Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 492

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“It’s numb to you!”

“Yes, that is, this Zhuge Longevity is too shameless.”

“Hmph, hum, you can say such shameless words in such a high-sounding way that most people can’t do it.”

“Tsk tsk, people can do the White Tiger dignified master position, it’s not a boast.”

“Tang Mubai can be deceived for 10000000. This kind of botched aggressive method is really disgusting.”


On the ground, when everyone heard Zhuge Changshou’s words, they all began to despise.

“In order to avenge his son, Zhuge Changshou also to have no shame.”

The young man standing on the street light pole turned his eyes and said with a smile.

“No, it’s dignified Innate Peak expert, it’s so shameless!”

“How can people walk the world without shameless these days?”

“Hmph, as long as Tang Mubai doesn’t agree, he won’t dare to act forcefully.”


A group of martial artists around, echoed with contempt.


“This Zhuge longevity is too to have no shame, right?”

Liu Tianxiu looked at Zhuge Changshou in the air and frowned, “To avenge his son, dare to find such a bad excuse.”

“You also said it is an excuse, what he wants is to have just cause, not bully the weak!” Wu Weilan said solemnly, “If it is not exciting, will Tang Mubai agree to it in vain?”

“The problem is that Leader Tang doesn’t necessarily agree to it.” Lei 1000 shook his head, “As long as Tang Mubai is not fooled, can Zhuge Changshou still dare to act hard? Are Liu Fusheng and Lu Zhao really a display?”

“There is also Huang Shengwen about Leader, and he is also optimistic about Leader Tang.” Liu Tianxiu said, “There is such a big movement here. Huang Leader will definitely rush over immediately after receiving the news.”

“So, it depends on how Tang Mubai chooses.” Wu Weilan pondered.


“To have no shame, too to have no shame!”

Xu Dalu’s one-eyed one-eyed revealed, he kept breathing fire, gritted his teeth and said, “What Zhuge Shou, taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, is also looking for an interface, there are such shameless people in the world!”

“Yes, it’s too bullying.” Fang Shuixian was also full of anger, “As Innate, I want to bully Grandmaster in public. It’s a shame.”

“What is the face? In Zhuge Changshou’s eyes, revenge is the most important thing.” Su Lingxi sneered, “However, I think Leader Tang is not that easy to fall.”

“Yes, Tang Xiaozi never does things that are uncertain.” Cang echoed nodded, “If he agrees, he must be sure.”

“Big brother is the best!” The little cousin waved a small punch.

“Uh, uh.” Jiang Xiaoyan kept nodded on the side.


In the air.

Tang Mubai looked at Zhuge Changshou flatly, and said indifferently, “Pall Master Zhuge is right, and then? What does Pall Master Zhuge want to say?”

“Haha.” Zhuge Changshou chuckled, “Since it’s right, it’s much easier. As father, I’m here to ask Leader Tang for a little fairness. Well, ten tricks, as long as Leader Tang can pick me up. Recruit, then this little conflict between you and me will be exposed, what do you think?”

“Zuge Longevity!”

Lu Zhaoyuan preemptively shouted, “Do you still want to have no shame? Ten tricks? This kind of words is also at a loss for your words!”

“Zhuge Longevity, as the saying goes, soldiers against soldiers, generals, you have to seek justice, go to’Hong Grandmaster’ to ask, and ask Leader Tang here, I’m afraid you will be spurned by 10000 people in the future.”

Liu Fusheng said solemnly.

Zhuge Changshou did not respond, but looked at Tang Mubai with a smile.

“Okay.” Tang Mubai didn’t let him down, and said calmly, “It’s only ten tricks. I just take this opportunity to ask Hall Master Zhuge for advice.”

“Did your head get water?” Lu Zhaoyuan expressionless looked towards Tang Mubai.

Liu Fusheng is almost the same, said ill-humoredly, “Leader Tang, you should go home and continue to sleep, and wait until you wake up.”

“Hahaha.” Zhuge Changshou hearing this laughed loudly, “2 people, I didn’t force this, it was Leader Tang who agreed.”

Liu Fusheng and Lu Zhaoyuan ignored him and stared at Tang Mubai for an instant.

The crowd on the ground was also noisy.

“I really agreed, Tang Mubai actually agreed!”

“After ten tricks with Innate Peak, can Tang Mubai not hurt half a point?”

“Tsk, I think Tang Mubai is swollen, and even Innate Peak dares to fight.”

“Don’t say anything else, just this courage is worthy of admiration!”


The ground was boiling.

Including Liu Tianxiu, Lei 1000 Fang, Wu Weilan, and other Grandmasters, Cang, Su Lingxi, Xu Dalu and the others, they all changed when they heard the dialogue between Tang Mubai and Zhuge Changshou.

This is not half-step Innate, but the real Innate realm, or Innate Peak.

Tang Mubai defeated Innate by half a step before, which does not mean that he can compete with Innate Peak.

Because the gap between these two is too big, not several times, but ten times, dozens of times!

With such a big gap, let alone the ten moves in the battle, 3 moves are likely to kill!

At this moment, most people in the sky and the ground are thinking about what Tang Mubai is doing, and courting death doesn’t even look for it.

However, for Tang Mubai, playing against Innate Peak does not necessarily lose.

What does Innate Peak stand for?

The surging spirit strength can lead Power of Heaven and Earth to fight.

5 Divine Ability is fully open, see far, listen far, sonic attack, 1000 mile tracking, internal organs can be moved randomly.

Divine sense like a radar, scanning everywhere.

There is also a Divine Soul barrier to protect the soul and spirit from harm.

As for Innate pressure, standing capacity.

Of these abilities, Tang Mubai only fears the first one.

Use spirit strength to pull Power of Heaven and Earth to fight. Once the pulling range is too large and too much Power of Heaven and Earth gather, a single move can smooth a mountain.

This is what Tang Mubai wants to guard against.

The cracking method he thought of is very simple, break up before Power of Heaven and Earth converge!

Performed with the last palm of “Miekong Palm”.

The last palm of “Dominating the World” has the power of seven revolutions Divine Art, which can shatter space.

The space is shattered, and most of Power of Heaven and Earth are also scattered.

Even if it does not leave, Tang Mubai is not afraid, at worst always avoids.

Under the induction of “Sacred Heart Pass”, running “Taiji Universe Jue” to avoid it in advance.

No matter how big Zhuge Changshou’s attack power is, it is useless if he fails to hit.

Therefore, Tang Mubai is 90% sure to survive these ten tricks.

Even if you seize the opportunity to get down to Zhuge for longevity, it is not impossible!

Mindful of this.

Tang Mubai first thanked Lu Zhaoyuan and Liu Fusheng for comforting the two of them.

“Hey.” Liu Fusheng shook his head helplessly when he saw this, and sighed, “Then you should be careful.”

“Once you find something you can’t do, remember to shout out immediately. With the two of us here, Zhuge Changshou wants to hurt you!” Lu Zhaoyuan said solemnly.

“Okay, I will remember.”

Tang Mubai nodded, looked towards Zhuge Changshou, motioned, “Hall Master Zhuge, please.”

When the words fell, his figure rose into the air and flew outside the domain.

Innate Peak’s attack power was too strong and fell on the ground, smashing buildings and crashing the ground, with no difficulty.


Zhuge Changshou followed behind and flew towards the domain wall.

“Leader Tang is worthy of being a young Grandmaster. You are a hero, don’t worry, within ten moves, I promise not to hurt your life!”

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