Lord, also worried moved towards a pit with several hundred meters and shouted, After a long while, Donghuang smiled, walked out, and waved his hand majesticly: “Father, I’m fine, I just need to retreat. I will come out again in half a year.”

It was half a year.

But after waiting for a full year, the Eastern Emperor was leaving the customs. At this time, the gate of eternal life opened again. A group of people came out and came directly to the eternal God Palace. This time, Demon The Palace Lord took precautions and hurriedly stopped, “Stop, are you also Ye Fei’s discipline?

Who is the last name?”

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