Peerless War Sovereign Chapter 506


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bang bang bang!

The sky is roaring with thunder, one after another lightning illuminates Lin City!

The commercial vehicle brought by Zhu Yuesong fled around, and the accelerator under his feet wanted to step on the gas tank, and only hated that his speed was too slow!

“Boss, we are surrounded, what should we do?”

“Boss, the road on my side was blocked, and three trucks blocked the way, ask for instructions!”

“Boss, boss… You fucking answer…”

A cry for help and instructions came into Zhu Yuesong’s ears!

Zhu Yuesong was confused at this moment. From his birth till now, he felt that Death Aura was so close to him for the first time!

White cheeks, breathing became rough…

He also wants to give instructions, and he wants his men to leave Lin City safely!


In the current situation, even he can’t calm down, how can he make the right order?

Cars and off-road vehicles can be seen everywhere!

At the end of the road, all were intercepted by extended trucks!

Based on this alone, it is not difficult to see that Luo Tian’s plot against is a bit ahead of him. Maybe he simply did not leave Lin City, the video he received before is fake!

“You can’t gather… and flee, you have your own governance. If you can, don’t hesitate to flee as soon as possible!” Zhu Yuesong numbly picked up the phone and made a frustrated voice!

He is very clear about the fate of all members of Secret Sect against the members of Kunlun Temple.

Put down the phone!

Looking at the chaotic scene ahead, Zhu Yuesong frowned fiercely!


Zhu Yuesong said to the driver!

But the driver hesitated!

He turned and looked at Zhu Yuesong with contemptuous eyes: “Boss, we are gone, what about these brothers?”

Secret Sect has been ruined. Now the brothers believe in Zhu Yuesong’s abilities, so they are willing to follow him, but now encountering danger, Zhu Yuesong, the boss, wants to escape first!

Such a move is tantamount to breaking the hearts of the brothers!

The driver’s voice fell, and along with the other brothers in the car, they all turned their eyes to Zhu Yuesong at this moment!

Obviously, they now feel that Zhu Yuesong is not reliable!

“What are you looking at me doing?”

“The other party is a member of Kunlun Temple, are you going to die?” Zhu Yuesong frowns howled!

However, when he spoke, he touched his waist with one hand!

“Boss, I think the people at Kunlun Temple are also humans. They are also a shoulder with a head. We have nearly 3,000 people here this time, can’t we fight?”

A young man sitting in the second row, frowns said!

“Fuck it!” Zhu Yuesong felt that this young man was an evil pen!

He took out a pistol and shot the young man’s eyebrows without warning!


The youth was killed on the spot!

At this moment, everyone in the car was stunned!

“Boss, you…you actually killed him…” The driver browses tightly knit, and quickly touches the storage compartment of the car door with one hand!


Zhu Yuesong is now unwilling to fight, and his nerves are even more tense. Any action will make him think that this group of people will rebel!

So, the driver was shot and killed by him!

“Military orders are falling down like a mountain, you fucking want to stay here to die, then stay!” Zhu Yuesong’s inner creed is, keep the green hills and be afraid of not having firewood!

So, he must leave Lin City now, at any cost!

Even if everyone died, he must leave!

The muzzle was turned around, facing the other people in the car!

“You, now express your stance, if you want to stay, get out of the car, if you want to survive, hand over the gun, and I will take you away!”

The voice fell, and the rest of the people looked complicated!

Their hearts, in this brief moment, do not believe in Zhu Yuesong, but facing the gun, they endured it!

Very slowly, he took out his pistol and placed it in front of Zhu Yuesong…

Kang Dang!

Zhu Yuesong was not polite, put away his pistol, and kicked the driver out of the vehicle with one kick. He jumped in the cab, stepped on the accelerator, turned around, and accelerated away!

“Not good… the boss has escaped!”

All the people who were brought here, who didn’t know which car Zhu Yuesong was in?

They saw that Zhu Yuesong had escaped before the battle, and there was no fighting intent in their hearts, and they ran wildly and fled away!

“Fuck it!” Zhu Yuesong cursed while seeing the car chasing up behind him through the rearview mirror!

Press down the car window, extend the hand gun, and shoot indiscriminately!


Kang Dang!

In order to avoid bullets, the vehicles behind them swung around.

The heavy rain was still falling, the road was slippery, the body was out of control, the two cars collided, and the cars behind them ran into one after another because they could not brake in time!

For a while, the scene was so chaotic that even the movie couldn’t make it!

And now!

Luo Tian has already left the Shen Group, he is sitting in a black Benz coupe!

The voice of reporting from the walkie-talkie kept coming!

“Commander Dragon, has controlled fifteen commercial vehicles! It is chasing other vehicle personnel!”

“Commander Dragon, their leader has a dispute with his subordinates, it seems to be fighting!”

Luo Tian expressionless, stepped on the accelerator!

Picking up the walkie-talkie, said: “Quickly arrest, send the location of the escaped vehicle!”


The walkie-talkie sent a response, and then Luo Tian’s mobile phone sent a location!


Luo Tian directly stuck the mobile phone in the bracket!

Gear up!

Step on the accelerator!


The wheel of the Mercedes-Benz coupe spins wildly, the body drifts, and it rushes out!

In the heavy rain, the coupe ran on the wide road, leaving only the shadow of the light!

Despite this, Luo Tian’s speed is still getting faster and faster, and the distance between the two is getting closer and closer with the positioning on his mobile phone!

And the other side!

Zhu Yuesong has run away madly!

He looked at the big truck in front of him, his eyes flushed, and his mouth kept cursing: “Want to stop me like this?”

“Don’t think about it!”

Zhu Yuesong speeds up!

But when some people in the car saw this, the corners of their mouths kept pulling out: “Boss, don’t…We will all die like this!”


What’s the joke, Zhu Yuesong’s current behavior is to collide with a big truck. Isn’t this special code striking a stone with an egg?

bang bang bang!

The truck blocking the road also saw that the other party wanted to perish together, and kept pressing the whistle!

hong long long, at the same time, the truck starts!

Since you are coming, let’s try it!

Kunlun Temple did not persuade them, sometimes they were even crazier than desperadoes!

One car started, and even the second car started moving!

Then, the third and fourth…

A full ten trucks, side by side, blocked the entire lane, preparing for a business vehicle with a hard front.

“Boss, don’t… U-turn…”

“Boss, there may be a glimmer of survival when you turn around. If you hit it like this, we will all be finished!”

“Fuck, are you the boss?”

From persuading the members of the car to finally turning back, a young man snorted, jumped up and grabbed the steering wheel with both hands, and twisted…

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