Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 506

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Growth period?

It only entered the growth stage after eating more than 1000000 fish and Sea Beast.

Demon Immortal Vine’s improvement is too slow.

Tang Mubai pondered.

The stone giant Avatar this time was to find the Sea Territory who came to “Samsara Cave God”.

Now that the “Reincarnation Collection” is in hand, you can go back.

Let the Demon Immortal vine stay in the Sea Territory and continue to eat fish and Sea Beast. It can indeed grow and become stronger slowly, but it will not help Tang Mubai.

First of all, the stone giant Avatar is not around, no matter how many Sea Beast and fish are killed by Demon Immortal, Tang Mubai will not be able to recover vitality.

Secondly, Tang Mubai can sense that the Demon Immortal vine at this moment has an overall strength almost comparable to that of a king-level Inhuman creature, and it can play a lot when carried around.

After thinking about it, Tang Mubai suddenly flashed a flash of light in his mind.

I almost forgot, the Demon Immortal vine can be separated!

Leave half of it in the Sea Territory and half of it with you to solve the problem perfectly.

Think of it here.

Tang Mubai silently laughed, looked around all around, his figure soared into the sky and flew towards the entrance of the cave.

“Samsara Treasure” is available, and the exhausted “Samsara Cave Sky” can be discarded.

From the entrance, back to the floating island.

Tang Mubai walked out of the cave and just stood in the open area, looking up towards the sky outside the floating island.

There, a dozen or so five officials are exquisite, ears are sharp, arms, chest and abdomen are covered with scales, and they have the same thighs as humans. As sharks with feet, they stand in the air, and everyone’s eyes are staring straight at Tang Mubai.

“Pure blood shark?”

Tang Mubai glanced casually to see the identity of these people.

Pure blood shark!

The sharks who had surrounded the giant ship on the sea before had ferocious looks and still maintained the characteristics of fish heads and tails. They belonged to the mixed-race sharks.

Compared with pure-blood sharks, there are more mixed-breed sharks, but their status is not very high.

The reason why it is not high is due to the limitation of strength. There are very few mixed-blood sharks who reach the realm of power, but very many pure-blood sharks.

Just like at this moment, among the dozen or so pure-blood sharks staring at Tang Mubai, three have the breath of a powerhouse, an imposing manner, and majestic power fluctuations.

The three people looked at Tang Mubai for a moment, with anger in their eyes.

Obviously, Tang Mubai was accused of the murder of the mixed-race shark man 4 days ago!

As for why he didn’t land on the island, Tang Mubai pondered for a moment, thinking about the reason.


The floating island all around has arranged a complicated puzzle.

If you want to enter the island, you have to break the formation first, or resist it with a strong will.

Tang Mubai belongs to the latter group. Among the dozen or so pure-blood sharks, none of them can do anything. They can only guard the periphery of the floating island. I don’t know how long they have been guarding.

They cannot come in, and Tang Mubai stays on the island for safety.

But it’s not Tang Mubai’s choice to stay stuck on the floating island.

Among the dozen or so pure-blood sharks, 3 are psychic, and the rest are Innate.

In the previous moment, all Tang Mubai could do was to run.



Tang Mubai’s figure flickered, and he rushed out of the floating island.

“catch him!”

Among the three sharks, one of them is suspected to be the leader, whose eyes are firmly locked on Tang Mubai, shouted.

The language spoken is not the human language, but the lingua franca of human beings, and it is very standard.

Tang Mubai listened to his ears, his hands kept moving, and when he came to the sea, he directly struck the sea with “fire and wind”.

That is, the sea directly below the floating island!

“Boom ~”

call! call! call!

The wind swept through and the waves rolled.

The Heaven and Earth energy of wind and fire is drawn, blended and stirred together, releasing terrifying power, all the way down, squeezing the air to appear a vortex, brutal impact on the sea, releasing violent energy fluctuations.

Countless sea water was affected, flying up in the air, splashing in 4 directions.

The constantly rotating shock wave forcibly swept a tunnel in the sea to the seabed array.


A dull sound echoed with seabed.

Terrorist forces destroyed Formation on the spot, muddled the sea, alarmed countless fishes and Sea Beast around, and fled in 4 places.

Without the guidance of seabed Formation, the floating island immediately disappeared and disappeared in the sky again.


The dozens of sharks who were chasing over looked in their eyes, all shocked.

One trick to destroy seabed Formation is too strong!

But it is precisely because of this move that makes them believe that the murderer is Tang Mubai!

and so–

“Don’t give him a chance, let’s go together!”

The three pure-blood sharks of realm, suddenly body flashed, disappeared in place, and rushed towards Tang Mubai.

Other pure blood sharks follow closely from behind, scattered all around Tang Mubai, blocking the way.


The space trembled suddenly at this moment.

A majestic oppressive force, dropping from the sky, covers all the sharks.

The three sharks in the realm of the gods are okay, able to contend, stiff in place.

Because this is divine might.

But compared to the ordinary divine might, the coverage and strength are far surpasses.

Other Innate realm’s sharks couldn’t bear it, each and everyone fell to the sea.


Upon seeing the sight of the three sharks in the realm of the gods, they resumed their attacks and rushed towards Tang Mubai from three directions.

唰 ~ 唰 ~ 唰 ~

oh la la! ——

Each of the three sharks in the realm of the gods has opened a unique “Martial Domain”, behind which is a huge blue sphere of water, the internal waves are rolling, and the waves are soaring into the sky.

As soon as he approached, Tang Mubai felt the virtual power of howling wind and torrential rain and huge waves.

This is a manifestation of Wuyu virtuality. It looks like nothing, but it’s almost the same as the real power.

Bang bang bang!

Tang Mubai all around 3 directions, suddenly surrounded by huge waves and terrifying storms. Want to break open, there is no gap. Because the three sharks in the realm of the gods surrounded Tang Mubai in a triangular shape.

“Human, did you kill Baru?”

The headed shark in the realm of God, stared at Tang Mubai coldly, and asked.

“Baru? Never heard of it.”

Tang Mubai grinned, “It’s you guys, what do I want to do when you surround me?”

“What are you doing?” Another shark in the realm of Gods sneered, “What are you talking about? Whether you admit it or not, if you appear on the floating island above, then you will definitely have nothing to do with the death of Balu!”

“This is the crime of wanting to add to it, why is it worthless?” Tang Mubai chuckled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The third shark in the God Realm coldly shouted, “Whoever you are, you must die today!”


The three sharks in the realm of the gods drank together, controlled three “martial domains”, and drowned Tang Mubai.

crash-bang ~

bang! bang~bang!

Tang Mubai was suddenly covered and disappeared in the “stormy sea”.

When he reappeared, he appeared behind the leader of the Tongshen Realm shark, a round of rays of light blooming, and the imprints of continuous rotation, lightning condensed birth, sinking into the opponent’s neck, disappeared.

Move instantly, Samsara Seal!

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