Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 505

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There are many kinds of sword intents.

Flame, ice, water, toxic, mad Wind, Thunder electricity…

As long as you understand one, you are qualified to cultivation “Baiyun Sword Manual”.

Those who don’t understand the sword intent can only stare.

Tang Mubai is like this at this time.

It took 800 years of lifespan to get the complete “Baiyun Sword Manual”, but without comprehending the artistic conception of sword dao, he could not even improve.

This system limitation makes people quite speechless.

Tang Mubai has learned many times, although he was depressed at this moment, he was not too entangled.

Comprehend sword intent Just comprehend sword intent.

“Baiyun Sword Manual” is temporarily unable to cultivation and upgrade, so put it aside.

Other aspects can be improved.

First of all, the spatial artistic conception, which was Initiated before, now——

[Whether to consume 1000 years of lifespan to enhance the spatial artistic conception to Small Accomplishment? 】


[Whether to consume 10000 years of lifespan to enhance the spatial artistic conception to Great Accomplishment? 】


[Whether it consumes 100000 years of lifespan to enhance the spatial artistic conception to a small perfection? 】


Upgrading to Great Perfection requires 100 10,000 years lifespan, which is temporarily shelved.

With the spatial artistic conception of Little Perfection, Tang Mubai has a deeper understanding of space, and he can teleport without using “Taiji Universe Art”!

Then there is Divine Ability.

5 Divine Ability, as well as the nose and body, not High Level.

[Whether to consume 10000 years of lifespan to increase the Divine Ability of the nose orifice to High Level? 】


[Whether to consume 10000 years of lifespan to upgrade Divine Ability to High Level? 】


Suddenly, all 5 Divine Ability reached High Level.

Tang Mubai tried to sense and switch to each other——


The whole body trembled suddenly.

The eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body are suddenly connected together.

An extremely mysterious and abstruse feeling followed, a magical rise in the mind.

When the brain recovered from a daze, Tang Mubai realized that his field of vision had become very large and wide.

Obviously he was standing still, but the scene behind him could be clearly “see”.

All around other areas, the ground in the air, and the scene in the crevices of stones can also be clearly seen.

This change…

“Divine sense?”

Tang Mubai corner of the mouth twitched.

After martial artist breakthrough to Innate realm, after gradually opening the Divine Ability of 5 orifices, 5 orifices can be merged into one to breed divine sense.

This process requires a lot of spirit strength and mental power.

Without spirit strength, Divine Ability would never be activated.

Tang Mubai is good, and the Divine Ability of the 5 orifices has all been upgraded to High Level, and it is automatically unified, and a divine sense is born!

This divine sense is indeed stronger and cooler than Divine Ability.

With your eyes closed, ignoring the night and day, everything around you can be clearly seen.

Scanning wherever you pass, the hair strands on the ground can also be clear.

The joy of accident!

The breeding of divine sense is too unexpected.

For a while, Tang Mubai suppressed the joy in his heart and continued to improve Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart Pass used to be Middle Level, now——

[Whether to consume 10000 years of lifespan to upgrade Sacred Heart to High Level? 】



The brain is in chaos.

Consciousness, divine sense, and soul have all been strengthened by invisible traction.

When he regained consciousness, Tang Mubai clenched his fists.

With High Level Sacred Heart Tong, the scope and time of super-sensing, predicting, and mind-reading have been expanded tenfold.

If the change is to sense the whereabouts of the “Reincarnation Book” at this time, then Tang Mubai can lock the practice wall in ten minutes at most.

Instead of visiting the entire “Samsara Cave Day” before coming to the Martial Training Stage like before.

Open the system panel and look at other things.

Three items of Divine Ability, “Temperature Control”, “Pressure Control”, and “Poison Control” are found, and “+” appears behind them.

This surprised Tang Mubai and thought of the reasons.

Human body!

Previously, these 3 Divine Ability could not be improved, as Tang Mubai guessed it was related to physical fitness.

Now his body is the body of heaven and man, and a “+” appears immediately behind him.

At the moment–

[Whether to consume 10000 years of lifespan and upgrade the “Pressure Control” Divine Ability to High Level? 】


[Whether to consume 100 years of lifespan to upgrade the “Poison Control” Divine Ability to Middle Level? 】


[Whether to consume 10000 years of lifespan to upgrade the “Poison Control” Divine Ability to High Level? 】



[Whether to consume 100 years of lifespan and upgrade the “Temperature Control” Divine Ability to Middle Level? 】


[Whether to consume 10000 years of lifespan to upgrade the “Temperature Control” Divine Ability to High Level? 】


Pressure Control, Poison Control, and Temperature Control are all upgraded to High Level.

Tang Mubai’s brain went down again and fell into chaos.

one after another A powerful force, born out of thin air, impacts the body, a large amount of mist appears, rising from the top of the head.

After a long time, Tang Mubai regained consciousness and eyes opened.

I found myself wet, as if soaking in water, I couldn’t help but exhale.

“No wonder the system didn’t display a’+’ before.”

“It’s not the body of heaven and man, upgrade’Temperature Control”Pressure Control”Poison Control ‘to High Level, simply courting death!”

Tang Mubai wiped the sweat off his face and murmured with lingering fears.

High Level Temperature Control Divine Ability is not only about temperature control, but also a deep understanding.

such as–


Tang Mubai snapped his fingers, and a beam of flame emerged at his fingertips.

The flame first enlarges, then shrinks, and then disappears.

Throughout the process, the fingertip temperature has not changed, but the space has been distorted by burning.

This kind of in-depth control will only understand the profound mystery when you experience it firsthand.

The same goes for Poison Control and Pressure Control.

Especially Pressure Control, Tang Mubai pondered a little in his mind and found that “Pressure Control” Divine Ability combined with “Destroying Palm” might be a miraculous effect.

Open the system panel——

[Name]: Tang Mubai

[Body]: Heaven and Human

[Will]: Perfect

[Qi and Blood]: 100152k (+)

[Martial arts]: “Into the Dream Heart Sutra” (Perfection), “Heavenly Dragon Claw” (Perfection), “Taiji Heart Sutra” (Perfection), “Taiji Xuan Gong” (Perfection), “Taiji Qiankun Jue” (1st floor +) , “Perfection”, “Star Plucking Hand” (8th floor +), …, “Perfection”, “3 Yang Yiqi Jue” (Ninth Layer), … “Reincarnation Collection” ( 6th floor), “White Cloud Sword Manual” (Not Initiated)

[Thaumaturgy]: Yin and Yang Sword Energy (0), Blood God Finger (18)

[Secret Collection]: “6 Pan Zhen Jing” (9-Layer)

[Divine Ability]: Pressure Control (High Level), Poison Control (High Level), Temperature Control (High Level), Divine Ability (High Level), Shengxintong (High Level)

[Lifespan]: 413702

[Retinue]: 8

[Artistic conception]: Great Perfection, Space (Small Perfection +)

[Avatar]: Stone Giant (3 sharp changes)

[Spiritual object]: Demon Immortal vine (growth period)

[Tao species]: White bone Dao species, Life Dao species

[Battle companion]: Winged Fire Tiger, Abyss Dark Bull, Fantasy World Demon Dragon, Earthquake Storm Ape

[Space]: Flame Bone Blade, Xuanbing Bow, Dragon Head Bow, Taiji Sword, Hell Sword, Black Dark Sword, Burning Sun Sword, Ice Phoenix Sword, Fire Dragon Thorns, Energy Stone, Demon Orb, extinguishing soul bone stick , Ecstasy bracelet, “Samsara Scripture”…


Improved Divine Ability and artistic conception, and the remaining cumulative lifespan is still more than 40 10000.

Demon Immortal Vine made this wave of assists.


Demon Immortal The vine has also changed?

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