Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 507

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“The speed is fast enough, but the attack power is too weak!”

The lead shark in the God Realm turned around, and a nearly substantive water arrow shot at Tang Mubai.

“Blood God Finger!”

Tang Mubai releases bloody lance from the front.


“Booming -“

The water arrows collided with Scarlet Lance, creating a terrifying shock wave, like a hemisphere, sweeping the sea.

To Tang Mubai’s surprise, Scarlet Lance persisted for less than ten seconds before being defeated by a water arrow. The remaining power galloped over and hit the “Giant Manfield”, pushing Tang Mubai’s stone giant Avatar to the surface of the sea. come down.

“oh la la ~”

The Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar smashed into the sea, setting off a huge wave of waves, soaring into the sky, throwing into the air.

Despite the embarrassment, the “giant man field” offset the remaining power of the water arrow, and Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, was not injured much.

Instead, taking this opportunity, Mind controlled the Demon Immortal vine not far away, branched out, shuttled back from the sea with lightning, and retracted within the body.

Immediately, continue to use the “Pressure Control” Divine Ability to suppress those few Innate realm sharks.

High Level “Pressure Control” Divine Ability, can produce a terrifying pressure similar to divine might but stronger than divine might.

Tang Mubai just discovered this point.

As soon as this ability came out, the martial artist of Innate realm, the king-level Inhuman creature, was the younger brother kneeling on the ground in front of him.

Of course, if you have a powerful Treasure Item that can offset the divine might, that’s another matter.

As soon as the High Level “Pressure Control” Divine Ability came out, Tang Mubai could even use the reverse thrust of the terrifying pressure to rise to the sky.

In the air, three sharks in the realm of the gods just swooped down.

3 regiments of huge “wuyu” are bound and connected together, covering downwards and oppressing.

The shocking scene of turbulent waves and sky-shaking waves is like sea water pouring into the sky.

Tang Mubai looked in his eyes and didn’t avoid it. He just meditated on the control method of “Samsara Seal” in his heart, trying to control the “Samsara Seal” implanted in the body of the leading shark within the body.

I don’t want to, at this moment–

“All the sharks must die!”

Boom ~ Boom ~ Boom ~

As if the thunderbolt exploded, the sound was continuous.

In the distant sky, a huge Iron Fist suddenly appeared, smashing void, rushing straight forward.

In a flash, it reached the sky above the head of the Tang Mubai stone giant, and collided with the “Martial Domain” held by the three sharks of the God Realm.


Iron Fist smashed into the “Wuyu” and smashed all the huge waves and winds in the “Wuyu” on the spot, and in the next second——

Hong long! !

There was a loud noise.

The three “Martial Regions” connected together exploded under the barbaric impact of Iron Fist, turning into a lot of energy and Heaven and Earth energy, floating in the air.

“Pu~” “pu~” “wa!”

The three sharks of the God Realm who wanted to attack the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, broke into the “Martial Domain”, spurted blood from their mouths, and their entire bodies shook in the air.

“It’s Destiny Realm powerhouse!”

When the leading shark in the God-level Realm tried to stabilize his figure, roar said, “Human Race powerhouse is here, let’s go!”

whiz whiz whiz ~

Without waiting for Tang Mubai to speak, three sharks from the psychic realm swiftly fell to the sea, splashing 3 clusters of water, and disappeared in the sea.

Like other Innate sharks, they themselves are suppressed in the sea and run faster.

“Hu~ hu~”

The sea breeze howled and the tide surged.

All the sharks ran away all at once.

Throughout the process, Tang Mubai watched, stopped urging the “Samsara Seal” and at the same time, controlled the stone giant Avatar to stand in the air, looking towards the direction where the giant Iron Fist broke through the air.

A middle-aged man with extraordinary bearing, imposing manner and dazzling eyes, like a sun-stimulating middle-aged man who can’t look directly at him, walks slowly in the void.

It seems that the speed is very slow, but in fact there are several hundred meters in one step.


Shattered the “Martial Domain” of the Tongshen Realm Shark with one punch.

This kind of terrifying power can only be possessed by Destiny Realm powerhouse.

The visitor was the Destiny Realm powerhouse, and Tang Mubai’s heart was inexplicable. He, the stone giant Avatar’s fake human appearance, didn’t know if he could fool him.

Destiny Realm powerhouse, what means does the ghost know?

The stone giant Avatar Third Transformation, can deceive Tongshen, whether destiny can be deceived, Tang Mubai has no idea.

“Father, wait for me!”

A shout that stretched the reverberation suddenly sounded.

Tang Mubai looked subconsciously and saw behind the middle-aged man, a young man riding a big fish like a dolphin but with a pair of wings, waving his hands and desperately chasing after him.


The big fish, which is more than 3 meters long, made a pleasant cry following the call of the boy.

The wings stirred quickly and the speed increased, and finally caught up before the middle-aged man came to Tang Mubai.

“I said daddy, why are you walking so fast?”

The boy riding the fish first complained to the middle-aged man, then he waved to Tang Mubai and said with a smile, “This uncle, hello, take the liberty to excuse me, have you seen my 7 grandfather? “

Tang Mubai, “…”

That’s right, this young man riding a fish came to Sea Territory on a giant ship four days ago to search for the so-called ruins, but was besieged by the sharks, and finally left the old man. After the break, he himself and the people on the giant ship passed Transmission Array leaves.

After 4 days, I came again. The person I invited was even stronger, Destiny Realm powerhouse.

According to his name, the middle-aged man is still his Laozi.

“Oh, my 7 grandfather has a very strong figure, strong features, and sharp eyes!”

Seeing that Tang Mubai was silent, the boy added another sentence.

“…I haven’t seen it.” Tang Mubai shook his head. “Not long after I came here, I ran into a group of mackerel besieged. If it wasn’t for your father, you might have been planted by now.”

Having said that, facing the middle-aged man, thank you, “many thanks for your help just now.”

“You’re welcome.” The middle-aged man said lightly, “Why did those sharks besiege you just now?”

“I want to know too.” Tang Mubai sighed, “I came here to look for the’Red Scale Devil Fish’, but didn’t expect to run into a group of sharks.”

In my heart, secretly luck.

The middle-aged man didn’t see through his disguise!

“‘Red Scale Devil Fish’? This Sea Territory has’Red Scale Devil Fish’?”

After hearing this, the teenager didn’t think much, and asked excitedly, “‘Red Scale Devil Fish’ is a good thing. Not only is it delicious, but it can also refine Nirvana Pill. Often when one appears, it makes people grab the head.”

“This, I also came here to look for it by accident when someone mentioned it.” Tang Mubai was slightly embarrassed.

He couldn’t guarantee the precious spirit seed of the Red Scale Devil Fish.

This is just an excuse to talk casually, and it will be hell if you can guarantee it.

Tang Mubai could feel that the middle-aged man seemed peaceful, but he was suspicious both inside and outside.

Teenagers are straightforward and pure, without that many scheming.

He came to find the old man from Self-destruction, if it wasn’t related to seabed Formation, Tang Mubai wouldn’t mind telling him.

Unfortunately, seabed formation is related to floating islands in the sky, and floating islands in the sky are related to “Samsara Cave sky”, and “Samsara Cave sky” is related to “Samsara Sect” and “Reincarnation Collection”!

The middle-aged man is Destiny Realm powerhouse.

If you know that Tang Mubai has won the “Reincarnation Book”, 100% will kill Tang Mubai and snatch the “Reincarnation Book”.

The methods and secret techniques of searching for souls are not only available in The Reincarnation Collection, but there are also many other ways.

Even if Tang Mubai is killed, there is no guarantee that the other party will not search for souls.

Therefore, for his own safety, Tang Mubai can only say sorry from the bottom of his heart.

Although there is no middle-aged man, Tang Mubai can also escape from the hands of 3 sharks in the realm of God.

Tang Mubai, the leader of the shark in the gods, has just implanted the “Samsara Seal”. Through the “Samsara Seal”, Tang Mubai can turn it into a puppet, and in turn sneak attacks the other two sharks in the gods.

The ability of puppets is also one of the effects of “Samsara Seal”.


“This way.”

The young man hearing this, the lost sighed, “Also, the’Red Scale Devil Fish’ this thing, how can there be a clear place to live, if there is one, it has long been emptied.”


Tang Mubai echoed, “I also want to try one’s luck. I didn’t expect to be besieged by a group of sharks… Forget it, don’t mention it. Since there are such strong sharks guarding this Sea Territory, even if there is a red I can’t catch the scale devil fish, so I can go back.”

Speaking, facing the middle-aged man, thank you again.

Afterwards, bid farewell to the two people.

“Uncle goodbye!”

The boy rode a flying fish and waved at Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai also smiled and waved, and walked away.

When Tang Mubai walked away, the middle-aged man looked back and frowned, “When will you grow up?”

“Me? What’s wrong with me?” The teenager was aggrieved, “Did I say something wrong just now?”

“…” The middle-aged man took a deep breath, “I’ve said it many times, no matter how long a snack is outside, don’t let others say, just believe!”

“Uh~” The boy stagnated, and then muttered in a low voice, “I think uncle is pretty good, and even told me there might be a’red scale devil fish’ here.”

middle-aged man, “……”


Flew out 100 miles in one breath.

Tang Mubai took control of the Giant Stone Avatar and slowed down slightly.


The middle-aged man kept staring at him, and Tang Mubai kept his mind tense.

Being stared at by Destiny Realm’s powerhouse, Tang Mubai felt this feeling for the first time.

It is not how dangerous it is, but to find that there is an illusion that you can’t control yourself.

As long as the other party keeps staring at him, Tang Mubai is inexplicably nervous.

Fortunately, the middle-aged man doubted it, but didn’t have the thought of doing it.

After all, when he came, Tang Mubai was being besieged by 3 sharks in the realm of God.

If a few minutes in advance, the floating island in the sky can still be seen, then the problem is serious.

Tang Mubai is sincerely grateful for this.

It is fortunate that he was able to escape successfully, and fortunately that since coming to Sea Territory, he has changed into a honest and uncle face.

Now that the “Treasure of Reincarnation” is available, you can return to Red Leaves City.


Red Leaves City.

With the Secret Realm found by Heaven’s Mystery Sect, located in the wasteland, the news spread.

The city, which had just restored its former calm, became lively again.

Moreover, compared with the 3-day time limit of “Hanging Mountain”, only experts from the surrounding 3 domains rushed over.

This time, the Secret Realm found by Heaven’s Mystery Sect was announced, and the martial artist on the Thang Long list was invited to go.

The whole Dongzhou became a sensation.

You know, the Thang Long list is changed every 3 years, but Secret Realm does not start every 3 years and find one.

Prior to this, the time of the Secret Realm found by Heaven’s Mystery Sect was uncertain.

The ranking of the Rising Dragon Ranking is therefore more to demonstrate the strength of a new generation of young experts.

Although the ranking on the Thang Long List is not 100% accurate.

But it is still sought after by various forces and young martial artists.

Those who can be on the list, no matter where they go, will attract the attention of the crowd.

This is a temptation and enjoyment for youngster.

And if you can enter Secret Realm, it will be an opportunity for nothing.

Basically, few people who can make the list will refuse.

As Red Leaves City is the closest city to wasteland, in the next few days, martial artists from all over the world have arrived.

The 108 Grandmasters on the Thang Long List arrive almost every day.

It’s okay for those who come to not show up very often. When they show up, they are all recognized, causing bursts of exclamation.

Soon, under the impetus of the people of interest, the list of talents in the Rising Dragon ranking was published online.

Tang Mubai’s name information on the Thang Long List appeared for the first time in Red Leaves City. No, it was in the eyes of 38th Territory ordinary person.

The 9th place from the bottom makes countless people vomit.

“Heaven’s Mystery Sect is dazzled? Tang Mubai is 9th from the bottom?”

“It must be wrong. This list is definitely not accurate. Tang Great Grandmaster is ranked 100. What’s the joke?”

“I don’t think it’s true, too. It’s so funny.”

“You don’t know don’t yell, the ranking of the Dragon Ranking is once every three years. It is to show people’s previous record, not true strength. In fact, true strength, who is on the list, who will confide all of them?”

“Yes, the Dragon Ranking itself is not 100% prepared. It is used as a reference and serves as the ticket to enter Secret Realm. If you do not rise to the Dragon Ranking, you are not eligible to enter Secret Realm.”

“Yes, yes, entering Secret Realm is the key, ranking and so on, don’t care too much.”

“Haha, Tang Great Grandmaster ranks low, but the strength is not low. When the’Hanging Mountain’ appeared some time ago, Zhuge Xiu and I provoked Tang Great Grandmaster, and I was beaten up and maimed. You can see how powerful Tang Great Grandmaster is. You know, Zhuge Xiu ranks 36th!”

“Yes, if we re-ranking now, Tang Mubai will be at least 35!”

“That’s not right, I want to be 35, isn’t Tang Mubai the one who should defeat Ranked 3rd 5th 1th first?”


The Internet is very lively.

A group of people discuss coming and discuss going.

As one of the parties, Tang Mubai didn’t pay much attention.

Secret Realm opens and he is ready to go.

The situation at home must be arranged first.

The reason is as many people on the Internet have said, Tang Mubai defeated Zhuge Xiu, father and son, and the father and son have stayed in Red Leaves City for an opportunity to retaliate.

If Tang Mubai does not guard against them, something will happen if he is not sure.

The stone giant Avatar is already on his way back.

Wait for the stone giant Avatar to return…

“Leader Tang, where are you now?”

The phone rang suddenly, Tang Mubai picked it up, and Huang Sheng heard a serious voice from the microphone.

“I’m at home, what’s the matter?” Tang Mubai wondered.

“It’s fine at home, I’ll come over right away.” Huang Shengwen, sighed in relief.

“Wait.” Tang Mubai hearing this, quickly said, “What’s wrong, Huang Leader, what’s wrong?”

“Zhuge Xiu, I’m dead!”

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