Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 495

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In fact, it’s not just him.

Among the crowd watching the game, many people could not accept it.

If Tang Mubai defeated Zhuge Xiu Me, it is still within the scope of understanding.

Defeating Zhuge Changshou made people a little crazy.

Innate Peak!

Zhuge Longevity is Innate Peak!

Tang Mubai is a Grandmaster…

Well, judging from the blood content of Tang Mubai’s last move, Tang Mubai’s blood value, not surprisingly, should have reached the hundred thousand card.

That is, Grandmaster Peak!

Defeating Innate Peak with Grandmaster Peak was unimaginable in the past.

Tang Mubai did it!

In the presence of countless people, we did it by confronting directly and meeting force with force!

This kind of skipping grades to challenge and successful event is to be accepted in a short time, but few can do it.

Even Liu Tianxiu, Wu Weilan and the others can’t control themselves for a while.

Tang Mubai leaped to Grandmaster Peak and already shocked them.

Defeating Zhuge Changshou was simply speechless.

In contrast, Lu Zhaoyuan and Liu Fusheng, after their surprise, smiled slightly.

When Tang Mubai showed the “Space Attribute palm technique of perfect level”, they had already expected that Zhuge Changshou would lose!

After all, Zhuge Changshou is at a disadvantage, that is, his blood content is not high, less than 80000 cards.

When Zhuge Changshou was in Grandmaster Grade 7, he refined the Taoism and entered Innate.

After you advance to Innate, you no longer condensing qi and blood, but condense spirit strength.

Under normal circumstances, power of Heaven and Earth is guided by spirit strength to fight, and 200,000 cards of blood explode, and only defeat will end.

Unfortunately, what Zhuge Changshou encountered was Tang Mubai, who used a Palm technique of Space Attribute to smash the space and break up the gathered Power of Heaven and Earth.

This is the root cause of Zhuge Longevity’s failure!

As for the Innate pressure to be ineffective for Tang Mubai, it is not so surprising.

There are many Treasure Items that have this function.

In the eyes of Lu Zhaoyuan and Liu Fusheng, Tang Mubai must have carried a similar Treasure Item on his body, so the Innate pressure released by Zhuge Changshou was offset again and again.

Taken together, even though Tang Mubai is not Innate, his battle strength is comparable to Innate Peak!

Zhuge Longevity is the first stepping stone at the feet of Tang Mubai!


“Won, actually won!”

“Tang Mubai is really good!”

“Idol, this is the real idol!”


After the shock, the cheers of covering the mountains and plains followed.

Tang Mubai withdrew his foot in time, played with the sword swallowing the moon in his mouth, looked at Zhuge Changshou from a high position, and said calmly, “Take this sword as your son’s apocalypse for offending me. Keep the federation money for yourself.”

“Pu ~!”

Zhuge Changshou spurted blood and couldn’t hold on anymore, fainting.

Upon seeing this, Tang Mubai shook the head with a little toe, and flew towards Xu Dalu and Fang Shuixian entire group.


“Don’t you go over and talk about it?”

Liu Fusheng on the other side looked at Tang Mubai’s silhouette and opened the mouth and said, “With Tang Mubai’s strength, I can already talk to him.”

“It’s still early.”

Lu Zhaoyuan shook the head, lightly said with a smile, “Wait for him to truly break through to the Innate realm, it will not be too late.”


Liu Fusheng smiled, “With the potential shown by Tang Mubai, it won’t take long for the breakthrough to Innate. Maybe it will be done before the end of the year!”

“Haha.” Lu Zhaoyuan hearing this, Lang said with a smile, “that’s the best!”


at the same time.

38th Territory east of the domain wall.

Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui stood with their hands behind, looking at Tang Mubai from a distance. The expressions on the faces of the two people were surprised, joyful, and eager.

“What a spatial artistic conception, a blend of wind and fire, and a hundred thousand cards of vitality and blood!”

Huang Shengwen admired and said, “The 38th Territory hasn’t produced a genius for more than ten years. With this one, the genius has turned into a monster!”

“Yes.” Zhang Hairui also sighed, “Tang Mubai’s potential is amazing. No one knows his future achievements. Perhaps it is hoped to touch the myth!”

“Indeed has several points of probability touch myth.”

Huang Shengwen did not refute, and nodded said, “But before that, when is Lord Zhang going to recruit him?”

“Huang Leader, what about you?” Zhang Hairui asked with a smile.

“I have to wait.” Huang Shengwen face doesn’t change and said indifferently, “It is not the best time to go to him now. Although his strength is stronger than most Innate, it is too early to tell him. It may turn into something bad, and it will be the safest to wait for him to truly break through to Innate realm!”

“Haha.” Zhang Hairui laughed, “Then I will wait, 10000, if a good thing turns into a bad thing, my sin will be serious.”

He said so, but there was a slight strange flash in his eyes.

Huang Sheng didn’t see it, hearing this said with a smile, “Then we wait and see, to see when he breaks through to Innate!”


Tang Mubai did not know that the three parties paid attention to him.

In front of countless people, he defeated Zhuge Changshou, and now too many people pay attention to him.

Envy, jealous, pleased, admiring, flattering…

Various gazes projected from all around to him.

Tang Mubai is not a real celebrity. He doesn’t want to enjoy the 10000-high-profile gaze.

After returning to the station of Miracle in the city, he closed the door of the quick reload and refused to pick up guests.

The crowd gathered outside the gate was gone.

The source of this incident is Great Saint.

After Tang Mubai brought it back to the city, he didn’t restrain it much. As a result, Great Saint ran around the mercenary group station and immediately extended its range of activities outside the station.

Relying on the speed, no one saw it, or could not catch it.

Until last night, Zhuge Xiu, who arrived in Red Leaves City, discovered and locked it this morning, and then traced it all the way to the Miracle Mercenary Group site through the secret technique.

That is, Great Saint does not run around, this trouble will not come to the door.

Through this incident, Tang Mubai understood that leaving Great Saint in the city would not only help him, but would delay the growth of Great Saint.

Only through constant battles can Earthquake Storm Ape grow rapidly, which is astounding.

Therefore, Tang Mubai took the Great Saint decisively, passed the Transmission Array, and returned to the Miracle No. 1 station, letting the ghost dragon supervise the Great Saint and fight the ominous beasts in the mountain within the valley.

After returning to the station, Tang Mubai saw Fat Tiger and wanted to send it to him, but the little cousin hugged him and had to put it down temporarily.


News of Hanging Mountain’s present life spread to 3 surrounding domains.

In the afternoon and evening, there are more and more experts coming.

Tang Mubai surfs the Internet at home and uses forums.

From time to time, someone broke the news about which famous expert came to Red Leaves City.

Among them, the younger generation of Grandmasters on the Thang Long list also came a lot.

For example, Tang Mubai has seen it twice, from 2 domains Xunyang Chengchi Cloud Sect, Ye Tiansheng at the bottom of the Thang Long list!

Before that, Tang Mubai had met him twice and didn’t know much.

At this moment, I saw the news on the Internet and realized that Ye Tiansheng had only made three moves in front of others.

Lose Specialist level for the first time, Master level for the second time, and Grandmaster Level for the third time!

With 3 shots, the opponent is stronger than once.

In the end, Ye Tiansheng was selected into the Rising Dragon Ranking, but ranked at the bottom.

As for true strength, few people know it.

Last time Tang Mubai strayed into the “Red Cloud Trial” and never played against him.

Therefore, Tang Mubai showed a little interest in Ye Tiansheng, who was nicknamed “Bingyang Young Master”.

Intuition told him that Ye Tiansheng had concealed his strength and his true strength was very strong.

The Rising Dragon Ranking can only be used as a reference.

Perhaps, the intention of Heaven’s Mystery Sect to issue the Rising Dragon Ranking, at first is not based on strength, but on potential.

Only Grandmasters under 30 years old with great potential can make them look different and have the opportunity to enter Secret Realm.

Think of it this way, it’s much smoother.


More and more experts are pouring into Red Leaves City.

The Martial Pacifying Department, Admiral’s Mansion, and Martial Society are extremely nervous.

To prevent the recurrence of the incident that happened to Tang Mubai.

Liu Fusheng had no choice but to hover over the Red Leaves City, listening to the whole city.

Huang Shengwen also released divine sense and scanned the streets.

As the town envoy, Zhang Hairui also rides on a high pitch-black as ink horse, passing by from time to time.

Tongshen powerhouse personally suppressed the scene, and the Red Leaves City, which was lively all night, finally did not break out.

Early the next morning, the experts from all parties who came quickly left and headed to Hanging Mountain.

Tang Mubai let Xu Dalu pass the Transmission Array, first arrive at the Miracle No. 1 base, and then quickly rush to Hanging Mountain, waiting for the opportunity.

He rode the Abyssal Bull by himself, rushing to the air with a clear posture.

As soon as the King Spirit Beast came out, it really shocked the crowd.

After learning that Tang Mubai was the young Grandmaster who defeated Zhuge Changshou, all around was gone and no one stayed.

The number of “Tianfeiguo” is limited, the stronger the strength, the bigger the mobile phone will be grabbed.

Others are willing to stand with strong people unless they have brain issues.

In this regard, Tang Mubai was happy and peaceful.

Lying on the back of the abyssal bull, waiting for the first wave of “Tianfeiguo”.

The time to drop has not come.

The ground where Hanging Mountain all around is surrounded by ominous beasts, dinosaurs, and crowds.

Di Xiaochuan, Yunbujian, Wei Tong and the others are among them.

Tang Mubai didn’t go to get together, if he only planned to get a “Tianfei Fruit”, then everyone would work together and the chance of grabbing the “Tianfei Fruit” would be higher.

But if Tang Mubai targets 5, then it is unnecessary.

It is good to work together, but uneven distribution will also be troublesome.

Besides, Tang Mubai has let Xu Dalu lie in ambush not far away.

If Xu Dalu takes the shot, he can definitely grab 5 “Tianfei Fruits”!


time flies.

A group of people surrounded Hanging Mountain and waited from morning to noon, and then to the afternoon.

“Tianfeiguo” never moved.

A group of uninvited guests suddenly shook the ground and forcibly opened a passage in the crowd.

Desolate people!

A row of barren people with an average height of 3 meters squeezed the crowd and came to the front of the enclosure.

Those who were squeezed dared not speak.

Just because there are more than 100 deserted people, each imposing manner is fierce and surging. It is not a Grandmaster or a master Peak.

The leader of Huangren Wang unscrupulously released Innate’s breath.

Hmm, wait!

Suddenly Tang Mubai eyes shined and looked towards a little man beside the Desolate King, and the corners of his mouth slowly rose.

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