Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 497

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Tang Mubai doesn’t know.

It is also impossible to predict through “Sacred Heart Communication”.

Because of the predictive ability, the advance time is too short.

No one knew when the “Tianfei Fruit” would fall.

If Third Wave didn’t drop the “Tianfei Fruit”, the 2 that Huangren grabbed would definitely be besieged by everyone on the scene.

There are more than 100 desolate people, no one alone dare to offend, but if everyone rushes forward, especially after exiting the scope of Hanging Mountain, more than a dozen Innates and over 100 Grandmasters will start their hands. Hongxiao led the desolation. People, even if they can successfully escape through a bloody path, will suffer heavy casualties.

If it were replaced with the previous one, Tang Mubai would not blink even if the Huangren died.

Now it’s different. These wild people are Hong Xiao’s subordinates, and Hong Xiao is a “miracle” person.

In other words, he is also from Tang Mubai!

If the casualties are too large, it will not be good for Tang Mubai, but it will do a lot of harm.

For this reason, leaving early is the best choice.

Two “Tianfei Fruits”, although others are greedy, they can hold back.

After all, the Third Wave “Tianfeiguo” has not come yet.

If the number of Third Wave “Tianfei Fruits” exceeds ten, it is significantly better than grabbing from more than 100 wild people.

and so.

When Hong Xiao, who was prompted by Tang Mubai, led more than 100 people to take away 2 “Tianfei Fruits”, no one intercepted it.

Even if it was out of the envelope of Hanging Mountain, no one stopped it.

More than 100 wild people stepped on heavy footsteps, quickly went away and disappeared in the vast mountains.

Under Hanging Mountain.

The left-behind crowd adjusted their breath and waited for the arrival of the Third Wave “Tianfeiguo”.

Half an hour, one hour, one and a half hours…

Soon, night falls.

Open-air searchlights turned on immediately, illuminating the sky below Hanging Mountain.

The sound of the activation of the small Generator spreads far away in the dark, alarming various Inhuman creatures and coming to Hanging Mountain.

However, just a little closer to the range of Hanging Mountain, he fled in panic.

Because Hanging Mountain all around has too many experts gathered.

There are as many as a dozen Innate martial artists who participated in the snatch of “Tianfeiguo”.

Did not participate, like Tang Mubai, there are 7 Innate martial artists floating in the air outside Hanging Mountain.

It can be said that within the 38th Territory, 47th, 59th, and 61st territories, all Innate realm martial artists are basically concentrated in Hanging Mountain.

The martial artist of that many Innate realm, the breath released, blended together, the king-level Inhuman creature also don’t dare provoke.

Especially among which is included the new town envoy, Zhang Hairui riding a dark horse!

There is this realm powerhouse, an Inhuman creature with a radius of several hundred li, no one dares to come over.

For this reason, no matter how much activity around Hanging Mountain, there are still only martial artists.

A group of people waited for the drop of Third Wave “Tianfeiguo”.

This is another two hours.

When Hanging Mountain radiated pale red halo again, everyone stared with excitement.


“Where is Tianfeiguo?”

“Why is there no Tianfei fruit?”


Below Hanging Mountain, there was a sudden uproar, and the crowd was agitated.

There is no Tianfeiguo!

After the pale red halo dissipated, none of the “Tianfei Fruit” dropped!

Third Wave didn’t even have a “Tianfei Fruit”!

This weird scene caused everyone to wonder, frown, unwilling, and shout.

Tang Mubai, in the messy voice, unsurprisingly heard someone yelling and regretting, and did not take action against the deserted person.

In the second wave, 3 “Tianfei Fruits”, one fell into the hands of an Innate realm martial artist from 47 domains, and 2 were snatched by deserters.

Innate has no one to grab, and Great Influence is behind it.

As long as all of the barren people led by Hong Xiao came together, they could definitely kill most of them.

Of course, this is an ideal scene. In fact, if a battle between a human martial artist and a barren man really takes place, it does not necessarily mean that everyone is desperate.

Those who yell and regret can only yell here.

At this moment, everyone wondered why Hanging Mountain didn’t drop the “Tianfeiguo” from Third Wave.

Tang Mubai tried to visit Hanging Mountain, but did not find…

Hmm, wait!

“Something has fallen!”

Almost at the moment Tang Mubai noticed something strange, someone on the ground also noticed it and shouted.

Suddenly, the shouting crowd fell into silence, and everyone looked up at the sky.

I saw a stone as big as a millstone falling from Hanging Mountain.

That’s right, stone!

It is not “Tianfei Fruit”, nor is it other spiritual medicine Spirit Fruit, but a stone.

A strange stone that is black in its entirety but exudes metallic luster all the time.

The crowd under Hanging Mountain, no one robbed them, their eyes widened, watching the stone dropping from the sky, falling to the ground, making a muffled noise.

Whoosh! Whoosh~

Several Innates who remained on the periphery of Hanging Mountain suddenly dived to the ground and entered the shrouded area below Hanging Mountain.

Zhang Hairui even rode a dark horse, “da da da” all the way, stepping on the void, passing through the crowd.

“We have passed.”

Lu Zhaoyuan, who stopped not far from Tang Mubai, yelled.

“……it is good.”

Tang Mubai nodded, let the Abyssal Bull fall to the ground, and at the same time asked, “Lu Old Brother, there is a problem with that stone?”


Lu Zhaoyuan replied calmly, “If I was not mistaken just now, this falling stone should be the demonic metal!”

“Magic metal?” Tang Mubai was puzzled first, and then surprised, “Metal that can be used to create weapons of demon?”

“Yes.” Liu Fusheng came over and said excitedly, “It’s Magic Metal. Didn’t expect Hanging Mountain Third Wave actually dropped Magic Metal, which is much better than a few’Tianfei Fruit’!”

“Yeah, such a large piece of Demon Halberd can at least create another Demon Halberd!”

“More than that, save some use, 2 broken Demon Halberd can be created.”

“I’m curious, how can Hanging Mountain drop Demon Metal? If I remember correctly, this is the first time splitting heaven and earth apart, right?”

“The ghost knows what’s going on!”


Other Innate martial artists around have spoken.

Everyone landed from the air to below Hanging Mountain.

Oh, no, when everyone came down to the ground, the huge Hanging Mountain had disappeared strangely.

The crowd left behind, surrounded by a stone, exclaimed.

The four words of Kemo Metal attracted everyone’s admiration, but no one snatched it.

Hanging Mountain disappeared, and the invisible weird force field disappeared, and the repelled Power of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth energy quickly returned.

At this time, Zhang Hairui, from the realm of the gods, rode over on a king-level spirit horse. If anyone dared to snatch the magic metal, it would be courting death!

Even the Innate realm martial artist, no one does it.

Because Liu Fusheng, Huang Shengwen, Lu Zhaoyuan and other Innate are all on Zhang Hairui’s side!

No matter how greedy other people are, they can only enjoy their eyes.

Uh, not absolutely!

Just when Zhang Hairui was about to take the Magic Metal, suddenly–

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