Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 509

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The ordinary person may not know that the Muyang City Dream Demon invasion incident can be resolved quickly, but Tang Mubai relies on Tang Mubai.

However, the people of Great Influence know well and know that Tang Mubai cultivated “Dream Heart Sutra”, a powerful martial arts that can enter dreams and attack opponents.

to this end.

The various forces in the 38th Territory, no matter the old Grandmaster, or the descendants of the family, sect members and disciple below, are both envious and jealous of Tang Mubai, and dare not offend half of them.

Zhuge Changshou wanted to retaliate against Tang Mubai, so naturally he would secretly investigate Tang Mubai’s information.

It makes sense to know Tang Mubai cultivated “Into the Dream Heart Sutra”.

When Zhuge Xiu I died, Zhuge Changshou went mad on the spot, and rushed to find Tang Mubai for revenge.

But at this moment, Tang Mubai’s rhetorical question made his crazy brain suddenly calm down.

That’s right, “Dream Heart Sutra” can enter the dream and kill the opponent.

But if the opponent hasn’t dreamed or even fallen asleep, then dreaming and killing can’t be done.

Zhuge Xiu was asleep when I died?

Zhuge Changshou’s face was ugly, his fists clenched.

“Hall Master Zhuge has nothing to say?”

Tang Mubai continued to ask, “Zhuge Xiu, I died here, I think the camera over there should have captured the whole process.”

Tang Mubai pointed his finger to a wall 100 meters away from the right side of the yard, where a hidden camera was installed.

Zhuge Changshou followed the prestige, his face became more and more ugly.

He was actually monitored!

When I first lived here, Zhuge Changshou used divine sense to scan all around every day, but did not find the camera and so on bauble.

Never thought, the past few days forgot to scan, and someone installed a camera for surveillance. I don’t know how long it has been.

Bastard, bastard Ahhh!

Zhuge Changshou’s face was green and his heart was mad.

With the camera, he didn’t even have a chance to argue!

Because Zhuge Xiu just came back from the outside and walked into the yard when I died.

The brain is so clear!

In this regard, other people at the scene expressed different expressions after astonished.

Or show sarcasm, or raise the corners of the mouth, or snort disdainfully.

Huang Shengwen smiled even more, looking towards middle-aged man, a young man with glasses beside him asked, “How about surveillance video?”

“We just adjusted the video. The surveillance showed that when the deceased entered the yard, he was very normal, and he was not unconscious or being helped.” The young man wearing glasses replied.

“Have you heard of Hall Master Zhuge?”

Tang Mubai looked at Zhuge Changshou and said with a smile, “When your son died, he was fine. He was neither asleep nor dreaming. I wanted to kill him, but I couldn’t do it.”

“hmph ~”

Zhuge Changshou coldly shouted and said gloomily, “You can’t do it, the other people you find? Your Master, Hong Grandmaster, he should be able to do it?”

Hearing this, Tang Mubai didn’t say anything, only looked towards Zhang Hairui.

Zhuge Changshou has gone crazy.

He just found all kinds of excuses to put the murderer’s crime on his head.


How could Zhang Hairui fail to hear this? He immediately sullen his face and scolded, “Zhuge has a long life, thinking about your pain of losing a child, and I can write off the previous things, but if you continue to be arrogant and framed, don’t blame me for not thinking about the old feelings. !”


The air is surging.

In anger, the terrifying divine might was suddenly released, covering the sky above everyone.

Especially for Zhuge’s longevity, he twisted into a single strand, oppressed his pale face, and his whole body was shaking.

His mouth opened, and after all, he was still photographed in Zhang Hairui’s power and did not speak again.

“hmph! ”

Upon seeing this, Zhang Hairui coldly shouted and put away the divine might.

“Zhuge Xiu, the cause of my death, I will personally supervise and find the murderer. Don’t gather here anymore, go back wherever you came.”

Zhang Hairui sullen his face and waved to all the Grandmasters who watched the excitement.

“Come on, Uncle Zhang, you are busy, I’m leaving now.”

Yuan Bushuo squeezed his eyes at Zhang Hairui, then glanced at Tang Mubai, before he took control of his figure and rose into the sky.

The others didn’t wait much, each and everyone went away.

Tang Mubai was at the end, and after looking through Zhuge’s corpse, he walked away under Zhuge’s unwilling gaze.

When I left, I saw Zhuge Changshou release a burst of energy and destroy the camera.

Tang Mubai was surprised at first, then funny.

Zhuge Changshou thought he had put the camera, but in fact, Tang Mubai didn’t need to be so troublesome.

Under the Divine Ability of the High Level “eyes”, you can see Zhuge Changshou’s father and son’s every move at any time.

This is much safer than divine sense scanning.

The divine sense scan is clearer, but it is also easier to detect.

As long as the breakthrough goes to Innate, if someone scans themselves with divine sense, they can sense it immediately.

No matter who it is, personal privacy is very important.

Scanned by divine sense by others, equivalent to stripped naked, Chi Guoguo is exposed to others’ eyes.

This is an extremely serious act of provocation!

For this reason, the Innate Peak martial artist who has gotten revenge is unknown.

Tang Mubai will do it only when his head gets water.

Divine Ability with 5 Divine Ability is good, Divine Sense is good with Divine Sense.

Only by matching with each other can they give play to the greatest advantage.


Back to the Miracle Mercenary Group site.

Soothed Fang Shuixian, Xu Dalu and the others.

Tang Mubai sees the actions of Zhuge Changshou and Zhang Hairui’s entire group through the air, while running the “Shengxintong” super-sense to sense the location of the murderer who killed Zhuge Xiu.

It’s not that Tang Mubai was kind enough to avenge Zhuge Xiu.

It is Zhuge Changshou, a lunatic, who has already been enchanted.

Currently taken in Zhang Hairui’s power, he temporarily endured it.

But after a long time, the murderer who killed Zhuge Xiu me still hasn’t fallen. He is sure to go crazy again and find trouble with Tang Mubai.

Although Tang Mubai is not afraid, he does not want to be stared at by this guy.

Finding out the murderer and letting Zhuge Changshou and the murderer make a move, Tang Mubai solves him in secret, is the safest way.


The High Level “Sacred Heart Pass” has a larger super-sensing range, shorter time, and more accurate locking.

Tang Mubai tried to find it and found it after a while.

That was the murderer who killed Zhuge Xiu, who was still in Red Leaves City!

It’s just that the moving speed is very fast. One second to the east, the next second to the west, and the next second to the south.

Such a weird situation, if Tang Mubai had not known that “Shengxintong” had never made a mistake, he would have thought that “Shengxintong” was “poisoned”.

At such a speed, the murderer is obviously not an ordinary person, not even a person!

If it weren’t human, what would it be?

Some kind of ominous beast of skilled in speed?

Or is it the Demonic Creature that is inherently weird?

Tang Mubai thought of Dream Demon.

Zhuge Xiu didn’t have any wounds on my body, but fell to the ground strangely and died.

This situation…

“Huang Leader, what’s wrong?”

The phone that was put aside suddenly rang. Tang Mubai took a look and found that it was Huang Shengwen’s phone, which was immediately connected.

“Leader Tang, someone else died!”

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