Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 510

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Dead again?

Tang Mubai was shocked and sensed the whereabouts of the murderer.


But the next second, I jumped to the Northern Part of City.

In the next second, go to Chengdong.

Still fast, unable to locate!

This ability is really weird and unfathomable.

Two people died in a row.

Tang Mubai had some guesses in his mind, but he didn’t say it because of lack of evidence. Instead, he asked where the incident happened and rushed over immediately.

A hotel in the east of the city.

When he walked into the gate, Tang Mubai saw Yuan Buzhe’s face full of black lines, angrily holding the knife in his hands, and said impatiently, “How many times do you want me to say it? I have emphasized it three times. I didn’t kill him. ! I didn’t even touch it, I didn’t make any moves, how to kill?”

“Don’t you have anyone else?”

Yuan didn’t talk about the opposite, a man and a woman with two cold and severe martial artists, glaring at Yuan without saying, clung to him.

“Everyone has seen the situation just now. You have obviously agreed to compete with the Senior Brother, but the result is base and shameless, secretly attacking the killer, and sneak attacking the Senior Brother!”

The younger female martial artist pointed at Yuan Bu, and screamed, “You killed the Senior Brother, you! We will take revenge. No matter where you go, you will eventually die!”

“He he he.” Yuan didn’t say angrily, “Okay, you have to do it, and see who will die in the other’s hands first!”

“Do it!” The female martial artist jumped up, swept her legs, and went straight to Yuan Bushuo’s door.


Yuan didn’t say that he slapped the female martial artist back with a scabbard. After the female martial artist landed on the ground, the heel of her hind legs began to swell, and the pain followed.


Upon seeing this, the male martial artist drew out a curved short blade and released the cold Blade Qi into the air.


Huang Shengwen shouted, “What place do you think this is? The back garden of the house? Do you want to do it, or kill if you want to kill?”

“I didn’t kill anyone!”

Yuan did not say, suffocating, “I said it several times, I didn’t kill anyone!”

“You killed it!” the female martial artist gritted her teeth bitterly.



Huang Sheng yelled, “Shut up! What’s going on, I’ll talk about it after investigation is clear! Especially you two, if you didn’t see Yuan Bushuo killing Zhou Dongli with your own eyes, don’t point to the murderer and delay the investigation!”

“Yes.” Wu Weilan answered weakly.

Liu Tianxiu was unable to sighed.

Zhang Hairui, who had just arrived at the hotel, walked through the door and frowned, “What’s the situation? Is the cause of death of the deceased really the same as that of Zhuge Xiu?”

“Yes, it’s the same.” Huang Shengwen took a deep breath, “Zhou Dongli also fell to the ground suddenly and died on the spot. Before that, he challenged Dosay and did not say yes. As a result, the two of them had not left the hotel door, Zhou Dongli Just fell.”

“Senior Brother was fine, how could it suddenly fall? He must have killed it!”

The female martial artist pointed at Yuan Bu said, her face was full of indignation.


Yuan Bu said that he scratched his hair madly, then he looked towards Tang Mubai with a wry smile and said aggrieved, “Brother Tang, I understand how you felt before. This is a crazy man. What is the truth? Logic, if you don’t talk about it, I just know that I will stare at you! Opened mouth, closed mouth are all murderers, but there is no evidence!”

“I saw it with my own eyes. What evidence do I need?” the female martial artist pointedly asked.

“Look, see, it’s here again.” Yuan Bu said, slammed his hands at Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai understood nodded.

Through several people’s conversations, Tang Mubai learned the specific process.

That was the deceased named Zhou Dongli, with two people, a man and a woman, first entered the hotel to eat.

Then, Yuan Bu said also walked in and ordered the dishes alone.

Not to mention Zhou Dongli and Yuan, they are both martial artists who have been on the Rising Dragon List.

However, the ranking gap is a bit big.

Yuan did not say the nickname “10000 Sabrewielder”, Ranked 5th in the Thang Long ranking.

Zhou Dongli is nicknamed “6 Sha Langjun”, Ranked 2nd 7th on the Shenglong List.

There are 22 people in the middle.

Zhou Dongli, who was originally unhappy with the ranking of the Thang Long ranking, recognized Yuan Bushu and went to challenge him on the spot.

Yuan did not say that he agreed, but he placed a bet. If Zhou Dongli loses, he will have to give him 3 Four Revolutions and a high grade spirit knife.

As a result, two people one after the other, before they reached the hotel entrance, Zhou Dongli suddenly fell to the ground and died on the spot.

Yuan didn’t say it was dumb.

The people in the hotel lobby were also stupid.

A man and a woman who followed Zhou Dongli, after being sluggish, immediately grabbed Yuan and said nothing.

Female martial artists have been clamoring for revenge because they are from “Yellow Springs Sect”.

But not to mention that Yuan’s background is not bad. He comes from “Hero Island” and belongs to Dongzhou Peak forces too!

The female martial artist was so loud that Yuan did not say that at first did not do anything. After all, he wondered why Zhou Dongli suddenly fell to the ground and died.

However, the more the female martial artist scolded, the more unpleasant it became, and Yuan could not bear it without saying.

Especially after Huang Xingwen rushed over, he checked Zhou Dongli’s body and found that the symptoms were the same as Zhuge Xiu’s me. Yuan didn’t talk about his original scruples, so he immediately left behind.

“Uncle Zhang, you have to call me the shots.”

Yuan Bu said ignoring male and female martial artists, looking at Zhang Hairui with aggrieved expression on his face.

“……speak politely.”

Zhang Hairui had a black line on his face and stared at Yuan Bu said, frowning, “The murderer is the same person. The question is how did he do it? When Zhuge Xiu died, there was no one beside me. After the murderer succeeded, I flee in time. Understandable. But Zhou Dongli, in front of that many people, died here, how did the murderer kill?”

“This is the doubt.”

Huang Shengwen sighed, “If you know how the murderer kills, you don’t have to have that headache.”

Yes, headache!

Zhuge Xiuwo ranked 36th on the Shenglong List, and Zhou Dongli ranked 27th.

The former is backed by White Tiger Gate, and the latter is backed by Yellow Springs Sect.

No matter which one died in Red Leaves City, 38th Territory has to investigate clearly and give White Tiger Gate and Yellow Springs Sect an explanation.

However, this is not the most important.

Most importantly, if the murderer is not found in time, it means that someone will die in the future!

Zhuge Xiu me, Zhou Dongli, it’s already troublesome enough.

If it’s another…


Huang Sheng smelled the phone on his body and rang.

He was suffering from a headache, and he shivered suddenly, answering the phone with a bad feeling.

Next moment, his face became more and more ugly.

“What’s the matter, Huang Leader?” Tang Mubai, who had heard the voice in the microphone, was startled, but his face didn’t show much.

“Another one died.” Huang Shengwen smiled bitterly.


Everyone on the scene hearing this was shocked.

“Why… another one?” Wu Weilan opened his mouth wide.

“Who is dead this time?” Yuan Bushuo asked.

“Who did it? Who did it? It’s crazy.” Liu Tianxiu muttered.

Zhang Hairui also browses tightly knit, said solemnly, “What’s the situation on that side?”

“Similar to this place, but also a large crowd suddenly fell to the ground and died.”

Huang Shengwen sighed, “The dead person is called Tong Tingshan, nicknamed “The King of Shadowless Hades”, Ranked 10th in the Shenglong List!

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