Peerless War Sovereign Chapter 428

“Do you know how to report, what is your heart?”

Zhu Yueong is now the most angry in the field!

He just killed Dong Jin, Luo Tian gave him a sustain salary, this Liang Zi has not been unlocked, and now Luo Tian has come to the northwest, such a good opportunity, and there is no news!

If he can take the initiative to tell the truth, maybe Zhu Yueong will help the pronunciation, and the Luo Tian is also not allowed!

Good opportunity, this is lost, how is this Yue Yue?

Li Changhe heard, face gloomy and uncertain!

“Senior, the Commander Dragon of Didn’t Expect Kunlun Temple dared to step in the northwest city, and he didn’t want That Many!”

Zhu Yue Song is really service!

Proud on the eyes …

turned to LOOKED TOWARDS Zheng Tiannan: “Pastor, I think, now I secondary I will endure this intone, I will lose money, put it in Luo Tian, ​​since it comes to the northwest, even he has a life, I am afraid I am not missing! “


Incendat the waves!

All people in the field feel that the approach of Zhu Yue Pine is not feasible!


“Senior, you think that your method is not feasible, since Luo Tian is in the northwest, we can control him here, even kill him, why do you need to lose money?”

“Pastor, I don’t agree with the words of Senior, things are Luo Tian to provoke, this is clearly provocative, why do you have to lose money?”

“SECRET SECT has not been so angry for so many years, and it is better to say that it is better to directly surround the Golden Flower Group, and LUO Tian!”


Noisy sounds come from prior, no one does not oppose the approach of Zhu Yue Song!

Zheng Tiannan listens to everyone’s attitude, and looks at Zhu Yueong: “What?”

Zhu Yue Song is sitting in the same place, is cold, with a rich disappointment: “It’s just about your own words!”

“Reason!” Zheng Tiannan knew that all the idea of ​​the Yueongong, he must have the reason why he insisted on this!

Zhu Yueong glances!

The heart is already Ten Thousand Horses Galloping, and Secretly Thought should not be 浑 水 水 水.

A group of squids without brains, gathered together, add to kill, killing, singing, can make any climate!

However, since he is sitting here, he will not choose, can only say his own reasons!

get up slowly, bypassing the long table standing in front of the pastor, first in the body!

Turn again to everyone!

“I said paying money, because Li Changhe, this singer, burning is not Golden Flower Group, but the Golden Flower Group exhibition, etc.!”

“in bed …”

I said that Zhu Yuecheng stopped, and his eyes were sharp at all: “You dare to say that privately didn’t try your hand?”

“In all people, some people participated in the Lottery event of the Golden Flower Group, and even your children ran over to participate in the electricity of people. For what?”

“In order to be the prizter of Trifling!”

The voice is falling, and Zhu Yueong will increase again, “But !!”

“Do you forget how much?”

“their thoughts, is it the same as your private behavior?”

“Now I burn prizes, Equivalent TO burns their fantasies, as long as the Golden Flower Group is slightly promoted, who is the people who hate people? Is us !!”


Zhu Yueong looked at the head of nearly half, and he knew that this is a ghost!

can’t help but be cold!

“Do not lose money?”

“Who wants you, you? Are you?” “

said, Zhu Yue Song turned, in the face of Zheng Tiannan, once again reiterated his idea: “It is considered to be, money, this will be lost!”

唉 …

Zheng Tiannan heard here, and also feel that Zhu Yueong said it is very reasonable!

However, this will lose money, it will inevitably be a little disgusting, this is that Ming knows that it is a way, and the result can only bear it!

However …

When Zheng Tiannan is preparing to agree with the idea of ​​Zhu Yueong, Chai Spring is coming out!

He first glanced at the Yue Yue, “Senior, Junior just felt that you can do this, you can talk about your way!”

Chaiquan feels that he is a person who fights Luo Tian in the name!

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