Peerless War Sovereign Chapter 648


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“Mr. Long, we lost!”

Goodes knows what Luo Tian wants to ask, and he also knows how he should answer!

Because western medicine will treat quickly, just like Luo Tian said, it is extremely antagonistic!

Pills for treating stomach problems will surely stimulate the liver!


Because this synthetic medicine has never been exposed to humans, it does not belong to Earth’s organisms, and the liver cannot be ruled out, so it will naturally be damaged!

The same reason, if the medicine is targeted at the liver, it will definitely stimulate the kidneys!

Someone may ask, can’t western medicine develop milder pills?

Yes, but it must be mixed with the theory of Chinese medicine!


If Goodes answered in this way, he would have already lost. On the contrary, if he directly answered the theory of Western medicine, it would definitely be offensive. After weighing it, he chose to admit defeat!

“Professor Goodes, why are you surrendering?”

“Our competition is not over yet. If we admit defeat, are we not afraid of being laughed at by the international medical staff?”

Goodes’ surrender quickly aroused the unwillingness of the team!


Goodes sighed!

The purpose of his original team was to develop a better and more effective medicine and treatment plan!

No matter where they go, they are a sought after existence!

But today, they heard different voices in China, but they couldn’t accept it in their hearts!

It’s pride that I lost my eyes!

Including yourself, don’t you know since when you can no longer hear the words of opposition?

Take back your thoughts!

Goodes bypassed the long table in front of him, walked to the ring, and came to Luo Tian!

“Mr. Long, on behalf of our team, I would like to express my sincere apology to you and many Chinese medical scholars!”


With that, Goodes bowed to Luo Tian directly at ninety degrees!

Immediately, he continued: “We lost, we lost on blind pride and arrogance, and we forgot the original intention of team formation!”

“If you agree to bet you must accept to lose, our team is willing to work in the hospital provided by China for free for three years!”

Boom, boom, bang!


Well-known figure of International Medical Organization!

Looking at the whole world, there are not hundreds of millions of doctors following him, at least tens of millions!

He actually apologized to a youngster today in China, in Yanjing, on the playground of the Medical University!

“Mr. Long, we will now go back to the hotel and wait for your next instructions!”

Goodes doesn’t want to stay anymore!

If this continues, his face will be completely wiped out, and he can also see that today’s competition is simply an overwhelming failure!

Poor group of players have not seen the form yet!


Luo Tian frowned, and did not let Goodes leave directly!

“Mr. Long, what else do you have to order?” Goodes browses tightly knit, he thinks Luo Tian is not the kind of person who is unreasonable, why should he keep himself?


Luo Tian points to the yellow-haired youth!

“He should apologize for the words and deeds just now, to be there, to all the audience on the other side of the camera!”

“Of course, you can refuse, but I will definitely hit you on the ground and force you to bark like a dog, because when you become a dog, I won’t care about you!”

The scene is silent!

Everyone didn’t expect Luo Tian after accepting Goodes’ apology, he even took the initiative to ask that Huang Mao to apologize!

They are waiting, will this Huang Mao apologize to them!

Thousands of eyes looked towards the yellow-haired youth!

The young man with yellow hair looked pale, he really couldn’t understand why Goodes suddenly gave up!

“Professor Goodes, I need a reason, why did we suddenly admit defeat?”


The answer to him was an angry slap in the face of Goodes!

“Idiot, people can make you kneel on the spot with just a silver needle!”

“A trifling little girl alone can make you almost killed by medicine powder!”

“With these, don’t you think you are ashamed?”


“Otherwise, get out of my team, my team doesn’t need you as an idiot!”


It may be that the more you talked, the more angry, Goodes waved his hand and gave the yellow-haired young man a mouth again: “You are really an idiot!”

Kicked out of the team?


The young man Huang Fa was in a trance, he could not have any face, but he must not leave the team!

Because he left the team, he will be nothing, and if he is kicked out, it will be very difficult to go to any hospital in the future to find a job!


Although I am very unwilling!

He still stepped in the middle of the ring, staring at Luo Tian for three seconds…


A ninety degree bow: “Sir, I was reckless before. I shouldn’t slander Huaxia Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please forgive me!”

When the voice falls, the young man with yellow hair doesn’t care if Luo Tian accepts it or not!

Turning to face the crowd on the playground, another ninety degree bow: “Sorry, I didn’t cover up and made you feel uncomfortable. I sincerely apologize to you!”

“Go away!”

After Huangfa Youth apologized, Luo Tian roared heartily!

The team is crowded, how can there be any face to stand here?

One by one dingy and quickly leave!

And the scene…

A pair of adoring eyes all lock on Luo Tian!

One second…

Two seconds…

The scene was silent for three seconds!


Deafening applause broke out suddenly!

No screams, no shouts, this applause was for doctors in China, and even more for themselves!

At that moment, how many students secretly made a decision!

Medical skills, must reach the level of the person in front of them, at least, on the way to chase, Luo Tian is their goal!

In the crowd!

The leaders of the relevant medical departments, with a look of excitement, quickly moved towards Luo Tian!

He wants to communicate with this young doctor!


The teachers and students did not give this leader a chance at all!


I don’t know who took the lead in the arena!

In short, thousands of teachers and students all rushed to Luo Tian.

“What do you want to do?” As Luo Tian’s subordinate, Rice absolutely does not allow anyone to violate Young Master!

He paced forward, screamed, and prepared to draw a cold knife with one hand…


Luo Tian patted Rice on the shoulder, and said lightly: “They are not malicious, take it easy!”

crash-bang ……

Almost the moment when Luo Tian’s voice fell, a group of classmates directly supported Luo Tian’s body…


Luo Tian did not resist, people have their bodies held up by them…

However, in the next second, Luo Tian’s heart screamed: “Fuck, it’s a big game…”

Because his body was thrown off the ring…

Looking around, densely packed hands are about to catch him…



Luo Tian’s body just fell, this group of students, shouting slogans together, forcibly threw Luo Tian out again…

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