Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 504

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Tang Mubai regretted it later.

It is not softhearted, but the whereabouts of “Reincarnation Collection”, which may be known from Old Guy.

But think about it, Old Guy shouldn’t know either.

If you know, he has been stuck here for more than 100 years, impossible not cultivation.

Even if “The Reincarnation” is no more esoteric, for so long, Old Guy understands a little bit and his strength is bound to increase.

However, from the previous game, Old Guy did not show any corresponding means.

This shows that he has a high chance of not knowing where the “Reincarnation Book” is!

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai shook his head slightly and stopped thinking about it.

To find the “Reincarnation Book”, he has to rely on him to slowly sense it.

“Sacred Heart Link” worked to the extreme, Tang Mubai closed his eyes and followed the feeling.

The huge “Samsara Cave sky” is desolate everywhere.

The Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, like the Nether Soul, floats slowly in the air.

From east to west, from north to south.

In the end, I stopped over a Martial Training Stage full of potholes.

This is an open-air Martial Training Stage, covering a large area, with more than 2 football fields.

The other 3 sides are connected to the outside, and only the side facing north stands a black stone wall 100 meters high and ten meters thick.

After several hundred years, although there are marks of swords, guns and swords and marks of fists and palms on the stone wall, it still stands upright, unlike a building, no place remains intact.

Practice wall!

Tang Mubai recognized the origin of the black stone wall.

A special stone wall specially created for martial artist cultivation.

It is made of a variety of precious metals, tempering and forging.

In a way, the practice wall is also a Treasure Item.

As long as it does not exceed the general limit strength, it will not be broken.

Tang Mubai followed the “Sacred Heart Tong” induction to the practice wall, there was no reason behind it.

Is “Samsara Sect”‘s “Reincarnation Book” hidden in the practice wall?

This may not be impossible.

After all, the practice wall is very hard, even if it is an Innate realm, as long as it is not a desperate strike, it will not be broken.

“The Treasure of Reincarnation” is hidden inside, just and honorable in the open air.

Overwhelming majority people can’t even think about it.

It is Tang Mubai, if he is not following the “Sacred Heart Tong”, he will not focus on the practice wall.

At this moment, staring at the practice wall for a while, Tang Mubai could not see anything unusual.

With a move in my heart, I turned on the High Level Divine Ability to see the practice wall slightly.

As a result, Tang Mubai was both surprised and disappointed.

The good news is that the practice wall can see through it slightly. In Tang Mubai’s field of vision, this is a huge cuboid.

What is lost is that there are no hidden spaces or spaces in the rectangular within the body.

The speculation placed in the “Reincarnation Collection” has been eliminated.

But if it wasn’t inside, where would it be?

“Shengxintong”‘s super feeling, so far, has not made a mistake.

“The Treasure of Reincarnation” is not in the practice wall, there is another possibility.

Branded on the practice wall!

Divine Art of seven revolutions and above does not need to be recorded on drawings with words or patterns, it can be branded on anything.

Leaves, wood chips, stones, pictures…all do.

“The Reincarnation Collection” is imprinted on the practice wall. It is entirely possible.

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai condenses mental power and tries to penetrate the practice wall.

But the moment it was touching, it seemed to hit a thick wall, and it was impossible to penetrate.

The practice wall has been dealt with!

Tang Mubai thought about it and realized the problem.

Although impenetrable, this discovery is undoubtedly good news.

It shows that the “Reincarnation Collection” is really imprinted on the practice wall.

It’s just that the practice wall has been dealt with and needs to be solved by some method.

What is this method?

Tang Mubai pondered, circled the practice wall, thinking about various possibilities.

Splashing water, fire, wind, sun, or heavy blows should not be.

The practice wall is placed in the open air, and these “attacks” are endured almost every day.

If it reveals a natural phenomenon, it would have been noticed long ago.

“The Reincarnation Collection” is not other martial arts. This kind of Divine Art is Sect Protection Absolute Art. Common disciple is not qualified and has no chance to learn it.

Before “Samsara Sect” falls and perishes, the senior sect will not let it be exposed.

For this reason, after deliberation, Tang Mubai will be in for a while and can’t think of a good strategy.

You can only try slowly and do the same.

This test is 3 days.

I tried various methods, but none of them aroused the strangeness of the practice wall.

On the 3rd day of the night, a full moon hung high in the sky and projected into the “Samsara Cave sky” to shine on the practice wall, covering the practice wall with a faint white light.

After Tang Mubai noticed it, he immediately sensed it carefully, and found that the practice wall was absorbing the essence of moonlight!

The moonlight projected from the top of the sky, after it fell, it was like entering the bottomless pit, sinking into the practice wall.

And this absorption, until the full moon disappears.

At this time, Tang Mubai condenses mental power again and penetrates the practice wall.

didn’t expect, still blocked, unable to penetrate.


Tang Mubai secretly wondered, is it not enough to swallow the essence of moonlight all night?

If this is not enough, you have to wait.

As a result, after dawn, the hot sun cast rays of light, which fell on the practice wall, and was also absorbed.

This suck is one day.

When night fell, the practice wall, which had been silent, finally reacted.

The whole area is first divided into half white and half red.

Then, red and white blend to form a vortex, which rotates continuously.

Tang Mubai watched the changes and found a small portal in the middle of the vortex.

Immediately, a movement in my heart condenses mental power and penetrates along the portal.

This time, finally penetrated inside and touched a large group of information.

First gather the information, and then read one by one——

[It is found that the incomplete martial arts “Reincarnation Collection”, does it consume 800 years of lifespan for deduction? 】


Tang Mubai endured his ecstasy and responded in his heart.


An agitated mind.

The large mass of information read by the mental mind immediately turned into a torrent and submerged into the brain.

At that moment, Tang Mubai seemed to see the big rivers rushing and roaring.

When it stopped, the complete volume’s “Reincarnation Collection” had already arrived.


Put out a breath, Tang Mubai withdrew his mental thoughts, his face couldn’t hide his joy.

At this moment, I understand the principle of the exercise wall’s manifestation.

It is necessary to absorb Supreme-Yang Essence Fire Hua and Tai ** Hua before and after, just to make up a “key” to open the “door” of the practice wall.

Unilaterally absorb Supreme-Yang Essence Fire Hua, Tai ** Hua, can not be used.

It can only be opened when the front and back are just together.

The “gate” was opened for a short time. As soon as Tang Mubai withdrew his mind, the vortex on the surface of the practice wall quickly disappeared and returned to its original state.

The whole process takes less than 3 minutes.

In such a short time, the senior management of Samsara Sect can completely isolate others.

After all, as long as the martial artist breaks through to the Innate realm, he can sense the natural aura changes of Heaven and Earth.

The practice wall has absorbed Supreme-Yang Essence Fire Hua and Tai ** Hua for so long.

The senior management of Samsara Sect has enough time to prepare.

Step back 10000 steps, even if someone discovers the secret of the practice wall, they cannot cultivation “The Reincarnation”.

This is because only 20% of the “Reincarnation Collection” imprinted on the practice wall is not continuous.

Others really want to be cultivated, it’s totally courting death, and they die by mental breakdown!

Tang Mubai comprehended the “Reincarnation Collection” for a moment, and discovered that the eight revolutions martial arts are spiritual martial arts.

And it is a more powerful and complex Divine Art than “Ling Rhinoceros” and “Into the Dream Heart Sutra”.

Most of the mental martial arts are a single ability, or attack, defense, or shock.

But “The Reincarnation” is not, it contains a lot.

Attack, defense, shock, analysis, wandering, tempering…all available!

Among them, the ones that surprised Tang Mubai most were soul search, Divine Seal, and body possession!

Soul search, as the name implies, is to directly search the soul of another person through divine sense, and read all the memory and soul information of the other person.

This is much stronger than Tang Mubai’s previous use of magic stones to confuse opponents and extract information.

The Divine Seal refers to the Samsara Seal, which is a unique and terrifying ability.

It can not only bless the epidermis on the opponent’s body, but also implant it in the opponent’s soul domineeringly to achieve the functions of tracking, obliterating, and protecting.

As for body possession, it is Seize Body For Rebirth literally.

According to the record on the “Reincarnation Collection”, as long as the cultivation reaches the Ninth Layer Great Perfection.

Tang Mubai’s soul can be separated from the body, seize the body of others, and resurrect.

This ability is certainly not comparable to the eternal existence of the perfect will, but how long the latter can exist is unknown, and in what form it is also unclear.

The Ninth Layer of “Reincarnation Collection” is different. The body is destroyed. As long as the soul does not immediately dissipate, Tang Mubai can find a body and resurrect the body possession.

This can undoubtedly make people have no worries in the battle.

When the body is gone, the soul will not dissipate and can continue to live.

Although the number of body possessions is limited, only 3 times, this is enough to make people crazy.

Tang Mubai even wondered whether anyone at the top of Samsara Sect had survived through “The Reincarnation”?

This guess made Tang Mubai bewildered.

After a while, he just threw aside and continued to study “The Reincarnation”.

Cultivation “Reincarnation Collection”, the reason for 99% breakthrough Innate has also been found.

Simply put, it is God’s return.

This ability can quickly make Essence, Qi, and Spirit unite, and resonate with Heaven and Earth.

Resonating with Heaven and Earth, you can pull Power of Heaven and Earth for a long time, wash your body, and at the same time refining Dao species, forming a “spiritual field”, giving birth to spirit strength.

Tang Mubai tried this.

Sure enough, it is easy to condense Essence, Qi, and Spirit together, and faintly resonate with Heaven and Earth.

But one second before the real resonance, Tang Mubai chose to give up.

This is not the time for breakthrough Innate.

Because there is a great opportunity, waiting for Tang Mubai to collect it.

The benefits of being in the Rising Dragon Ranking!

Heaven’s Mystery Sect found Secret Realm through the sky-penetrating mirror, and everyone on the list can enter it.

If Tang Mubai had a breakthrough Innate at this time, he would not be qualified to go.

Although Tang Mubai can seal the body of heaven and human with the help of “Star Pointing Jue”, spirit strength may also be able to seal it.

But the Secret Realm discovered by Heaven’s Mystery Sect, why only let the Grandmaster under Innate enter?

Other Innate knows that there are benefits in Secret Realm, why didn’t they force it in?

On this point, Tang Mubai is not hard to guess.

That is the entrance of Secret Realm discovered by Heaven’s Mystery Sect, most of which are restricted or restricted.

Limit the body of heaven and human, or the person who gives birth to spirit strength, cannot enter.

Tang Mubai is already the body of heaven and man, and the chance of entering is reduced by half.

If spirit strength is born again, maybe even the last half will be gone.

Therefore, Tang Mubai is not in a hurry.

Anyway, “Reincarnation Collection” is available, breakthrough Innate, at any time.

And the waiting time is not long, just got the news!

The Tang Mubai body in Red Leaves City received a package early this morning.

In the package is a letter and an invitation letter with a special texture.

An invitation letter from Heaven’s Mystery Sect, inviting Tang Mubai to go to wasteland in ten days to participate in the Secret Realm expedition and trial trip!

That’s right, Heaven’s Mystery Sect found a new Secret Realm on the wasteland.

Now we sincerely invite people on the Shenglong list to participate.

Voluntary choice.

Heaven’s Mystery Sect never persecutes anyone. It only sends out invitations. If anyone does not want to go, it doesn’t matter.

Of course, if you want to go, you can’t let someone else replace it.

Heaven’s Mystery Sect has a unique method to verify whether the person who is going to participate is the person who invited it.

If a replacement is found, it will be directly blacklisted.

This kind of good thing, what other people choose, Tang Mubai does not know.

He is going anyway.

In the newly discovered Secret Realm, danger and opportunity coexist, and the opportunity is too rare.

Tang Mubai doesn’t want to give up.

Therefore, breakthrough Innate will not be engaged for the time being.

[Whether to consume 1000 years of lifespan to upgrade “The Reincarnation” to the 1st floor? 】


[Whether to consume 14000 years of lifespan to upgrade the “Reincarnation” to the 4th floor? 】


[Whether to consume 36000 years of lifespan to upgrade the “Reincarnation” to the 6th floor? 】


Lift the “Reincarnation Collection” to the 6th floor in one breath.

I wanted to improve it later, but the system didn’t respond.

Tang Mubai did not reluctantly, the reason was slowly explored.

The 6th floor of “The Reincarnation Collection” is enough for him to display all his abilities.

For the analysis, Tang Mubai has been waiting for a long time.

“Baiyun Sword Manual” from Baiyun City, Tang Mubai has been in the system space for a long time.

Because it needs the mental martial arts of analytical ability, in order to analyze the complicated and confusing “Baiyun Sword Manual” in the jade pendant.

Tang Mubai has always been greedy for this Divine Art, but he didn’t have a chance. Now the chance has finally come.

First, take out the special jade pendant, and then focus on it, release ideas to penetrate into the jade pendant, display analytical capabilities, and break down the messy messy messy information.

After half an hour, Tang Mubai successfully parsed out “Baiyun Sword Manual”.

[Found incomplete martial arts “Baiyun Sword Manual”, does it consume 800 years of lifespan to deduct the completion? 】


Tang Mubai responded with surprise.


The brain was turbulent at first.

The next moment, one after another, the sword light in the dazzling world, broke through the firmament, broke through the stars, flashed in my mind, and bloomed for 1000 autumn.

When all the rays of light converged, they turned into a giant sword, tearing the sky apart and rushing towards Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai eyes opened, breathing was slightly short.

It is worthy of being the 8,000-year-old sword dao of Baiyun City.

This “Baiyun Sword Manual” is too powerful.

If you want to cultivation, you must first understand the sword intent!

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