Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 502

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bang! bang! Bang~

The muffled sound of slapping echoed in the air.

The robe old man screamed in shame and anger, followed closely, and passed it all around.

He wanted to arouse spirit strength, but he couldn’t control himself, especially an obscure wave of thought, which pierced his brain bluntly, rudely, and arrogantly.

“Go away, go away, get out of my sight!”

The robe old man screamed in horror.

However, he did not fully condense the Divine Soul barrier. After holding on for a few seconds, he was forcibly pierced into his mind by the wave of thought, disturbing his mind Sea of ​​Consciousness.


The old man in the robe screamed immediately, holding head, trembling all over, his face twisted and ferocious like a ghost, screaming in pain and bitterness.

The Sea of ​​Consciousness was pierced, all consciousness was torn apart, and the robe old man mental world collapsed directly.

After screaming for a while, he became cerebral palsy and became confused.

Completely lose resistance!

“Boom ~”

A bolt of lightning dropped from the sky, smashed the old man in the robe, and smashed his whole person into coke, killing his life.

【Vitality +1429】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai looked up at the robed old man coke corpse, coldly snorted, floating towards the mountain valley from the air.

There is still a complete body left, not bad.

The abilities of the Illusory World Demon Dragon were also stronger than expected.

Create illusions, release lightning, and invade the brain.

The ordinary Innate martial artist can’t resist at all and will be killed on the spot.

Only the Innate expert who condenses the Divine Soul barrier can compete.

As for how long it can contend, it is another question.

You must have an expert in this area, and cooperate with the fantasy world demon dragon to know.


Suddenly, Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows, secretly happy in his heart.

I just wanted to come to an Innate Peak to cooperate with the Illusory Demon Dragon Experiment, didn’t expect the other party to come right away.

Those who came are still acquaintances, Legion, Huang Shengwen…

No, not only Huang Shengwen, but also the new town envoy, Venerable Dark Horse, and Zhang Hairui!

Huang Shengwen broke the wind directly, and flew towards the mountain valley quickly.

Zhang Hairui was riding a black horse and running in the air.

Huang Shengwen is first, Zhang Hairui is behind.

But soon, Zhang Hairui caught up with Huang Shengwen, and the two came together towards the mountain valley.

“Don’t kill these two people.”

Tang Mubai sound transmission Fantasy World Demon Dragon, “You can try to repel, but don’t kill it.”

“Understand.” The Fantasy World Demon Dragon responded.

Next moment, the thick fog covering the boundary of the valley suddenly became wider and thicker.

The coke corpse of the robe old man flew out and landed on a mountain, just on the way where Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui came.

After seeing Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui, they stopped decisively and landed on the top of the mountain to check the robe old man.


Huang Shengwen frowned, “No trace of this person’s vitality remains.”

“There is Power of Heavenly Lightning remaining in it.” Zhang Hairui said calmly, “He was struck to death by the sky thunder. The question is, there has never been a thunderbolt gathering in this area, how did he get hacked?”

“I don’t know.” Huang Shengwen shook his head, retracted his gaze, looked towards the valley and location occupied by the fantasy world, and said solemnly, “Perhaps, it has something to do with that, the majestic energy fluctuation, from birth to now, there has been no Weaken by half a point.”

“Yes.” Zhang Hairui said faintly, “There is a big problem! If you want to know what’s going on, you can only know it if you go and take a look in person!”

The words fall, patted the dark horse.

The black horse suddenly raised his head and hissed, his front hoofs raised, stepping into the void, and ran toward the valley.

Hearing this, Huang Sheng didn’t leave behind. With a little tiptoe, his figure rose into the air, chasing after Zhang Hairui.

The two were so fast that they reached the outskirts of the valley in the blink of an eye and stopped at the edge of the dense fog-shrouded area.

“It’s inside.”

Zhang Hairui said solemnly, “That energy fluctuation is inside! Coming here, the fluctuation is stronger!”

“I’ll go in and explore.” Huang Sheng waved his hand and stepped into the thick fog.

“Wait.” Zhang Hairui followed, “Although I am a bit more ambitious, but there are weirdness here, it is better to go together. If there is an accident in 10000, there is also a care.”

“Alright.” Huang Shengwen did not refuse.

The scorched corpse on the top of the mountain is not clear what realm was before his death, but the strength of those who dare to explore this area will never be low.

Not Innate, but also half-step Innate.

However, such an expert is chopped into coke, and one can imagine the dangers of this area.

Huang Shengwenrao is Innate Peak, and he also tightens his nerves, be alert to all around.

Zhang Hairui was better, did not despise, and rode a dark horse slowly through the thick fog.

2 people release divine sense and scan the surroundings.

But soon after taking it back, his face became more solemn.

“Can you actually isolate the divine sense?”

Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui had learned the weirdness of this area.

Neither individual expression looks good.

Including Zhang Hairui, with a sullen face and gloomy eyes.

Isolate divine sense!

This equivalent to cut off their visual ability and turned them into blind.

The visibility itself is pitiful, less than 2 meters.

Now divine sense can’t be used. Once 10000 encounters danger, it is too late to dodge!

On the ground.

Tang Mubai couldn’t help being astonished as he listened to the exclamation of two people.

The illusion released by the fantasy world, the thick fog created by the monster dragon can still isolate the divine sense?

This ability surprised Tang Mubai.

Amazing my dragon!

Without divine sense, the martial artist of Innate realm, the strength is greatly reduced.

Even if it is Tongshen!

Therefore, the arrival of Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui has greatly reduced the threat coefficient to the fantasy world monster dragon.

Tang Mubai didn’t let the Fantasy World Demon Dragon kill them, but didn’t want to cause subsequent trouble.

These two people, one represents the military department and the other represents the Qingtianyuan.

If you die here, it will be very troublesome.

Especially the baptism of the little cousin takes 3 days, and it cannot be interrupted within these 3 days.

No extra trouble should occur.

The old man in the robe is a person, kills it if he kills it.

Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui can’t do it, especially Zhang Hairui, a realm, who wants to kill is very difficult, and once let him escape, it will cause no end of trouble.

Therefore, Tang Mubai only let the fantasy world demon dragon force them back.

At this moment, without the blessing of divine sense, Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui slowed down immediately.

The fantasy world and various illusions created by the fantasy world demon dragon quickly appeared in front of them.

“Boom~” “Boom~”

Several thick lightnings, follow closely from behind, slashed towards Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui.

“hmph! ”

Zhang Hairui coldly shouted, and the rays of light lit up on his body, forming a protective shield to resist the lightning and ignore the illusion.

Huang Shengwen first stepped back, avoiding the lightning, and then resisted the illusion.

Om~ weng!

Two thoughts fluctuated, ignoring the protective cover and Body Protecting Astral Energy, drilling straight into the brains of Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui.

By the way, there is the king-level Spirit Beast dark horse, which has also been invaded.

“What, get out of here!”

Zhang Hairui exclaimed, the Divine Soul barrier opened, repelling the deepening of foreign ideas.

Huang Province heard groaned, and promptly propped up the Divine Soul barrier to resist.

While the black horse screamed, 4 hooves trampled on the void and kept shaking his head.

“Fuck off!”

“Fuck off !!”

Zhang Hairui exclaimed and turned into anger, but the pace of advancement has stopped.

The dark horse did not dare to go further, nor did he dare to go further.

This kind of confrontation with invisible forces that can’t even see each other.

No matter how much blood and spirit strength is gathered, it is no use.

Huang Shengwen decisively released the Innate pressure, trying to shock the sky and the ground.

However, the useless, invisible invasion of ideas continues.


Zhang Hairui released divine might to suppress all the surrounding areas except Huang Shengwen.


Same useless!

Divine might can shock tangible objects, and can also cause oppression on the spirit Divine Soul.

But as long as the spirit is strong, even if it cannot be offset, it can still be contended.

Just like the magical dragon, the mentality is very terrifying. Its huge body is stunned by divine might, unable to move, but the mentality is still active and can collide with Zhang Hairui’s divine might.

Invisible forces confront each other, and for a while, they will rise to the next level.

An invisible battle unfolded in the air.

Zhang Hairui tried to counterattack, but under the entanglement of the fantasy world demon dragon, he could not start.

Contending while releasing divine might is also very exhausting.

After persisting for more than ten minutes, he gritted his teeth secretly, chose to retreat, put away the divine might, pulled up Huang Shengwen, and rode the Spirit Beast black horse, and quickly retreated in the direction of the exchange.

He exited the dense mist-shrouded area in one breath and moved away from the valley before stopping, exhaling, “No need to check, it’s definitely a king-level Inhuman creature!”

“Moreover, it is infinitely close to a true king-level existence.” Huang Shengwen gasped.

There is a huge gap between the king level and the true king level.

Being infinitely close to the real king means that you can break through at any time.

It is precisely because of this that Inhuman creatures of this level can compete against divine might.

“That area, delimit it as a restricted area.”

Zhang Hairui said solemnly, “No matter what happens inside, it can only be classified as a restricted area for the time being, so as to prevent other people from entering it by mistake and not knowing how to die.”

“It should be so.” Huang Shengwen nodded.

Energy fluctuations appear in the forbidden area, and this forbidden area is connected to the realm powerhouse, and I dare not go deep. No matter how good things are, I can only endure it now!


“restricted area?”

Within the valley, Tang Mubai listening to the conversation between Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui, corner of the mouth twitched.

They didn’t expect. Two people came over for some trial. After returning, they decided to designate Miracle No. 2 base as a restricted area.

This makes Tang Mubai want to laugh inexplicably.

The new restricted area?

It seems not bad too!

shook the head, Tang Mubai exhaled, his taut heart slowed down.

Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui came in to find out. To be honest, Tang Mubai was a little nervous just now.

Huang Shengwen is okay, but Zhang Hairui is a powerhouse.

The fantasy world demon dragon can resist Huang Shengwen, this is certain.

But Zhang Hairui, Tang Mubai cannot guarantee.

Fortunately, the magical world demon dragon had good strength and perfectly forced Zhang Hairui back.

With 2 people trying this time, no one should dare to come later.

The strong fluctuations caused by the little cousin’s baptism, I can finally rest assured to continue!


The vast Sea Territory.

Floating on the island.

within cave.

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, stepped forward to the Light Gate and walked into the “Samsara Cave Sky”.

As soon as he entered, the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar discovered the problem.

That is the Heaven and Earth energy in “Samsara Cave Sky”, which is not sufficient.

Not only is it inferior to the wilderness outside the domain wall, it is also inferior to the city where there are more than 1000000 million people.

The thin and scattered Heaven and Earth energy fills the huge space.

Wherever he could look, except for the ruins, it was still ruins.

Collapsed buildings, cracked ground, broken mountains.

Everything is announcing that there had been a war here.

As a result of the war, even the alternate birth of Heaven and Earth energy was destroyed.

Without the energy of Heaven and Earth, plants and animals cannot grow as vigorously as outside.

Although in the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar’s sense, there is not a single animal in the whole “Samsara Cave sky”, and there are even few plants.

Most areas are deserted.

I am afraid it is a bit difficult to find “The Treasure of Reincarnation” from this ruin.

Do not!

Whether there is any “Reincarnation Book” here is a question!

“Samsara Sect” was extinguished that year, high-grade martial arts like “The Reincarnation”, those who extinguish sect will let it go and not search?

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai couldn’t help frowning.

Floating in the air, scanning all around in a circle, turn on the “Sacred Heart Pass”, try to sense whether “Reincarnation” exists in this space.

As a result, as soon as it was released, it sensed a weak life fluctuation, located in a ruin not far away.


Tang Mubai’s heart beats.

There are still people in “Samsara Cave Sky”?

How can this be!

Tang Mubai was surprised and followed the induction to the sky over the ruins.

Condescendingly, feel carefully, and listen.

Bang Bang~

heartbeat sound!

There is not only life fluctuation, but also heartbeat.

Although the heartbeat frequency is very slow, the fluctuation is also very weak.

But it is indeed a human heartbeat!

Real people are staying in “Samsara Cave Sky”.

If Tang Mubai remembers correctly, “Samsara Cave Day” has been closed for at least 100 years.

And there are no animals in this space, and even plants are pitiful.

In terms of food, it is definitely not enough.

This person can live till now, for 100 years.

How did you do it?

Tang Mubai was surprised.

The other party is still alive, no matter what method is used, it is definitely not an ordinary person to survive until now.

The question is who is this person?

Samsara Sect people?

Who killed “Samsara Sect” back then?

Tang Mubai doesn’t know, what realm this person is, he doesn’t know.

Without absolute certainty, he dared not dig out the opponent.

10000 As soon as I met a Great Demon, whether “The Reincarnation Book” existed here or not, it became very difficult to get it.

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai decided to ignore it.

The figure swayed and swept away.

“Shengxintong” suddenly reminded of a crisis at this moment!


A loud noise.

The whole ruins of the sound of heartbeat suddenly exploded, and gravel and dust were thrown into the air.

A large pit with a diameter of more than ten meters and a depth of 7 meters is exposed to the air.

At the bottom of the big pit, a tattered shirt, dishevelled hair, scrawny, unclear silhouette, his nose kept moving, sniffing the breath.


“Good blood! Good transparent meat!”

“I want to eat, I want to eat, I want to eat!!!”

silhouette makes a hoarse, blunt, and greedy voice.

The voice fell, and the scrawny body rose sharply into the sky.


His nose shrugged, his head turned, and his face quickly turned towards Tang Mubai.

Next moment, closed eyes suddenly opened.

A pair of scarlet, crazy, greedy eyes, locked on Tang Mubai, excitedly laughed.

“My meat, my meat! I want to eat meat!!!”

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