Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 501

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Red Leaves City.

The location of Miracle Mercenary Group.

in the room.


Su Lingxi clapped her hands and exclaimed, “According to the record in the ancient book, it takes 3 days to carry out baptism with’Tianfeiguo’. During these 3 days, the baptism process cannot be interrupted. Once interrupted, it will accelerate the backlash of Bloodline Strength. So, you We must continue to protect the law for 3 days!”

“Understood.” Tang Mubai nodded, “Don’t worry, outside… well, wait!”

Suddenly, Tang Mubai expression changed.

“What’s the matter?” Su Lingxi hearing this, her face puzzled.

“Wait first.” Tang Mubai reached out and stopped, “don’t baptism yet, wait a minute.”

“Uh…” Su Lingxi was confused.

Tang Mubai didn’t explain either, just frowned.

At the moment, he suddenly felt a bad feeling.

Under “Sacred Heart Communication”, this bad feeling is not aimed at him, but it is related to him.

It’s not him, but it’s related to him?

Tang Mubai didn’t need to think deeply, he could see the source, the baptism of the little cousin!

Obviously, Su Lingxi gave “Tianfeiguo” to her little cousin for baptism, and something would happen.

Someone is staring secretly!

Once baptism begins, the opponent will come to the door.

This had nothing to do with Tang Mubai.

But Tang Mubai, as a law protector, makes an interception and it matters!

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai exhaled a little, looked towards Su Lingxi, said solemnly, “How much do you know about’Tianfeiguo’?”

“What, what do you mean?” Su Lingxi was puzzled, “What do you understand?”

“That’s how much information you have about’Tianfeiguo’. What are the characteristics of’Tianfeiguo’? What is the condition when it was taken? Will there be any natural phenomenon when giving baptism to Zhener?” Tang Mubai breathed a sigh of relief Asked.

“This…” Su Lingxi groaned, “I only know that’Tianfeiguo’ can perform baptism on our Bloodline, mainly for purification. As for other things, I don’t know much about it. When I first looked at the related records of’Tianfeiguo’ , The above is not very detailed.”

“Is that so?” Tang Mubai was silent.

Su Lingxi’s answer was as expected.

She really didn’t know much about “Tianfeiguo”!

The person who caused Tang Mubai’s bad feelings knows!

The other party has been waiting, waiting for someone to use “Tianfei Guo”.

Hanging Mountain dropped 7 “Tianfei Fruits” in the first wave and second wave. No one knows who robbed the first 4 of them.

The next 3 stars, 2 were snatched by the deserter, and one fell into the hands of the Innate realm martial artist who was present.

Those who hide behind the scenes are waiting for the first four.

He seems to know, or bet, that the 4 disappeared “Tianfei Fruits” are still in Red Leaves City!

If you use “Tianfeiguo” to give your little cousin baptism, you have to leave Red Leaves City if you want to have no trouble.

It’s not for Tang Mubai, for this reason, Shengxintong cannot sense the specific location.

Most sense that the other party is located in Beicheng District!

But which street or corner in Beicheng District is not clear.


took a deep breath, Tang Mubai pressed down the restlessness in the heart, looked towards Su Lingxi, said solemnly, “Baptism cannot be carried out here.”

“Why?” Su Lingxi blurted out.

“No reason, in short, it just doesn’t work.” Tang Mubai said solemnly, “If you want baptism, you have to change a place. You take what you prepared and follow me.”

“Hey… okay, okay, let’s listen to you.” Su Lingxi spread her hands and expressed obedience.

Tang Mubai is cautious, she is eager.

Immediately, Su Lingxi entered the room, took the tub full of liquid, held it in her hand, greeted the little cousin who was undressing, put her clothes back on, and left with Tang Mubai.

The 3 people went all the way down to the secret room where Transmission Array was located.

“This is… Transmission Array?” Su Lingxi was surprised when she saw the Transmission Array picture.

Soon, his face returned to normal, just looking thoughtful at Tang Mubai.

a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on, every force is prepared.

Su Lingxi was surprised because the Miracle Mercenary Group led by Tang Mubai was too small, and didn’t expect also had Transmission Array, which was really beyond her expectation.

“The characteristics of’Tianfeiguo’ are uncertain. If you go to other places for baptism, you can guarantee 10000.”

Tang Mubai ignored Su Lingxi’s gaze, and casually explained, took out the transmission token, and let the little cousin and Su Lingxi step into the Transmission Array with the bathtub.



The air quivered and the rays of light flickered.

The 3 persons disappeared, and when they reappeared, they came to the underground cultivation space of the Miracle 1 Base.

Su Lingxi put down the tub and looked all around, sensing the energy fluctuations of Heaven and Earth around him, and the color of surprise on his face suddenly thickened.

“How did you find this place?” She couldn’t help but looked towards Tang Mubai and asked.

Heaven and Earth energy, the other end of the Transmission Array turned out to be a cultivation site full of Heaven and Earth energy.

This has a secret base than Tang Mubai, and it shocked her.

Because this kind of cultivation site is very small, it has basically been occupied by Great Influence.

As for Miracle Mercenary Group, it has only been established for more than 20 years.

Before Tang Mubai, there was no Master level martial artist.

Such a mercenary group said that a small force is not qualified.

How could it be possible to have such a cultivation venue?

With such a cultivation place, how could Mr. Tang Mubai not even be able to break through the Master level?

Therefore, this place is absolutely impossible to be left by Tang Mubai.

Instead, Tang Mubai found it and connected it to the city’s station through Transmission Array.

This made Su Lingxi especially surprised.

However, Tang Mubai ignored her inquiries, just patted the head of the little cousin, calmly said, “No one is disturbing here, you can go to baptism over there, there is a small room. I will guard outside, when will it be finished? Baptism, just scream.”

After speaking, he turned and walked towards the exit.

Su Lingxi, “…”

“Hehe, Xi elder sister, don’t be angry, my big brother is like this.” Seeing Su Lingxi’s face was speechless, the little cousin grinned said with a smile, “Besides, it’s fun here. When we finish taking a shower, I will take you outside. Let’s play!”

“Okay.” Su Lingxi put out a breath and glanced at Tang Mubai who was leaving, a burst of laughter.

Immediately, with the bathtub, and the little cousin walked into the small secret room pointed by Tang Mubai, and closed the door.


Tang Mubai walked a few steps before coming to the entrance of a huge cave.

In the depths of the cave, the rumbling sound of the machine and the flapping sound of the crawler track kept coming.

The robot factory that Yang Kai is in charge of is working day and night, making one robot after another.

Now he is no longer satisfied with different robots, but delves into various types and functions of robots.

Tang Mubai has been there once before, and without interruption, let him go and try.

Standing at the entrance of the cave, listening to the sound coming from the opposite side, Tang Mubai focused his attention and locked the movement in the secret room of the cultivation space behind him.

After Su Lingxi and her little cousin entered, nothing happened for a while.

Tang Mubai is not in a hurry.

It can make “Shengxintong” feel bad, whether it is caused by “Tianfeiguo” or not, it will always do no harm for the sake of safety.

For this, the No. 1 base also informed Su Lingxi.

It’s all up to this step, wait a minute, there is nothing at worst.

And this wait is a long time.

An invisible wave like a volcanic eruption, without the scorching breath, The earth shook and the mountain quivered, but with that majestic aura, suddenly spread from the cultivation space.

Tang Mubai, who was guarding outside, immediately turned around and stood at the entrance, watching for the movement in the secret room.

The little cousin did not exclaim, nor did Su Lingxi exclaim.

It shows that the situation inside is still under control, but the fluctuation caused is too strong.

Tang Mubai relaxed slightly, sensing the intensity of the invisible fluctuations, and suddenly the voice of the illusory dragon came in his mind.

“What a terrifying energy fluctuation, is it going to explode below?”

“No.” Tang Mubai replied, asking rhetorically, “Can this wave of fluctuation be sensed on the surface?”

“Yes.” The Fantasy World Demon Dragon replied, “Very strong fluctuations are transmitted to the surface, not the end. It can be affected 100 miles away.”

Tang Mubai was silent.

Such strong fluctuations, if emitted in Red Leaves City, will definitely detonate everyone.

It’s a bad feeling, it’s really bad!


at the same time.

Red Leaves City, Beicheng District, Zheng Family Compound.

The owner of Zheng Family accompanied an old man in a slender, feminine robe, watching Zheng Haoran practicing sword in the courtyard.

“Old Qian, is Haoran’s sword technique okay?”

The owner of the Zheng Family looked at Zheng Haoran, said with a slight smile, “Haoran has been practicing sword since he was a child, and to this day, there is a slight Small Accomplishment. My Zheng Family’s “Sword of the Falling Moon” is in his hands and can play the Great Accomplishment. I dare say that in this Red Leaves City, the sword dao of Haoran is the number one!”

“Well, not bad.” The robe old man answered calmly, but his eyes were not on Zheng Haoran.

Upon seeing this, the owner of the Zheng Family gritted his teeth, “If Mr. Qian doesn’t dislike it, let Haoran follow…”


Abruptly, the figure of the robe old man disappeared from the place, rose into the sky, and jumped into the sky.

The words behind the Zheng Family Patriarch had to stop abruptly, looking up into the sky with a dull expression on his face.

The old man in the robe ignored him. He looked eastward, leaving the Red Leaves City, the domain wall, directly outside the domain.

“I have finally waited!”

Muttering in his mouth, the old man in the robe glowed, his figure shook, and moved towards the eastern domain wall and flew quickly through the air.

On the ground, the head of the Zheng Family opened his mouth wide, and Zheng Haoran stopped practicing sword.

After a while, father and son sighed together.


huhuhu ~!

Wind hunting, sweeping Heaven and Earth.

Facing the wind, the old man in the robe went all the way forward, through the domain wall, and went straight to the valley where the Miracle 1 base was located.


The base is underground.

Tang Mubai is discussing with the fantasy world demon dragon how to cover up the fluctuations caused by “Tianfei Fruit”.

“somebody is coming!”

The Illusory Demon Dragon suddenly sounded transmission Tang Mubai, “There is a very strong human being who is flying here quickly.”

“Oh, didn’t expect someone to come.” Tang Mubai drank, pondered then said, “How strong is the person, can you stop it?”


The fantasy world demon dragon sound transmission quite confidently, “As long as he enters my domain, he will be trapped and stay here forever.”

“Don’t be sleepy, just kill!”

Tang Mubai said indifferently, “I don’t want anything from him, as long as he lives. The faster the solution, the better.”

“it is good!”

Huanshi Yaolong simply responded.

Tang Mubai listened and rushed to the ground.

The visitor noticed the fluctuations here and flew over quickly, just as Tang Mubai had guessed, premeditated tomorrow morning.

When it comes to the little cousin, Tang Mubai doesn’t care what the other party is from.

Only if you die is the safest!

As for letting the Magical World Demon Dragon take action, I didn’t want to attract the attention of others. This matter had something to do with Tang Mubai.

When it reaches the ground, Tang Mubai can shoot at 10000 one. When the 10000 one is unable to take the opponent, Tang Mubai can shoot and kill.

call out!


In the air.

The robed old man flew swiftly through the air. After reaching the top of the valley, he immediately noticed something strange.

But it didn’t last long, the figure fell to the ground, the palm of the right hand also bloomed with rays of light, ready to strike the earth.

“oh la la ~”

A rays of light suddenly bloomed out of thin air, covering him.

The old man in the robe only felt saw a flash, various illusions appeared, and the attacks on his hands had to be stopped.


Coldly snorted, the old man imposing manner of the robe was put outside, and the wind swept through and roared, “such insignificant ability, I also want to trap me!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The air exploded continuously, and the rays of light surrounding the robe old man quickly annihilated.

But soon, a large cloud of hazy mist enveloped all around, drowning the robe old man.

“Heh.” The old man in the robe was not afraid, with astral energy hovering in the palms of his hands, a cold and severe, violent aura, released from within the body, pulling the energy of Heaven and Earth around him, turning it into a vortex, spinning continuously, Howling the air to the ground.

“No matter who you are, you want to stop me and do…”

Bang ~!

A thunderbolt on a sunny day suddenly dropped from the sky, hitting the old man in the robe, and the beating stopped abruptly. At the same time, the whole person was full of smoke, and his clothes were torn and black.

But he didn’t fall to the ground, he still stood steadily in the air, his eyes spraying anger.

“Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!!!”

The old man with a black robe on his face shot murderous intention in his eyes, gritted his teeth and roared, “courting death, you are going to die!”


The air in the robe old man exploded in a violent imposing manner, just like a cannonball detonating, releasing powerful energy, blowing away all the mist, and spreading to the ground.

But one second before hitting the ground, he was pulled by a force and rushed back into the air.

Hu hu hu!

“Go to death!”

The old man in the robe ignored him, one after another spirit strength mobilized, and pulled Power of Heaven and Earth around him, hovering to form a thick beam of light, and strikes towards the ground.

crackle ~

Bang! bang! bang!

3 thick lightning, dropping from the sky, before the old man strikes the earth in the robe, crushed the beam of light and turned it into nothing.

“Ahhh !”

The old man in the robe breathed fire with his eyes, his clothes fluttered, his hands were empty, and when he roared, he controlled his figure and rose into the sky, wanting to leap into the sky, and then perform his stunts.

But as soon as he left, he was entangled and submerged by the sudden birth of a large group of mist.

These mists seemed to weigh 1000 Jun, but just for a moment, the oppressed old man fell to the ground.

However, before hitting the ground, he was caught by a cloud of mist, and shot the ball back into the air.

As soon as the fog above blocked, the robe old man fell to the ground again, and after being caught, bounced back into the air.

For a while, the old man in the robe looked like a ball, being photographed, photographed, photographed, photographed…

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