Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 508

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Tang Mubai was astonished, “How did he…”


A loud noise suddenly came from outside.

Accompanied by a grieving roar.

“Tang Mubai, come out and die for me!”


The cold light flashed in Tang Mubai’s eyes. He threw away the phone, shaking his body and leaving the room.

Don’t wait to stand still, cast “Fire and Fire”, moved towards the air galloping towards you.

In the air, 5 blood-winged giant tigers condensed from astral energy, flutter huge wings, roaring roar, swooping down, the target, the entire Miracle Mercenary Group resident.

If this is photographed, the Miracle Mercenary Group site will be reduced to rubble in an instant, sinking into the ground.

Therefore, Tang Mubai’s shot was “fire and wind”.


The air exploded at the moment it was shot.

The wind howled and the fire swept through.

The wind and fire entangled and overlapped the power, soaring into the sky, the first one to face, the blood-winged giant tiger running in the front was crushed, turned into energy, and dissipated in the air.

Then, the fire dragon formed by the condensed windbreaker drowned the remaining 4 blood-winged giant tigers, and spread to Zhuge Changshou who covered the blood-winged giant tiger behind.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”


A series of explosions echoed in the air.

The power of the windbreaker Fire Dragon circling up and smashing all the attacks of Zhuge Changshou.

The remaining power pushed Zhuge Changshou who swooped down and flew backwards into the air.

When stabilized, most of the clothes on his body were torn to pieces, turned into tatters, his hair was messy, his shoulders draped, and a pair of bloodshot eyes stared at Tang Mubai on the ground.

“Tang Mubai, I want you to die! I want you to die!!”


The void exploded.

A terrifying imposing manner was suddenly released from Zhuge Changshou’s body, swept all around, and the muddy air became extremely chaotic.

One after another invisible breath, in a flash, stimulates the surrounding Heaven and Earth energy, which is pulled within a few tenths of a second, gathered in Zhuge Changshou’s body, and condensed to form a vortex with a large grinding disc for each and everyone.

“Huh!” “Huh!” “Huh!”

The wind swept across, howling Heaven and Earth.

Zhuge Changshou released his full strength, the breath and imposing manner on his body reached the culmination in a short moment, and all qi and blood within the body were mobilized and condensed to form astral energy.

Xiu xiu xiu!

one after another scarlet rays of light, flashing in the air.

In a moment, it wraps around Zhuge Changshou’s body surface, flowing over the whole body.

“Surnamed Tang, I want you to die!!”

Zhuge longevity growled.

With the roar, one after another spirit strength drilled out from the palm, pulling the Power of Heaven and Earth around the body between Heaven and Earth, and gathered in an instant.

“Hu~ !” “hu~ !” “hu~ !”

The air became more turbulent, and energy raged in 4 places.

Power of Heaven and Earth cooperated with the release of all the power of Zhuge Longevity, and in just an instant, all the surrounding air stirred and boiled, constantly rippling and undulating.

And in the next second, the cover fell and rushed towards Tang Mubai.

“Miankong Palm——”

“——Dominating the world!”

Tang Mubai urged “Missing the Sky Palm” to release the last move.

The spatial artistic conception of Little Perfection, with palm force, blasted out at this moment.

In just a moment, the void in front of Zhuge Changshou was smashed into pieces.

The covered terrorist attack quickly dissipated as the space shattered.

Without stopping, Tang Mubai continued to take out his palm, and the Power of Heaven and Earth condensed by Zhuge Longevity in less than half a second collapsed and disappeared.

“Ahhh !”

Zhuge longevity roar long howl.

Last time he burned vitality and blood, but he has not recovered, this time, he can no longer perform the same secret technique.

But Zhuge Changshou didn’t stop there. Without the sword swallowing the moon, a golden ring appeared on the palms of his hands, blooming with a terrifying breath, cutting the air and making a harsh sound.


shouting loudly from not far away from the sky.

Huang Shengwen, who called Tang Mubai, finally arrived.

This is not because he is slow, but Zhuge Changshou’s revenge is too fast.

Before Tang Mubai hangs up the phone, he has launched an attack.

As for Angry Roar, Huang Shengwen spoke a voice-over on his cell phone just now, but he heard clearly.

Seeing that Zhuge Changshou was about to make another move at this time, when Huang Sheng heard the lightning flying over, he shot out with a palm in the air to intercept Zhuge Changshou.

Then, the figure flickered, blocking the middle.

“Huang Shengwen! You let me go!” Zhuge Changshou roared.

“Zhuge longevity, stop now, I can still save you face, but if you go crazy again, don’t blame me for cruelty!” Huang Shengwen giving tit for tat.

“Hahaha.” Zhuge Changshou laughed, his bloodshot eyes looked towards Tang Mubai, and said grimly, “Huang Shengwen, do you want to support this surnamed Tang?”

“This is not about supporting anyone, but my duty.”

Huang Shengwen coldly shouted, “No matter who it is, if you dare to run wild in Red Leaves City, don’t blame me for not being affectionate!”

With that said, he looked around all around, glanced at the grandmasters who rose to the sky and watched the excitement, and the martial artists who had been on the Rising Dragon list.

Wu Weilan, Liu Tianxiu, Lei 1000 Fang, Di Xiaochuan and the others also flew up into the air now, looking at Tang Mubai in the distance.

The movement just now happened too fast and too violently.

When they soared into the sky, Huang Shengwen had arrived and stopped Zhuge Changshou.

Talented martial artists from all over the eastern continent have different breaths, imposing manner out of the ordinary.

each and everyone looked at Tang Mubai at the same time, also looked towards other people.

Although on the Rising Dragon Ranking, not everyone knows what other people look like.

At this moment, I have seen Zhuge’s longevity.

As one of them, Tang Mubai quickly glanced at the others, and finally fell back to Zhuge Changshou, expressionlessly said, “Zhuge Changshou, do you really think I dare not kill you?”

“You come to kill, you are here to kill!”

Zhuge’s longevity was stimulated, his bloodshot eyes stared at Tang Mubai, and roared, “Surnamed Tang, you have already killed my son, now kill me again…”

“and many more.”

Tang Mubai interrupted coldly, “Zhuge Changshou, please make it clear, what does it mean that I have killed your son?”

“Isn’t it?” Zhuge Changshou breathed fire.

“Hehe.” Tang Mubai sneered, “Your son is dead, so he blames me on my head. Is there all paste in your head? Say I killed Zhuge Xiu me, do you have any evidence?”

“Apart from you here, who else has hatred with me?” Zhuge Changshou roared, “You didn’t kill it, but who would it be?”

“So, you don’t have any evidence, do you?”

Tang Mubai sneered, “You can’t find the murderer, so you put the crime on my head, because I didn’t deal with your father and son before, dignified White Tiger dignified Lord, just a little bit of knowledge? I’m curious, you Zhuge How did Longevity become the owner of White Tiger dignified? Does it rely on flattery?”


A young man with a knife in both hands heard this and couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “That’s right, dignified White Tiger dignified lord, just such a little ability is really hard to believe, how did you sit in this position? .”

“shut up!”

Zhuge Changshou turned his head and glared at the young man, then turned around, glared at Tang Mubai again, and roar said, “Surnamed Tang, you said that you didn’t kill my son. Show me proof! As long as you have proof, I can give You knelt down and apologized!”


Tang Mubai coldly snorted, “Thank you for figuring out the whole story. It was you who came to me for trouble. I killed Zhuge and repaired me. If you want evidence, you also show evidence to prove that I killed your treasured son. !”

“He he he…” Zhuge Changshou grinned, “You have no evidence to prove that you killed it, and there is no one else except you! Surnamed Tang, go die for me!”

Zhuge Changshou roar, continue to attack.


The air blew up.

Huang Shengwen slapped him away, swept the air and shot Zhuge Changshou, and threw him 100 meters away.

“Zhuge Changshou, do you think I’m in one ear and out the other? Do you think I’m cracking a joke with you?”

Huang Shengwen shouted with a cold face, “I warn you, if you dare to do it again, it will destroy you!”

“Hahaha…” Zhuge Changshou laughed wildly, his eyes were full of madness, “Huang Shengwen, please listen to me, dare to stop me, I will kill you!”

“Then you are going to try it.” Huang Shengwen shot cold light in his eyes.

“Okay, this is you…”


The void trembled abruptly.

An astonishing and majestic oppression force suddenly descended on everyone’s heads.

Among them, Zhuge’s longevity was the most terrifying, and he fell directly to the ground under direct pressure, hitting the street, and smashing a human-shaped pothole.

“hmph ~”

There was a coldly shouted sound.

Zhang Hairui rode a dark horse and walked slowly from far away.

“I have seen Lord Zhang!”

“Yo, Uncle Zhang is here.”


When the people floating in the air saw this, they greeted.

It was Wu Weilan, Liu Tianxiu and the others who shouted “Adults”.

The “uncle” was a young man with a knife in both hands, winking at Zhang Hairui who was walking over.

“It’s you brat.” Zhang Hairui recognized the young man, said ill-humoredly, “It’s nothing to do with you here, just go.”

“Don’t.” The young man raised his eyebrows, “It’s just fun right now, how can I go? So who, Zhuge Changshou’s son is dead, Zhuge Changshou put the murderer on Tang Mubai and Tang University Leader’s head, this is still If I didn’t figure it out, I couldn’t bear to leave.”

Tang Mubai, “…”

“Don’t say Yuan, it’s really wrong for your father to give you this name, it’s not a little bit.” Huang Sheng smelled black lines.

“Hehe, I also think my name is not good.” Yuan Bu said with a grin, “If Uncle Huang has a better one, you can talk to my father and let him change one for me.”

“Okay, you brat, don’t say a few words, you won’t lose hair.”

Zhang Hairui didn’t want to talk to him anymore, turned to look towards Tang Mubai, said solemnly, “Leader Tang, Zhuge Xiu my death, don’t worry, I will find out who did it.”

“Many thanks Lord Zhang.” Tang Mubai thanked him.

“He he he ~”

On the ground, Zhuge longevity, who crawled out of the pit, allowed the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, his chest, bloodshot eyes, staring at Tang Mubai, saying with a smile, “surnamed Tang, no matter who gives If you support, I will kill you and let you bury my son!”

“Zuge longevity, you are enough.”

Before Tang Mubai had spoken, Zhang Hairui coldly shouted and frowned, “Your son’s death has many doubts. It is too early to make a conclusion. There is no clue as to who the murderer is. You should not open your mouth because Leader Tang did it. Shut up. It was Leader Tang who did it. There is no definite evidence to prove that Leader Tang is related to your son’s death. You are framed!”

“He he he, is it framed? Surnamed Tang knows the most about himself.” Zhuge Changshou grinned strangely.



No matter how good Tang Mubai is, Zhuge Changshou has lost it at this moment.

“Lord Zhang, Huang Leader, what do you say about this?”

Tang Mubai took a deep breath and looked towards Zhang Hairui and Huang Shengwen.

“Go and see the dead body first.”

Huang Sheng heard, “I have sent someone to inspect Zhugexiu’s corpse. Without any definite clue, I want to find out who the murderer is. Using the corpse as an entrance is the fastest way.”

“Yes, go see the corpse first.” Zhang Hairui echoed nodded.

“Okay, then go and see the corpse.” Tang Mubai took a deep breath, looked towards Zhuge Changshou.

“You want to see my son’s body?”

The corners of Zhuge Changshou’s mouth raised, and he said extremely weirdly, “Okay, I’ll take you to see it. After seeing it, what excuse do you have to get rid of suspicion!”


Tang Mubai hearing this, eyebrows picked.

Zhuge Xiu, is there really a clue on my corpse?

And this clue is related to him?

Tang Mubai pondered, but did not speak any more, followed Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui to Zhuge to repair my corpse parking place.

Yuan does not say one step is to follow.

Like everyone else, follow at the end.

The entire group, arrived at the morgue, where Zhuge Changshou father and son lived in the past few days.

At this moment, there are already many people in the yard.

Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui dropping from the sky, a middle-aged man responsible for examining the body, are busy reporting.

“The organs of the dead within the body are not broken, and the muscles and veins are all intact.”

“There are no toxins in the blood, and the brain has not suffered any severe damage.”

“For this reason, based on all the findings, we speculate that the death of the dead should be related to the soul of consciousness.

“You mean, his conscious soul is gone?” Huang Shengwen frowned.

“Isn’t this nonsense?” Yuan Bushuo couldn’t help but said, “Without consciousness, how can people still be alive?”

“You shut up.”

Zhang Hairui gave him an angry look, “Huang Leader meant that Zhuge Xiu might encounter attacks from consciousness and soul during my lifetime, which would lead to death.”

“He he he ~”

Zhuge longevity said with a smile, “My son’s death is related to the consciousness and soul, and the person who can pass the spiritual Consciousness Attack, Tang Mubai is the most famous in the entire Red Leaves City!”

“Just because I know the “Dream Heart Sutra”?” Tang Mubai laughed angrily.

“Dream Heart Sutra”?

Yuan did not say and the others heard these 4 words, expression slightly startled.

In the gaze looking towards Tang Mubai again, there was something strange.


Zhuge Changshou’s killing intent shot in his eyes, “You and my son have enemies, this is something everyone knows! For this reason, you have the motive to kill him, the means to kill him, the one who killed him…”

“and many more.”

Tang Mubai raised his hand and interrupted, “You said I killed Zhuge Xiu by dreaming, right?”


Zhuge Changshou has a hideous face.

Tang Mubai is not afraid.

“First of all, I can indeed enter a dream to kill, but there is a prerequisite here, that is, the target I want to kill, and it happens to be dreaming!”

“If the other party doesn’t dream, I can’t find him, let alone kill him!”

Having said that, Tang Mubai looked towards Zhuge Changshou who suddenly changed color, grinning, “Excuse me, Hall Master Zhuge, was he sleeping or dreaming when your son died!?”

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