Peerless War Sovereign Chapter 429

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“I am waiting for you, as long as you can’t kill me, I will kill you!”

The threat of Luo Tian is completely invalid for Zhu Yue Song.

He is very self-confident that luo Tian’s heart is in mind, so he is not afraid!


Luo Tian heard the words of the Yue Yue, could not be asked in curiosity: “If I have not guess, SECRET SECT now everyone gathers in Conference Hall, discuss how to fight me?”

“However … your way, did not work, even let people have a call.”

Luo Tian explains, let Zhu Yue Song’s heart!

is right, he guess all!

You can definitely can’t show the state of being seen, and Zhu Yue Pong Coldly Smiled: “Luo Tian, ​​I really don’t know who gives you confidence, but I like you confident, it is too boring!”

“Oh … is right, I think you are still a hidden place in northwest, because no matter what kind of people do, you don’t want to leave!”

“Is it?”

Luo Tian refrigerated, then reminded: “What is the color of the sky, under this sky, if there is a prey that is staring at me, can he live!” /P>


Zhu Yue Song’s hand is in the hands of the phone, what does SECRETLY THOUGHT mean?

Outside the window uncontrolled window!

hong long long …

Three fighters are all over the sky …

I don’t know if it is interested, or coincidentally, when the three fighters flew, the head spurting WHITE smoke …

This is …

This is a threat, but also warning!

Luo Tian has used his hardest power.

If you have tens of thousands of SECRET SECT, Impossible is the opponent’s opponent!

and this time, Luo Tian said on the other side of the phone: “I think, no one can block, I want to go, stop.”

“Oh, I also remind you!”

“Don’t think about the Holiday of the Past Few Days, you can make people secretly lurked away in tourists!”

“This, I want you, now I have to wash your body, wait for me to have your dog’s life, this time when you die, your body is still clean!”


Luo Tian finishes the phone directly after you want to say it!

Although all the ideas of Zhu Yueong are guessed by Luo Tian, ​​he still thinks that this Zhu Yue Song Not Simple!

If the priest of Secret SECT is not someone, but he, Luo Tian may have a powerful fees!

Unfortunately …

Zhu Yue Song is just a relatively smart, but it is elogenous, but it is eloever SECRET SECT!

can eventually decide the direction of the overall situation.

on the other side!

After the Yue Yuecong put down the phone, the whole person is like a leather ball, and the look is completely free!

How do he didn’t Expect Luo Tian’s mind is so savvy!

Even the plans have been seen by him!

Zhu Yue Pine will not be convinced by the LUO TIAN short threat.

He took out the phone to give the airport booking office, and inquired a book!

The result of the ticket office told him that the flight ticket for the last three days is stopped because the airport needs to be maintained!



All in Yue Yuexin is all arrangements for Luo Tian!

Otherwise, this day, which is such a coincidence?

It is obviously the tourist season, is there an airline not to know in advance?

Waiting for this time?

The phone is detached from the hands, and Zhu Yue Yue knows that Luo Tian has to collect the net, this time, Secret SECT may really be finished!

“A group of stupid people, why should I be with you?” Zhu Yueong low!

Not hesitating, quickly clean up things in the office!

and call your most trusted driver to let him wait for yourself downstairs.

he wants to run!

away from Secret SECT, stay away from the northwest.

I am afraid that the future life is buried, and he will not step into the northwest half.

and at the same time!

Secret SECT headquarters building, walking into a beautiful woman with a big man!

Women are not someone else, I know all the truth of Zheng Keer!

She is not in sexy costume today, but a Black’s casual dress.

Face haze.

Press the elevator key, all the way is unimpeded to come to the big conference hall!


Zheng Keer has no polite appearance, one foot and open the door: “Zheng Tiannan!”

open a good HAH!

The entire Conference Hall is all, and it is hope.

When they see the coming person is Zheng Keer, immediately issued a voice of a sound: “Zheng Keer, good courage, who gives you the courage!”

“roll out!”

All people are not to Zheng Keer!

, especially Chaiquan, after seeing Zheng Keer, the first idea in the heart is that this woman is taking power with himself!

When you rush forward, stop in front of Zheng Keer.

“Zheng Yun, pay attention to your identity, you are a skeptical person of Secret SECT, if you insist on doing this, I have the right to work on the ground!”


Zheng Keer’s brow is a pick, and the cold stares at Chaiquan.

“fuck off!”


Chai Quan laughs, smiles with his head, and says: “It seems that you want Courting Death!”

said, Chai Spring palm slowly touched the back.

However, it is Zheng Tiannan to stop the movements of Chai Spring: “Stop!”

The pastor has a script, and Chai Spring will be a heart to kill Zheng Keer, and it will not come hard.

sneered, slowly put down your palm: “Zheng Keer, you will walk! Pastor still doesn’t want to kill you!”


Zheng Keer is ignorant of Chai Spring, bypass his diameter Moved Towards Zheng Tiannan to go!

Just now Zheng Keer, Looked Towards Zheng Tiannan’s eyes, full of resentment, complex, and strong killing intent!

“Come, what’s wrong with you?” Zheng Tiannan is in the heart, Subconsciously asked a sentence!


Zheng Keer now seeing the face of Zheng Tiannan’s vacation and felt disgusting!

falls, takes out the well-washed photo, directly on Zheng Tiannan’s face, alarmed: “Nineteen years ago, my parents were killed by you!”

“and you are fake, and the deceived people send me to Orphanage. After two years, I will change my name, you are a human beast!”

Zheng Tiannan looks at the photos in his hand, and the eyes are slightly smashed!

Even the hidden smile on the face is also disappearing quickly!

is replaced by everyone who has never seen anything and the color of Very Ruthless.

“Where did you get it from?”


In an instant, Zheng Tiannan’s body rapidly got up, and standing in front of Zheng Keer.

Staring at Zheng Keer’s eyes, but also has a colorful color!

Zheng Keer faces Zheng Tiannan such a change, rising a unprecedented fear.

this …

a horrible eye!

After her footsteps.

Jade Hand Fiercely, the heart suddenly thought of the parents who were burned in the fire!

Has with parents in the heart, fear becomes anger!

“How? Before I poked the true face, you think you can kill ME?” Zheng Keer Brace Oneseelf shouted!


Zheng Tiannan did not answer, but a slap in Zheng Keer’s face!


Zheng Keer can’t prevent it, and the body falls back.

and then see Zheng Tiannan step forward, step on the chest of Zheng Keer: “I ask you, these photos, who give you!”

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