Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 515

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Top ten in the Thang Long list.

The first place, Winter King, comes from the 4th season of Aristocratic Family.

No. 2, Little Sword Saint, Xiang Yuannian, from Heavenly Sword Gate.

No. 3, Young Master of Magic Fan, Xiao Futu, from Moon Demon Palace.

No. 4, ten thousand li intangible, Lu Mingming, from Formless Sect.

The fifth place, 5 Sabrewielder, Yuan Bushuo, comes from Hero Island.

The sixth place, Lingyun daoist and Nie Lingyun, came from the Taoist Temple of Taihao.

The seventh place, the immortal Luohan, Yuantai, comes from Vajra Temple.

No. 8, Big Dipper Spear King, Mo Kailiu, son of Loose Cultivator powerhouse “divine spear”.

The 9th place, Blood Hand Magic Arrow, Lu 100, comes from the Blood Demon Palace.

The tenth place is Fairy and Luo Qinger from Yaowanggu.

If you add the Wuying Hades and Tong Tingshan from Yin Demon Palace, Ranked 10th.

Demonic path forces accounted for three at once.

As for the top six Sword Sect, none of the top eleven lists.

In the first year of Ranked 2nd, “Heavenly Sword Gate” belongs to one of the 9 Strange Sects.

It does not belong to the 6 Sword Sect, or even the Sword League.

Because Heavenly Sword Gate’s sword technique and Flying Sword Technique are very special and magical.

In a sense, it does not even belong to the word dao.

Although the power is powerful, it can kill the enemy at a distance of 1000 li and ten thousand li.

This method is like a fairy sword to Tang Mubai.

Flying 1000 miles towards the first year of the Royal Sword, like a Sword Immortal, the posture is chic and elegant, it is simply cool.

“What the hell!”

Tang Mubai was amazed. Yuan didn’t say that he saw it in his eyes, but he sneered and said with disdain, “Brother Tang, don’t look at this guy on the surface, but he is actually flustered, pretending to be! Sword from Heavenly Sword Gate Although Controlling Art is very powerful, it is very troublesome to cultivation. It requires high innate talent. Note that it is not the sword dao innate talent! It is the innate talent of soul and mental power! This kind of innate talent is mainly reflected in the battle against the sword. Control it.”

“Just like the innate talent of the first year, the reason why he can fly with the sword is entirely due to his grandfather enlightenment before his death, including the’Heavenly Sword’ under his feet. It is not that he himself tame the recognizing Master, but his grandfather. A few Divine Soul leads that were bound to his spirit were left on it, before he could barely control it.”

“The result of this kind of strength that is completely dependent on others is that although Xiang Yuannian is very powerful, he does not have 100% control over his own strength, and he often loses control.”

“For example, when the sword is flying, I don’t know when it will fall from the air!”

Tang Mubai, “…”

If Yuan hadn’t talked about it, he really didn’t know these secrets.

powerhouse enlightenment, directly ascending to the skies with a single leap.

Xiangyuan’s reincarnation technique is too powerful.

It can be seen from this that Heaven’s Mystery Sect only looks at the results of the rankings for the Thang Long ranking, not the middle process.

“What realm to grandfather in the first year?” Tang Mubai asked curiously.

Yuan didn’t say, “It’s almost a myth!”

Hearing this, Tang Mubai’s eyelids twitched and exclaimed, “No wonder that Xiang Yuannian can suddenly become a genius from ordinary.”

“If Xiang Yuannian is replaced by the Winter King, it is estimated that he will be able to communicate directly.” Yuan Bu said he continued to despise.

“…Also.” Tang Mubai glanced at the Winter King not far away.

At this moment, the people on the Shenglong list, except Zhuge Xiuwo, Zhou Dongli, and Tong Tingshan who are already dead, are all here.

Those who came together were accompanied by talented martial artists.

Including Zhang Hairui also came.

The people of Heaven’s Mystery Sect have not come yet.

The place where everyone gathers is a small soil slope, all around is an empty wilderness.

A little farther is a few barren mountains, and a little farther is a large lake.

If it is not for Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s invitation letter, the route and specific location are clearly drawn.

Few people at the scene would believe that this place will be the entrance of Secret Realm!


“Sorry, sorry, everyone has been waiting for a long time, hiccup~”

An old voice sounded, and a silhouette suddenly flew into the north sky.

When approaching the small soil slope, there was a sudden jitter, and it fell directly from the air, hitting the ground, and lifted up dust.


The scene was silent.

Everyone bowed their heads or looked up at the silhouette on the ground, an old man with disheveled clothes, messy hair and a white beard full of alcohol.

This is the messenger of Heaven’s Mystery Sect?

Tang Mubai’s mouth cannot be twitched.

Others are similar, with different expressions on their faces.

“Hey, let everyone laugh, I happened to have a drink before coming over.”

The old man didn’t mind his image at all, stood up and patted the dust, grinning said with a smile, “Since everyone is here, then old fogey, let me just say a few words. First of all, I hope everyone abides by the rules and does not appear to be substituted by fake names. , Or conceal unsightly things such as realm, old fogey, me, just relax.”

“Secondly, the time from when Secret Realm is opened to when it is closed is three and a half days.”

“I hope everyone will keep the time in mind after entering, and don’t get stuck in it out of date.”

“Finally, I wish you all a happy exploration and all gains!”

After that, the old man first took out a few pieces of jade pendant and placed a Formation under the small soil slope to form a cubic light curtain with ten meters in length, width and height, covering an area.

Then, the old man took out a palm-sized disc, placed it on the ground in the center of the cube light curtain, activated the front and back, and shot out a golden light.

When golden light hits the light curtain, the refraction is reversed to the other side, and the other side is refracted to the other side.

When all the faces were shot by the golden light, and finally fell back to the back of the disc on the ground, the disc suddenly spun itself quickly and floated from the ground.

Ascend to the height of five meters——


The disc projected steeply to the ground, pulling out an aperture arch with a radius of 2 meters.

The arches extend forward and backward for about 3 meters each, and then stop to form a semi-circular corridor.

At this point, the old man stopped and stood beside the port in front of the tunnel, grinning said with a smile, “Dear friends, the entrance to Secret Realm has been opened. Please enter it in order.”

“Order? Does it refer to the ranking?” Yuan Bushuo asked.

“Yes, hiccups~” The old man glanced at Yuan with satisfaction, and hiccups, “The ranking is the sequence number. The reason for this is to prevent the people behind that if they enter early, their own strength is not good and they happen to be encountered. It’s dangerous, maybe it’s dead right away, and it’s okay to go in ahead, hiccup~”

“So that’s how it is.” Yuan didn’t say nodded, turned and looked towards King Winter.

With a little tiptoe, King Winter flew directly into the front port of the tunnel.

Then came Xiang Yuannian, Xiao Futu, and Lu Mingming.

“Brother Tang, go ahead.” Yuan Bushuo greeted Tang Mubai, and then walked into the tunnel.

Tang Mubai complied, continue to look at other people, each and everyone enters the tunnel.

Until a young man with curly hair entered the tunnel in front and exited the tunnel in the back!

“This… what is this?”

Everyone at the bottom of the ranking, seeing this scene, couldn’t help being astonished.

The curly-haired young man was also taken aback.


However, the old man was not surprised, grinning said with a smile, “This little brother can’t enter Secret Realm because he is already Innate!”

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