Peerless War Sovereign Chapter 507


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The body that was out of control slipped!

The tires rubbed against the ground and splashed countless water splashes, because the speed was too fast, the tires could not withstand the inertia of the car body, cracked and burst!

The wheel collided with the oil circuit, sending out scary sparks!

Kang Dang!

The body crashed into one of the trucks!

Half of the body is sunken and the windshield is shattered!

Everyone in the car, inertially knocked down one side, screaming one after another!

However, Zhu Yuesong, who was full of thoughts of fleeing, gritted his teeth and made a stunned sound. He grabbed all the pistols and wanted to open the driving door and jump out to escape!


Just at this time!

A dazzling car light illuminates his position!

This is a black Mercedes-Benz coupe. Even though he saw Zhu Yuesong’s vehicle, his speed still did not slow down at all!


Zhu Yuesong watched the coupe get closer and closer to him!

If you bump into it, even if you are immortal, I am afraid that a comminuted fracture will be indispensable!


furiously shouted, Zhu Yuesong frantically picked up his pistol and shot at the galloping Mercedes-Benz coupe!

Bang, bang, bang!

The Mercedes-Benz Coupe is not afraid of bullets, and the speed does not decrease, changing lanes back and forth!

Who is driving?

Naturally, Luo Tian is full of anger!

Kang Dang!

He drove the car and slammed into the waist of a commercial car!

The harsh sound made the black-clothed youth on the truck look silly!

“Commander Dragon!”


They jumped out of the car one after another, ready to check the status of Commander Dragon!

“Keep out of everything!”

However, Luo Tian was in the car without the slightest harm, put in reverse gear, stepped on the accelerator deeply, and the car backed quickly!

He roared at the black clothed person rushing outside!


The black clothed person heard Luo Tian’s voice, obviously startled!

However, when they saw Luo Tian rushing over again in the car, they flashed aside!



The body collided again!

On the other hand, Zhu Yuesong, the whole person curled up in the cab, his head broke through a bloody mouth of almost ten centimeters due to the impact of inertia, and the blood was flowing on his cheeks, and he could not see his face clearly!

“Commander Dragon?”

“You the fuck want to catch me?”

“Do you want me to die?” Zhu Yuesong heard the call of a black clothed person outside the car!

He is not afraid of pain, and the corner of his mouth provoked an evil smile, wiped the blood on his face with one hand, and the muzzle was directly at Luo Tian!

“you think you can kill me, you are not qualified!”


The sound of gunshots and the sound of Luo Tian driving the car hitting again came out together!

Luo Tian drove a Benz coupe, the windshield broke a bullet hole!

“Commander Dragon!”

“Commander Dragon!”

“Control these people!”

After seeing this, the black clothed person rushed up crazy, they were divided into two groups, and one group quickly checked the situation of Luo Tian!

Another group of people is to control the commercial vehicle!

“Keep alive, don’t let him die!” Luo Tian was shot, and the bullet penetrated his shoulder, but fortunately it didn’t hurt the bones!

He was worried that his subordinates would directly kill the opponent, gritted his teeth and got up and ordered!

“Commander Dragon, this person is too dangerous…” The black-clothed youth worried that there were other lethal weapons on that crazy guy, and said anxiously!

However, Luo Tian was furiously shouted: “Keep alive, this is an order!”

Luo Tian also wants to kill this person!

But he knows that someone needs to kill this person by himself, so he bears it!


The black-clothed youth has never seen Commander Dragon in such a situation, so scared to agree!


Kang Dang!

The big truck squeezed directly at the front and rear of the commercial vehicle, and more than 30 people quickly surrounded it!

“Raise your hands, don’t move!”


Knowing that he could not run, Zhu Yuesong simply threw the gun out of his hand!

It’s not that he is greedy for life and fear of death!

But when he really faced death, he hoped that he could personally see what this Commander Dragon looked like!

Zhu Yuesong who lost his gun was quickly controlled!

And Luo Tian had the same thoughts as Zhu Yuesong, he also wanted to see what this crazy person looked like!

The two stood face to face!

One is firmly restrained!

One is staring at each other with a bird’s eye view!

“Luo Tian, ​​I underestimated you, didn’t expect you to be more treacherous than me!” Zhu Yuesong cracked his bloody mouth, raised his brows and stared at Luo Tian!

In fact, when he confirmed Luo Tian’s identity, his heart was very shocked!

This is the first time two people have met. He thought that the Commander Dragon of Kunlun Temple should be a man with a burly figure, a fierce complexion and short hair!

But this is not the case!

Luo Tian has very good skin and well-proportioned figure. The only thing he admires is the cold eyes, which is a pair of eyes that can be frightening!

“Let him go!”

Facing Zhu Yuesong’s words, Luo Tian said three words expressionlessly!


Zhu Yuesong was pushed in front of Luo Tian, ​​and the black-clothed youth exerted force on one foot, causing him to kneel in front of Luo Tian upright.

“Didn’t you think you can kill me? I give you this opportunity, singled out, you kill me and you can leave!”


Luo Tian’s voice fell, and he drew a forty centimeter long sharp knife from the car and threw it in front of Zhu Yuesong!


Looking at the sharp knife in front of him, Zhu Yuesong couldn’t help but let out a sneer: “The courage of a man!”

“You still have three seconds to consider. Either pick up the knife and fight with me, or I will send you to die!” Luo Tian doesn’t care about Zhu Yuesong’s aggressive skills at this moment!

In other words, Zhu Yuesong is already a dead person in his eyes at this moment.

He doesn’t need any nonsense when he treats the dead!

oh la la!

Zhu Yuesong picked up a sharp knife!

He wiped the tip of his nose and licked the blood on the corner of his mouth: “Want to humiliate me?”

“You dream!”

When the voice fell, Zhu Yuesong’s knife sharply pointed towards his lower abdomen, and he was about to commit suicide immediately!

“Want to die so cheaply?” Luo Tian said coldly, obviously even if the other party would have done this long ago!


No one can see when Luo Tian’s hand has an extra pistol!

The bullet hit the blade impartially!

Zhu Yuesong’s arm shook, the blade fell off, and his face became hideous!

“The opportunity has been given to you!” Luo Tian said lightly!

Turned around, drew out the hammer that was prepared to smash the wall in the car, and said to the black-clothed youth, stand him up!

“Give me his right hand!”


When the black-clothed youth grabbed Zhu Yuesong’s right hand and stretched out, Luo Tian grabbed the hammer with both hands, rounded and smashed it!


Zhu Yuesong’s right hand arm was directly broken, and the bones pierced through the flesh and revealed!


One shot fell, Luo Tian picked up the hammer again, facing Zhu Yuesong’s left leg!


No accident, Zhu Yuesong’s left thigh was smashed into a comminuted fracture, and he staggered on the ground!

But despite this, Luo Tian still did not stop, he walked around to Zhu Yuesong’s right leg position, and smashed again fiercely!

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