Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 494

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Zhuge Changshou’s body was trembling slightly.

He admitted that he hadn’t paid much attention to Tang Mubai before.

It is precisely because of this that Tang Mubai’s burst of power shocked and frightened him.

Yes, taboo!

Tang Mubai’s trick just now can definitely kill him.

Even if he turns on Body Protecting Astral Energy, he can’t stop it.

The almost headshot experience made Zhuge Changshou seem indifferent on the surface, but deep in his heart, there was a strong killing intent.

At this moment, he decided to kill Tang Mubai!

No matter who is standing behind Tang Mubai!

In terms of background, his Zhuge’s longevity is not bad.

The White Tiger Gate is the same as the top power in East Continent, and exists at the same level as Xuanjian Mountain and Canglan Sect.

and so……

After taking a deep breath and calming down, Zhuge Changshou let out a low growl and attacked again, his palms swallowed astral energy, his entire body swelled in an imposing manner, and his hands slammed against the void.

“Crash-bang ~!”

The air suddenly boiled!

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

Large swathes of air circling and flying.

Suddenly, under the pull of an invisible force, it condenses to form a scarlet energy ball, which appears in the air.



There was a strange noise.

Zhuge Changshou controlled the blood-colored energy ball, floating in his palm.

The surging Innate pressure suddenly enveloped Tang Mubai.

Although Tang Mubai broke away quickly, Zhuge Changshou was released continuously.


Void trembles.

Zhuge Changshou’s stature moved, one after another Innate pressure, covering the whole body 1000 meters, covering Tang Mubai.

With such a large area, Tang Mubai offset time and time again, but could not completely get rid of it. Finally, Zhuge Changshou caught the opportunity and drowned in the bloody energy ball released by Zhuge Changshou.

“He he he ~haha……”

Zhuge Changshou, who successfully trapped Tang Mubai, laughed wildly in his heart.

In the icy eyes, killing intent flashed, palm astral energy swallowed, and his hands were put together in one, and it was a quick slap against the blood-colored energy ball.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”


The violent blasting sound resounded.

At this moment, the blood-colored energy ball was like a ignited gunpowder keg, exploding suddenly.

The terrifying power contained in it was released in an instant, almost destroying the space.

Tang Mubai, who was inside the scarlet energy ball, didn’t feel very uncomfortable.

The “astral energy armor” formed by “3 Yang Yi Qi Jue” successfully protected the body without being affected!

Seven revolutions Divine Art after all.

Although “3 Yang Yi Qi Jue” is mainly condensing qi and blood, the defensive power of the auxiliary “astral energy armor” is also beyond imagination.

Temporarily trapped, Tang Mubai is not in a hurry.

Before being trapped, he had a sense of no major crisis, so beating somebody at their own game.

As a result, things developed similarly to Tang Mubai’s expectations.

This bloody energy ball is still formed by astral energy. Since it is astral energy, it can be broken.

Hmm, try the blend of “Ji Dao Overlord Fist” and “Bibo Palm”!

The power of mixing water and fire is well controlled and absolutely terrifying!

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai put away the Bone Blade, and then, with his left hand “Zhu Dao King Fist” and right hand “Bibo Palm”, each of them ran at their full strength and strikes bloody energy balls.

Within a few seconds, the blood-colored energy ball was destroyed by half.

Sure enough, the blending of water and fire worked!



Zhuge Changshou laughed in his heart, without realizing his unique trick, which was being quickly cracked by Tang Mubai.

The trick of the Scarlet Energy Ball is one of his hole cards for cultivated 20 years.

If you don’t have it, then kill gods, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas!

No matter what genius or evildoer you are, as long as you are trapped, there is only a dead end!

“jié jié jié ……”

Zhuge Changshou’s face was gloomy, and his heart smiled.

far away.

“What’s the situation, Tang Mubai is dead?”

“I’m probably trapped, so I can find a way in it.”

“After all, the gap is too big, and you can’t use more tricks. Tang Mubai has been able to hold on for so long, it is already very powerful.”

“Yeah, if you change to someone else, you can’t lose more miserably.”


A crowd of martial artists, discuss spiritedly.

Liu Tianxiu, Wu Weilan and the others are waiting patiently.

With Tang Mubai’s consistent performance, he will not fall down so quickly.

Liu Fusheng and Lu Zhaoyuan believe in this point now.

The trick just now opened their eyes.

As the Master, “Hong Grandmaster” “passed” Tang Mubai’s trick. Other methods, Treasure Item, should be indispensable!


In the air.

Inside the scarlet energy ball.

Tang Mubai controlled “Extreme Overlord Fist” and “Bibo Palm”, perfectly achieving 100% blending, terrifying power, and the last brain pouring on the blood-colored energy ball.

嘭 pa!

“bang! ——”

The scarlet energy ball, which was already thinner and thinner, shattered suddenly.

Tang Mubai soared into the sky like lightning, took out the flame bone battle saber, dropping from the sky.


The streamer bloomed, covering 4 squares in a powerful imposing manner.

“Hua! ——”

In the distance, there was a loud noise from every corner of the audience.

“Haha, you know that Leader Tang is okay! This is not coming out now!”

“Hmph hum, how else would you call a genius?”

“In other words, how did Tang Mubai do it? Ah? How did he do it? How did the bloody energy ball break in the end? Has anyone seen it?”

“I saw it, I saw it, it was forcibly broken from the inside! Tang Mubai’s strength, up to now, has not been fully utilized! He still has his hole cards!”

“This is nonsense, who doesn’t have a hole card? Zhuge Changshou must have a trick too! Don’t forget, he hasn’t touched spirit strength yet!”


The crowd of spectators was inexplicably excited, even more excited than Tang Mubai 2.

I thought that Tang Mubai fell into the scarlet energy ball and would lose. didn’t expect to break the energy ball out so quickly.

This hand came out, making the crowd of spectators applaud, cheers, shouts, and various voices gathered together, reverberating over the mountains and wilderness.

Liu Tianxiu, Wu Weilan and the others looked at each other, shrugged.

The principle of Liu Fusheng and Lu Zhao was calm.

Cang, Xu Dalu, and Fang Shuixian entire group cheered endlessly.


High altitude.

Zhuge Changshou expression grave, looking at Tang Mubai gloomily, his thoughts turn.


The hole card of the Scarlet Energy Ball failed!

How can this be?

Zhuge Changshou was a little crazy, wishing to roar towards the sky.

But decades of cultivation caused him to hold back forcibly, his eyes were bloodshot and red, and the killing intent in his eyes became stronger and stronger, until he shot out without hiding, just staring at Tang Mubai like that, “Grandmaster Tang, the ten-stroke agreement is not over yet!”


The air suddenly exploded.

A terrifying imposing manner is suddenly released from Zhuge Changshou’s body, sweeping the chaotic air into chaos. The invisible breath stimulates the Heaven and Earth energy that all around is drawn, and gathers in Zhuge’s longevity body, condensing and forming each and everyone vortex of different sizes.

“Huh!” “Huh!” “Huh!”

The gang wind howls, running through Heaven and Earth.

Zhuge Changshou stood still in the air, and the breath and imposing manner on his body became stronger and more surging. The qi and blood mobilized, condensed into astral energy and hovered quickly.

Xiu xiu xiu!

rays of light flicker and fly through the air.

In a short while, large strands of astral energy cover Zhuge Changshou’s body surface, flowing throughout the body.

“hmph ~”

Zhuge longevity and drink low, the whole person seems to have turned into a blood man.

With the condensing of astral energy, one after another spirit strength finally appeared in his palm, and the Power of Heaven and Earth that pulled the whole body between Heaven and Earth, gathered in an instant.

“Hu~ !” “hu~ !” “hu~ !”

The air was turbulent, energy raged in 4 places.

The void where Zhuge Changshou stood, and all the air around him, was stirred and rippled at this moment.

Like water waves, rippling and undulating.


A hot wind, dropping from the sky, hovered over Zhuge Changshou.

At the next moment, a sudden burst of horrible pressure, hiding the sky and covering the earth, spread out all around.

This is comparable to the oppression of a mountain, and it stretched out almost instantly, pressing against Tang Mubai’s shoulders.


“Dominating the world!”

Before Zhuge Changshou launched his unique move, Tang Mubai performed the last move of “Missing the Sky”.

This palm force with a spatial artistic conception, the moment it blasted out, only a moment, it shattered the void in front of Zhuge Changshou.

Zhuge Longevity was concentrated in the Power of Heaven and Earth around his body, and the terrifying power he produced instantly collapsed and disappeared.


Suddenly, Zhuge Changshou was stupid.

The crowd watching the game was also dumbfounded.

One palm, just one palm, resolve Zhuge Changshou’s offensive.

Should the power of this palm be so terrifying?

“It’s broken empty! Space mood!”

Liu Fusheng squinted his eyes and looked at Tang Mubai in the distance, his face couldn’t hide his shock, “I can’t think of the Leader Tang comprehended space mood, and it has been integrated into the palm technique!”

“No, the palm itself carries the artistic conception of space.” Lu Zhaoyuan shook his head and exclaimed, “This is a Palm technique of Space Attribute. Brother Tang not only successfully comprehended the cultivation, but also trained it to the Perfect level. !”

“Perfect level Space Attribute palm technique?”

Liu Fusheng murmured, his face full of incredible.

“Yes, Perfect level Space Attribute palm technique!” Lu Zhaoyuan echoed with emotion.


“Awesome! I think the Leader Tang Archery is the strongest, and the palm technique of didn’t expect cultivation is so amazing!”

Su Lingxi’s beautiful eyes flickered, and she couldn’t help but admire.

“Of course, my big brother is the best!” The little cousin jumped and jumped.

“Leader is a genius!” Xu Dalu looked as it should be by rights.

“The old leader should be very happy if he knows about it.” Fang Shuixian took a deep breath.

“As expected of my idol!” Jiang Xiaoyan waved vigorously.

“Cough cough ~” Cang said lightly coughed, “It’s just normal, this spatial mood is just Initiated.”

Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him.


How can it be!

In the air, Zhuge Changshou came back to his senses, unable to accept the reality before him.

All the offensive has dissipated!

Tang Mubai slapped his spirit strength into vain!

“Hello ~”

Zhuge, who could not restrain his longevity, finally roared, once again exuding spirit strength and pulling Power of Heaven and Earth.



With a palm, the offensive that hadn’t erupted yet dissipated again and vanished.


Zhuge Changshou Surprised and angry roar, did not consume spirit strength in vain, holding the sword swallowing the moon in the tiger’s mouth, stimulating the energy of Heaven and Earth all around 100 miles away, rolling around.

“Ao ~!” “ao ~!”

The roar of the beast resounded through Heaven and Earth.

I saw a breath of blood-colored energy, constantly emerging from the illusory shadow of the moon swallowing sword, a strong blood-reeking qi, flooding the sky and the ground.

“Go die for me!”

Zhuge longevity roar, holding a sword swallowing the moon in a tiger’s mouth, instilled with astral energy, carrying an imposing manner of ups and downs, rushed towards Tang Mubai swiftly.

The speed speed to the pinnacle, came to the front in an instant.

“Kid, let’s die!”

Zhuge longevity growled.

“Quiekong Palm!”

Tang Mubai didn’t dodge or dodge, and “Destroying Palm” was shot continuously.

“Ten thousand li no cloud!”

“The angry dragon is on top!”

“The ground is cracked and the mountains collapsed!”

“Drought and thunderstorm!”

“Infinite hacking!”

bang! bang!! bang!! ! bang!! ! !

The giant palm seal of most Firm most Yang appears right away, one palm next to one palm, and it falls down without stopping.

The offensive released by Zhuge Changshou was forcibly broken up again.

However, Zhuge Changshou did not go backwards this time, but continued to explode, holding a tiger’s mouth swallowing the moon sword, engulfing Sen Leng’s murderous intention and killing Tang Mubai.

“Hall Master Zhuge, are you out of luck?”

Tang Mubai sneered.

The inflammation bone battle saber took out quickly, and as the astral energy was instilled, a bright radiance burst out.

The strongest move of “Badao” was released in response to Zhuge Changshou.


Void shakes.

Blade Qi skyrocketed 100 meters in an instant, and the blade glow went out 1000 meters vertically and horizontally.

Covered by the domineering and violent sword power, in an instant, tearing layers of air currents, appeared in front of Zhuge Changshou, shattering his offensive.

“Get lost!”

Zhuge Changshou roared.

Swallowing the Moon Sword in the mouth of a tiger in his hand, deriving a heavy sword shadow, wanting to tear it out.

But just then–


The moon swallowing sword in Zhuge Changshou’s hand suddenly disappeared.

When it appeared again, it was held in Tang Mubai’s hand.

“Star Plucking Hand”!

Taking advantage of Zhuge’s longevity, surprised and angry, Tang Mubai tried to snatch his weapon in the air.

didn’t expect a try and it succeeded!


Dead silence.

The sky and the ground are silent.

In the distance, countless people watching the game opened their mouths in amazement.

After Zhuge’s longevity in the air was sluggish, both shocked and angry became angry again.

The weapon was taken!

As the Innate Peak powerhouse, and still in the battle, the weapon in his hand was actually taken away.

At this moment, Zhuge Changshou’s self-esteem caused Tang Mubai to trample on the ground.

Sad and angry!

Under the intense humiliation, the hostility and anger in Zhuge Changshou’s heart broke out completely.

“Ah! Ah! !!! Ah!!! of surnamed Tang! Go to die! Go to die!!! Go to die!!!”

Zhuge Changshou roar towards the sky.

A circle of radiant rays of light burst out all over the body suddenly.

This blood light, like a flame, like a huge wave, like a big sun, grandiose, drowns everything.

Qi and blood burn!

In extreme anger, Zhuge Changshou used the most powerful and hurtful secret technique of martial artist to burn blood! Fight hard with Tang Mubai.

“Blood and vitality? It seems that you are really poor.”

Tang Mubai chuckled lightly, astral energy agitated, and the right hand “Bibo Palm” with his left hand was shot at the same time.

Bang bang bang!

A series of explosions in the void.

The fusion of water and fire creates power sweeping across the air, creating ripples, one circle following another, one wave following another.

Constantly winding, covering, and superimposing.

Finally, it turned into an “angry dragon” and went straight to Zhuge for longevity!

“Hello ~”

Zhuge Changshou roar, “It’s not that easy to beat me!”

The sky-shaking anger resounded through Heaven and Earth.

Under the sky, Zhuge Changshou’s blood burned all over, transforming into an endless raging fire, illuminating half of the sky.

In an instant, the whole body turned into a body of flame, with both hands facing the void, blasting out wildly and fiercely.

Bang bang bang!

Whoosh~! Whoosh~! Whoosh~!

The sound of explosion, mixed with the sound of breaking through the air, galloped past high in the sky.

Zhuge Changshou’s palm shot one after another sharp bloody light arrow.

Cruel, overbearing, and hot.

Just like a blood-colored sun, hanging high in the sky, releasing blood-colored rays of light, burning the earth.


The blood light diffuses, the blood arrow lasses all over the air, hiding the sky and covering the earth towards Tang Mubai.

“bang! !!”

The air detonated.

The deafening sound passed into the ears of countless people.

Seeing to hit Tang Mubai ——


There was a loud noise in the air.

The bright light of the knife flashed suddenly, lasing 4 directions.

Tang Mubai holds the inflammation bone battle saber and mobilizes 90% of the blood within the body to condense to form astral energy. Within a few tenths of a second, it roars out violently and gathers on the blade.

Suddenly, countless Blade Qi kept entwining and lasing in the rays of light.

The light released is beyond Zhuge’s longevity.

And the power circulating and passing in the blade, the trembling void, rippled.

Fully run “Baodao”, blessing 90000 cards of vitality, Tang Mubai chose meet force with force at this moment.

Because Zhuge Changshou 70000 calories are less than the amount of energy consumed!



The space trembled suddenly, as if the darkness before dawn was pierced by the dawn that appeared at that moment, bringing a moment of light.

Under the flame bone battle saber, the brilliant blade glow of 90000 calories of qi and blood flooded everything.


The white light flickered, and wherever the blade glow passed, the air collapsed and shattered like a mirror.

Yangu battle saber is urged by the majestic astral energy, blessed by the saber technique, and inspired by the dual power, with terrifying power, all the way forward, colliding with Zhuge Changshou.


The void trembled.

In the shocking sound of the sky, the strength of the Yan Bone battle saber, the power generated by Zhuge’s longevity burning blood, dissipated in an instant.

The surging and violent Blade Qi, after smashing the blood light flame, carried the remaining power, fiercely struck Zhuge Changshou.


Zhuge Changshou opened his mouth and sprayed a large cloud of blood.

The whole body was hit hard as if by a speeding locomotive, trembling fiercely, flying backwards like a broken kite, drawing a graceful arc in the sky, and quickly falling to the ground.


The earth is shaking and dust is flying.

After the violent shaking, calm down.

Seeing Zhuge Changshou falling to the ground, he smashed a large human-shaped pit that was more than one meter deep, and all around was full of cracks.


Tang Mubai landed from the air and stood beside Zhuge Changshou. In the latter’s frightened and shameful eyes, he raised his foot and slowly stepped on Zhuge Changshou’s chest.

“you lose.”

Three simple words, to Zhuge Changshou’s ears, are no less than a cut in his heart.


Zhuge Changshou spurted blood.

I couldn’t accept it, I would be defeated by a young man from Grandmaster realm!

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