Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 513

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The question is how to catch it?

Any shadow area is the range of shadow magic.

It’s fine during the day, and there are not many shaded areas.

If it’s night, Shadow Demon is almost everywhere, not to mention martial artist, even Destiny Realm powerhouse is useless.

Because of Destiny Realm’s powerhouse, the actual scope of the Martial Realm cannot cover the entire city.

Even if there are some outstanding ones, the Martial Domain can cover the Red Leaves City, but it may not be able to catch the Shadow Demon and kill it.

The reason is simple. Shadow Demon hides in the shadows and can hide for 10-15 days.

Wu Yu enveloped the whole city, but couldn’t last so long.

Basically, it is very powerful to last for a day.

Two weeks, fight attrition with Shadow Demon?

Can’t afford it at all!

Because of this, the grade of Demonic Creature, unlike other Inhuman creatures, can only be judged roughly.

It’s better to have physical bodies, such as corpse demon and stone demon, which is relatively easy.

Without the body, such as the Dream Demon and Shadow Demon, it is impossible to judge.

Stronger than Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui, they are also blind at the moment.

However, after living long enough, Zhang Hairui frowned and thought for a while, and suddenly the rays of light bloomed in his eyes, opened the mouth and said, “Look for the Winter King!”

“Winter King?” Huang Shengwen was puzzled. “Why are you looking for her?”

“Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4!” Rays of light flickered in Zhang Hairui’s eyes, said resolutely, “Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4 can force the Shadow Demon out!”

“Really?” Huang Sheng was overjoyed hearing this.

“Yes, “Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4″, I also remember it!” Yuan said without hindrance, “The Sealing Demon Great Array from Season 4 Aristocratic Family inheritance can indeed restrain Demonic Creature. ! I just don’t know if the Winter King will be this Formation?”

“I will.”

A clear voice suddenly sounded in the air.

When everyone looked up, they saw an elegant silhouette flying over from the southern sky.

Not only from the south, but from the north and west, there are also people flying over here.

Zhang Hairui activated Kmo Metal, and the white beam of light released was very dynamic.

After seeing the martial artists on the Thang Long List scattered in the city, most of them flew over.

What Yuan didn’t say in response was the “Winter King” that Zhang Hairui called.

A woman wearing a snow-white dress with long hair to the waist, wearing a veil on her face, only showing a pair of watery eyes.

Tang Mubai subconsciously took a few more glances.

It’s not that I want to see the other person’s looks slightly, but the two words “Winter King” are too loud.

No. 1 on the Rising Dragon List!

The Thang Long List is replaced every 3 years.

The two words “Winter King” have been on the list for 2 years, which is the third time.

No one knows how long it can continue.

Because of the age of the “Winter King”, few people know, anyway, no more than 30.

Her name and nickname are both “Winter King”.

The last name “Winter” is because she comes from the Winter Ji Family of the Aristocratic Family in Season 4.

The 4 seasons of Aristocratic Family, the ancient Bloodline Aristocratic Family that inherited over 10,000 years, each is a top power in East Asia.

Winter King, is the most outstanding descendant of the Dong Ji Family in 1000 years, the enchantment among geniuses.

Because it is too prominent, so the name is called “Winter King”.

She is not only the strongest young generation in the Aristocratic Family in the 4 seasons, but also the strongest young generation in Dongzhou.

As a woman, she suppressed all the young martial artists in the world for nearly ten years.

This record is too brilliant.

In the past 9 years, it’s not that no one has challenged her, but without exception, all of them can’t support 3 moves in her hands.

No wonder there was only one such evildoer in 1000.

After Tang Mubai heard the “Winter King” message before, he smacked his tongue for a long time.

Compared with him, the King of Winter is a dead end.

Tang Mubai was able to sense that the breath of the Winter King was perfectly integrated, reaching One with the Heaven Realm.

An artistic conception that belongs exclusively to winter has always wrapped around her, making it impossible to look at it for a long time.

This artistic conception has at least reached the small Perfection Level!


This woman is absolutely perverted.

Tang Mubai relied on the system to reach the present, and Dongwang relied purely on talent and Bloodline.

Such a woman, who can surrender?

shook the head, Tang Mubai retracted his gaze and did not look at it anymore.

After watching it for a long time, who knows if it will attract the hostility and dissatisfaction of the Winter King.

The most important thing right now is to unearth the Shadow Demon and kill this Demonic Creature!


“That’s very good.”

Seeing the King of Winter arrives and admitting that he will be “Sealing Demon Great Array in Season 4”, Zhang Hairui is overjoyed. “If you are grateful, I won’t say anything. I’m going to trouble you. If you have any instructions, please tell me. We promise to complete it immediately. Kill the Shadow Fiend one bit.”

“Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4” is different from “Shangqing Xuanmeng Entering Divine Formation”.

The latter is fascinating, blocking the illusory shadow world.

The former is a reality. To block a certain area is relatively more troublesome and has a greater impact.

As long as the dream monster doesn’t fall asleep, it can’t make trouble.

Shadow Demon is different, everyone will be its target.

The reason why I only killed Zhuge Xiu me and Zhou Dongli 3 people is because these 3 people are more “delicious”, and Shadow Demon loves “eat” most.

If Shadow Fiend is crazy, it can kill any low-level martial artist or ordinary person.

This is trickier.

Dong Wang is not polite to this, knowing that do it quickly, opened the mouth and said, “The layout of “Sealing Demon Great Array 4 Seasons” needs to be controlled by 4 people, and the martial arts attributes of these 4 individual cultivation are not the same. , To meet the 4 seasons, such as my winter.”

“Leave it to me in spring.”

A young Taoist priest wearing a Taoist robe came in the air, said with a slight smile.

“Then give it to this poor monk in summer.”

A young monk in a monk’s robe smiled.

“Haha, the rest of the autumn, leave it to me.” Yuan did not say that when he saw it, he cheerfully said with a smile.

“Well, in this case, the 4 seasons will be ready.” Huang Shengwen said excitedly.

Spring represents the recovery of 10000 things, which is Wood Attribute martial arts, or Thunder Attribute martial arts.

Summer represents fiery heat, which is Fire Attribute martial arts.

Winter is cold, and Ice Attribute martial arts is cold.

Autumn is the most convenient, both Metal Attribute and Earth Attribute can be used.

The least among them are Wood Attribute and Thunder Attribute.

The young Taoist priest said that he could, but it was Wood Attribute, no surprise.

Tang Mubai glanced at him and compared the characters according to the current ranking.

The young Taoist should be Nie Lingyun, the 6th “Lingyun Daoist” on the Shenglong List.

As for young monk, it is no surprise that it is Yuantai, the 7th “Indestructible Arhat” on the Thang Long List.

Except for the two of them, the 30 tall or thin men and women floating in the air should not be underestimated. They are all experts at the top of the Thang Long list.

Shadow Demon invades, these East Continent’s strongest contemporary Heaven’s Chosen are here.

Similar to Tang Mubai, after everyone arrived, there were a few strange things in the gaze looking towards King Winter.

The Winter King ignored them all, and continued to speak calmly, “In addition to the four positions that need to be guarded by someone, there must be one person in charge of the overall situation and mobilize the power of Formation at any time. Wherever it is lacking, move it.”

“It’s easy, Leader Tang can do it.”

Huang Shengwen looked towards Tang Mubai, grinning said with a smile, “Leader Tang is a Formation expert. It must be okay to mobilize the power of Formation?”

“Yes.” Tang Mubai ordered nodded. At this time, he didn’t need to be humble.

Those who come are all geniuses, and everyone has their own pride.


Dong Wang glanced at Tang Mubai, then withdrew his gaze, began to arrange “Sealing Demon Great Array 4 Seasons”, and talked about the relevant steps.

Because the whole city is blocked, for fear of causing unnecessary chaos.

Liu Tianxiu informed Liu Xinyi that everyone in the city should go home immediately instead of walking in the streets.

Afraid that Liu Xinyi might not be able to deal with it, Huang Shengwen also stepped forward.

As soon as the deputy leader of the Flying Deer Army and Innate Peak showed their strength, everyone in Red Leaves City was convinced, each and everyone returned home or entered the building.

Tang Mubai also made a call to the station and instructed Fang Shuixian to take people through Transmission Array immediately to the miracle 1 base.

After emptying the people on the street.

“Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4” begins to be arranged, and the 4 directions are determined first.

Then, Tang Mubai listened to the Winter King’s talk, mainly about how to manipulate the power of Formation after Formation is started to force the Shadow Demon out.

The steps are very detailed. Although a bit complicated, it is no problem for Tang Mubai.

Although “Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4” is also a High Level Formation, the depth is not high.

After all, this Formation was researched by Aristocratic Family in the 4th season, specifically for Demonic Creature.

The power of human martial artists is extremely limited.

Only when the Demonic Creature appears, can the deathly oppression be controlled.

With this array, Tang Mubai is naturally not difficult to manipulate.

The Winter King was quite surprised by this, but without much thought, he left by himself, began to set up the formation, and then started.

For stronger power, Zhang Hairui’s Demon Metal also joined Formation, which can double stimulate Shadow Demon.

When the Formation is completed, a huge light purple ball of light emerges from 4 sides, first condenses, and then closes together to cover the Red Leaves City.

It is like a large translucent bowl standing upside down, covering the whole city.

Light purple rays of light lased, and white light swept along with it.

In a few moments, wisps of black demonic energy rose up all over the city.

The demonic energy is very strong, hiding in the shadow area, and I don’t know how long.

At this moment, under the stimulation of “Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4” plus the power of Demon Metal, all rose up and floated in the air.

The long-awaited Huang Shengwen, Zhang Hairui and the others have all shot to ablate the demonic energy with astral energy.

Sword light, sword energy, fist print, palm shadow…

For a time, there was continuous flashing and blooming all over the Red Leaves City.

In less than ten minutes, all the demonic energy was cleared.

The Shadow Demon still didn’t show up, not knowing where to hide.

At this time, the Winter King shouted from the air, let Tang Mubai control most of the power of Formation, and each and everyone corner slowly moved over.

The power of Formation is dispersed and has little effect on Shadow Fiend. But if you concentrate, the power to suppress magic will be greatly enhanced.

After Tang Mubai received it, he immediately controlled these forces and scanned the Red Leaves City inch by inch.

From the east city to the south city, from the south city to the west city, from the west city to the north city.

Sweeping all the way, the demonic energy actually swept a little more.

The Shadow Fiend is still missing.

This made everyone worried, did Shadow Fiend have run out of Red Leaves City?

Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui’s faces became ugly because of this.

Dong Wang, Nie Lingyun, Yuantai, Yuan did not speak and the others were silent.

If the Shadow Fiend is missing, the problem is serious.

I don’t even have a direction to find it.

Tang Mubai didn’t wait much for this, running the super sense of “Sacred Heart Pass” to sense the specific position of Shadow Demon.

As a result, it was discovered that Shadow Fiend was still in Red Leaves City!

And the hiding place was on the edge of a square not far from them.

There is a small forest there, and the Shadow Demon hides in the shadow of the small forest.

Does this guy choose a place!

Tang Mubai sneered, controlling the power of Formation and moving to the grove.

Before, he was only in every corner of the street, and the shadow areas were swept away. Although the floors and woods were also affected, he stayed for a short time.

This may be the reason why Shadow Fiend can continue to hide in the grove.

Because the sweeping time is not long, “Sealing Demon Great Array 4 Season” and the power of Demon Metal do not do much damage to Shadow Demon, so it can bear it.

If you change to someone else, you might really think it has left Red Leaves City.

It’s a pity that Tang Mubai, the power of “Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4”, turned back and approached the grove.

However, as soon as he swept in, Tang Mubai’s heart suddenly moved.

While maintaining the operation of “Sacred Heart Link”, the two abilities of Super Sensation, Foresight, and both are activated simultaneously.

Tang Mubai wants to predict the next move of Shadow Demon!

When he controlled the power of “Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4” and stayed in the grove for a long time, the Shadow Demon was forced to jump out of which direction.

As long as this position is mastered, Tang Mubai can open the entrance of the Suppression Orb in advance and wait for the Shadow Demon to jump in automatically!

Even Tang Mubai had already thought about it. If the plan is successful, he can still save half his life before the Shadow Demon enters the Demon Suppression Orb and show it to others.

Shadow Fiend was killed!

The other half-life is trapped in the Demon Suppression Orb, and after Tang Mubai refining the Sum Demon Orb, it provides demonic energy and produces spirit strength.

Lest the Shadow Demon die in vain!

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai’s mental power was concentrated, super-sensed, foreseeable, and launched together to lock the follow-up dynamics of Shadow Fiend.

After a while, the rays of light flashed in Tang Mubai’s eyes and he was ready.

Control the power of “Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4”, enter the grove, and then stay still.

Separate a part of the mind, control the town magic orb to fly over, opening the entrance in the foreseeable direction.

In the center of the palm, a mass of astral energy began to condense slowly.

When Shadow Demon finally could not help but jump out of the shadow of the small forest under the dual power of “Sealing Demon Great Array in Season 4” and Demon Metal.

Tang Mubai condensed an astral energy long knife 3 seconds in advance, and flew out quickly.

It reached the fastest speed and accurately hit the Shadow Demon who just jumped out, a group of no hands or feet, only a dark green monster with a bald head and a huge body like a ball.

The latter screamed, and the big body of the car was divided into two halves.

Half of them fell accurately into the opened demon bead, and the other half made a strange noise under the offset of astral energy.

When the others heard it, they rushed over and attacked from the air.

A lot of astral energy suddenly poured on half of Shadow Demon’s body.

Astral energy and demonic energy cancel each other out, and the combustion air has ripples.

Half of the shadow demon’s body, only persisted for less than 3 minutes, it turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared between Heaven and Earth…

“It is!”

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