Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 493

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Tang Mubai flew in front, Zhuge Changshou followed behind.

Two people swiftly broke through the air and flew outside the territory.

on the ground.

All martial artists follow, cast Lightweight Art or body skills, and move towards the domain wall.

Cang, Su Lingxi, Xu Dalu, and Fang Shuixian were no longer looking after the house. They took their little cousin and Jiang Xiaoyan and drove behind them.

A group of people grandiose, walking on the ground.

The fastest flying in the sky.

Five minutes later, Tang Mubai and Zhuge Changshou came to the outside world and stopped on the top of a barren mountain 5 li away from the domain wall.

“Leader Tang, take it.”

Zhuge Changshou waved his hand and slapped a burst of energy.


Tang Mubai controlled the Yan Bone Flying Knife to grow bigger, and smashed it out in the face, first smashed the palm strength, and then rushed towards Zhuge Longevity.

“Haha, good time.”

Zhuge Changshou laughed and shook his hand. There was another sword swallowing the moon with a tiger’s mouth, and he flicked up ahead as simple as that.


rays of light bloom, dazzling.

At speed to the pinnacle, sweep and chop out.

The Blade Qi that rushed past, slashed with the moon swallowing sword, quickly dissipated like a wave.

The powerful force carried by the Moon Swallowing Sword sank into the void, and disappeared in an instant.

“Come back.”

Zhuge Changshou grinned, and continued to shoot with a palm.

Still not releasing spirit strength, pulling Power of Heaven and Earth, is not a complete move.

In other words, Zhuge Changshou’s two palms are more of temptation or warm-up?

Tang Mubai was highly concentrated and split his palm prints with a single knife.

Then, the palm astral energy swallowed and the saber rays of light flickered, and rushed towards Zhuge Changshou.


The cold light suddenly started, the fiery light of the knife cut through the air, and in a stern whistling sound, it attacked Zhuge Changshou straight.

“Oh ~”

Facing Tang Mubai’s fierce stab, Zhuge Changshou did not dodge, lightly shouted, and suddenly released a circle of naked eye visible energy in his hand.

Xiu xiu xiu!

Energetic circling.

The powerful force, accompanied by wisps of bloody streamers, surrounded Zhuge Changshou’s body all around.

I didn’t see him moving either, but the rays of light flashed in his palm.

“weng! ”

A horrible energy suddenly burst out of the Moon Swallowing Sword from the Tiger’s Mouth, and rushed towards Tang Mubai’s dazzling knife.


Like a piece of cloth was torn apart by scissors in an instant, and it looked like a calm water surface, quickly hit by a sharp rock and floated over.

The force released by the Moon Swallowing Sword and the Flame Bone Battle Saber cut through the air and slammed together.

Bang! ! !

The air blew up.

Two energy of different attributes collide together and touch the burst of rays of light, reflecting the four directions.

Tang Mubai’s flaming bone battle saber constantly exudes a terrifying imposing manner under the instillation of astral energy.

The fiery and fierce Blade Qi, rolling by, swept out.

Like Zhuge Changshou swallowing the moon sword in his hand, he stabbed one after another sword shadow, and the two collided and strangled together.





The tremor echoed over the barren hills.

The silhouettes of 2 people are in midair and collide and impact from time to time. The shock wave generated by astral energy agitates, sweeps and diffuses, and blasts ripples in the air.

The constant entanglement and constant contact with each other, the eruption of power, can be called heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

One holds the flame bone battle saber, and the other holds the moon swallowing sword.

The non-stop impact of 2 Treasure Items, the powerful force generated by this burst, destroys madly within the range of 2 people’s bodies all around and several hundred meters.

one after another fierce wind, accompanied by howling Heaven and Earth.

The large air current was muddled, and the oppressive void made waves of depressive moans, and it would shatter like glass like the next moment.




The dull sound of impact is endless.

High in the sky, Tang Mubai and Zhuge Changshou, the silhouettes of two people, overlap in the air.

The knife light and sword shadow swept across 4 squares, stirring the void.

Under the attack of two people let go of their hands and feet, astral energy responds to the rays of light generated by the bombardment, taking care of half the sky.

If you stand on the ground and look into the air, you will find that wherever you look, the energy of Heaven and Earth is like a boiling sea, surging crazily.

Everyone who came from Red Leaves City watched this scene from a distance, all staring.

When he was shocked, his eyes were unblinking, lest he miss the exciting scene of fighting.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”


A loud noise followed by another, echoed all around and passed far away.

High altitude.

Tang Mubai and Zhuge Changshou, the silhouettes of two people, separate and overlap, and overlap and separate.

The energy generated by each other’s strikes, stirred, the stirring air fell into turbulence.

After the collision between the Yanbone battle saber and the moon swallowing sword, the shock wave released was transformed into a tornado, hovering and whistling in the air.

At this moment, Blade Qi is like a rainbow and sword shadow is like a dragon.

Blade Qi and sword energy are intertwined in the air until a certain moment——

“dong! !!”

Reminiscent of a loud sound from the top of the sky, like a great sky giant beating, the sound that passed through in a moment echoed the sky and the ground.

The crowd rushing out of the city looked unblinking.

However, in fact, Zhuge Changshou still did not perform a complete trick!

Every time I can’t get half a trick, I change the attack method.


“Boom~ boom~ ~!”

There was a constant explosion.

With the passage of time, the War Zone domain has gradually shifted from the barren hills to the edge forests.

Affected by the controlled shock wave, for a time, flying sand running stone in the mountains and forests, dusty.

Under the domineering fierce Blade Qi and the fierce and sharp sword energy raging, the rocks shattered, the trees split, and they flew everywhere.

“Shua! ——”

The flame bone battle saber was cut out in the air, a large blade of light burst into the hot wind, twisted into a strand, moved towards Zhuge Changshou and attacked face to face.

“hmph! ”

Zhuge Changshou was lightly snorted, and the sword light in his hand swallowed the moon. As the astral energy surged, it turned into a 100-meter blood-colored beam of light, spurred out quickly against the violent wind of Blade Qi.


“bang! !!”

The air seems to be cut, Blade Qi and the blood-colored beam of light collide together as one on the front.

The burst of power released suddenly set off an energy frenzy in midair.

Hu hu hu!

The hurricane roared.

Blade Qi volleyed and swept everything.

The resulting shock wave caused a boiling energy storm, rushing straight into the sky, and exploding on the top of the cloud.


The loud noise echoed Heaven and Earth.

The rays of light that bloom, like a dazzling sun, hang high in the sky.

“Okay, very good, Leader Tang, next is the real attack, you have to take it.”

Zhuge Changshou’s cheerful laughter echoed in the air.

“I have been waiting.” Tang Mubai responded calmly.

The conversation between the two people stunned a group of martial artists who came here from Red Leaves City.

Fuck, the fight before dare to love, isn’t it a real attack?

Just warm up?

Zhuge’s ten strokes of longevity, hasn’t a stroke been made so far?

Such a big destructive power is not a trick?

The crowds who stopped on the top of a mountain or on the ground to watch the battle were shocked and slumped.

Zhuge’s longevity is okay. Innate Peak has such terrifying destructive power, which is within their understanding.

Tang Mubai is just a Grandmaster, and he has such power, it has to be surprising.

Especially when Tang Mubai and Zhuge Changshou played against each other, they did not lose sight of the wind.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it was a tie!



The air is turbulent.

Zhuge Changshou’s entire body surged in an imposing manner, and in an instant, he condensed into a terrifying pressure, accompanied by the blood-colored astral energy, roared and swooped out, rushing towards Tang Mubai.

“White Tiger Breaking Fist!”

boom ~ boom ~ ~

The air kept bursting.

Zhuge Changshou’s fist marks, roar turned into a huge White Tiger with blood-colored wings, and charged at Tang Mubai fiercely.

1st move!


Tang Mubai ignored the Innate pressure blessed on his body, holding the inflammation bone battle saber in his left hand, holding a fist with his right hand, and a large amount of astral energy was born quickly.


The violent, arrogant and domineering breath burst the air.

The shocking force released in an instant squeezed the void with an unstoppable power, and forcibly washed out a nearly substantial air current tunnel in the air.

Terrifying power, wherever it went, ripples appeared in the tunnel, and within a few tenths of a second, it collided with the blood-winged giant tiger.

Suddenly, the collision of two forces released a majestic air current, which muddied the air and became a chaotic, invisible but terrifying force, which forcibly opened up a circular vacuum zone with a diameter of 2 meters in the air.


Zhuge Changshou’s 1st move, Tang Mubai solved it with just one punch!

During the whole process, Zhuge’s longevity is slightly frowned in my eyes.

“Innate pressure is invalid, Perfection Realm’s punch…”

Zhuge Changshou’s expression is calm, and his brain turns quickly.

Tang Mubai this fist, although there is no fist, Perfection Realm’s fist is also not to be underestimated.

Because this is the performance of a high-grade martial arts, cultivation to Perfect level!

Say it politely.

Martial arts at Perfect level, Zhuge Changshou has never been to cultivation.

Tang Mubai can!

This made Zhuge Changshou’s heart feel jealous for no reason.

Next moment ——

“2nd move!”

Zhuge Changshou roared, roaring with astral energy all over his body, turning into 3 blood-winged giant tigers, rushing towards Tang Mubai from 3 directions.

“Heavenly Dragon Claw!”

Tang Mubai immediately gathers astral energy, and while hesitating, he uses “Heavenly Dragon Claw” to confront him.

Ang ~

dragon roar loudly.

The astral energy of most Firm most Yang condenses to form giant dragon paw prints, sweeps the air, and intercepts blood wing giant tiger.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”


The violent sound, one after another, resounded through all four sides.

The giant dragon’s paw prints swept 3 blood-winged giant tigers with lightning speed, and exploded in the air, bursting with fiery rays of light, echoing Heaven and Earth.

The shock wave that burst out hit Zhuge Changshou’s body, and the shocking Zhuge Changshou’s figure could not be controlled for a while, and then he withdrew more than ten meter away.

“Oh ~”

After standing firm, Zhuge Longevity groaned, surprised and angry appeared in his eyes.

At this moment, he finally took it seriously.

Two moves in a row did not have the slightest effect. Instead, he himself was hit by the aftermath and went backwards.

If Tang Mubai is Innate, that’s all, but Tang Mubai is Grandmaster!

A Grandmaster can actually affect him.

If this is no longer a heavy hand, where will his Innate Peak face go!

“shua 啦~”

The sword swallowing the moon in the tiger’s mouth suddenly the rays of light were released.

Zhuge Changshou controlled the astral energy to sweep through, instilled frantically, and produced a large amount of invisible energy, accompanied by the sword shadow, flocking to Tang Mubai.

3rd move!

This move, Zhuge Changshou blessed the sword intent, the exclusive sword dao artistic conception of killing.

Sword of Slaughter!

As soon as the sword intent came out, Tang Mubai immediately sensed that while the heartbeat was accelerating, it did not dodge, but lightning condenses the astral energy, and the roaring “fire and wind” is displayed, and the attack is head-on.


The air blew up.

The wind howled and the fire swept through.

The wind and fire entwined and overlapped each other’s power, just a face, and first all the sword shadow to the impact thoroughly.

Then, the Fire Dragon turned into a windbreaker hit the Sword of Slaughter.

In the first round, the Fire Dragon trench coat was defeated and torn in half.

However, Tang Mubai released a total of 3 times for safety reasons!

Therefore, the first windbreaker Fire Dragon was torn in half by the Sword of Slaughter. The 2nd and Sword of Slaughter were stiff in the air. After the 2rd wiped the Sword of Slaughter, he rushed towards Zhuge Longevity.

Zhuge Changshou was subconsciously tilted his head.

The remaining power of the 3rd windbreaker Fire Dragon almost wiped Zhuge Changshou’s cheeks and flew past.


A blood stain appeared on Zhuge Changshou’s face, and the epidermis was scratched.

The remaining power of the 3rd windbreaker Fire Dragon is wrapped in a monstrous imposing manner, and the strikes are on a more then 500 meters high mountain behind Zhuge Changshou.



There was a loud noise, shaking 8 squares.

The terrifying power burst out from the windbreaker Fire Dragon blasted the more then 500 meters high mountain from halfway up the mountainside on the spot!

Suddenly, countless rubble was thrown into the air, dust filling the sky, soaring straight up, and the dull sound of “hong long long” echoed Heaven and Earth endlessly.

The turbulent air flow is like boiling lake water, rolling endlessly.

The violent energy hit 4 squares, bursting one after another swarming waves of air, like a snake like a dragon, whizzing through the sky, sweeping several dozen li.


The sky fell into a dead silence for a moment.

Most of the people watching from a distance were dumbfounded.

Even the Grandmasters of Red Leaves City, such as Liu Tianxiu, Wu Weilan, and Lei 1000 Fang, could not help being shocked.

The remaining power can blow up half a mountain. If all the power hits the body, wouldn’t it turn into mud on the spot?


At this moment, everyone felt trembling for the power of Tang Mubai’s move.

Regardless of whether you admit it or not.

Tang Mubai’s power of this move surpasses most Innate martial artists.

Liu Tianxiu, Wu Weilan, etc., have seen this unique combination of wind and fire last time.

It was a king-level silver-winged ice dragon strayed into the area between Canghe City and Red Leaves City, and was finally killed by Tang Mubai.


Liu Tianxiu and the others thought it was Huang Shengwen who first seriously injured the King-level Silverwing Ice Dragon, and Tang Mubai made up for it, so he didn’t feel relieved.

But when they saw it again just now, they suddenly woke up, how terrifying is the power of Tang Mubai’s trick!

It was only at this moment that they understood why Tang Mubai dared to agree to Zhuge’s ten strokes of longevity.

Had it not been for Zhuge Changshou to hide quickly, he would have been headshot!

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