Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 496

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“This is… successful?”

Tang Mubai patrolled back and forth with his eyes on the Huangren King and the Little Man.

Compared with normal humans, the desolate tribes advocate weak are prey to the strong and follow the law of the jungle.

This is their foundation and is where the innate talent lies.

Tang Mubai let Hong Xiao go back last time, with the goal of becoming the king of the desert.

That’s right.

Standing on the side of Huangren Wang, the little man was Hong Xiao.

Looking at this situation, Hong Xiao should have succeeded.

Otherwise, based on Hong Xiao’s previous experience, let alone standing next to the Desolate King, he wouldn’t even be able to get out.

He did not express his position directly, which is probably a cover-up.

Of course, to be on the safe side, Tang Mubai decided to check.

The method is very simple. Turn on the Divine Ability of the “mouth orifice”, lock Hong Xiao alone, condense the sound into a line, and drill into her ears.

“I’m Tang Mubai, don’t panic when you hear it. Only you can hear this passage.”

In the distance, Hong Xiao’s body stiffened first, and then returned to normal.

Condensed the sound into a line and passed it alone.

This is the ability of High Level Divine Ability!

Other Innate realm martial artists can’t do it unless they specialize in sonic martial arts for cultivation.

At this moment, Tang Mubai saw the changes in Hongxiao, and continued sound transmission with a smile on his mouth.

“The following words are very important, that is, have you become the king of your tribe? If so, nod your head.”

Hongxiao nodded!

“Very good. Since you are the king, you don’t need to grab the Tianfeiguo when it drops. I have a lot of usefulness for the Tianfeiguo, and I need a lot of them. I need your help to intercept others.”

Hongxiao is nodded again!

“You are like this…”

Tang Mubai sound transmission commanded.

The specific steps are to have Hong Xiao order more than 100 deserters to destroy and make trouble when the “Tianfei Fruit” falls, so as not to let other people interfere.

Stronger than body, Huangren is the strongest, even surpassing the ordinary ominous beast.

Therefore, the arrival of Hongxiao made Tang Mubai’s plan more convenient.


as time flows.

The afternoon soon arrived in the evening.

Hanging Mountain, which has not been moving, finally moved under the sunset glow.

First, it emits a circle of but red halo, and then, on the dark and silent inverted mountain, 4 baby fist sized fruits like emeralds are suddenly dropped out of thin air.


After waiting for a day, it was finally opened.

Almost the moment “Tianfeiguo” appeared, the crowds and ominous beasts all around Hanging Mountain suddenly swarmed into the area below Hanging Mountain.

“ao ~”



The roar of the beast, the roar, and the great shout suddenly exploded, detonating the lower part of Hanging Mountain.

Among them, the roar of the Huangren was the loudest. More than 100 Huangren relied on their height and strong physique to run rampant, sweep the crowds in the way, and blast the ominous beast.

Below the first “Tianfei Fruit” that fell the fastest, the most people rushed over.

each and everyone bounced and jumped into the air.

But “Tianfeiguo” hadn’t fallen 100 metres before suddenly disappeared.

The bounced crowd was shocked, and as they fell back to the ground, they all turned their heads and looked towards all around, looking for the one who succeeded.

As far as I could see, only 3 other “Tianfei Fruits” were seen, and the 3 “Tianfei Fruits” separated by at least two hundred meters, one by one, disappeared in the air strangely.

Especially the last “Tianfei Fruit”, someone would have been able to grab the hand, but because of the interception of two deserters, he watched it disappeared.

Of course, after careful calculation, the 4 “Tianfei Fruits”, except for the first one, the other 3 were all blocked by the deserted people, and no one succeeded, and the strange disappeared.

More than 100 ridiculous people seem to be here to make trouble, with a clear purpose, that is, not to let humans succeed!

The crowd yelled at this, and more than a dozen people rushed to the deserted man and were almost killed.

In a hand-to-hand fight against the wild people, the Body Refining Grandmaster can’t have the upper hand.

Regarding the power of body, a ridiculous person can contend with 5 Body Refining Grandmasters at the same time.

The characteristic of deserted people forced everyone to become angry, but no one did it again.

Each and everyone stood under Hanging Mountain and waited for the second wave “Tianfei Fruit” to fall.

Yes, the first wave of “Tianfei Fruits” only had 4!

Tang Mubai sensed Xu Dalu to grab all the 4 “Tianfei Fruits” one by one, and then quickly escaped and swept towards the Miracle 1 Base without anyone noticing it.

During the whole process, Xu Dalu did it alone without Tang Mubai’s help.

Unfortunately, this technique can only be used once.

Xu Dalu turned into lightning and snatched 4 “Tianfei Fruits” and escaped, but no one found it.

But all the 4 “Tianfei Fruits” disappeared strangely. No one was a fool. Soon it occurred to a certain person, or a certain force, who used unknown means to steal the “Tianfei Fruit” strangely when it fell into the air.

At this point, Tang Mubai clearly sensed that the several Innate realm martial artists who stayed on the periphery of Hanging Mountain, their auras and keen perception all around.

If Xu Dalu reappears, he will be sensed by them if he is not sure.

For the first time, no one would have thought of Xu Dalu this method, so let Xu Dalu succeed.

If it comes back the second time, 2% will be discovered.

After all, divine sense scanning is not blowing.

For this reason, Tang Mubai sounded Xu Dalu so that he did not have to come back.

Although the first wave of “Tianfei Fruits” only lost 4 weirdly, only one more is enough.

This one can be snatched by Tang Mubai himself, or Hong Xiao can snatch it.

There is no need to expose Xu Dalu for this.

It is not Xu Dalu that really worries everyone at the scene, but the wrong number of “Tianfeiguo”, too small.

In the past, “Tianfei Fruits” dropped, and there were at least ten.

There were only 4 in this first wave and less than half of them.

Will the second wave be less?

Under Hanging Mountain, the crowd was silent and solemn.

Tang Mubai also frowned slightly.

If the number of second wave “Tianfei Fruits” is smaller and you want to grab one, the process will undoubtedly be very intense.

Of course, there may be more, 5, 8, 1…

No one is too much!

Unfortunately, the result disappointed everyone.

Half an hour later, the second wave “Tianfeiguo” suddenly landed from the sky, with only 3 in number!

The distance between these 3 “Tianfei Fruits” is very close.

After falling from Hanging Mountain, it instantly caused a commotion in the crowd, and then the melee became a group.

All ominous beasts were killed and seriously injured in the first wave.

There are few ominous beasts who dare to come and snatch.

Therefore, when the second wave “Tianfei Fruit” drops, no ominous beast is involved.

There are only human martial artists and deserted people!

A group of people fought under Hanging Mountain, snatching the only three “Tianfei Fruits”.

Tang Mubai paid no attention for an instant, and locked the whereabouts of “Tianfeiguo”.

After seeing the deserter grabbing 2 of them, he relaxed.

Immediately, the condensed sound became a thread and passed it to Hong Xiao, so that she would lead Huang Ren to leave.

Hanging Mountain that appeared this time was too weird.

There are 4 “Tempfera” in the first wave and 3 in the second wave. Is there any “Tempfera” in the Third Wave?

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