Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 516

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Already Innate!

Innate realm can’t enter Secret Realm!

Dong Wang and Xiang Yuannian entered from one end and disappeared.

The curly-haired young man walked through the tunnel and came out from another port.

There is no doubt that the inside of this passage is passive!

Since Heaven’s Mystery Sect dared to announce that only Grandmaster can enter, it is normal to do things.

The curly-haired young man concealed his realm, probably because he wanted to try one’s luck.

As a result, I was ashamed on the spot!

“It’s Ye Jingxiao!”

“What I said, Ye Jingxiao from Baiyun City was very famous a few years ago. It has been Grandmaster Grade 9 long ago. It hasn’t heard anything in recent years. It turned out to be a breakthrough to Innate and didn’t show up on purpose.”

“Hey, the point is that Ye Jingxiao’s ranking is only 20th.”


Many people at the scene whispered.

It’s true that contemporary geniuses rise to the top of the list, but they are also human beings.

Especially when the person involved is very famous, I am happy from the bottom of my heart.

Even Tang Mubai muttered in his heart.

“Baiyun City, Ye Jingxiao?”

“This is the Ye Family from Baiyun City?”

Tang Mubai got the “Baiyun Sword Manual” because he needed to understand the sword intent first, so he couldn’t cultivation.

I don’t know if Ye Jingxiao has cultivation?


“Little brother, please go back.”

Next to the corridor, the old man smiled and looked at Ye Jingxiao, whose face was slightly red, and motioned for him to leave.

The latter paused, said nothing, strode out of the light curtain.

But he didn’t go far and stopped on a barren hill not far away.

“Hiccup~ Next one.”

The old man hiccups and greets the next person to come in.

This time successfully entered Secret Realm.

The next 20 people were fine, until a burly young man, like Ye Jingxiao, walked out of another port.

The people behind couldn’t help laughing.

“Haha, there are people who still want to try one’s luck!”

“Awesome, Zheng Xuan of Canglan Sect’s’Big Heaven Palm’ is actually an Innate realm.”


“No, I am not!” As the burly young man, Zheng Xuan, listening to the roar of laughter, flustered and exasperated waved his hands, “I am not Innate! I didn’t even condense the’Tao Kind’, how could it be Innate?”


Everyone hearing this, turned their heads and looked towards the white beard old man.

“It’s not Innate, but you can’t enter. Is it a bone age problem?”

Tang Mubai guessed at the right time.


“If what you said is true, not Innate realm, it should be over age.”

The old man smiled and explained, “If you want to enter Secret Realm, your bone age must be within 30.”

“I’m less than 30! Only 29 this year!”

Zheng Xuan argued.

Others were silent.

“Then I won’t understood.” The old man spread his hands. “Anyway, there are two restrictions for entering Secret Realm, one is Innate, and two is bone age. If you violate any of them, you will be blocked.”

“But…” Zheng Xuan wanted to say something else.

The old man interrupted, “This is the rule, until now is the case, you are not Innate, then there is only a bone age problem, 29 this year? It may be yourself, or your parents have a wrong memory!”

Zheng Xuan was silent.

After a while, no longer struggling, he lowered his head and left.

The old man shrugged, continuing to call out, “Next.”

The people behind in silence came back to his senses, and then walked around.

Each and everyone successfully entered Secret Realm.

It was not until it was Tang Mubai’s turn that the third person who could not enter Secret Realm appeared.

He Shangping from the “Giant Spiritual Weapon Group”, nicknamed “Breaking River Knife”!

The giant spiritual weapon regiment, one of the eight largest regiments in the world.

He Shangping looks young, in his early 20s.

But unable to enter Secret Realm, it shows that one of the rules is violated.

Different from Ye Jingxiao and Zheng Xuan, He Shangping was very unwilling, and ran back quickly, entered the front fracture again, and then came out from the other end just like the first time.

This time, he was stupid.

The others laughed.

The old man also smiled and raised his eyebrows, “young man, no, no, no one can change the rules of the Secret Realm entrance. Please go back.”

“hmph! ”

He Shangping said with a cold face, as he walked away, he waved his hands in disdain, “Whatever breaks Secret Realm, it doesn’t matter if you don’t enter!”

“Hehe.” The old man hearing this chuckled.

Other people have different expressions.

This is Secret Realm cannot enter, fly into a rage out of humiliation!

Trying to hit luck, I hit a nail.

Too small!

Tang Mubai shook his head slightly, too lazy to watch the peace, took a deep breath.

If there are two more, it is his turn.

The entrance has moved hands and feet, Innate, bone age, 2 major restrictions.

Tang Mubai’s bone age is fine, but Innate is not necessarily.

The symbol of Innate realm is the body of heaven and human, spirit strength, Divine Ability, and divine sense.

He accounted for 3 things!

Whether it can pass or not, I really don’t know for sure.

However, if you reach this step, you can only try one’s luck.

When it was Tang Mubai’s turn, he took a deep breath to calm his mood and stepped into the front port.

After entering, an invisible force field immediately enveloped the whole body.

A bit like divine sense scanning, but not as thorough as divine sense.

The level of detection is still within the acceptable range.

Tang Mubai stayed in touch, walking in the white corridor.

The speed is neither fast nor slow.

According to the length of the tunnel, a few steps can be passed.

However, Tang Mubai has taken ten steps and has not yet reached the exit.


Tang Mubai was overjoyed when he saw this.

The next moment, a gray sky, without Sun, Moon and Stars, a vast space appeared in front of you.

“It’s really successful!”

Tang Mubai’s mouth couldn’t stop rising.

Innate realm 4 signs, that group of invisible power is only aimed at spirit strength!

I have to say, luck is very good.

Hahaha ……

Tang Mubai laughed in his heart and walked forward.

But after walking only a few steps, his body shape suddenly one revolution, stopped, looked towards the sky behind right, his pupils shrink slightly.

There, a black, bald, huge mountain with no Life Aura, stood upside down, suspended in the air above several hundred meters.

Hanging Mountain!

Hanging Mountain, which had disappeared, appeared in this Secret Realm!

Hanging Mountain 500 years appears once, and each time it appears in 3 different places.

The last time it was outside.

Is this time Secret Realm?

Tang Mubai frowned.

In my heart, there is a bad feeling.

Because the Dongwang, Xiang Yuannian, Yuan, and the others who entered before, did not move around 4 places at this moment, but stood not far from Hanging Mountain, looking at Hanging Mountain in a daze.

“what happened?”

Tang Mubai held his breath, walked slowly to Yuan Bushuo’s side, and asked in a low voice, “Is there any problem with Hanging Mountain?”


Yuan Bu said his face was solemn, and he responded in a low voice, “Hanging Mountain has been outside since it appeared, and has never appeared in Secret Realm!”


On the side, Nie Lingyun frowned and said, “Hanging Mountain’s origin is mysterious. It is speculated that it should be in Space Crack when it disappears. When the time is up, it will come out of Space Crack and show up in different places.”

“What if Hanging Mountain appeared in Secret Realm during this period, but we didn’t even know?”

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