Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 514

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Zhang Hairui descended from the air and exclaimed excitedly.

“Huang Leader, inform the Winter King that the Shadow Demon has been eliminated!”


Huang Shengwen, who was not far away, turned around and went to find King Winter.

After a while, “Sealing Demon Great Array Season 4” stopped running, and the light purple ball of light covering the whole city disappeared.

each and everyone silhouette flew over from 4 sides and landed on the square.

Tang Mubai took the opportunity to release the divine sense, infiltrate the magic ball, and check the situation.

Although he did not see the Shadow Demon on the barren hills shrouded in golden light, the super-perception ability of the High Level “Sacred Heart Communication” still made him aware that the Shadow Demon on the remaining half of his body was not dead.

This is enough!

Demonic Creature itself is difficult to kill.

Except for the repeated consumption of large amounts of astral energy, other methods rarely work.

This is the same with corpse demons and stone demons.

Even if it is cut in half, it will not die.

Dream monsters are special and belong to the spiritual consciousness, which Tang Mubai’s “Ling Rhinoceros” can kill.


“It seems that Demonic Creature has appeared frequently recently.”

Among the martial artists who landed on the square, some of them spoke.

“It’s a lot.”

Someone on the side agreed, this person, Tang Mubai knew, Ye Tiansheng!

Ye Tiansheng, who had just returned to the 47th domain and rushed over, kept a smile on his face. Seeing Tang Mubai looked over, he couldn’t help but nodded at Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai replied, looked back, looked towards a man and a woman on the right.

The boy among them was also an acquaintance, Xiao Qingshan from the Beastmaster’s Sect!

The latter was moving towards Tang Mubai and waving his hands. Seeing Tang Mubai looked towards him, the frequency of his hands suddenly increased.

Had it not been for the presence of more people, he would have yelled “idol”.

If this is really called out, Tang Mubai will feel a little embarrassed no matter how thick-skinned it is.

He is a ranked 100 idol, so what are the others?

Especially the Winter King, who has topped the list three times in a row, what should he call it?

Xiao Qingshan did not call, which saved Tang Mubai a lot of trouble.

This point may have been told by Xiao Qinglan, the elder sister standing on his side.

Xiao Qinglan’s appearance is not particularly beautiful, but her temperament is very prominent, belonging to the glamorous type.

Since she came here, her eyes have been on the Winter King.

Not only her, but most of the people’s eyes on the scene also swept towards King Winter from time to time.

The Winter King ignored this, and after making sure that the Shadow Demon was killed, he flew away with a little tiptoe.

Many others followed and left.

Including Xiao Qingshan, also left under the threat of Xiao Qinglan.

Apart from Yuan Bu said that, what remained was Ye Tiansheng, Yuantai, Nie Lingyun, and a young man with smart and constantly turning eyes.

“Lu Mingming, why don’t you leave?” Yuan Bu said that he seemed to know him very well, lightly said with a smile.

“Where do I want to be? It has nothing to do with you, a fake dumb?” The young man Lu Mingming sarcastically.

“Hehe, it really matters. Since you don’t leave, let’s do it. Let’s see if the person in charge of Heaven’s Mystery Sect ranks is the name ranked with closed eyes.”

Yuan Bu said while talking, while gathering astral energy.

“Fuck, you lunatic!”

When Lu Mingming saw this, flustered and exasperated shouted, “It’s not the name of my row, you don’t agree to go to Heaven’s Mystery Sect, why are you always looking for me?”

The voice fell, the soles of the feet stomped on the ground, and the figure rose into the air, flying away like an escape.

“Hahaha…” Yuan didn’t talk and laughed.

Tang Mubai also smiled.

Lu Mingming, nicknamed “ten thousand li invisible”, is an expert of Ranked 4th on the Thang Long List.

Good at Lightweight Art, tracking, and far escape, from “Formless Sect”.

Yuan did not say that because of Ranked 5th, every time I saw him, he wanted to challenge.

Lu Mingming didn’t accept it once, and fled at speed.

The number of times increased, Yuan did not say that he also put out the idea of ​​challenge, but kept the amusement on his lips.

“Why are you looking at me like this?”

Seeing other people looking at him, Yuan Bushuo raised his eyebrows and rushed to Nie Lingyun, who was ranked No. 6, raising his chin, and jokingly said, “Brother Nie Dao, if you don’t agree, we can also learn from each other.”

“No. I agree with Brother Yuan’s ranking very much.” Nie Lingyun laughed.


Yuan didn’t talk about hearing this, rolled the eyes, and immediately looked towards Zhang Hairui, frowning, “Master, recently Demonic Creature has appeared so frequently, I think something is wrong. Has the Federation investigated this matter?”

“…Yes.” Zhang Hairui didn’t bother to look at him, solemnly replied, “Starting this year, more and more Demonic Creatures have appeared in various places. The federal government launched an investigation half a month ago, and the results should be available within ten days at most.”

“That’s fine.” Nie Lingyun said in an interface, “It’s about Demonic Creature. You can’t be wrong if you be careful.”


Yuantai folded his hands together, “I hope it’s not bad news.”

“When we come out of Secret Realm, we must know the result.” Ye Tiansheng said with a smile.

“In the past, Secret Realm was opened, how many days can it last?” Tang Mubai asked.

“It depends on the situation.” Yuan Bu said, “I remember that the shortest time was half an hour, and the entrance of Secret Realm was closed.”

“To be precise, it is a 2 13-point clock.” Huang Shengwen said, “The shortest is 2 13-point clock, and the longest is turned on and never turned off.”

“As a result, after the Secret Realm resources were exhausted, it was occupied by a nest of Giant Insect.”

Zhang Hairui said with a smile, “According to the news I have learned, the Secret Realm opened this time can last about 3 days, so please feel free to explore.”

“3 days? It’s still a bit short!” Yuan Bu said, shaking his head.

Zhang Hairui ignored him.

Good for 3 days!

Although Secret Realm is a fixed and different space, it is affected by various influences, and the opening and closing of the entrance are never consistent.

If it is forcibly turned on all the time, it will cause Secret Realm to produce various disasters.

Earthquake, sky collapse, space crack, void storm…

All kinds of disasters broke out, and Secret Realm was useless no matter how good it was.

So, the opening time of 3 days is pretty good.


The invasion of Shadow Demon made Zhuge a longevity father and son’s troubles.

Tang Mubai has no worries.

On the opening day of Secret Realm, accompanied Yuan Bushuo to the Lietu Wasteland.

According to Yuan Bu said, the two of them can be considered to have suffered together. They have been on the battlefield together. They are comrades-in-arms, and they will have to move around in the future.

Together with the personal invitation, Tang Mubai did not refuse.

It’s not a good show, I’m curious at best.

It is estimated that Zhang Hairui said something to him, and Yuan did not say that he came to invite him to go.

And this move that Yuan didn’t say surprised others.

How about the relationship between 5th and 100th in the Thang Long List?

Many people saw Tang Mubai in their eyes.

Again, those who can rise to the top of the list are seldom idiots, Zhuge Xiu and me are an exception.

Since Tang Mubai can make Yuan look different, it is definitely not simple!


108 people arrived at the place on the invitation letter one after another.

Most people fly directly from Red Leaves City or Canghe City.

A small number of people take other vehicles or mounts.

such as.

Xiao Qingshan’s elder sister, Xiao Qinglan, landed on the ground on a king-level Spirit Beast Blue Eagle.

One of the most unrestrained is Ranked 2nd, nicknamed “Little Sword Saint” Xiang Yuan.

It’s actually a flying sword!

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