Peerless Sword Soul Chapter 4067

“Call me uncle!”

“Call me second uncle!”

The stone puppet and the big bluestone look serious.

Xia Jun and Luo Xuan, who came together, hurriedly covered the mouths of these two stones and said: “Misunderstanding, we are the brother of the eternal Divine King. We heard the niece Xiaochan and Xiaojuan say back The Divine Art of the East Emperor, as long as we fight with the East Emperor, we can break through our bottleneck. No, we will form a group. We are one group, and there are two groups and three groups behind.”

“What, form a group?”

The Demon Palace Lord was silly on the spot, “But, I only have one.”

“It’s okay, we can line up.”

Xia Jun hurriedly smiled and said sincerely, and let the Donghuang who heard this through divine sense suck in a breath of cold air, “You guys are not enough to beat the deity in three days, and you still have Want to line up to form a group to beat me?

What do you think of the emperor?”

No, this god can’t be the lord! The emperor, who had learned from the pain, almost immediately issued an edict, saying that since he experienced continuous battles, the deity had a deep understanding, so he decided to go to Great Desolate World to continue his studies.

As for the position of the god, whoever loves to be whoever is.

After writing the edict, leaving the inheritance of the Eastern Emperor, without saying anything, turned his head and ran, leaving only the Demon Palace Lord, messy in the wind.

Also left, about the eternal Divine King, the eternal legend.

End of the book

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