Peerless War Sovereign Chapter 427

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“Do you know who you are talking about?”

looks like Luo Tian, ​​three Middle-Aged Man Complexion Is Gloomy, cold staring at Luo Tian asking!



Luo Tian has no time to talk nonsense, he only wants to get SECRET SECT, then quickly go home to take care of pregnant wife!

grab the meeting table with a single hand and hurt it.

“What is your mother thought you are?”

The desktop is overturned, and directly in the three people.

Luo Tian on the front step, single foot step on the desktop, bent, and said disdain again: “Go back to tell that priest, let him bring money, I only give him twenty minutes, Time, Take Responsibility for the Consequences! “

“get lost!”

Qihai is directly to the move of Luo Tian!

This stagger is not given a little, saying that it is easy to do it, this is just that two people know it!

is not just Luo Tian!

Three Middle-Aged Man, which is smashed, is also a fear!

They thought that they had the status of Secret SECT, they can shock each other, but the young people in front of Didn’t Expect!

dare to let the pastor come over!

he … he is who?

Don’t be trouble to this Step, and three of them will also secretly record this hatred in the Heart!

The difficult climbing, Fiercely glanced at Luo Tian: “You dare to work with Secret Sect, you are dead!”


Luo Tian is originally aware of these three people who are not qualified to talk to themselves, but Didn’t Expect they dare to threaten themselves, suddenly Sneered: “Stand!”

“This Young Master now changes the idea!”

said, Luo Tian refers to a man in the middle, continue: “You leave, let them roll back to report!”

“twenty minutes, one minute, I chop him a finger!”

“Finger is not enough, toe together!”

The left Middle-Aged Man listened to the words of Luo Tian, ​​shock: “You Dare!”

“Do you want to see me?” Luo Tian turned to him, grab a chair, immediately went down!

middle-agd man is obedient!

directly on the ground directly: “Little Brother is forgiving!”

said, he waved the brothers who stupidly stupidly stupid them again: “What is it?”

“hurry back to the odor!”


The remaining Middle Age Person is waking up like a dream, panicked to turn away!

“a Wise Man Submits to circumstances, it seems that you are not very stupid!”

“Get him!”

Luo Tian casual Moved Towards Qishhai waved!

After 3 minutes, Qishui went back and re-returned, after finding Luo Tian, ​​I asked in a pleasant: “Luo Tian, ​​you seem to have changed a person today, it is true!”

Luo Tian’s shoulder!

“You Sister-in-Law is pregnant, just give me a call, you said that I am a husband but can’t stay with her.”

“Can you not?”

Five years ago, Luo Tian was imprisoned, and Shen Yiyi was gave birth from pregnant to gave birth to Yaoyao, which made Luo Tian’s heart is full of embarrassment!

Today’s identity and status have changed its change!

How is it?

Do you still have to stay with your wife?

So, it is no wonder that Luo TIAN’s character will change.

He has also secretly swearing, this time, his Must will be embarrassing, double, no, one hundred times.

Secret SECT This stumbling block, what is the secret behind him.

No matter what messy, what is the dog, doct, doctors, don’t worry, die!


海 一 Learn Luo Tian this Remark, a face suddenly opened Venus, and I came to Luo Tian to thumbs up: “Brothers, you can, the treasure knife is not old, then get one more ! “


Luo Tian blinks to the sea, “I am very old? Pay attention to your words, Laozi is called the body!”

The voice falls, Luo Tian’s words turn, don’t read it deeply, I said: “Take glance, I am two Child’s Father, what about you?”

“How is the development of Li Xiaohua?”

Li Xiaohua is the female secretary of Jihai in Hong Kong Group.

The first to take care of Qishhai is not slightly, and luo Tian feels very common!

pu …

海 海 点 点 点 出 老!

The old face is also one red: “I rely, what do you say …”

“Don’t transfer the topic!” Luo Tian did not give the chance of transferring the topic of Qishui, and again asked: “You Brat is not an expel of people?”

“I dare to!”

Yan Hai is so yellow, is preparing to say anything, what is suddenly thought of in my mind!

“Yes, you tell me the truth, is the Hong Kong Group is yours?”

Into the Hong Kong Group to now, I have never seen any chairman in Qishui.

Before he is still wonder, this is a chairman?

If you put such a big group, don’t ask, all things are handed over to themselves. Is it so relieved?

, yesterday, LUO Tian was really identified, Yan Hai faintly felt that the Hong Kong Group, not good is him!

“is mine!”

“How? You gave me a work?” Luo Tian also knew that this thing couldn’t hit, let alone, there is no need to conceal!

lying in the trough!


Qihai retired one step: “I have been in half a day, the Hong Kong Group is really yours?”


“If you marry Li Xiaohua, give it to you, when you make a little bit of your brother!”

Luo Tian is this intended.

If the sea is finally in Zhejiang Sea, then the Hong Kong Group will give him directly, as a blessing to his marriage!

海 苦笑!

is warm, but I don’t know what to say!

is not because Luo Tian gives himself to Hong Kong Group, but the sea feels that he has unconditionally helped his brother when he is in the most difficult time!

“then you are ready to transfer, I will marry the small flower this year!” Qishhai knew that he was saying that some polite with Luo Tian!

, I’m simply dedication of the personal intention of the LUO Tian!


Luo Tian is not in the BRO Group, just think that Qihai is so fast, there is a little unexpected!

“you brat can, speed is not slow!”

“You are both Child, I am a brother, I can’t get behind!” Qishi Chuckled and Said!


Luo Tian simply Nodded: “When the time comes I must participate in your wedding!”

“nonsense, you can’t come, I will go to your door to run the wedding!” Yu Hai, listened to Luo Tian, ​​said something must participate in the wedding this kind of fart, and immediately said!

“Haha Haha!”

Two brothers loudly smile!

Some people laugh, some people are angry!

For example, the current SECRET SECT headquarters, the air is full of anger!

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