Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 503

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Hu bang ~

The air exploded and the waves swept across.

The silhouette of the weird smile, moved towards Tang Mubai swiftly pounced.

The speed is comparable to lightning, and with just a flash, it rushes to the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar.


Weird laughter silhouette The skinny palms like chicken feet, against Tang Mubai’s neck, fiercely waved.

But in the middle of the journey, it was blocked by the “giant manpower field”, making a strange noise, and the movement of slashing forward became slow.

Not stagnation, but slowness!

The “giant man field” that was as strong as iron in the past was like a quagmire at this moment, unable to directly block the attack of the strange laughter silhouette, and could only slow down his movements.

At close range, Tang Mubai could smell the strong scent from the opponent.

The original surging Qi and blood gradually rose from weak fluctuations, but they no longer boiled like boiling water. It’s unclear whether the spirit strength is unclear.

In a word, after being trapped for 100 years, Wei Laughter silhouette consumes a lot of energy and blood. Although it has not been completely exhausted, it is not much.

Attacking Tang Mubai at this moment does not consume blood, nor spirit strength, but a secret technique and his scrawny and hard body.

By the way, there are two hands. When one of his hands rushed in front of the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, there was an extra layer of white light on the outer surface, which looked like jade at first glance.

Of course, even jade is an extremely sharp jade with chicken feet.

It is this pair of claws like chicken feet and jade that slowly tears the “giant manpower field” and keeps going inside.

The scarlet, greedy eyes of the strange laugh silhouette stared at Tang Mubai’s neck.

It seems that there are delicious skins and hot blood, waiting for him to eat.

For Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, the true identity is not seen!

As a result of Third Transformation, the effect of the Stone Giant Avatar impersonating a human being is very prominent.

The silhouette of the strange laugh didn’t see it, and Tang Mubai didn’t reveal his plan for the time being.

The “Giant Manfield” temporarily blocked the opponent’s attack. At that close range, Tang Mubai immediately used the “Rhinoceros Knife” to face the grinning silhouette and directly attacked face to face.



The silhouette of the weird smile first stagnates, and then the whole person quickly retreats back.

In the scarlet eyes, the crazy gaze narrowed slightly, and in the gaze looking towards Tang Mubai again, he was awake and surprised at the same time.

“Spiritual arts?”

His hoarse voice returned to normal a little, and the bloodthirsty desire in his eyes remained the same.

Staring at Tang Mubai for an instant, Yinsisi said, “The martial arts is good, but unfortunately, you can’t help me!”


The figure shook, and lightning rushed towards Tang Mubai again.

“Wind Dragon Breaks Through the Sky!”

Ang ~

The air vibrated, making a sound like dragon roar.

The extremely revolving vigor, condensed into a stream, turned into a “wind dragon” to face directly.

“Jié jié jié ~ I said, you can’t help me!”

silhouette With a strange smile, a pair of sharp claws like chicken feet and jade directly tore the “Wind Dragon” and rushed to Tang Mubai, once again trapped in the “Giant Manfield”.

“who are you?”

Tang Mubai threw a fist and strikes head-on.

Bang Bang!

silhouette Resist, counterattack incidentally, making a muffled sound.

“Who am I? I don’t know who I am, I just remember that many years ago, other people called me the “Poisonous Hand”!”

Hey ~

Air torn.

I don’t know if it is the title or the silhouette of the nickname “Sacred Hand with Poison Face”, he grinned, the attack speed of the sharp claws suddenly accelerated, and the “Giant Man Field” was torn apart within a few clicks.

For a moment, the force of horror, strikes on the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar.

Tang Mubai’s figure exploded, and all his chest clothes were broken.

“Jié jié jié ~ delicious blood!”

The poisonous saint was ecstatic and laughed excitedly, “Boy, you should be proud to be my food…”

The voice stopped abruptly, and the poisonous face saint hand stared at Tang Mubai’s chest with bloodthirsty eyes, and the thin face showed incredible.

It’s because the skin on Tang Mubai’s body, after being scratched, did not shed blood or torn skin and gaping flesh, but turned into stone!

Starting from the chest, all four limbs, head, and trunk are all turned into stone.

Giant body!

The attack power of the poisonous saint was too cruel and too strong, and the giant manpower field could not be maintained for a few times, so it was penetrated. Instead of continuing to pretend, it is better to let go of his hands and feet and fight the opponent with all his strength.

The Avatar of the stone giant exposes his true body, and the power that was supposed to be hidden is no longer a concern.

But this scene fell in the eyes of the poisonous face. His original desire to eat flesh and blood was immediately stopped. His extreme desire turned into full of anger and madness.

“You are a stone giant! You turned out to be a stone giant! Ahhh! You turned out to be a stone giant!!”

The poisonous saint screamed frantically and couldn’t accept it.

The body of the stone giant, where is the blood and flesh?

The poisonous hand who has been hungry for more than 100 years is obviously unacceptable to this situation.

Hearing his roar, Tang Mubai suddenly flashed a bright light in his brain, remembering who he was.

The poisonous sage, 2 100 years ago, one of the murderers who destroyed the “Spirit Swallowing” world!

This Old Guy doesn’t know if there is breakthrough Nirvana.

If he hadn’t entered the Nirvana Realm, he would have been able to survive in a few years because he had participated in the destruction of the “Spirit Swallowing” world more than 2 years ago.

That is to say, his end of 360 years is approaching!

Judging from the attack method just now and Tang Mubai’s induction.

The poisonous master hasn’t breakthrough Nirvana!

If it is Nirvana, with the body of a stone giant like Tang Mubai, I would never want to block the attack.

This discovery is good news for Tang Mubai.

The venomous sacred hand who is coming to an end has been trapped here for more than 100 years. No matter how crazy his performance is, it is just an arrow at the end of its flight.



The invisible power was suddenly released, covering the poisonous saint hand.

The madly poisonous hand, his scrawny body suddenly bent down, and then slowly straightened up, staring at Tang Mubai with his fire-breathing eyes.

“Even if you are a stone giant, you have to die!”

“Without flesh and blood, then swallow your soul!”

“Roar ~ !!!”

The poisonous saint roared, his imposing manner surged, and a gust of wind blew up all over his body.

The messy hair fluttered behind him, and his bloodthirsty eyes shot dazzling rays of light.


The air blew up.

In the loud noise like the sonic boom, the poisonous face sacred hand rushed straight towards Tang Mubai.

“Star Plucking Hand !”

Tang Mubai drank low and continued to perform this fascination.

Aiming at the poisonous saint, carry out suppression and explosion in the air!


The suppression is ineffective, and the explosion is also ineffective.

The violent energy blasted everywhere, setting off one after another blast, sweeping all around.

Wherever he went, the ruins became more and more chaotic, the rubble was thrown out, and the dust was flying.

boom ~ boom ~ ~!

The poisonous face sacred hand rushed all the way straight, with jade-like sharp claws, grabbing Tang Mubai’s face.

“Ling Rhinoceros!”

At close range, Tang Mubai releases Spirit Attack again.

The posture of the poisonous saint hand rushing forward, had to stop again.

Perfection Realm’s “Ling Rhinoceros Knife” kills other people without a single shot, but 3 knives can basically solve it.

But encountering the Divine Soul barrier as strong as a bell, the poisonous saint can only stop his movements and slow him down.

Fortunately, Tang Mubai did not expect to get it done with a single knife. Taking advantage of the stagnation of the poisonous face, he used the “mouth orifice” Divine Ability and shouted together.

High Level “Mouth Orifice” Divine Ability, burst out like a substantial sonic attack.

The powerful force turned into a circle of sound waves in an instant, roaring and rushing to the poisonous saint hand.

The skinny body of the poisonous face sacred hand, while retreating backwards, the front skin was almost dissipated by the impact, leaving only a withered bone, standing against the wind.

“Blood God Finger!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh~!

The sound of breaking the wind sounded on the spot.

Immediately after the sonic attack, Tang Mubai quickly released 3 bloody lances and went straight to the poisonous saint.

“Hello ~!”

The furious venomous sacred hand, without waiting to stabilize his figure, roared loudly. In the imposing manner all over his body, a gray and black hemispherical shield appeared, blocking him, and confronted Scarlet Lance.

Uh ~!

The first bloody lance hit the hemispherical shield, and at the same time it dissipated, a circle of ripples swelled on the surface of the shield.

Pu~ !

Half of the 2nd Scarlet Lance sank into the hemisphere shield, and at the same time it dissipated, the shield split into a large gap.

Hum ~!

The 3rd Scarlet Lance pierced into the hemisphere shield and exploded on the spot. Together with the shield, it was wiped out.

“Fire and fire!”

Almost at the moment when the 3rd bloody lance detonated, Tang Mubai controlled his energy, absorbed the thin Heaven and Earth energy in this cave sky, evolved into a mixture of wind and fire, turned into a terrifying spiral shock wave, and went straight to the poisonous face.

As soon as the poisonous face sacred hand dissolved the blood finger, the “fire and wind” rushed to the front.

Surprised and angry, he had no time to dodge, so he could only resist forcibly, waving wildly with sharp claws like jade.

“Pu ~” “pu ~” “pu ~”


A mouthful of blood, half black and half red, sprayed into the air.

The poisonous sage flew backwards and crashed into a piece of rubble.

“Wind Dragon Breaks Through the Sky!”

Tang Mubai didn’t wait for him to come out, controlling his energy, roaring swept across the ruins.


The ruins exploded.

The figure of the poisonous saint was exposed, and he with disheveled hair, at this moment, was getting messy and unsteady.

The skinny body, paler, seemed to be blown away in the next second.

There is not much left in Life Aura!

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, saw this scene and sneered in his heart.

He was an arrow at the end of its flight, and it won’t last long.

At the moment, Tang Mubai is ahead of the poisonous saint and casts “Star Plucking Hand” again.

Buzz ~

Invisible power is under the hood.

The body of the Vicious Masked Hand who wanted to dive stiffened, and when he recovered, the second wave of Tang Mubai attacked and arrived.

Spirit knife!


The poisonous face sage’s face was as pale as paper, there was not much blood, and he spit out again.

On the verge of collapse, he is only left with a pair of bloodthirsty and fire-breathing eyes, still rays of light lasing and dazzling.

“I will eat you, eat you, eat you!!!”

Roar, the saint of poisonous face, was mobilized with a large amount of spirit strength, pulling the only few strands of Power of Heaven and Earth in the cave, gathered around him, turned into a large body like a water tank, the whole body is gray and black, the length is more than 30 meters, and the head is 3 The horned ferocious poisonous snake came straight to Tang Mubai.

“Fire and fire!”

Tang Mubai contended head-on, hovering vigorously, wind and fire blended, and rushed forward.


The dull loud noise echoed the whole cave.

Heaven and Earth’s energy was emptied of “fire and wind”, power was greatly reduced.

The power of the blending of wind and fire, only to contend with the evil poisonous snake for a second, was defeated.

The poisonous snake that roared over flooded the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar on the spot.

A terrifying corrosive force contaminates the stone body.


The attack released by the venomous sacred hand carried strong toxicity.

If Tang Mubai is the main body, after this wave of attacks, Poison Control Divine Ability will not have time to display.

The Avatar is no problem.

The surface of the stone body was not corroded, and the toxicity was stopped.

This scene fell in the eyes of the poisonous sage, his pupils suddenly contracted, and his heart was extremely angry.

Yes, he forgot that Stone Giant is not afraid of poison!

“Ahhh !”

The poisonous sacred hand flickered and flickered, and came straight to Tang Mubai.

The body of the stone giant, most of his attacks are ineffective.

Only the most basic and powerful force can break the giant’s heart!

Therefore, the venomous saint went mad, did not think about anything else, and chose a close range, brutal body fight.

As everyone knows, close fighting is more beneficial to the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar.

He hasn’t used the power of a giant yet!

If the poisonous saint took this opportunity to escape, Tang Mubai had no way to get him.

Rushing head-on, that’s the best.



The dull sound echoed in the sky.

The poisonous saint hand and Tang Mubai, one left and one behind, collided in midair meet force with force.

Without other means, just use the power of the body to launch a brutal attack.

pēng pēng pēng ~

Bang! bang! bang!

The violent shock wave swept all around.

Large tracts of ruins were mopped up and turned into fans, thrown into the air.

The jade-like sharp claws fight against the body and power of giants.

Tang Mubai the more fights the more brave is, his body grew a little bit bigger.

The more the poisonous master, the weaker his breath becomes, but he didn’t notice it, or he had forgotten everything else. Only Tang Mubai was left in his eyes, and there was only a single thought in his brain. Maintaining the last thought in the heart, bursting Tang Mubai and shattering the giant heart of.

Unfortunately, as he was an arrow at the end of its flight, his body strength became weaker and weaker.

Even if it burns all, there is no explosive power.

In the end, the jade-like sharp claws lost their luster and lost their attack power and defensive power. Tang Mubai interrupted with a punch, and then hit the mouth of the poisonous face saint’s palm and passed through.


The poisonous sage froze in his stature, spraying out the last bit of blood from within the body, his pupils dilated, and he looked at Tang Mubai steadily. Surprised and angry, unwilling, nostalgia, and relief emerged in his eyes, until the rays of light in his eyes went out and his head dropped. .

【Vitality +33】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai retracted his arm and pushed away the body of the poisonous saint hand.

“Vitality 33”

“Not as good as a Giant Insect.”

Tang Mubai sighed slightly.

The realm of the venomous sacred hand should be in the Peak realm.

If it weren’t for being trapped here for more than 100 years and ran into Tang Mubai outside, Tang Mubai wanted to kill him, it would never be so easy.

This can be seen from the fact that the recycled vitality is only 33.

Even if Tang Mubai does not enter the “Samsara Cave Sky”, with the life state of the Vicious Masked Hand, it will not take long to live.

As long as one and a half years, as short as 3 to 5 months, you will die of anger!


and many more!

Maybe it’s a bit too much to kill the poisonous master so simply?

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