Peerless War Sovereign Chapter 649


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“Mr. Luo, I hope you can agree to our request, this is related to the future development of the medical profession!”

Yanjing Medical University, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Office!

A Senior who was about sixty-seven years old, with a look of anticipation, looked at Luo Tian with sweat on his face and repeated these words!

This person’s name is Ji Hefeng!

He is a tutor professor in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Medical University.

After seeing Luo Tian’s series of performances today, he swore that he must stay at the Medical University, even if it is just a substitute teacher, he is willing to accept it!

“Old Ji…it’s not that I didn’t promise you, it’s that I have too many trivial matters to get out of!”

Luo Tian can understand Ji Hefeng’s mood!

But he has his own business. His wife is still pregnant in Lin City, so if he has time to teach here?

Besides, you can let Luo Tian lead the troops, let him teach?

Didn’t you train these students to become fighters with super battle strength?

Ji Hefeng looked at Luo Tian’s refusal, his expression anxious, stood up and walked back and forth in front of the door!

“Mr. Luo, what should I say?”

“You have seen it too. Now this group of students is almost like an idol. If you agree to teach here, I can guarantee that the enthusiasm of this group of students will rise to new heights!”

“When the time comes, they learn and concentrate, and they will treat more patients when they are assigned to work in various hospitals across the country!”

“Patients suffer less, their families will be happy, and then they can spare more time to work hard and study…”

“In this way, the country will become more prosperous…”

I rely on!

Luo Tian stopped Ji Hefeng with a few words and pushed his responsibility to such a new height!

Ten thousand wild horses are running wildly in my heart!

If this let him go on, wouldn’t it become the major event of the country?

“Well…Ji Lao…You will wait a moment…No…I am not so exaggerated whether I teach or not, it all rises to the national level, I can’t stand it…”

Luo Tian was anxious by Ji Hefeng, making it a bit uncomfortable to speak…

However, just when Luo Tian’s voice fell!

The office door was knocked!

“Old Ji, it’s me, I’ll talk to Xiao Luo!”


Luo Tian heard the voice outside the door, startled in his heart, secretly thought, why is this voice so familiar?

On the other hand, after hearing the sound outside the door, Ji Hefeng directly opened the office door, and then said in a slightly respectful tone: “Principal, you are here!”

Stop talking…

A middle-aged woman walked in at the door!


Luo Tian saw the middle-aged woman, his old face was shocked, and his mouth grew bigger: “Aunt?”

“Are you the Principal here?”

I rely on!

Luo Tian’s dream did not expect, the Principal of Yanjing Medical University, turned out to be Wang Yanlin’s wife Fang Wen.

Yes, the person here is not someone else, but Wang Yanlin’s wife, Fang Wen!

She saw Luo Tian’s astonished expression, with a motherly smile on her face: “Why, didn’t your Uncle Wang tell you that I am the Principal of the Medical University?”

Luo Tian shook his head, he no longer knew what to say!

Fang Wen saw that Luo Tian was still the same, her smile deepened, walked in, and came to Luo Tian to sit down!

I grabbed a bottle of mineral water and handed it to Luo Tian first!

Then he unscrewed a bottle by himself, gu lu gu lu took a big sip!

“I thought it was your Uncle Wang who said my identity, and then you chose to compete with Professor Goodes here!”

Putting down the mineral water, Fang Wen turned to look at Luo Tian with a light smile and said!

Luo Tian did not answer!

He has already begun to figure out, what reason should he find to leave quickly!

Otherwise, as soon as Fang Wen speaks, it is not easy for him to refuse!

What a pity…

Fang Wen can become Wang Yanlin’s wife, she is also very careful!

She has seen his thoughts in Luo Tian’s eyes!

So he took the lead and said: “What are your thoughts on Ji Lao’s proposal?”

What seemed to be a casually question, Fang Wen has actually made enough preparations…

“Uh…aunt, you know, I have other things…” Luo Tian bluntly refused…

It’s just that he hasn’t finished speaking yet,

Fang Wen interrupted immediately. She looked at Ji Hefeng: “Old Ji, why is your office so hot? Is the air conditioner turned on? Please turn on the air conditioner!”

Ah… well…

Ji Hefeng knew that Fang Wen was here to help him persuade Luo Tian, ​​and immediately agreed!

With the cooperation of Ji Hefeng, Fang Wen picked up a book on the desktop and fanned herself: “Ai, Luo Tian, ​​why do you think it’s so hot this day, it’s so hot in the office!” [ 19459002]

“Those children waiting outside, will they have heat stroke…”

“They would be sad if they knew that you refused our invitation…”

It’s over…

Luo Tian knew that he was already passive when he heard this!

He smiled bitterly: “Auntie, you can actually order them to go back to the classroom…”

“It doesn’t work!” Fang Wen shook her head, helplessly said!

“This group of children, now they almost treat you as an idol, they have to wait for you at the door when they say anything, and the security is almost unable to stop…”

I rely on!

Luo Tian felt bad when he heard these words!

Fang Wen is Wang Yanlin’s wife!

Maybe she didn’t have that many means to keep herself, but if Wang Yanlin was behind her, it would be more difficult for her to leave this school than heavenly ascension!

hong long long ……

Just when Luo Tian’s heart was not good, the sound of hong long long footsteps came from outside the office!

“Auntie, you are ruthless… don’t you need to?” How smart is Luo Tian?

As soon as I heard such mixed footsteps, I knew it was Fang Wen deliberately!

Hearing Luo Tian’s words like this, Fang Wen didn’t get angry but smiled: “Xiao Luo, it’s really not my aunt, I deliberately made things difficult for you, it’s really your performance today, let the classmates worship you in their hearts!”

“Oh, yes, don’t say my aunt didn’t remind you!”

“At present, besides our Medical University, other medical-related universities in Yanjing, as well as some principals in surrounding provinces and cities, medical professors are on their way!”

“So, even if you refuse us today, I believe those people will still haunt you!”

“When the time comes, it’s okay if you don’t promise them. If you promise someone else’s house, would you say that auntie will be very sad?”

This is the forced palace?

Luo Tian heard the meaning of Fang Wen’s words!

“Auntie, you are too cruel…” Luo Tian vomited!

However, in order to have unnecessary troubles in the future, he smiled bitterly and continued: “Okay, my aunt said so, if I still don’t agree, it would be too fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness!”

“However, let me explain in advance that I don’t necessarily have to be able to attend class!”


Fang Wen snapped his fingers as soon as Luo Tian agreed!

Immediately looked towards Ji Hefeng: “Old Ji, please tell your classmates first, that Luo Tian has agreed. We need to sign the contract and let them go back and wait patiently!”

Ji Hefeng was already standing at the door at this moment!

He was nodded and opened the office door: “Classmates, go back, Mr. Luo has already agreed, we have drawn up the contract, and we need to be quiet!”


As Ji Hefeng’s voice fell, cheers came from the corridor immediately!

“Auntie, did you deliberately arrange it?” Luo Tian’s wry smile deepened, staring at Fang Wen and asked!

Fang Wen handed Luo Tian a profound look: “Without any tricks, how can you let your dignified Commander Dragon stay to teach?”

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