Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 511

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What are you afraid of?

Don’t talk about Huang Shengwen at this moment, even Zhang Hairui has a headache.

Wuying Hades, Tong Tingshan, Ranked 10th one of the experts.

You know, the higher the ranking on the Thang Long list, the stronger the strength.

There may be errors in the back, but rarely in the front.

Especially in the top ten, each is contemporary Heaven’s Chosen, a true genius.

Regardless of Yuan’s previous frivolous, anyone can catch up with it, but his strength is very strong. Not to mention the Qi and Blood Realm of Grandmaster Grade 9, the knives in his hand are out of the sheath, like 10000 knives, which can resist Innate, if you add “fearless sword intent”, the martial artist of Innate realm can be killed even if you are not careful.

Yuan doesn’t even say that he has killed Innate!

Just like Tang Mubai, killing Innate martial artist and king-level Inhuman creature, no one else knew.

Tong Tingshan Ranked 10th one, enough to show his strength.

of course.

The main reason for Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui’s headaches is Tong Tingshan’s identity.

Yin Demon Palace Contemporary Demon!

One of the next candidates for the Lord of the Demon Palace!

Demonic path forces have always been overbearing. If Tong Tingshan dies in Red Leaves City in a daze, the ordinary person is fine. As the Guardian’s Admiral’s House, General Security Counsel Liu Fusheng, Deputy Leader Huang Shengwen, including the town envoy Zhang Hairui will have to face the Demon Palace. Of accountability.

White Tiger Gate and Yellow Springs Sect are enough for them to have a headache.

Now that the Yin Demon Palace is added, Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui can’t help but go crazy.

How did this damn murderer kill someone?

Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui struggled.

Wu Weilan, Liu Tianxiu and the others catch hemp.

Yuan didn’t talk and groaned, and grabbed his martial artist who was holding on to him. He stopped talking now.

Things are getting worse.

It’s useless to say anything at this time, and publicity will cause panic.

Tang Mubai also moved to overthrow his previous guesses.

The dead every day all have.

But the 3 people who died this time are too special.

Zhuge Xiu Me, Ranked 3rd Ranked 6rd 1th 1th.

Zhou Dongli, Ranked 2nd of Thang Long Ranking 7th 1th.

Tong Tingshan, Ranked 10th One of Shenglong Ranking.

All 3 people were on the Rising Dragon Ranking, and the rankings gradually rose.

How do you look at it, how does it seem to be premeditated!

The murderer seemed to specifically target the people on the Thang Long list.

And start from the low ranking, step by step to jump up.

If this is the case, then the murderer’s next goal is to be the top ten in the Rising Dragon list.

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai looked up and looked towards Yuan Bu said.

The latter was taken aback for a moment, then laughed and said, “No…No way? How could I become a target?”

There are no fools at the scene.

When Yuan did not say this, Huang Shengwen, Zhang Hairui and the others changed their expressions.

“So far, who has come to the top ten of Red Leaves City’s Thang Long list?” Zhang Hairui asked.

“Except for Xiang Yuannian and Luo Qing’er, everyone else is here.” Huang Shengwen replied.

“Think of a way and call them together.” Paused, Zhang Hairui said again, “The same goes for everyone else, but everyone on the list is called together.”

10000 If the guess is wrong, it is also good to be prepared.

“This… I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult.” Huang Shengwen frowned.

“Clarify the situation with them, plus my old face, it should be able to bring them together.” Zhang Hairui said.

“All right.” Huang Shengwen sighed.

Those who can rise to the top of the list are all geniuses, and each and everyone has a strong background.

If they ignore Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui, they have no choice but to try their best.

However, before the convening, the bodies of Zhuge Xiuwo, Zhou Dongli, and Tong Tingshan had to be gathered to see if they could find common ground and find other clues.

Without Tang Mubai’s help, he left.

However, before he could go far, Huang Shengwen’s cell phone rang again.

“Not another one?”

Yuan Buzhe couldn’t help saying, seeing Huang Shengwen who was on the phone with a shocked face.

“This…who is this time?” Wu Weilan’s voice trembled.

“No, no, not dead, but alive!”

Huang Shengwen took a deep breath and said in disbelief, “Zhuge Xiu, I am alive!”


Blast the pot on the spot.

Tang Mubai turned around and turned back.

“I’m alive, Zhuge Xiu, really or not?” Yuan Bu said, staring.

“True or false, just understood if you take a look.” Zhang Hairui waved his hand.

A group of people broke through the air and hurried to the courtyard where Zhuge Changshou father and son lived.

Before leaving, let Wu Weilan tell the people below to look after Zhou Dongli’s body.

The speed is fast.

When arriving at the destination, everyone’s expression changed drastically.

Zhuge Xiu, I did come alive, but instead of turning back to a normal person, I became a puppet without consciousness, consciousness, or soul, and a Demonified Person with demonic energy entangled on my body!

Demonic Creature appeared in Red Leaves City!

This is the reason why everyone’s expression has changed dramatically.

You must know that turning a martial artist into a Demonized Person requires a very strong demonic energy attack to be successful.

But before that, Zhuge repaired my corpse without any demonic energy.

There is no demonic energy floating around in the city.

Zhuge Xiu, I suddenly became a Demonified Person, how did I do it?

Fortunately, although things have become more complicated, they finally don’t have to crash everywhere like headless flies.

The murderer is Demonic Creature!

Only Demonic Creature has such a weird ability.

Tang Mubai’s previous guess has been reconfirmed.

Zhuge Xiu, I have become a Demonified Person, and I have killed a few, and I am fighting Zhuge Changshou right now.

To be precise, Zhuge Changshou was full of tears, and while resisting, he called Zhuge Xiu my name.

However, Zhuge Xiu Me who became a Demonified Person is nothing but a puppet controlled by demonic energy, only knowing all the living beings in the field of vision.

Even if Zhuge Changshou calls to death, don’t really wake up Zhuge Xiu.

Watching the two people fighting, Tang Mubai suddenly felt a move in his heart. He tripped Zhuge Longevity in the air with “Star Plucking Hand”, which made his actions slow in an instant. It happened that Zhuge, who was attacked frantically, repaired my sharp claws “puchi” “A sound, penetrated my heart.


Zhuge’s longevity was filled with grief. His brain was blank at first, and he didn’t find Tang Mubai who had tripped him. He just widened his eyes, with blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, reaching out to touch the numb, pale face of Zhuge Xiu, who was close at hand, with eyes full. Is doting.

But after persisting for about 3 seconds, he still didn’t touch it, his head dropped, and he died of anger.

【Vitality +1382】

The change is too fast.

Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui saw this scene before they landed from the sky.

Immediately, Zhang Hairui yelled and released divine might to press Zhuge, who was still looking for the target, to the ground.

Then a group of astral energy was shot, covering Zhuge Xiu me, and the demonic energy canceled each other out and made a strange sound of “chi chi chi ~”.

“That’s life!”

“Yes, father and son can finally be reunited.”

“Don’t say this in other places.”

“I’m not stupid~”


Wu Weilan, who rushed over, discussed in a low voice from the entire group.

No one doubts Tang Mubai!

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