Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 499

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“Wow ~ Wow ~”

The sea is surging and the tide is surging.

The huge ship more then 500 meters long broke through the wind and waves and sailed on the vast sea.

There is no flag tied to the mast in the center of the standing ship, and no modern weapons are seen on the deck.

At the end of the ship, each and everyone containers were piled up, suspected of being transported.

And at the bow, one old and one young, facing the blowing sea breeze, looking at the sea in the distance.

“How long will it take to arrive?”

The one who spoke was the old man, he was strong, strong features, and sharp-eyed.

As he spoke, his hands were held behind his back, and an imposing manner stood proudly.


The handsome, fair-skinned teenager, holding a timer, replied, “Last Uncle and I left, according to the current speed of the boat, we walked for 4 hours and twenty six minutes and returned to the island.”

“According to this time, we set off from the island and followed the directions. So far, we have walked for 3 hours and 50 one minute.”

“That is, we will reach our destination in 35 minutes!”

“En.” The old man listened and answered calmly, “Since it is almost here, then order to go down and be prepared.”


The teenager took out his cell phone, dialed the number, and quickly ordered, “Everyone, get ready!”

“Yes!!” A neat echo came from the phone.

When the teenager heard it, hung up the phone, looked at the sea in the distance, and continued excitedly, “7 grandfather, do you think there are any treasures left in that ruin? In such a big place, I think there will be no shortage of treasures!”

“It’s too early to say this now.” The old man responded indifferently, “It won’t be too late until you find a place. A bad one. You can’t find the place you found last time.”

“This…It shouldn’t be?” The young man laughed dryly, “Although there are no specific coordinates, the last time we walked, we recorded the time, speed, and direction. This time we searched for the same time, speed, and direction. I should be able to find a place.”

“Even if there is a slight deviation, when we get to the corresponding place, at worst, we will look for it at seabed. There are 7 grandfathers you are always there, we can definitely find it!”

Old man, “If you have a flattery for your cultivation, then Mastery, it will be fine.”

Juvenile 囧.


Several dozen li outside, in a cloud in the sky.

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, listened to the conversation between the two, and his heart moved inexplicably.


The ruins found by these two people are not related to “Samsara Cave Sky”?

For countless years, many relics have indeed been left in the vast sea.

But within this Sea Territory, the biggest relic should be “Samsara Cave Sky”!

Tang Mubai searched for several days but could not find a specific location.

According to the young man, they have been here last time, and now they are coming back for the treasure in the ruins.

If the ruins they were looking for were really “Samsara Cave days” or related to “Samsara Cave days”, then it would save Tang Mubai a lot!

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai restraining aura continues to hide in the clouds.

While listening to the movement of one old and one young on the giant ship, control the Demon Immortal vine in the sea and hunt for food far away.


“Oh la la ~!”

The waves are rolling and the sea is rippling.

The huge ship sailed all the way, braved the wind and waves, and went straight to the deep sea.

This walk is half an hour.

After a few more minutes, the huge huge ship stopped on the sea.

The teenager standing on the bow, holding a special Telescope, leaning on the railing, looking down at the sea.

After a while, he raised his head, lowered his voice, and said excitedly, “7 grandfather, here, here, we are here, the location is right, right there! It is more than a hundred meters away from the east side of the ship, the seabed is not very deep , Some corners of the ruins can be clearly seen!”

“Well, I saw it.” The old man replied indifferently, “It is indeed a relic, or a Formation, but there are quite a few things inside.”

“Where do you live? 7 grandfather is the shark?” The boy narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, did you find out last time?” The old man cast a glance at the boy.

“Yes, last time we rushed away because a large number of sharks got out of the seabed.” The boy grinned, “In order to clean them, I specially prepared a lot of good goods this time to let them taste.”

“Okay, you can do it, let me see too.” The old man chuckled.

“Hey, 7 grandfather, you are optimistic.”

The teenager smiled triumphantly, picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number, “I found the location, 100 metres to the east, lock the target for me, let it go!”



High altitude.

Tang Mubai listened to the conversation between the two people and made a slight difference.

Shark! ?

The ruins they were looking for were occupied by a group of sharks?

Like the giant, the shark belongs to one of the four great aliens.

There are many, living in the Sea Territory, which is the strongest One of the Overlords in the Sea Territory.

There are sharks living in the lower part of this area. Tang Mubai hadn’t found it before, nor had the Demon Immortal vines touched.

The teenagers on the huge ship were able to find and start operations. I have to say that they were well prepared.


Woo! Woo! Woo!

The swift and abnormal sound of penetrating the sea sounded in the sea.

I saw the side of the giant ship, suddenly opened the each and everyone hole, and shot out a fish-like bomb from inside.

With a sloping road strength, all the way diagonally downwards, straight to the seabed.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

The dull sound of explosions rose from the seabed.

The surging power, from bottom to top, brought up a large amount of sea water, soaring into the sky.

“Oh la la ~!” “oh la la ~!”

The sea is overwhelming, like giant dragons dancing on the sea.

As countless bubbles were tumbling, lumps of red blood came out of the seabed, mixed with sea water and stained the surface of the red sea.

“Haha, it worked, it worked!”

On the deck, the young man slapped his thighs and yelled excitedly, “These sharks are really rigid enough. They have been hiding there and don’t move around. Now it’s okay. I was killed by this bomb! The whole army was wiped out!”

“You think too much.” The old man on the side, Ruthless struck, “The shark below, half of them are not dead, and are coming to the sea.”

“It’s okay.” The young man waved his hand disapprovingly. “You will come up, and you will die after you come up.”

“Puff puff puff ~”

Almost as soon as the boy’s voice fell, on the bloody sea water, each and everyone strong and tall humanoids appeared.

These people have the same flexible arms as humans, covered with fine scales all over their bodies, fish tails on the lower body, heads like fish heads, but human faces. It’s just that the five officers on the face are very ugly, even hideous. In the open mouth, sharp fangs are densely covered. During exhalation, one after another water vapor was sprayed.

There are a lot of them, one after another, constantly drilling out of the sea and surrounding the giant ship.

“Human, you courting death!”

Hoarse, blunt human language sounded on the sea.

A fishtail patted the surface of the sea. The tall mackerel with a height of more than 4 meters stared at the young man and the old man on the huge ship with bloodthirsty eyes, and shouted, “Kill me clansman, destroy my home, no matter what Whoever you are, you must die today!”


The other sharks followed the roar and let out a harsh roar.

At the next moment, thousands of sharkmen charged towards the giant ship.

Half on the sea and half on the seabed.

But both the sea and the seabed were blocked by an invisible force when they approached the giant ship 50 meters, and could not move forward.

Hum ~ hum ~

The air vibrated.

I saw that the huge ship all around lit up a group of rays of light. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was each and everyone Formation.

Dozens of Formations started together, and the power generated by the operation formed a protective cover, covering the giant ship, blocking the shark from approaching.

“roar! !”

The tall shark who spoke harsh human language before saw this scene and roared in anger. The next second, it suddenly waved the huge bone spear it held in its hand, and projected the extremely sharp bone spear towards the huge ship.

Woo! Woo! Woo!

The other sharks saw, follow closely from behind, throwing the bone spear in his hand.

These bone spears are made of fish bones, and the top part flashes cold light. After the breaking wind flies out, it brings up one after another current, and soars into the sky. A brain strikes on the protective cover that envelopes the giant ship.

“pa pa pa !”

The bone spear hit the protective cover, making a series of noises.

On the protective cover, there were waves of ripples, but there was no broken or even cracks.

“Haha, I want to break our array even with these bone spears. It’s really wishful thinking.” On the deck, the boy looked at this scene and laughed excitedly.

“Hello ~!”

The tall mackerel roars, his bloodthirsty eyes burst with murderous intention.

The bone spear attack was useless. It didn’t stop at all. Instead, it became more angry and twisted the air around it.

Next moment ——

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

One after another water column, protruding abruptly from the sea, like a giant dragon, slammed into the giant ship.

At the same time, other sharks sank into the sea, hovering all around the huge ship, stirring the sea, and a huge vortex appeared.

hu~ hu~ Phew!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

When the sea was driven, the powerful force produced vortex, it set off the whole Sea Territory to boil.

“Crash-bang ~”

Countless seawaters were towed, wrapped and turned into a huge “giant dragon”, circling and whistling around the huge ship.

As the “giant dragon” spins, it releases terrifying power, entangles the giant ship, and squeezes the protective cover to keep shaking.

Hum ~ hum ~ hum ~

pa pa pa ~

Bang! bang! bang!

Muffled sound, impact sound, rumbling sound.

In an instant, the entire sea surface was flooded with a large amount of boiling sea water, and the condensed “giant dragon” turned to form a vortex, squeezing the giant ship crazily.

The magnificent scene, the sea and the sky formed by the raging waves, gave a strong visual shock.

At least Tang Mubai in the sky, watching this scene, his heart was touched.

The feelings of the extremely mysterious and abstruse in the past hit my heart, as if I was going to fall into a sudden enlightenment.

But not enough, just a little bit short of it!

In Red Leaves City, Tang Mubai’s body noticed it and immediately took out the “understanding spiritual liquid” and drank half of it.


The Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar on the sea and high in the sky began to blurry consciousness.

The feeling of extremely mysterious and abstruse in the body’s mind was successfully grasped under the stimulation of comprehension of spiritual liquid.

And in the next second, enter the sudden enlightenment state!

On the sea, the “giant dragon” ship capsize plan launched by thousands of people has continued to be implemented, and it is getting better and better.

Cracks began to appear on the huge huge ship under the squeeze of the non-stop “big ship”.

High altitude.

The Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar fell into a sudden enlightenment, and felt the majestic scene of howling wind and torrential rain and sea wave overflowing heaven on the endless sea.

one after another A huge wave swept the sky from the sea and rose into the sky, turning into an angry dragon of water, making a loud, high and long howl. One after another, one after another.

Meaning Sea of ​​Consciousness In the ocean, there are countless giant dragons and angry dragons roaring Heaven and Earth, echoing the void.

Slowly, slowly, these giant dragons of water and angry dragons have become Fire Dragons, wind dragons, Thunder Dragons, and earth dragons…appear in Tang Mubai’s Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Countless giant dragons are entangled with each other, and are entirely different, caring about the sea of ​​Consciousness, roaring and flying.

The speed is getting faster and faster.



There was a sudden light in front of him, and Tang Mubai woke up from sudden enlightenment.

Feeling a little bit of himself, his eyes burst with uncontrollable joy.

Yijing Perfection, the earth intent domain is actually Great Perfection!

Earlier, the earth intent domain raised by consuming lifespan was in a small perfection state.

But at this moment, after the sudden enlightenment just now, it was suddenly promoted to Great Perfection.

It takes 100 10,000 years of lifespan to upgrade from Perfection to Great Perfection.

This time sudden enlightenment, equivalent to saving 100 10,000 years lifespan.

Comprehend that spiritual liquid is too strong!

Tang Mubai took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

Watching the “giant dragon” released by the mackerel, squeezing the giant ship, feeling touched, only to find the door, what really opens the door is the spiritual liquid obtained from the Tianshu headquarters.

Drink most of the bottle of spiritual liquid and catch up with this wave of insights, and then you have the Great Perfection of the earth intent domain!

When the earth intent domain Great Perfection is smaller than Perfection, the changes brought about can be described as Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

The biggest one is that when Tang Mubai originally wanted to use the power of the earth intent domain, he could only use it.

For example, rushing into the air, diving down from the air, and using gravity.

But now, the earth intent domain Great Perfection, Tang Mubai uses the power of the earth intent domain, no need to use it anymore, it is directly manufactured and then controlled!

For example, Tang Mubai can now control the infinite water in the sea, forming a water dragon, a huge wall of water, a huge wave, and even a monstrous tsunami!

Of course, there are limits to the controllable range.

How big is the battle between the mackerel and the giant ship, Tang Mubai temporarily endured it before the curtain came to an end.

After the two parties are over, try again.

Thousands of sharkmen drove the “giant dragon” released by the sea to circulate and squeeze around the giant ship.

Tang Mubai sees the whole picture, with the feeling of the earth intent domain Great Perfection, slowly, slowly, and gaining insight.

In Red Leaves City, Tang Mubai perceives this and simply drinks the remaining spiritual liquid.

The next moment, meaning Sea of ​​Consciousness, the angry dragon roaring Heaven and Earth, the scene of tossing the sea, reappeared decisively.

Affected by it, Tang Mubai couldn’t help shaking his hands.

No longer hesitating this time, the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar rushed out of the clouds, headed towards the distant Sea Territory, and swiftly swept away.

Whiz whiz whiz !

The speed is increased to the fastest.

Charge ahead several dozen li in one breath, and it is almost 100 miles away from the location of the giant ship.

Tang Mubai couldn’t help it anymore, and let out the roaring Water Fury Dragon with a long roar.

“ao ~”

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