Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 517

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“This…it’s possible.” Yuan Bu said hesitated nodded.

Hanging Mountain is too mysterious.

There is never a rule where every time this world appears.

Desert, forest sea, Sea Territory, grassland…

Have all appeared before.

Now appearing in Secret Realm, it seems to be fine after thinking about it.

“Forget it, whatever.”

Yuan did not say, scratching his head, “Hanging Mountain can’t run again. Even if it runs, we can’t do anything about it. If there is a waste of time, it is better to explore this Secret Realm.”

“Not bad.”

Ye Tiansheng’s voice sounded, he also came in Secret Realm, looked at Hanging Mountain in the distance, shook his head and said, “Compared to Hanging Mountain, this Secret Realm is more worthy of our exploration. At least I don’t want to stay here, Brother Tang, take a step ahead. Up.”

After speaking, he nodded towards Tang Mubai, turned and left.

“I’m going for a walk, too.” Yuan Bushuo retracted his gaze looking towards Hanging Mountain, grinning said with a smile, “Brother Tang, see you in 3 days.”

“Okay.” Tang Mubai responded, saying goodbye to him, and each chose a location to leave.

After seeing Hanging Mountain, other people stopped staying and dispersed, moved towards all around to explore Secret Realm.

The 100 visitors, centered on the entrance of Secret Realm, spread towards all around.

The Secret Realm Space is very big. With Tang Mubai’s eyesight, the end is invisible at a glance.

Therefore, everyone chooses a location to go out and soon loses sight of each other.

Others look with their eyes and scan the surroundings from time to time.

Tang Mubai didn’t use it, he was very relaxed, releasing divine sense and scanning the land forward.

The limit range has not bottomed out temporarily.

Scan wherever you go, everything falls clearly in your eyes.

However, few good things were found.

This Secret Realm Space does not have any spiritual medicine. There are many precious and special minerals, and the energy of Heaven and Earth is not strong.

Tang Mubai went straight all the way, and did not find the same interest.

Until “look” and see a skeleton walking on the ground!

That’s right, an ash-gray bone frame, there is no Soul Fire in the black hole, but it can move around.

The direction he is going is exactly opposite to Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai continued forward, and the skeleton came towards Tang Mubai.

Five minutes later, the distance between Tang Mubai and the skeleton was only ten meters away.

Compared with Tang Mubai’s discovery of skeletons a long time ago, after the skeletons “looked” at Tang Mubai, they were taken aback for a moment. Then, the original slow movement immediately became swift and violent, like a mad Old Hu, rushing towards Tang Mubai fiercely. .

“courting death?”

Tang Mubai drank lightly, palm forward, gently clapped.


With a muffled sound, the skeleton spread out, and bones scattered all over the floor.

Tang Mubai walked slowly over the pile of bones and continued forward.

But not a few steps away, I heard a strange noise behind him.

divine sense swept away——

It turned out that the broken up skeleton was restored!

Pieces of bones were automatically pieced together back to the original shape, and rushed towards Tang Mubai again.

“courting death !”

Tang Mubai coldly shouted and did not turn around, but released High Level Pressure Control Divine Ability, condensing a terrifying oppressive force to suppress the skeleton.

The horrible amount of oppression force, the crushed skeleton body of the skeleton bones, first appeared cracks, then cracks, and finally the whole explosion exploded with a “bang”, turning into powder fragments.

【Vitality +26】

vitality +26? ? ?

Tang Mubai was startled, this skeleton actually has life?

No, isn’t it the life of the undead after death?

It’s not right, how could anyone in this Secret Realm? Or humanoid existence?

The appearance of a skeleton is no different from the white bones formed after death.

This shows that the skeleton should be a person or very similar to a person.

At least head, 4 limbs, chest and abdomen.

But this is based on the premise of someone, is there anyone in this Secret Realm?

Or are there indigenous people here?

But who has vitality even after death?

This hint, according to Tang Mubai’s guess, is more likely that the skeleton itself is a kind of life!


No, it should be the bone race?

Is this the boundary of the Bone Race?

Tang Mubai was surprised, but his face didn’t show much.

No matter what it was, the skeleton attacked as soon as he found him, indicating that this bone race is not a good thing!

I feel something in my heart, and I am not slow.

Tang Mubai continued to move forward, divine sense glanced all around.

Before long, a piece of woodland appeared in front of him.

The trees inside, Tang Mubai cannot be named, and it is not an exaggeration to say that they are grotesquely shaped.

Obviously it is different from the trees outside and belongs to the unique genus of Secret Realm.

The woodland was filled with a faint mist.

Tang Mubai divine sense scanned the past, and actually felt resistance. It was not that it was impermeable, but that the further inward, the greater the resistance.

The deepest two hundred meters, the divine sense can no longer penetrate.

That invisible force, like a hard wall, blocked Tang Mubai’s exploration.

Within these two hundred meters, there are no small animals or insects in the woodland, only a gray skeleton lying underground.

It is the bone family named by Tang Mubai!

Divine sense swept through, these bone races numbered more than 1000, lying in the mud, seeming to be sleeping…

Yes, just sleep!

Tang Mubai can sense that all bone races are not buried here like outside, but they themselves deliberately lie underground and sleep comfortably.

This is shocking and at the same time full of puzzlement.

Skeletons would sleep, it was impossible to imagine.

That many skeletons sleep together under the ground. If exposed, it would be terrifying.

Tang Mubai scanned the left and back, then put away the divine sense, did not enter the woods, and went around.

Over 1000 bone races with vitality can indeed recover a wave of vitality if they are killed.

But if something goes wrong in the middle, causing the powerhouse in the bone clan to attack, it will not be worth the loss.

Tang Mubai didn’t know why Heaven’s Mystery Sect let them these contemporary Heaven’s Chosen “under Innate” enter this Secret Realm, and how sure is it to let people out?

The appearance of the Bone Race is very meaningful.

The skeleton frame was broken, and it could be put together again and continue to move.

If this were replaced by an ordinary person, it would have been scared to death.

Tang Mubai boldness of execution stems from superb skill, only with interest, continued to go down.

The boundary of the Bone Race is interesting to think about.

As long as it is not for powerhouse, Tang Mubai is confident to leave.

I just don’t know if anyone else has discovered the Bone Race?

In fact.

Not only Tang Mubai, but also scattered, other people walking around also encountered the bone race back and forth.

These bone races were very excited and attacked immediately when they found human beings.

The result is the same as Tang Mubai’s, it can be easily killed.

But soon, something went wrong.

There are more and more bones, and the color of the bones is wrong.

From gray to white, then from white to copper, and finally silver appeared!

A tall and gleaming silver light skeleton stood in front of everyone!

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