Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 498

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A strong wind suddenly blew across the scene.

When it disappeared, the magic metal on the ground also disappeared.

Zhang Hairui, who extended the hand, kept the grasping posture and froze in place.

Liu Fusheng, Huang Shengwen, and the others frowned. At the next moment, they turned their heads neatly and looked towards a tall and burly middle-aged man on the right front.

This burly man is holding the disappearing magic metal in his hands!

Before Zhang Hairui was actually grabbed, Kemo Metal was picked up.


When Tang Mubai saw this, he remained silent and waited for the good show to be performed.

To dare to grab something from Zhang Hairui’s hands, the burly man must be a big man.

“Chen Zhibei, what do you mean?”

Before Zhang Hairui could speak, Liu Fusheng stared at the burly man named Chen Zhibei, solemnly asked.

“It’s boring, Hanging Mountain fell down, doesn’t everyone have a share?”

Chen Zhibei held the black magic metal on the outside of the stone, and while looking carefully, he replied casually.


“Sect Master Chen is right.” Zhang Hairui recovered his face, stopped Liu Fusheng, lightly said with a smile, “The Hanging Mountain that fell down belongs to the masterless object. Whoever gets it belongs to whoever owns it.”

“Haha, it’s still Lord Zhang who has the right things and is comfortable talking.” Chen Zhibeilang smiled.

“You’re welcome, I just speak frankly.” Zhang Hairui smiled, “Everyone has a chance to get the things that fall from Hanging Mountain, but you have to take them away!”

The voice fell, and the right hand grabbed the void.

call out!

The magic metal that Chen Zhibei was holding in his hand disappeared strangely, and when it reappeared, it floated in front of Zhang Hairui.

“Okay, Lord Zhang is right.”

Chen Zhibei narrowed his eyes and said indifferently, “Yes, taking it away is the key. I hope Lord Zhang can save this piece of magic metal well and don’t let others steal it.”

After the words-

Buzz ~

In front of Zhang Hairui, there were abrupt ripples in the void, and Mo Metal was violently shaken, as if he wanted to leave, but was forcibly pulled and unable to escape.

Chen Zhibei’s complexion became ugly after that, and his eyes showed surprised and angry.

“Sect Master Chen can rest assured, I will definitely be optimistic.”

Zhang Hairui stood in place, one after another rays of light lit up all over, shrouded the vibrating Demon Metal, and smiled without a smile.

“Hehe, that’s the best.” The corner of Chen Zhibei’s mouth rose, his fists clenched.

The imposing manner competition and martial arts competition between intangibles quietly unfolded and quietly fell.

The loser is Chen Zhibei!

During the whole process, everyone at the scene saw in their eyes, some showed mockery, some sighed sadly, but they kept quiet tacitly.

Zhang Hairui is really a realm, and Chen Zhibei has the courage to do it.

It is almost unrealistic to want to beat Zhang Hairui.

Therefore, Kemo Metal is undoubtedly owned by Zhang Hairui!

Tang Mubai is more curious about this piece of metal that can be used to build weapons of magic.

There is no idea of ​​having to grab a hand or share a piece of the pie.

One of the reasons is that it is very difficult to build a magic weapon. It takes at least 3 years to complete one.

At that time, Tang Mubai might as well hunt Inhuman creatures and reclaim vitality.

The second is that Tang Mubai already has the Demon Suppression Orb, and he has not even refining the Demon Suppression Orb. The desire for other demon suppression weapons is almost incalculable.

Finally, the demon weapon is actually similar to five revolutions and six revolutions Treasure Item.

Its attribute is demon!

If used to deal with martial artist, or ominous beast, the effect is not even as good as Three Revolutions Treasure Item.

For this reason, Tang Mubai did not wait much after taking a closer look at Kmo Metal. He patted the head of the Abyssal Bull and signaled it to leave.

Old Ox flicked his tail, immediately stepped into the air, stepped into the air, and returned to Red Leaves City.

When the others saw this, they were taken aback for a moment, and then they dispersed.

“Hanging Mountain” disappeared, and the excitement was finished, it really made no sense to stay.

Tang Mubai’s walk is equivalent to reminding others that they can go back to their respective homes.

Including Chen Zhibei, coldly snorted, with his subordinates, soared into the air and flew north.

Seeing this laughed, Zhang Hairui returned to the back of the dark horse while holding Kemo Metal, slowly walking towards the east.

A large group of people gathered quickly disappeared in place.


“Chen Zhibei is a 47 domain, Myriad Swords Sect Elder.”

On the way back to the city, Lu Zhaoyuan overtook Tang Mubai, keeping pace with the speed of the Abyssal Bull. He calmly opened the mouth and said, “In the 47th domain, Chen Zhibei is very famous and powerful. Although he is not psychic, he is The breakthrough arrived at Innate Peak 2 years ago, and the divine sense was born. Compared with Zhang Hairui, who was the same age, the innate talent is twice as good.”

“En? How old is Zhang Hairui?” Tang Mubai grabbed the last sentence and asked.

Di Xiaochuan, Yun Bian, and the others also pricked their ears.

The Abyssal Bull is not fast. After Di Xiaochuan’s entire group caught up, like Lu Zhaoyuan, he chose to go with Tang Mubai.

At this moment, upon hearing the news about Zhang Hairui, they all showed curiosity.

“Yes, Zhang Hairui is already over 300.”

Lu Zhaoyuan was nodded and replied calmly, “Once the breakthrough is in Innate, lifespan is extended to 360 years, Zhang Hairui this year is 305, and the distance is only 55 years left. Within these 55 years, if he cannot Nirvana, the same dust returns to dust, earth returns to earth .”

“On the contrary, Chen Zhibei is different. He is only more than 180 years old this year, and has nearly 200 years of lifespan, charging towards Nirvana. So in terms of potential, Chen Zhibei is even better.”

“It turns out that Zhang Hairui is so old.” Di Xiaochuan said with emotion.

“Yes, after 300 yuan, it’s not far from the end.” Yun Bujian sighed.

Like Zhang Hairui, he is not far from the end!

A martial artist wants to live longer, only to continuously increase cultivation base and breakthrough realm.

Innate can live 360 ​​years.

In these 360 ​​years, if you can’t Nirvana, you will die after time.

In terms of age, Chen Zhibei is indeed twice as strong as Zhang Hairui.

Of course, this is not the basis for Chen Zhibei’s daring and Zhang Hairui’s hands-on grabbing of Demon Metal.

Zhang Hairui’s confidence is his backstage, 10000 Sword Villa!

The 6 Sword Villa, one of the six Sword Sects, one of the top six powers in Dongzhou.

Chen Zhibei wanted to grab the Demon Sword, with a simple purpose, to create a Demon Sword!

If Zhang Hairui was not present, he would have won the Magic Metal, which is indeed a good place to go.

After all, Demonic Creature is the enemy of mankind.

It is a good thing to be able to have one more magic weapon, no matter who is in the hands of this weapon.

Chen Zhibei missed, can only say that he was out of luck.

If he came from the 38th Territory, Zhang Hairui might have given it too.

The areas guarded by Zhang Hairui are 38th Territory, 59th Territory, and 61st Territory.

Excluding the 47 domains across the Tiandang River!

There is a competitive relationship between the township envoy and the township envoy.

This thing of Demon Metal, reported to Qingtianyuan, is of great benefit to Zhang Hairui.

How could he give it to the irrelevant Chen Zhibei for nothing?


Along the way, Tang Mubai listened to news about Zhang Hairui and Chen Zhibei introduced by Lu Zhaoyuan.

After returning to Red Leaves City, quickly pass the Transmission Array of the station and return to the Miracle 1 Base.

Come to the surface and wait at the entrance of the valley.

Before dawn, at the outside of Hanging Mountain, the agreed Hongxiao, a person rushed over with “Tianfeiguo”.

Well, there is a fantasy world demon dragon leading the way, let her enter.

Hong Xiao brought the 2 “Tianfei Fruits” that Huang Ren got.

Tang Mubai only needed one, and the other one was given to Hong Xiao for her to take.

Bloodline, the wild man of Hongxiao, wants to continuously improve and limit the breakthrough, so he has to eat a lot of heavenly materials, earthly treasures.

“Tianfeiguo” is just one of them, a rare spiritual medicine.

The stronger Hongxiao is, the more help Tang Mubai is.

Hong Xiao didn’t say much about it, but took it back and reported to Tang Mubai’s achievements these days.

Yes, it is the record!

According to Hong Xiao, she has already conquered 2 deserted tribes.

Preparing to conquer the third one!

After devouring “Tianfeiguo”, it is not far from conquering the third one.


Take the “Tianfeiguo” back to the station with the help of Transmission Array.

Collect 5 “Tianfei Fruits”, Tang Mubai finds Su Lingxi.

Su Lingxi, who had just gotten up, saw the 5 “Tianfei Fruits” at first glance, her eyes lighted up suddenly, and exclaimed with joy, “This is the’Tianfei Fruit’? Very good! No wonder it can replace the ancestral spiritual liquid and develop baptism. “

Hearing this, Tang Mubai chuckled, “5’Tianfei Fruits’ gotten, when will baptism begin?”

“In the afternoon!”

Su Lingxi patted her hand and said excitedly, “Baptism needs some preparations, and’Tianfeiguo’ also needs some treatment. It is not taken directly, but in the way of bathing decoction.”

“Okay, I will trouble you.” Tang Mubai put down “Tianfeiguo”, “At the beginning of the afternoon, I will come to protect the law.”

“No problem.” Su Lingxi readily accepted.

Using “Tianfeiguo” for baptism, she only read it in the ancient book left at home.

To prevent accidents, someone really needs to protect the law.

Tang Mubai defeated Zhuge Changshou with enough strength. Even more how, there is the Abyssal Beast, a king-level Spirit Beast, sitting next to him.

The combination of the two is completely enough to protect the law.


Su Lingxi went to prepare for baptism, and Tang Mubai was idle.

Well, it’s not going to be idle.

Tang Mubai will not relax his vigilance for a moment before the hidden dangers of Zhuge Changshou father and son are resolved.

The father and son were defeated by Tang Mubai, and all their faces were lost.

If they don’t retaliate, the fool won’t believe it either.

At this point, Hanging Mountain disappeared and others left 38th Territory one after another. Their father and son remained in Red Leaves City, which is a clear proof.

Tang Mubai had to monitor for this and pay attention to their movements.

But this is not a long-term solution. After all, there is no reason for 1000 days to prevent thieves.

Just do it to the end, once and for all!

However, Zhuge stayed long and Tang Mubai could only bear it for the time being.

If the father and son died in Red Leaves City, regardless of whether Tang Mubai was exposed or not, they would be targeted by White Tiger Gate.

Only when they leave the 38th Territory can they start.

As for the strength of Innate Peak, Tang Mubai can not only be defeated by confrontation, but assassination can be done easily.

Unfortunately, so far, I can only wait.

If the stone giant Avatar in the vicinity, there is no need to wait.

Well, thinking of the Giant Stone Avatar, Tang Mubai’s mouth couldn’t stop rising.

Open the system panel and check the life essence column.

In terms of cumulative lifespan, I don’t know when it will reach 513856 years!

More than 50 10,000 years lifespan!

This value has nothing to do with Tang Mubai’s body, it is brought by the stone giant Avatar!


The vast Sea Territory.

A sea breeze whistled past, sweeping the sky and the sea, setting off waves, rising and falling with each other.

At 100 meters above the sea, the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar stood up in the air, looking all around, looking at the seabed from time to time.

After coming to Sea Territory for several days, there is no trace of the whereabouts of “Samsara Cave Sky”.

Only the approximate range and the specific location are recorded on the map, not at all.

Because the vast ocean itself has no reference.

If so, it’s seabed!

However, after the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar arrived, he flew over the sea and wandered for several days without finding any prominent.

On the contrary, the Demon Immortal vine released for hunting gave Tang Mubai the stone giant Avatar a lot of surprises.

【Vitality +134】

【Vitality +36】

【Vitality +17】

【Vitality +208】


A series of prompts flashed quickly.

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, flies over the sea, and the recovered vitality adds a few thousand years of lifespan again.

The cause of all this is a huge black shadow in the sea.

A long strip 8 more than a hundred meters, just like the terrifying “water beast” in python.

Demon Immortal Vine!

The last time it sneaked into the Tianshu headquarters, the Demon Immortal vine split into ten branches and lost 9 of them.

The only branch, according to normal circumstances, wants to restore to the original level, I don’t know how long it takes.

However, this time the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar came to the Sea Territory to find the “Samsara Cave Sky” and put the Demon Immortal vine into the sea. It only took a short day to restore it to its original level.

The reason is that there are too many water animals and fish in the sea!

Even if some fish can only collect single-digit vitality, they cannot hold back the large number.

They were swallowed and hunted in groups of 10000 or more than 10000 at a time.

Accumulate lifespan all at once!

It can be said that the Demon Immortal vine entering the sea is even happier than the dragon entering the sea.

Countless lives in the sea were torn by it all the way, devouring flesh and blood, and at the same time increasing the strength, contributing a lot of vitality to the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar to recover.

Accumulating lifespan in 513856 is not the end point. This value is constantly increasing every moment.

Tang Mubai’s body is seen through the system panel, and it is indescribable joy.

Tang Mubai hadn’t noticed before that the Demon Immortal vine had this effect.

I have to say this is good news.

A special spiritual object like the Demon Immortal vine, indeed, only the sea is suitable for it.

【Vitality +51】

【Vitality +6】

【Vitality +130】


The recycling prompt keeps flashing.

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, controls the Demon Immortal vine while seabed to hunt and recover vitality, while continuing to search for the entrance to “Samsara Cave Sky”.

According to the special characteristics of Heaven Beyond the Heaven and Mountain Beyond the Mountain, “Samsara Cave Sky” should not be accidental and there should be related natural phenomenon.

Maybe, time is short?

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, pondered to himself.

On the vast sea, a huge ship suddenly appeared at this moment.

New World ships sail in offshore areas and go deep into the sea, all of which are courting death.

Just because there are too many giant beasts and monsters in the sea, too strong.

If you need to travel to other continents, basically take a sky-to-air battleship and fly over.

But this huge ship that suddenly appeared was sailing toward the deep sea!

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