Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 500

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The sound like a dragon roar echoes Heaven and Earth.

A small whirlwind abruptly set off on the calm sea below.

The whirlwind circled and hovered constantly.

In just 3 seconds, the range was expanded tenfold, and the water vapor was drawn to condense in the air, forming a huge vortex, slowly rising on the sea.

唰 ~ 唰 ~ 唰 ~

The vortex keeps rising, getting bigger and faster.

An invisible but powerful force of strength control was born.

Under the traction of this force, the seawater within the coverage of vortex, the “crash-bang” is dragged, circling and whistling, condensing into a dragon shape.

With the vortex, the huge “water dragon” winds upwards and rises into the sky, driving countless seawater to rise into the air, pulling up a 100-meter-long water wall with rising height.

“Hua!” “hua!”


The water wall moved and moved forward under the “water dragon” package. Wherever it passed, the air was completely muddled, the space was squeezed and ripples appeared, and the void made a series of dull loud noises, detonating the sea like a thunder.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“bang! ——”

I moved forward and went up 1000 meter away in one breath. The “water dragon” gradually dissipated and turned back to the disappearance of water vapor. The water wall that had been Gundam 500 meters long and 100 meters long also collapsed, turned back into sea water and hit the sea. There was a loud noise, and the water vapor rising from the lasing spread everywhere, and countless water sprays were thrown in the air.


Another trick!

Compared with the “fire and wind”, this trick looks a little weaker, but Tang Mubai can sense that when the “water dragon” was holding the wall of water straight forward, there was still an endless amount of surplus power that was not displayed. Keep increasing.

To put it bluntly, this trick is comprehended under the drive of the earth intent domain.

The place where Tang Mubai is at this moment happens to be on the sea.

As long as Tang Mubai is willing, the power that this trick can drive can be constantly strengthened, strengthened, and strengthened again.

Because the sea is almost endless, the Sea Territory is too big.

Immeasurable Sea !

Correspondingly, there are boundless wind, boundless fire, boundless drought…

Therefore, this trick can be named “infinite”.

Infinite power!



The sea breeze rushed towards the face with moist water vapor.

Standing in the air, Tang Mubai perceives the profound mystery of “infinite”.

The deeper, the more amazed.

With the Great Perfection earth intent domain as the cornerstone, this trick launched can be described as endless changes, not only can be released alone, but also can be integrated with each other.

Just like wind and fire, water and fire!

Tang Mubai felt for a while before he stopped.

Separate release has been mastered, and blending with each other has to be slowly tested.

The most important thing right now is the battle between the mackerel and the owner of the giant ship.

Turn around, use Divine Ability, look at the direction when you come.

A distance of 100 miles away, Tang Mubai saw that the battle between the shark man and the giant ship had come to an end.

First of all, the protective cover of the giant ship shattered, some of the people on the ship fell into the sea, and some left with the help of the Transmission Array.

As Tang Mubai looked past, the excited boy was passing a Transmission Array in the center of the giant ship, leaving the giant ship with the rest of the people.

A few seconds after they teleported away, the huge giant ship suddenly exploded and plunged into the sea.

The sharks who rushed into the giant ship, or all around the giant ship, died tragically in the explosion.

The old man and the tall shark are flying in the sea, entangled with each other.


The old man and the tall shark are both realm martial artists.

The symbol of Innate is to open up spiritual fields, to give birth to spirit strength, and then to gradually open up the Divine Ability of 5 orifices to condense divine sense.

The divine sense covers a certain area, shrinks slowly, and finally reaches the control area.

It’s psychic!

This area is named Martial Arts Field, or Martial Field for short.

Within the Martial Domain, the martial artist in question was almost invincible.

That is to say, in most cases, the Martial Domain is difficult to break by external forces.

Only the Wuyu against the Wuyu can defeat each other.

The birth of Wu Yu has a lot to do with artistic conception. If divine sense breeds, it will comprehended artistic conception. The birth of Wuyu will be several times, ten times faster than others.

Because of the motivation and catalyst of artistic conception, the birth of Wuyu is easier.

Although the martial domain where each person was born, have nothing common with each other, the control range is different.

Just like at this moment, under the gaze of Tang Mubai, the battle between the old man and the tall mackerel, the former is not as good as the latter.

The Wuyu of the old man is a translucent flaming red sphere about 30 metres in diameter.

Inside, there is a flame knife that shuttles quickly and cuts continuously.

The martial area of ​​the tall mackerel is a water blue sphere with a diameter of about 50 meters.

Hmm, maybe this water basket-colored sphere is not called Wu Yu?

Just like the giant manpower field, it is actually an alternative martial arts domain.

Tang Mubai realized after a while and had a deeper understanding of the giant manpower field.

Like the giant, the shark is a different Human Race.

Their good side, the means of controlling power, are different from human beings.

The blue sphere of water released by the tall mackerel, one after another water wall tumbling and impacting, and the old man’s flame knife array are consumed by each other. To put it bluntly, it is a kind of martial arts.

The 2 collisions, offsets, and the spreading range is very large. Wherever it passes, the seawater either evaporates or rolls, and the agitation produces each and everyone vortex.

The entire sea was in chaos in the battle between the old man and the tall mackerel.

However, Tang Mubai watched from a distance for a while, and he could see that the old man was suppressed!

The old man who uses the flame sword formation as the martial domain is not the opponent of the tall shark.

The speed at which the flame knife was born and replenished could not keep up with the speed of dissipation.

In other words, the Flame Blade Array is disintegrating step by step.

As for the tall mackerel winning, it’s not because its water blue sphere is larger.

But where it is, it is on the sea.

To put it bluntly, it is home court advantage!

Fighting in the endless sea of ​​water, the old man’s flame sword formation martial arts Innate is weaker.

As time goes by, this weakness is getting bigger and bigger.

The tall mackerel has been pestering the old man again, causing the old man to be unable to withdraw.

In the end, the old man a long whistle hurriedly exploded before the flame blade array’s martial arts dissipated.

“Boom ~!”

There was a loud noise.

A small mushroom cloud shaped like a flame knife rose up from the sea.

A large amount of sea water was evaporated, and a huge funnel-shaped vortex appeared on the sea surface at the center of the explosion, which stirred all around sea water and went deep down.

The old man Self-destruction is dead, but the tall shark is not dead, but it is also affected. There are several blood holes in the scaly body, and blood is constantly leaking out. One arm was broken in half, and the fish’s tail cracked several times.

Although he didn’t die, he was seriously injured like this. If he didn’t cultivate for a year or two, he would not want to recover.

Tang Mubai stared from a distance, looking at the tall mackerel with a hideous face and fire-breathing eyes.

A move in my heart!

In the next second, take out the dragon head bow and the fierce prison sword, explode the power of the giant, and use the fierce prison sword as the arrow to display the “divine arrow”.



The fierce prison sword wrapped in strength first shoots straight 100 meters away, and then tearing the Void, disappeared.


“Divine arrow” on the 7th floor, the arrow broke through the sky!

An arrow was shot, across the space, and attacked the target.

100 miles away.

The tall shark, full of pain and anger, flew out of the fierce prison sword as soon as he was alert and the void in front of him.

The speed is too fast, the tall shark without any defense, on the spot, the arrow turned by the fierce prison sword hit the chest and shot a big hole, even the neck burst.

The ferocious head flew high with the spray of blood mist.

Then, and his dilapidated body fell to the sea.

Kill it while it is ill.

For the shark, Tang Mubai is not polite.

Kill with one arrow, send the tall shark back to heaven, and feel extremely happy.

Shark people are no better than giants, and some of them have good relations with humans.

From the very beginning, the sharks stand on the opposite of human beings, and they will never let go of anyone who can kill humans.

If it weren’t for them to be inseparable from the sea and unable to move on land for a long time, they would have long been like Half-Beastman, trying to destroy human cities all the time.

Not to mention that the tall shark is immortal, and Tang Mubai enters the seabed to check the site occupied by the other party, and whether the ruins discovered by the young man belong to the “Samsara Cave Sky”.

Taken together, the existence of the tall shark is not necessary, it must die.


Tang Mubai flew quickly and returned to the area where the old man and the tall shark were fighting.

After approaching the range-

【Vitality +1278】

【Vitality +1893】

【Vitality +165】

【Vitality +171】


A series of recycling prompts suddenly flashed past.

Tang Mubai, who hurried back, grabbed all the vitality left behind after the death of the shark dissipated.

He flew forward several hundred meters again and found the Hell Sword that fell into the sea.

Tang Mubai only returned to the remains occupied by the mackerel, located under a pile of stones on the seabed.

The old man scans through divine sense and finds that the stones pile is under the array.

Tang Mubai checked at this time and he could see at least half of the formation diagram, exposed outside.

After a round tour, it is impossible to verify.

Tang Mubai simply exploded with the power of the giant, blasting all the stones of different sizes and pushing them to the distance, revealing a complete formation diagram.

Although it was a little broken, Tang Mubai’s eyes lit up as soon as the complete formation diagram came out.

found it!

This Formation is really related to “Samsara Cave Sky”.

Because there are several vacant rune marks on the formation diagram, the branch is in it.

A string of runes found on “Samsara Scripture” corresponds to these marks.

This scene made Tang Mubai happy.

If the entrance is found, the next step is simple.

First, go down to the formation diagram and move all rune marks to form a series.

When it is exactly the same as rune on “Samsara Scripture”——

“Ka-cha ~!”

The huge formation diagram suddenly trembled.

Immediately after that, the entire formation diagram seemed to come alive, and the circles of the pattern automatically rotated.

The broken part has little effect, because it is in the corner and on the surface and does not affect the operation of Formation.

If you really want to say yes, it is a bit slow.

When it revolves, it is accompanied by tremors, which seems to be able to stop and break apart at any time.

Fortunately, it didn’t happen in the end, and it just kept running slowly.

When it rotates 9 times and stops–


A thick beam of light suddenly lased from the formation diagram and went straight to the sea.

Upon seeing this, Tang Mubai quickly ascended from the seabed to the sea, looking towards high altitude.

Within the range of sight, 1000 meters high in the sky, a huge floating island, shining in the sun, blooming dazzling rays of light.

seabed formation diagram The laser beam hit a position in the center of the floating island.

This position seems to be where the activation button is located.

It was because of being stimulated that the entire floating island appeared.

Yes, Tang Mubai had not found floating islands before.

Before the old man entire group, there were thousands of shark people, but no floating island was found.

This floating island is no accident and is protected by Formation.

In this regard, Tang Mubai ascended all the way, and when he approached the floating island, he found that there was Formation operating outside the floating island.

Arranged in the formation diagram of the seabed, and the peripheral array of the floating island, correspond to each other.

Compared with seabed, the Formation on the periphery of the floating island belongs to the maze, used to confuse.

It acts directly on the brain and is received by people and birds from a distance, and subconsciously avoids the area where the floating island is located.

This function is obviously artificially arranged!


In a sprint, the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, went through the range of the puzzle and came to the island.

The power of the maze is very strong, but Tang Mubai’s perfect will is immediately immune.

I quickly went up to the island, where I entered the eyes, there were pitted ground and broken buildings everywhere.

“These are the old sites of’Samsara Sect’?”

Tang Mubai wondered.

The island is very large, with mountains and water. Many ancient buildings are scattered among the mountains and rivers.

It’s just that these buildings have already collapsed and shattered.

There are even a few dead bones in the corner.

There is no doubt that the doorman of “Samsara Sect” died here.

Of course, there may be people outside.

No matter who it is, Tang Mubai doesn’t care about it.

He even wanted to know, where is “Samsara Cave Sky”.

Everything on this island is obviously not “Samsara Cave sky”.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven and Mountain Beyond the Mountain are both related to reality, but they are independent.

The real entrance to “Samsara Cave Sky” is therefore located somewhere.

Tang Mubai thought of this and turned on the “Sacred Heart Pass” to sense all around the corner.

After a while, I simply closed my eyes and followed the induction.

Leave the ruins, enter the mountain, and set foot in a cave.

Finally, stopped in an empty hole.

In the cave in the belly of the mountain, more than a dozen runes and densely packed strange patterns are depicted on the walls all around.

These lines are not like Formation, but like special lines.

Tang Mubai’s brain moved, he pondered for a moment, and suddenly, eyes shined and talked.

Read 2 paragraphs of text found on “Samsara Scripture”!

Although the tone was jerky and weird during the chanting process, it stopped for an instant.

Hum ~!

All around the lines on the wall, as if being electrocuted, suddenly burst into rays of light and lit up.

First one, then two, three…

Until all the lines are brightened, a dozen runes are stimulated, and a light curtain is projected, which falls on the ground of the cave in the belly of the mountain, forming a 3 meter high arched gate.


The door opened and a beam of bright light shot out from the inside.

Tang Mubai stood in front of the door and looked towards the door.

Where you enter the eye, a huge and different space emerges.

“Samsara Cave Day” found!

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