Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 512

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As a result, Tang Mubai was in control, and the time it took to perform “Star Plucking Hand” mentally was only an instant.

At this speed, Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui would not be able to detect them if they didn’t use divine sense to scan and sense them.

Second, Zhuge Changshou was already suffering from grief and mental disorder. He didn’t even hold up Body Protecting Astral Energy. He said it was resistance. It would be better to “play” with Zhuge Xiu.

In this case, Zhuge Changshou was in a trance, and it was normal not to check it for a while.

The third and most important point.

Zhuge Xiu, where did the demonic energy come from?

Compared with Zhuge’s insignificant anomaly of longevity, the source of the demonic energy in Zhuge Xiu me is more worthy of attention!

The murderer is definitely Demonic Creature.

But where is the Demonic Creature? What kind? What are you good at?

It is not clear yet.

This requires a quick investigation!

Therefore, after Zhang Hairui suppressed Zhuge Xiu me, he asked Huang Shengwen to carry the bodies of Tong Tingshan and Zhou Dongli and put them with Zhuge Xiu me.

Without knowing how much information about Demonic Creature was, it became necessary to inspect the existing corpse.

Huang Shengwen quickly.

Within 5 minutes, the bodies of Tong Tingshan and Zhou Dongli were transferred.

Follow Tong Tingshan and Zhou Dongli’s martial artist, also follow.

Demonic Creature invaded, the development of the situation is no longer a matter of one or two people.

Everyone needs to work with a common purpose in order to compete.


Don’t say Yuan and the others can leave Red Leaves City at this time, and don’t have to wait for Secret Realm to open, and leave for the wasteland in advance.

But Demonic Creature is something that has a body, such as a corpse demon and a stone demon. If they can’t beat them, they can still escape.

However, there is no body like the dream demon, and you don’t even know where it is hiding.

Run away?

Will it not chase behind?

Yuan didn’t say that and the others really wanted to go to the wasteland at this time, the Demonic Creature hiding in the dark was anxious.

Beyond the domain wall, Demonic Creature is more convenient and more threatening in the wilderness.

It is safer to stay in the city.

To put it bluntly, the more people there are in the city, the more targets Demonic Creature can choose.

Although so far, the three dead are all on the Thang Long list.

But no one can guarantee that Demonic Creature will not attack others.

Don’t say that Yuan knows this well, others are similar.

For this reason, Zhang Hairui wanted to find out the whereabouts of Demonic Creature. Yuan did not say that he actively cooperated and helped Huang Shengwen.

Zhuge Xiu, after the demonic energy and astral energy on my body have canceled each other out, I became a corpse again.

Together with Tong Tingshan and Zhou Dongli, the three bodies lined up.

Zhang Hairui stood in front of the three corpses with a flower in his hand and an extra piece of metal.

Demon Metal!

Zhang Hairui had not had time to send the piece of magic metal that fell from “Hanging Mountain” to the Federation.

Never thought, it worked just fine today.

“Uncle Zhang, didn’t expect that you even have Kemo Metal.” Yuan Bu said in surprise.

“Fortunately, there is Demon Metal, which can make the Demonic Creature stand out.”

“I don’t know what this Demonic Creature is.”


The others followed suit.

“Space Treasure Item?”

Tang Mubai is not the same as other people’s attention, his eyes fall on a cloth bag on Zhang Hairui’s waist.

Space Treasure Item, Heaven and Earth Bag?

With Zhang Hairui’s strength and identity, he carried a space Treasure Item on his body. As it was said in the past, few people dared to grab it.

If this is replaced by someone else, it will inevitably become a target of looting.

After all, space Treasure Item is rare.

Tang Mubai didn’t look greedy, he just took a few glances and then looked back.

Like Zhang Hairui, if he dared to take out Magic Metal in public, he was not afraid of others.

Standing in front of the three corpses, he first mobilized his blood to condense into astral energy, enveloping the magic metal, and then slowly infiltrated the strands.

When the penetration was almost the same, I suddenly increased my efforts-


The air trembled suddenly.

Kemo Metal shook as a whole, bursting out a dazzling white light.


The rays of light lased 4 squares, enveloped everyone on the scene, and then condensed to form a beam of light, heading straight into the sky.

The dazzling white light, like the sun in the sky, hung high above the Red Leaves City.

The bodies of Zhuge Xiuwo, Tong Tingshan, and Zhou Dongli were also exposed to rays of light.

However, there is nothing unusual.

Zhang Hairui couldn’t help but feel a little lost.

Before the demonic metal has been forged into related demonic weapons, it can be activated with astral energy, effectively discovering demonic energy and removing demonic energy.

As a result, Zhang Hairui was very disappointed.

The corpses of Tong Tingshan, Zhou Dongli, and Zhuge Xiu me under the cover of the rays of light of Kemo Metal, nothing changed.

This is anxious.

There is no clue on the corpse, so I don’t know how long it will take to find the Demonic Creature by themselves.

During this period, if Demonic Creature kills people again, it will be in great trouble!


“Perhaps the orientation is wrong?”

Tang Mubai ignored the others, looking at the bodies of Zhuge Xiuwo, Tong Tingshan, Zhou Dongli, and looking thoughtful.

He reacted quickly, with his palm facing forward, releasing astral energy to swept the energy, enveloping the bodies of Tong Tingshan, Zhou Dongli, and Zhuge Xiu, and floated in the air.

At this moment, in the shadow area below the three people, wisps of black gas drilled out, intertwined with the white light in the air, and offset each other.

demonic energy!

The source of the demonic energy that the entire group was looking for was actually located in the body of Tong Tingshan, Zhou Dongli, Zhuge Xiu myself…

No, in the shadow of 3 people to be precise!

The demonic energy drilled out of the shadow!

“Shadow Demon!”

“The murderer is Shadow Demon!”

“How can Demonic Creature like Shadow Demon appear in Red Leaves City? There is no prey for it.”

“Why not? Excluding Zhuge Xiu me, Tong Tingshan and Zhou Dongli are its targets!”

“No, Zhuge Xiu, I should be like Tong Tingshan and Zhou Dongli, secretly cultivated the martial arts of the Yin Cold Attribute! Otherwise, he will never be targeted by the Shadow Demon!”


Blast the pot on the spot.

Everyone was extremely excited after learning that the murderous Demonic Creature was the Shadow Demon.

The shadow demon kills, unlike the dream demon, it has its own conditions.

One, the mental power of the target is neither strong nor weak, too strong it cannot kill, too weak the effect is too weak.

This number two is the martial arts of the cultivation Yin Cold Attribute for the selected target!

Tong Tingshan, Zhou Dongli, Zhuge Xiuwo.

Obviously, these two conditions were met before they were swallowed by Shadow Demon, leaving behind a large share of demonic energy, hiding in the shadows of three people, waiting for them to be attacked and becoming Demonized Persons.

“Haha, I haven’t cultivation the martial arts of Cold Attribute, so don’t be afraid of Shadow Demon, it’s really cool.”

Yuan said he laughed loudly.

Others are different, some are fortunate, some have ugly faces, surprised and angry.

It was the first time many people saw the demonic energy that appeared from the shadows.

The Demonic Creature is a Shadow Demon, and its deterrence is quite too strong.

Because Shadow Demon kills people are very hidden, so you can’t guard against it.

And Shadow Fiend has an Innate Ability, which can freely shuttle in any shadow.

This is why Tang Mubai keeps changing when it senses its position.

Want to kill Shadow Fiend?

Catch it first!

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