Peerless War Sovereign Chapter 428

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Chai Quan sees pastor to say so interest!

The corner of the mouth could not help but pick up a smile, and said slightly.

“Because the XU Family Rong of the Internet Group, I went to the Golden Flower Group with his employees. When I was planning to bring this traitor Xu Family, I was stopped by Senior!”


Everyone Hearing this, repeiring, no one in Didn’t Expect has such a thing!

目 光 岳, 意 问 问 问,

Does the betrayal should not be punished?

Chaiquan did not say that Zhu Yue Song did not, continue to say: “However, there is more than a reminder of Senior, it will be a time in time!”

“Because the subordinates are reported under the subsequent report, the Golden Flower Group participates in the Lottery event, and there are more than ten thousand people, and there are a lot of people who are rushing!”


more than ten thousand people!

Everyone is not calm, the heart is in the heart, how big is this?

When Zheng Tiannan heard this number of people, the heart is also dark!

More than ten thousand people, it is no wonder that the recent turnover of SECRET SECT has fallen, and this is the reason for the Golden Flower Group!

“Why did the Chai people say this?” Zheng Tiannan recovered his thoughts and asked!

“It is believed that since the Golden Flower Group can do such a centrifuge, why do we secret SECT?”

Chai Spring said seriously, then turned to face everyone: “If it is our Secret SECT’s Lottery event, all people in the seat, no need to secretly touch, you can take a great part, even with your family, join together ! “

“Even if the award is, it is the welfare of our own people!”

This time, people present in the field have nodded, immediately follow the attachment!

“Yeah, secret sect If we can participate, we can participate, When Time comes, whether it is the people winning, or we will win, it is a good thing!”

“, I agree with the tool of Chai people, so we can pull the passenger traffic!”

“So, Li Changjiang burns very good, now the Golden Flower Group wants to engage in activities, it will definitely build, time-firing!”

Zhu Yue Song looked at everyone’s cheap and cheap appearance, and the heart shook his head!

Looking at Zhu Yuecong: “Yes, they can do, why can’t we do?”

The voice falls, Zheng Tiannan is slightly tight, long SIGHED!

He knows that there are many ideas in Zhu Yueong, and there are many ways!

It is too weak today.

“Yue Song brothers … There is a saying that I shouldn’t say, but you have to say it!”

“Why do you have to rise to others, destroy your own wind?”

Zhu Yue Song is fierce!

secretly thought is broken!

Priest This is a call to yourself!

It seems that he has insisted that the idea of ​​Chai Spring, he didn’t make sense to say anything!

Heave a long sigh!

One-hand chess under the heart of Luo Tian!

Today, the entire Secret SECT has been taken by his nose, it has been caught in the passive situation, plus Zheng Tiannan and Chai Springs, I am afraid I want to turn over the Impossible!

“The next heart is SECRET SECT, if it is wrong, please ask the pastor to commit crimes!” Zhu Yue Song came from reality!

Zheng Tiannan naturally will not commit a mistake on the spot!

No matter what to say, he once helped himself, waving: “That’s all, what’s all, I know that you also have a SECRET SECT to solve problems, but people … have to serve the old, sometimes, the old fashion idea It is some change! “

“Take Kunlun Temple!”

“He is strong, but my Secret SECT is not weak, why don’t you let go?”

Zhu Yue Song listened, in addition to disappointment, the rest is only bitter!

Lienian Nodded promised to find a word, find a conferability, left the conference hall!

He is not sure that he will continue to be alive by this helper!

He didn’t really let go of the SECRET SECT!

but return to his office, take out the phone, and dialed Luo Tian!

The phone is quickly connected!

or said that Luo Tian has long been going to have this phone, so the mobile phone simply has not left!

“Luo Tian, ​​have to say, your guts make me very admire, I do Didn’t Expect, you really dare to come to the northwest!” Zhu Yue Song straight to the point said!

Luo Tian on the other side of the phone, Indifferently Smile!

The body is slightly, comfortable half lying on the sofa, said leisurely: “I said, I will kill you, men, talk about it!”

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